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  1. Complaining time!

    Potatoes have multiplied like the daily win (200%). Do yourself a favor and dont mount any special flag unless you're in a carry hard division, otherwise you'll just waste them. and I talk from experiense
  2. 0 damage penetration... that's not a big deal; I once got a 0 damage citadel in my Gneisenau against a York. Made in German I suppose...
  3. Fire has been locked for at least 14 hours so...
  4. No leiste las notas de la actualizacion? No mas soporte para WinXp o Vista.
  5. Clash of Elements rigged?

    So you're just assuming that all the player base is aware of this event, especially the "weekend only" players who are the most casuals and hardly ever look at the website, and that they all joined Fire?. Water got locked because of the huge number difference early on. WG stated that they would do it so the teams remain even. It's not like Fire would then get more players than Water but around the same. The only thing that's really influencing this event is all the clans that joined one team or the other. Plus, let's face it, players will join the winning team just like they did when Water had the lead. Besides some of you guys are taking this thing way too seriously
  6. Blasphemy!! A synonym of temperature!! Heat is the amount Energy one object tranfers to another due to temperature difference, Heat is measured in Joules, Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of a sample, It is measured in Kelvin. Thermodynamics is the branch of Physics related to heat and temperature not Particles Physics ( If you are wondering yes I'm a Physicist) Now this is getting way off topic, we're not in a lecture hall soo #TeamScience #TeamFireTFW. #TeamWater will lose.
  7. Stars are not actually "made of plasma" plasma is a state of matter. This is an ionized gas, which is ionized due to heat. But the elements are themselves no matter its state, so star are in a state of plasma. Water is not the "source" of combustion, it's a product of it, yes it is H2 and O2 and you need O2 to create fire, but once it's water (2H2 + O2 = 2H2O) its chemistry changes and is already burnt. You need Energy, heat, a spark to link H2 and O2 atoms and create water, but it doesn't work the other way around.The moment you break water molecules, it's stop being water to be two completely different elements. #TeamFire.