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  1. loco_max

    Naval Legends: USS Slater – Trailer

    I seriously doubt that they will be playing in a different mode for long....
  2. loco_max

    Naval Legends: USS Slater – Trailer

    that also means that Escort DD (DDE?) might follow...
  3. loco_max

    My God! It's full of st... er, ships!

    wise recommendations...+1
  4. loco_max


    In that case they have changed a lot. I’m basing my prediction on the CV rebork
  5. loco_max


    ??? i would say 2-4 months...
  6. loco_max

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    Because they want you to switch to Subs...and their homing torps...
  7. loco_max

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    Many types of torps got badly nerfed, that’s a fact...
  8. same player doing better with many other ships of the same tier and type than with the Smolensk tells you that it is not as OP as decried...
  9. They believe on anti-Russian bias in other servers. They are not wrong...
  10. Actually the biggest issue with the Smolensk is that you need to be protected by your battle group, more than any other cruiser. If you are placed with few green ships in a domination mode battle, it’s tricker to do well...
  11. Ballistic with the looming nerf...I fully understand...
  12. Looks like the Russians fellas are ballistics. Remember that every decision is driven by economic factors...
  13. right, but this does not define an OP CL, as the whiners screamed for months, until Lesta announced an unusual and brutal nerf, and then they chilled...sad outcome for a shameful behavior...I'm curious about Smolensk sinking stats, how bad they are going to get? Not to mention that if the looming nerf is enacted, we might get the most underpowered T10 around...many will be glad, not here! My two cents, if my Wooster WR is 18% higher than my Smolensk WR, it cannot be just my fault...let's compare corresponding citadels, let's compare corresponding HP, it's not even fun!
  14. and he has a T7 cruisers HP...something that should be remember... OP, get better and keep your stomach issues in house...