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  1. loco_max

    Johan de Witt rocks!

    thanks for the explanation!
  2. loco_max

    Johan de Witt rocks!

    Agree. Tell me how to you get two airstrikes target spots rather than one with the mouse? When I click one time and release fast it does not work all the time and get one target spot...
  3. Some of the posts replying to Ashkance are utterly arrogant...I deeply dislike this. He might have been poorly informed (he said more than once that he got to the CC Program on 2019, if I'm not wrong), but he deserve to be treated with respect, as we demand for any other CC or ex-CC. Let's just remember that we are all offended by how LWM was treated. We are not the arrogant side, and we are not in battle here, no need to overreact.
  4. loco_max

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    I'm pissed, this is unbelievable, LWM deserved respect and consideration, she has done so much for this meta...Lesta, you got to change your PR culture or you'll alienate more and more CCs and players...cannot understand this...
  5. $$$$ is the past, present and future of the meta. Get this please and you'll understand how all this works out....CVs look less powerful now? They will come back, as DDs were more than screw after #8.0 and now they are back...CLs are still screwed though, they lost so much with the last Captain rework...
  6. loco_max

    Brawl is awful. Don't waste your time.

    well, WG could add some steel and gold, it's true, yet Brawls are a paradise for the Khabas and Klebers...few cruisers, CV struggling to catch you, not easy for most of them, a lot of space to cover with high speed and bulling less rapid DD and BB...just FUN...ah most important less salt than in ranked. Yet, this Dude have a point, rewards should be more generous...
  7. the meta is not balanced for fire power, and the MM adds misery to the low tiered ships. 4-5 BB per side, for equal number of cruisers and DD is absurd and tells you how unbalanced is the meta...tell me how airstrikes are different from having to face 4-5 BB? Devastating strikes happen all the time, nobody is going to leave the game for been deleted by AP shells or torps, and almost stationary ships destroyed by airstrikes is a scandal...been burned to the bone by a fast firing light cruiser is unacceptable as well...
  8. I'll not be leaving because of airstrikes, it would be a nonsense. Why some players are always so afraid of new developments in the meta? I'm less enthusiastic with the Dutch cruisers line though, I wander what these cruisers had to give up to get these bombers on call? Heavy cruisers are cool per se, non need to call the aviation to have fun, and these slow falling bombs are not accurate enough to be really effective on moving targets. As of now, unimpressed...
  9. loco_max

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    not really impressive the air strike in this video, the parachuted bombs are a drag, and with some speed and maneuver most of the bombs miss their target...on the other hand, non-embarked bombers did sink ships during WWII, and bombs were not parachuted, so remove the parachute and make all this more real., and wait for a good sh#t storm...
  10. I do. Rank battles are OK, a good initiative, you can chose your league and have fun some times when there are a lot of DD. Plenty of gold and steel to grab, rocks! Just keep adding them...
  11. loco_max

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    I like the new Netherlands Tech Cruisers initiative, the rest is at the best meh (to avoid offending some of you)...They are planing to re-define Caps' skills in the Fall, once again, it remembers me the CV reworks; no doubloons spending this time on my end...(and free re-assignment for one patch duration is not enough time...).
  12. loco_max

    DDs Way Out of Control

    less than 1% DD play makes you a total expert on the matter! Play DD more often and you'll at least understand what you are talking about...
  13. are they trying to resuscitate CLs? Are we going to be able to burn the BB to the bone again? Will barbecue time be back for good?
  14. no no no, she (yes she, sorry Dude) does not want to look arrogant, no sir!!!
  15. loco_max

    If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!

    looks interesting...