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  1. TheZeke00

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    All battlecruisers currently in-game are heretics. I stand by that statement till I die.
  2. TheZeke00

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    *stumbles out of hibernation* Oh look! I did a thing! : D
  3. TheZeke00

    [] Mammoth's retextures

    that's some solid work. nicee.
  4. Fraulein, I am very sorry to see how WG implemented you in WOWS.


    1. TheZeke00


      LOL aye, all I can hope for is that they will get her done properly soon enough :P

  5. I wanted to become an editor for the Wiki since I got some spare time. Do you know how I could get that job or role?

    1. TheZeke00


      To be an official editor, look out for the forum essay contests we hold ever so often. We usually have two to three spots to fill and we choose from the best entries. 


      Other than that, the wiki is an open info source. You're more than welcome to go in and edit any information you see fit; it's the nature of the wiki. 

    2. Phil_Swift_With_Flextape


      Where do I find that spot on the forum?


    3. TheZeke00


      Usually It will be announced by Pigeon_of_War, and you it should be as noticeable as any other forum contest/post released from one of the staff; it will be visible on the 'staff posts' section, and the 'contests' section. 

  6. Hey

    1. TheZeke00


      Hi there! What brings ya here? 

    2. Xero_Snake


      Just dropping by. Although it would very awkward to ask if you do know me back then

    3. TheZeke00


      Gotcha gotcha. You will have to forgive me though, my memory is drawling a blank :P

  7. Huuh.... I have a personal feed now. 

  8. TheZeke00

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    I just downloaded the skins to my Novik and Bogatyr and I have to say, they are absolutely gorgeous! Just one critique: There is a little texture loss of the Imperial Eagle on the "Bogatyr A-hull" skin Other than that, you've done an amazing job. Keep it up my friend!