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  1. Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    GG Mouse, great stuff. God, I had a lot of giggles with her when she was in her Dakka of York configuration. It's such a shame players didn't want that. She will be missed.
  2. I didn't. I sold my soul for this job. ...is it too late to get a refund?
  3. another Newbie here

    holy smokes, you even put "newbie" in your IGN, I'm impressed! Welcome to the forums my friend! Most of us don't bite, but do be wary of the occasional salty sailor. I wish you god speed and fair winds, enjoy your time here with us. Peace!
  4. Alright time to nerf Monty

    Nerf Monty? HMS Monty Python is in the game you say? finally!!!!
  5. Yo, WG, Gurkha when?

    after Haida. no questions. no exceptions. Canadian, out.
  6. Once accidentally oversized the game window and my reload indicators at the bottom were cut off; didn't realize how much I used the timers to pace my shots.
  7. I would had never thought...

    ships so nice, had to sink it twice. good play mate, better luck next time.
  8. "battle again? b-but i just got the hull painted! fine. but i'm sitting in the back" crosses arms
  9. Russian Submarines!

    If Cold Waters has taught me anything, it's that submarines are the masters of glorious 3D torpedobeats
  10. Now we ask the real questions, how small are the tier 10 BBs in comparison to Mikasa.
  11. That's amazing! Sail her with pride, my friend :)
  12. Lewds

    You..... you...... how dare you ruin the sanctity of the forums!!!! *runs away screaming*
  13. I triumphed over @Lert in glorious combat to earn the title of "ram-king" and then lost it summarily to the next challenger, @Doomlock And such is the short, yet sad tale, of Zeke.
  14. Y'all will eventually realize that you can't change destiny. Embrace the Canada. Be one with the Canada. And somebody ship me a goddamn turkey -_-