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  1. ShiftyIke74

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    They're never going to make anything convenient for us, they're notorious for making things more aggravating LOL!!!
  2. ShiftyIke74

    Großer Kürfürst - 406mm or 420mm gun?

    I've had much better results with the 406mm cannons.
  3. I agree with everything you said, especially about how unreliable the guns are. I was so frustrated at seeing 457mm cannons unable to over match ANYTHING and constant ridiculously low damage hits. I've said this previously, the Pruessen is one of the biggest disappointments I've experienced in this game.
  4. I love my GK and I disagree with you that the Preussen is any improvement over it.
  5. Well I sold mine and I'm never buying it back it's a horrible ship as I thought it would be and one of the biggest disappointments I've had in this game. The guns don't overmatch ANYTHING, I get bounces all the time and the average damage for one penetrating hit is between 3800-4800.
  6. I totally agree what a waste of effort. I get ridiculous bounces low damage hits and where is the over match on these guns???
  7. ShiftyIke74

    PTS 0.10.11 pt.2 Bug Reports

    I know I earned at least some community tokens in the PT server yet nothing has shown up on my live server account!!!
  8. ShiftyIke74

    Moltke in a nutshell

    I actually like slow ships like the Wyoming, they allow me to get coffee on the way to the battle if I have too ;)
  9. ShiftyIke74

    Moltke in a nutshell

    I've only played the Moltke in co-op, but just for fun one day I started looking at the average damage of all my ships and the Moltke had an average damage of over 50K LOL I like it and the Derfflinger, I wish they offered perma camo for the latter.
  10. ShiftyIke74

    Feel like I got trolled by a FDG

    That had to be the luckiest FDG driver in history, I wouldn't sweat it too much. I bet he can't do it again LOL
  11. I want perma camo for the Derfflinger AHH HAH HAH
  12. ShiftyIke74

    Supership Rental Period Changes

    I hope so LOL!!
  13. ShiftyIke74

    Update 0.10.10: Superships

    Thanks or telling me this, it's a total waste of time going there then and it's kind of deceiving on top of it:/
  14. ShiftyIke74

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    This is just great, I've already dumped over 12K in coal buying the containers to get the Oklahoma, I guess I'll abort mission, for God's sake how could the game developers possibly think this ship would even be playable let alone fun????
  15. ShiftyIke74

    Update 0.10.10: Superships

    That's funny, I sent a ticket into player support and they said the rewards would be added to my live server account in a few days? I specifically ask whether the certificates, coal and steel would be added and that's what they told me. "I won quite a few New Years certificates as well as coal and steel on the Public Test server, will these be added to my live server account with update 10.10?" "Hello Commander, Thank you for reaching out to Wargaming Player Support. Actually, the reward for participating in the Public Test is credited within a few days after the release of the new version on the live server. We ask you to be patient because accrual has not yet been made. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support. We will be more than happy to help."