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  1. BoJohno

    wows and it future

    Games need new players or they die. Without them you'd get to sit around and talk about how awesome you were at a game that no longer exists.
  2. Anyone else dealing with "web server unavailable"problems? I can't get into armory, premium, pretty much anything. I can battle, and that's about it.
  3. Money spent seems directly proportional to sense of entitlement. Which in this case is particularly ironic because you aren't actually paying for anything. 2964 Co-op for me. Zero interest in random chest beating.
  4. BoJohno

    How to keep your win rates up

    Tier 4. Club seals.
  5. Experience only has value if you learn from it.
  6. BoJohno

    I need a new mouse.

    I'm using a MSI gaming series. No complaints. Not wireless, but the cord is long enough to plug it into my neighbors rig from here.
  7. BoJohno

    Co-op events

    One or 2 random matches is usually all the incentive a lot of us need to stick with co-op. I play the game because I enjoy it, not for the shiny bits I'm going to earn. I will say that my comment about taking away events in co-op was made out of frustration and was in no way fair to the players that fought to finally get access. I think it's safe to say most co-op mains play for enjoyment more than rewards. Rewards are so much higher in Random after all, and several long time players have stated here they'd quit before playing random regularly.
  8. BoJohno

    Co-op events

    Lol, because WG descriptions are beyond reproach. Regardless of it's intended purpose, Co-op, past low tier isn't a trainer in any way for PvP, unless it's to instill bad habits. It's a separate mode where players can play they way they want without entitled twats attempting to dictate their game play. My "distorted" view is commonly held and the main reason co-op is heavily populated at all tiers, regardless of an event being held.
  9. BoJohno

    Co-op events

    "Must of us" enjoy the lack of arrogant toxicity, verbal abuse, and plain ole ship vs. ship fighting. "Training center/education center" is generally a description given by weak random players to make themselves feel better. The truly skilled random players don't usually comment at all.
  10. Absolutely CV's should be kept in game. They're warships after all. But make players drive the ship, not the planes. Just like every other ship driver. Planes can go on auto, same as a bot.
  11. BoJohno

    Co-op events

    I initially thought it was pretty cool that WG allows co-op players to earn rewards in events, but the influx of Random clowns almost doesn't make it worth it. Random players for the most part (not all of you, don't get your panties in a bunch) have redefined potato. I'd personally rather miss out on the rewards and have decent gameplay again.
  12. BoJohno

    Why I don't like Carriers  

    Keep CV's. they are warships after all. But make the player drive the ship, not the planes.
  13. BoJohno

    My CV planes die fast - how can I change that?

    Are you new to CV's? Maybe start at a lower tier to get the feel for driving planes instead of botes. Move up when you get more accustomed to it.
  14. BoJohno

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    For sure the best run I've had in this thing
  15. BoJohno

    would you play WoWS 2?

    Lol,I have a hard time getting motivated to play WoWs 1. But if they came out with something Civil War/ Age of Sail era I'd probably at least give it a shot.