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  1. LOL, same happened to me! Reported for "blocking his shot." Karma means nothing and there's no criteria for +/-. Not even worth checking.
  2. BoJohno

    Help Getting Better

    I noticed that with under 500 matches you already have top tier ships. Play what you enjoy of course, but the lower tiers are a lot more forgiving when learning the game.
  3. This is a product designed to make money, not in any way a democracy.
  4. BoJohno

    Ships cost to much

    I see what you're saying, but I don't necessarily think it's true. The only actual value these ship have is the value we as players give them. They're basically digital status symbols. They won't make you an expert player. They won't give you any type of advantage over players who didn't buy them. Just like buying Air Jordans won't get you in the NBA. People just want the latest new shinies. People who aren't willing to pay $100 for a ship probably wouldn't pay $75 either. On the flip side, those who pay $100 would probably still pay $125. I would imagine the sales on various ships give WG a pretty solid idea on what sales would be like if they lowered prices permanently. If their pricing plan wasn't working, they'd change it.
  5. BoJohno

    Ships cost to much

    That was an assumption on my part based on the price tag. I stand corrected.
  6. BoJohno

    Ships cost to much

    I see both sides here. Yeah, I'd say some ships are grossly overpriced. Absurd even. However there are always sales, events, resources, etc. There are plenty of other ways to get prem ships. Do I think ships should be cheap enough that everyone can be scooting around in T-10's right away? Of course not. But I also think they shouldn't be priced so that a very, very select few can own them.
  7. I just got the graf zepplin in a crate.....wanna trade for one of your "many ships"?
  8. I don't generally sell premiums. I'll try it out in co-op, but I really have no clue what I'm doing with it, lol. Who knows, maybe I'll like it.
  9. All the drama about unskilled CV drivers, and CV's in general. Never drove one. Got my first ever ship in a crate.........T8 CV........go figure. No worries, I won't be dragging down Randoms with it.
  10. Finished Dir 1......and got my first ever container ship.......and it's a friggin carrier. I've never played one, so I can just imagine the chat hate and forum posts if I took that bad boy in Random, lol. (Relax, I'm not going to)
  11. BoJohno


    LOL, and that folks, is why you have to read ALL the words
  12. Sorta like the Emerald
  13. BoJohno

    Welcome to the Freakshow

    New clan looking for members. Casual or hardcore, all experience levels welcome. Only rule, treat others with respect. Give me a shout if interested.
  14. BoJohno

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Not terrible for a lil T4
  15. I'm just curious on what percentage of players are on the forums? I'm not disagreeing with any of you, but unless WG see a loss of profits I'd bet every post here could be about how terrible they're doing and it wouldn't make a lick of difference. Some whales have spent so much time and money on the game they will never leave, no matter how much they disagree with any change. Maybe the silent majority not on the forums are spending more. Maybe they're trying to weed out some older players to help entice newer players to play random. Who knows what their master plan is. We can all complain, praise, or whatever on any choices WG makes but unless it affects their bottom line, I doubt any of it will make a difference.