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  1. RedGreen_1

    Your Best Operation Game{s}

  2. As gunfighters - 8 inch gun cruisers firing AP can sometimes hit just as hard as a BB can if all goes well. 6 inch gun cruisers have fast rates of fire and are great HE spammers. Get close enough and their AP can hurt too. As a general rule of thumb cruisers are much more accurate with their gunfire than BB are, but the range is usually shorter than a BB and that is part of the catch, you must get in close and just about everything can pen you. 2ndry guns - LOL! is miracle when they hit anything. sometimes they do help win a gunfight, sometimes.
  3. Players loved it. So naturally it was removed. And currently there is no known plans to have it return.
  4. RedGreen_1

    Rename Narai Operation

    It is just another whine about Wiemar in Narai post.
  5. RedGreen_1

    around the world

    Finished off the around the world missions & got 2 tokens. Spent the tokens on random bundles and the 1st draw was a letter of marque. Then for the 2nd draw got the Hampshire! Jackpot! Always a thrill to win any free premium ship and this one is a tier 8!
  6. Even Helena can have good runs in Narai
  7. RedGreen_1

    PTS- GG- Random Battles

    It was down another teammate sub and me vs 1 enemy sub and a cruiser and we were way down on points but somehow, we pulled it off. The enemy sub kept trying ram me, but I was too elusive for him. teammate in other sub finished off the enemy subwith torp shots while i kept him distracted and killed the cruiser. Great game. Feel free to post your own here.
  8. RedGreen_1

    So I went Seal Clubbing...

    Sometimes you get clubbed. Sometimes you got to do some clubbing of your own.
  9. RedGreen_1

    Remind me again

    I like the new system I can customize economics boosters. From 0 to all 4 or any combo in between and pick the size of the boost as well. And now I am not restricted to using a certain camo for this or that or waste an economic boost not really needed. Or be stuck having to use a fugly eyesore of a camo to get whatever economic boost. Now i can use camo if I want to, or not with no penalty.
  10. RedGreen_1

    Iron Duke

    Main Battery Mod 2 , give it a chance and try it out at least This thread is from 3 years ago well maybe new players might learn something..
  11. RedGreen_1

    First steel ship, finally.

    Gratz on your new ship! GLHF with it.
  12. RedGreen_1

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    Yes is nice to able to customize what you want to boost or not boost agree about not running XP on premiums, kind of a waste that. The old rule of "Waste not, want not" definitely applies here. I also demount things after a battle to help conserve what I do have.
  13. Same thing happened in PTS. Bug? Deliberate change? Not sure which.
  14. RedGreen_1

    Ideas to keep Consumable camos relevant

    Not a bad idea. It sounds like it is not too different from the current collections program already in place.
  15. RedGreen_1

    Give your DD's some love..

    DDs are the ultimate trolling ships in the game. The stealthier the better. Be that irritating machine gun DD shooting from smoke or from behind island cover. Be that unseen never spotted torpedo launching ninja. Or even that island camping master of ambush. Troll the distracted with a drive by torp attack, that one never gets old. A well-played DD or especially a pack of DDs can all to easily demoralize and dishearten the enemy team. Even more so if that DD pack is a division. A well-played DD or pack of DDs is often the key to victory!