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  1. LAnybody

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    How about just WG admitting they screwed the whole thing up, and revert it completely? Because that's what happens when you can't be bothered to do actual testing ahead of time. Using your active userbase as test guinea pigs for something that a large portion of them don't want at all, and something that virtually none of them asked for, seems the height of stupidity as a company. If you want to know why a big chunk of us are so pissed off right now, it's because you, WG, are treating us like replaceable peons, whose real opinions don't matter. If you're so hell-bent on forcing the PC game to look like a Console game (and please, spare us the feckless denials, that's EXACTLY what you're doing, as there's no possible other explanation for this "rework" - all the ones you've trotted out stink to high heaven of management doublespeak and outright lying to our faces), then: 1. Remove 0.8.0 from the main servers. Rollback to 0.7.12. NOW. 2. Set up a proper Test Server configuration, complete with all the kinds of data metric capture you want to see. 3. Pick specific combinations of ships to play, so you can do very careful testing of various features in isolation FIRST. 4. PAY SOME QA PEOPLE, for the love of Satan. You PLAINLY aren't doing that, or the one guy you do have on staff is too overworked. 5. PAY SOME User Experience People. Don't know what they are? FIND OUT NOW, because 90% of what's wrong with this crap is due to developers having ZERO CLUE about what User Experience means, and how you don't implement features that sound cool, but are TOTALLY stupid gameplay (*cough* Detonations *cough* for example, or, more relevantly, "AA sectors") 6. If you need better data on your test server, find a way to PAY PEOPLE TO TEST FOR YOU. It's not our job as your paying customers to beg you to be your testers. In other words, start acting like a freaking professional software company, not a bunch of 13 year olds in a garage writing code that's being sold by a bunch of souless marketing folks who care only about next quarter's profits. Because that's exactly what you look like right now.
  2. Except it's the inverse. Those of who ARE very good DD players hate that it's yet again something we're just expected to live with. The people who aren't seem to be in favor of it, because it takes DDs out of the equation, and they can just have one less thing to worry about. I'm well above average in DDs (almost 60% WR in higher tiers), and have learned to take the repeated roadblocks WG has thrown in DDS (and ONLY DDs) paths for the last several years. I despise this patch, because is solves nothing that was wrong in the game, and breaks a whole bunch more. DDs are just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, this seems to have been WG's attitude for quite some time now. Time to vote with our feet and wallets, I guess, and go elsewhere.
  3. Sadly, yes. They both seem to live in their own little fantasy world. And im still laughing at the "I destroyed his arguments" thing where they werent even addressed, and instead merely barfed a bunch of incoherent unsupported assertions. I'm not sorry I called them incompetent, because that's objectively truth, if they're still experiencing those "problems" Screwing over DDs hurts the game as a whole, so it does hurt my enjoyment as a CA player, too. Moreover, how is it realistically even remotely fair to constantly say to DD players: things have been changed radically, adapt! This has happened a minimum of twice or three times per year. When was the last time a BB was required to completely change their playstyle? Heck, I can't even really remember when cruisers had to change - in both cases, you merely had to find the one good way to play, and then that just worked all the time. What worked 3 years ago still pretty much works identically now for both CA and BBs.
  4. This hasn't been a DD game for 2 years. Newer folks are forgiven for not understanding this, because, yes, low tiers (4 and under) DDs can dominate fairly easy for a variety of reasons. But that comes to a screeching halt at T6. DDs don't get any new tools to use, and their opponent's capabilities are radically increased. By T7, DDs are at the bottom of the stack in terms of XP and game impact. Very good players are able to have regular success. But for the average player, the repeated direct and indirect nerfs to DDs over the past 2 years have made them far more difficult to play, and far less satisfying. The reality is that once you hit T6, it's the BB'S who dominate and determine win or lose. Cruisers still have a major impact, but DDs not so much at all.
  5. Here's the problem folks: if you are requiring DDs to stay inside a friendly Cruisers AA, which seems to be the appologists' "adapt" response: 1. The DD cannot perform one of its primary functions: scouting. Because the cruiser gives away the position. It's like requiring a sniper to be accompanied by a tank - there's no ability to gather meaningful information, because the enemy knows exactly where your team is and can react accordingly. 2. Anything but unopposed capping is virtually impossible. The extremely small AA bubble means that the cruiser has to sit close to.your DD while you cap. That's death for the cruiser - and it can't take precautions like sit behind an island, because that ruins the AA cover. So your asking cruisers to cap now. Seem like a good idea for their lifespan? 3. The AA bubbles don't scale with map size. Once you hit t7, maps start to get big. T9 and up maps are Huge. Yet we're stuck with tiny AA bubbles. Which again, severely limits the options of teams. Many of those maps have massive wide open spaces, which cruisers do NOT venture into, but where DDs can (or at least previously could) and have a big impact. Now the DD basically has to cower next to the cruiser. 4. If you're near a cruiser, the likelihood of you being able to score torpedo hits drops radically. That's simply because cruisers don't close with the enemy (for very good reasons) so the gap between your DD and the enemy remains large, forcing you to take very non optimal, maximum range torp shots. It COMPLETELY destroys the skill and effort to get into a good launch position, because you've got this 5km golden chain tying you to another ship, which can't put your needs about its own survival. 5. Worse, now due to the relatively uneven AA performance of ships (same ship, 2 different attacks, wildly different AA results), even staying inside an AA bubble cant prevent you from being spotted, focus fired and deleted in less than a minute. That is, even if I do what the "adapt" folks suggest, I run a very high likelihood of dying. That's the definition of unfun, and a piss poor excuse for a change.
  6. LAnybody

    Which DDs are underperforming?

    The fundamental problem is that CVs now have carte blanche to permaspotting DDs. And being spotted by an aircraft that you CANNOT get rid of by ANY means is death to DDs, who instantly draw concentrated fire from 3 to 4 opponents. That CV don't do much direct damage to DDS is completely irrelevant - they are the proximate cause of death due to spotting. There's absolutely nothing preventing a CV from parking a squad over you for several minutes. You can burn through smokes all.you want, but you're still pinned in a corner. Your AA on even AA spec DDs isn't up to putting even a tiny dent in that. Not to mention the whole AA sector thing has to be possibly the worst idea ever implemented in this game. In the old meta, AA spec DDS has a good chance of fending off planes on their own, and there was always the option of a friendly CV sending some fighters over to shoo away the enemy planes. That's all gone now. Which makes it impossible for DDs to perform either of their primary tasks: cap and scout. So what am I supposed to do in a game? Hope to hell the opposition CV is completely incompetent? Knowing that my game result is based solely on not what I do, but what my opponent choses to do?
  7. Boy, is that a hostage rationization if I ever heard one. You can't possibly play DDs. No one with even an ounce of time in them would spew such nonsensical crap. In what way were DDS "overtuned"? And how are they not now? The main purpose of DDs in this game has always been to spot and cap (well, except for Russians). That's they're reason in life. Dealing damage has always been secondary, at best, and their ill-equipped to function in any fleet support role outside of scouting. And you CLEARLY don't play DDs if you think that pre-8 DDs didn't absolutely depend on team play. - radar alone forced that. That's insane troll logic. "You have to accept I'm beating you with a bat for your own good!" Reality is literally the exact opposite. Nothing in the new release prevents or even discourages the CV behavior you cite. If anything, due to the "only one squad at a time" play, it MANDATES CVS focus on a single opponent. Previously, CVS had no problems spotting DDs. Again, how were DDs somehow overtuned? Are they not supposed to cap? Are they not supposed to try to torpedo stuff? Should the stealthiest ships in the game always be spotted, or be in easily predictable places due to requiring them to sit inside friendly AA bubbles (which, by the eay, are now the size of postage stamps)? Seriously, dude, your "argument" has no basis in reality.
  8. LAnybody

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    There are two problems: 1. The new "sector" system is poster child for an incredibly badly thought out idea, that is worse in EVERY respect than the old "click to focus AA" one. Sector AA is practically worthless in testing I've done in Training Room battles. 2. AA damage is subject to ludicrous amounts of RNG. It makes absolutely no sense why. I get wildly different results on the same ships. Introducing a broken focus system and even more RNG in a game already suffering from too much is a recipe for poor performance.
  9. The bigger picture is this: what, if any, issues or problems did the CV rework fix? So far, I can see NONE. All it's done is it introduce a whole new set of problems, all the while radically remaking existing play for CVs that has no benefit whatsoever. How does Action mode play better than RTS mode? Got any data to back up that assertion, like customer feedback? Yah, didn't think so. That is the definition of a bad release. Every single problem we're seeing is easily predictable. A company that had ANY investment in a QA department or UX (User eXperience) person on staff would have told the developers MONTHS ago of these glaring problems. So remind me again why were expected to put up with a company that crap on its playerbase simply because they're too lazy to think things through? And, as I work in software development for this kind of stuff, please don't try to trot out the "we don't know what it will do until we release it" bullcrap. If you don't, THEN YOU DON'T RELEASE. Major releases are never to be "trialed" on a live customer base. Imagine your bank pushing out a new banking app that occasionally just lost money. "OOPS, we're sorry, we couldn't have forseen this" is just as hollow there as it is from WG. There's simply no excuse for this kind of debacle. This is completely avoidable with just basic software development principles. Sadly, it's been clear for a long time that WG don't practice them in the least.
  10. LAnybody

    Job Well Done.

    Moreover you don't seem to get the point of DDs. With the very limited AA bubble now, there's no ability to stay near one and be useful at all. Smoking BBs is pointless, as they still can bee seen when firing for ridiculous ranges. If you're near a cruiser for the AA, remind me again how that DD is fulfilling ANY of its tasks? Scouting, capping, or torping? My job as a DD is NOT to cater to your damage output. That's a tertiary task. My job is to find things for you to shoot at, and cap. Both of those things require me to be FAR outside any AA bubble. My next job is to hit things with torps. That only works if it not near another ship giving my position away. And playing the IJN gunboats is as relevant to understanding DD play as playing USSR DDs. The new patch obliterated DDs ability to do their job. They're now permaspotted, and nuked immediately. Worse, their torpedoes are now immediately spotted.
  11. LAnybody

    Job Well Done.

    That's a classic "It's your fault you don't understand our wonderful work!" dodge, and one that does NOTHING but piss off your userbase. Nothing kills a game like developer hubris. Because it refuses to address the massive ways that your work is, in fact, a complete steaming pile of crap that the users (you know, the people who PAY YOUR SALARY) don't like, don't want, and can't understand why it was done in the first place. (If not for Consoles, then there's no defensible reason to do something like this). You folks were REPEATEDLY told this wasn't wanted. That there were myriad of ways to adjust, tweak, and make the RTS style more accessible to new users. Yet, what we're hearing back from you folks is basically "F-U, our code is GREAT, you just don't understand it". It makes no business sense whatsoever, because even IF you are looking to pull in new players, and are willing to write off old players, that presumes that the old players won't badmouth you into the ground. Which is what is currently happening in all the online game forums - WoWS ratings are in a free-fall today. It's got approval ratings below Donald Trump. Seriously.
  12. LAnybody

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    OK, did you even pass this update through QA? Did ANYONE with User Experience training bother to look at this? Let's count the ways that any UX person would immediately points out: Replacing Mouse Right Click to focus AA with the ` to chose an AA "sector". You went from a simple, easy to do, low cognitive load feature, to one that's incredibly over-complicated, works WORSE in all respects, and has a VERY high cognitive load. The whole "fighter" concept is, well, to put it nicely, DUMB AS ****. The less said about how this "works" the better. It's now completely opaque about how fighters work, as they don't operate in the same way ALL other planes do. That's a cardinal UX sin, and there's no reason for it. The whole new "radar-like" ship graphic is hideously unclear. Does it mean they CAN have radar? Or DO have radar? Has a spotter plane? A fighter plane? Ready or not? wth? Moreover, why is this here? It's fixing a problem that doesn't exist, except to cater to people who refuse to learn the game. What's next, auto-aim because it's just too hard to do it yourself? The whole "pilot one squad or CV" issue. Seriously? I mean, EVERYONE told you this was a TERRIBLE idea. CV vs CV battles are, for the most part, completely absent. Huh? So there's no point in playing defense at all if you're a CV? Now, other broken stuff: The whole issue with CVs parking a plane over a DD to keep them permaspotted is now MUCH worse. Because not only does that plane last a lot longer, it has effectively unlimited attacks on you. CVs are now both too strong, and too weak. Against a good chunk of ships, there is very little the ship can do to avoid being punished heavily. Even when AA spec'd and in groups. Against another group of ships, the CV has no hope of even getting in. The repeated attack ability magnifies this incredibly. And that's just from 5 games. I'm sure I could come up with more, but honestly, this is such a **** show that it's not worth my time. Moreover, the complete lack of detailed documentation about such a MASSIVE change is borderline malicious. Guys, either revert this IMMEDIATELY, or your usebase will absolutely leave. And worse, tell others NOT to join. This is literally how to kill a game and destroy your company. I for one, will be doing both RIGHT away. Until this steaming pile of crap is removed, you'll get no money from me, and I'll be bad-mouthing you to everyone. That may not sound like much, but take a look at the universal agreement of everyone who will be doing the exact same thing. Moreover, we're the paying customers - people who post here on the forums are radically higher likelihood to spend money on the game. You just killed your whales. What genius thought that was a smart decision?
  13. LAnybody

    AA gun upgrade

    You'll note this was a stupid choice, as ANYONE without ship that has Upgrade Slot 6 cannot see the Mod 2 ones available to sell. That is, unless you have a Tier 9 ship, you can't even see the new Mod 2 upgrade, so you can't see them to sell them. And, worse, if you don't have a T9 ships with Slot 6 *vacant*, you're screwed into paying for Mod 1, unless you want to demount the existing one (losing 1.5m silver for an upgrade you DO want). I mean, really, wth? How hard was this to think through? All you folks had to do was pay out the cost of the old AA Module in Slot 3. I've seen poor software updates in all sorts of products, but really, this one takes the cake for a combination of Developer Hubris and Incompetence. Which is astounding, given the what, 3+ months this has been worked on?
  14. LAnybody


    The inherent problem with the FDG, Bismark, and Gneisenau is their incredibly awful main gun accuracy. Now, it's not such a bad thing to have innaccurate guns out past 10km, though that does make it a bit hard on the big maps. National "flavor" and all I can accept. No, what's an issue is that they don't have sufficient barrels AND have awful accuracy at brawling ranges. You literally can't brawl in one against another BB unless you have a MASSIVE health advantage. You eat pens on virtually everything, and all the other BBs can be certain of getting 2-4 pens on you per salvo. You're lucky to HIT 2 times at ranges under 10km each salvo on the KM BBs. Their dispersion/sigma is just incredibly atrocious. No amount of buffing secondaries can overcome the fact that you can't get even basic damage output from your main weapon. It's so bad that I can count on at least 25% of my main gun shells flying OVER the superstructure, when I aim at the waterline at 8km or less. Not over the deck at the ends, but over the main superstructure. That's just completely unacceptable. For a ship that's supposed to be able to brawl, when you have no chance against other LOWER tier BBs simply because their main guns can out-DPM you by 100% or more in practice in that brawl. The KM BBs need a serious buff to their short-range main-gun accuracy. They should be able to register hits at least 50% of the time at ranges under 8km. Right now, they struggle to get half that. Which isn't OK then you have the fewest guns of everyone, and also some of the weakest.
  15. LAnybody

    Flint - If only I knew then what I do now

    Generally, I share it with my US CL line: PT AR SI IFHE, CE I can then either add PT+AFT, or JoAT+BFT. These work well on everything from the Dallas up through the Worcester. They should work great on the Flint.