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  1. AnIolairGhorm


    Hey @MBRicochet You are correct that the Ägir (and Siegfried) are quite vulnerable to full penetrations. One "trade-off" (if you can tell it that) of having a turtleback and a heavier upper belt (90mm) is that AP, when it does penetrate, is likely to arm within the ship and cause penetration damage instead of overpenetrations. Angling is critical so that you can deflect AP instead of just eating it.
  2. AnIolairGhorm


    Hi @KnifeInUrNeck I'm a KM fanboi, so I'm contractually required to purchase all German ships and at least pretend that I like them all. I'm also a cruiser main, so I definitely get where you're coming from. You are correct that the super-cruiser gameplay is markedly different than traditional cruisers. I play the Ägir (and Siegfried) like an uptiered Scharnhorst: work as a well-armored long-range artillery cruiser, only push flanks if you have the advantage since you can muscle out less-armored cruisers. Neither the Ägir nor the Siegfried are battleships, however, so battleship engagement are mostly limited to ambush situations only. You are also correct that the HE performance is pretty pathetic. I use HE far less than I thought I would, now firing AP 95% of the time, even against reasonably well-angled targets. The only time I will fire HE is when I know I'll be shooting at a destroyer or against a bow-on heavily-armored target. I did post a series of Ägir videos to my YouTube channel, if you find useful. I do like the Ägir (with biases admitted), but have to adjust my thought and engagement process when playing her. I hope this helps, and good luck!
  3. AnIolairGhorm

    Mainz or Bayard

    Both have pros and cons. The Bayard probably has the edge since she is faster (or much faster with EB activated), better concealed, and has MBR. I'm a KM cruiser main, so something to consider. The Mainz has better ballistics, and combining Lütjens with a healthy dose of Adrenaline Rush can get reloads below 4.5s. She doesn't need to take IFHE (unlike the Bayard for similar penetration performance), but the Bayard doesn't necessarily need IFHE to be effective, either. Like other German cruisers, the Mainz is very vulnerable to long-range plunging fire, even when well-angled. The German cruiser armor is mainly only useful when in closer quarters (within 8km).
  4. AnIolairGhorm

    Mainz or Bayard

    "Mainz feels like a light version of Hindenburg at tier VIII": a better comparison is that the Mainz is a big Nürnberg with an extra turret and worse concealment. The Mainz does not have anywhere near the tankiness of the Hindenburg or the other tier-VIII German cruisers for that matter. I found the Mainz has to play from range for pretty much the entirety of most matches, only able to push in an "tank" (used loosely here) when top tier against 356mm or smaller AP, which is rare.
  5. The possibility always exists, but the only party that can offer clear information is WG. Anything else would be speculation. @_BBaby is correct. Based on my discussions with Femennenly and Hapa Fodder (former and current WoWs NA Community Managers), the previous offer was quite labor-intensive to implement. Given that such an exercise is mostly or entirely an expense for WG, I wouldn't expect any time soon, if it ever happens again (my speculation).
  6. AnIolairGhorm

    Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    Well, this is probably goes to the heart of the issue. Cruisers are support ships; they generally don't drive flanks or objectives but back up those that do. They depend on their destroyers to spot and battleships to absorb damage while they (the cruisers) can put their DPM to use. Cruisers have to use patience, terrain, distraction, and other measures to not be shot at. In fact, my guidance to players learning cruisers is to focus more on practices that avoid taking fire all together rather than trying to dodge fire. Ironically, the Yorck is actually one of the tankiest tier-VII cruisers in the game, if not the tankiest especially now that WG buffed her bow and stern armor in 0.9.3 (see the my video on this point, link below). However, she is a cruiser, so I suspect you're drawing an impression of "paper armor" from having played battleships a lot. Also, the German battleships have among the best armor schemes in the game, so moving to almost any other nation, class, or line is going to leave you with an impression of "paper armor". The Yorck is the gateway to the rest of the German cruisers with regard to play style: stay at range 75+% of the battle, close in during late-game situations to take down isolated opponents. Yes, the Hipper, Roon, and Hindenburg are among the tankiest cruisers in the game *in close engagements*, but they are still cruisers. Moreover, the expansion of high-caliber battleships (République, Kremlin, Ohio, Georgia, Thunderer, etc.) has power-crept their armor, and they've lost some of their ability to bounce and shake off salvos, again in close engagements. Nonetheless, like all ships, the German cruisers excel when played to their strengths while mitigating their weaknesses.
  7. AnIolairGhorm

    Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    All long-range artillery cruisers (German, Soviet, French) are intended to be played at range; that's precisely how they work best and this is deliberate. It's kind of like complaining that passenger cars suck at offroading and only perform best when driven on maintained roads. These cruisers use their long-range performance and good ballistics to hit targets while being able to mitigate damage by either working from concealment, working distracted targets, and dodging incoming fire. As is the case for ALL cruisers, you will always be blapped if you put yourself front-and-center. This has nothing to do with the Yorck specifically. Your damage stats in the Yorck are not bad, but maybe you're regularly overextending and simply getting focused out. You also have very few random battles played in general. A good cruiser player carefully chooses and manages their engagements, regularly staying alive into late-game and often surviving battles. As a cruiser main myself (more than 50% of 14K battles played in cruisers), I'm happy to offer advice on good cruiser practices to improve your experience, if you're interested.
  8. AnIolairGhorm

    Where are the german super cruisers how long do we have to wait

    Oh, I know, and I've seen Sub_Octavian's message to the community about perceived Russian bias.
  9. AnIolairGhorm

    Where are the german super cruisers how long do we have to wait

    Because Russia has been historically. Player retention in Russia has been in near free-fall, but that doesn't mean you ignore the segment.
  10. AnIolairGhorm

    Hayate: Way of Shinobi

    Hey @shadowsrmine Is there a reason you posted about a Japanese destroyer under the German cruiser section of the forum? Clearly no violation of the laws of physics or anything dramatic, but just confused.
  11. AnIolairGhorm

    Hindenburg nerfed

    This is vinron6's statement: "What a shame, you work hard to get a tier ten ship, ie the Hindy, and they nerf the guns". He didn't ask about armor from what I can see. Also, I'm unaware of any changes to the Hindenburg's armor. Please point me to a source. I follow the WoWs Development Blogs and WoWs Reddit quite closely and haven't seen any announcements.
  12. AnIolairGhorm

    Hindenburg nerfed

    What nerf are you referring to? WG has tweaked the Hindenburg's main battery reload a couple of times over the last 18 months or so, but they now have the best reload she's ever seen since her introduction to the game (9.8s). Nothing else other than her reload has changed since the German cruisers received the one-quarter HE penetration buff in 2017.
  13. AnIolairGhorm

    Where are the german super cruisers how long do we have to wait

    As others have pointed out, Soon™. As with any new content, WG has internal decision points to maximize revenue. Ironically, posts like yours about perceived "delays" only plays into the anticipation WG wants to build up for new content. WoWs is an arcade game with a ship facade. Almost nothing about it is realistic or historically accurate (beyond the physical appearance of the ships). Statements about "real" ships being more valid or entitled to be in the game are meaningless. Balance of ship performance is a valid concern and the one point you've made I agree with. Yes, Russian ships benefit from the bias. WG operates based on serving their larger revenue bases. Russia is the largest player base for WoWs, so they will continue to invest in content they believe will retain their Russian clientele. No, I don't work for WG, and no, they didn't ask me to say these things. It's just natural logic.
  14. AnIolairGhorm

    Irian vs. Mainz -- Which to buy?

    They're different, not that one is strictly better than the other. I think the pros and cons are laid out pretty well. HE DPM of both ships are very similar (Mainz slightly better at 204K/minute versus 198K/minute for the Irian). The Irian has fewer torpedoes and a longer reload, but she can stealth torpedo whereas the Mainz's torpedoes are yolo/ambush situations only. I'll launch torpedoes in virtually all Irian matches I play (I don't always get hits), whereas I might use torpedoes on the Mainz in about 15-20% of my matches. The key difference between these ships are their detection/concealment. The Mainz's concealment is the worst of tier-VIII cruisers in the game at 12km. The Irian's is 10.8km. This may not seem like much, but the difference improves the Irian's positioning, engagement/disengagement area by about 20% over the Mainz. That can be a big deal for players who are not comfortable with constantly playing at longer ranges, or when they want to offer somewhat closer support to allies that are taking/defending caps. The Mainz will mostly be in the back and can only close in under very limited conditions.
  15. AnIolairGhorm

    Mainz getting lots of HE non pens why?

    Hey @___V_E_N_O_M___, it might help to see a replay so we can better understand how you're aiming. This is where I suspect you may be seeing issues. I play the Mainz a lot (KM cruiser fanboi) and have no issues with getting penetrating hits. If you are hitting the main belts of targets or their turrets/guns, you'll get shatters. If you hit the superstructures, bows and sterns, your shells will penetrate. The Bayard's shells are loftier than the Mainz's. It's possible that if you are using the same aiming practices with both ships, you get better results with the Bayard because the shells are coming down on top of the target (hitting softer areas) as opposed to the flatter trajectories of the Mainz where you may be hitting more armored areas. Just a hypothesis. Also keep in mind that the Bayard's HE alpha is better than the Mainz's, so even once you sort out the penetration issues, the same number of penetrating hits from the Bayard will still produce more damage than on the Mainz. Most importantly, when playing the Mainz, fire AP at broadside cruisers and battleships. The one-quarter HE penetration for the German cruisers is a nice benefit, but like all KM cruisers, AP is where the Mainz shines. Aim at the deckline of battleships (so your shells go into the superstructure), and aim at the water line against cruisers. In most decent games I have in the Mainz, most of my alpha damage is from AP than HE, even when I hit twice as many HE shells as AP. As has already been explained, IFHE is not only unnecessary on the Mainz, it's a waste of commander skill points. Moreovoer, there's no notion of "going deeper and doing more damage". You either penetrate or you don't. My Mainz build, if useful (using Lütjens from my Hindenburg): https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSC518&modules=11111&upgrades=144320&commander=PGW103&skills=2153793031&ar=100&flags=2260&consumables=222 I hope this helps, and good luck!