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  1. AnIolairGhorm

    Weimar - way too over powered

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding your reply, but adjusting Weimar because it (over)performs in operations means we would optimize her performance solely for a very small fraction of player activity. Such changes would inappropriately reduce her performance in the vast majority of games that players participate in (randoms, coop, ranked). If I were a decision-maker at WG (I'm not), and I felt Weimar's performance in operations so deeply and negatively impacted quality of life for a large portion of players, I would simply remove Weimar as an option for operations. Also, physically changing code is often the least of the effort for a software development organization. It's design, quality assurance, user experience, and quality-of-life effects for the majority use cases that are the most complex to address.
  2. AnIolairGhorm

    Weimar - way too over powered

    She can be very effective in Narai, but it still requires a skilled and situationally aware player to get the most of of her. To me, it doesn't make sense to modify a ship just because she can overperform in a mode that represents a small minority of the player game time. As @Rolkatsuki pointed out, it makes more sense to me to adjust Narai, not the ship. In random battles, the average damage of the Weimar is above the mean, but it is still within the standard deviation. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3752769328,Weimar/
  3. I'm pleased to offer my review and guide of the new premium tier-VII German light cruiser, the Weimar. She is based on the Yorck hull with Nürnberg guns and limited main battery firing range, but with a couple of tricks up her sleeve.
  4. AnIolairGhorm

    Hindenberg - What am I doing wrong?

    Hi @WhiteTulip I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations with the Hindenburg. Like the Russian and French, Germans are (mostly) long-range artillery cruisers. This means staying 15+km from targets while kiting, using terrain, using distraction and other tactics to pump out DPM while minimizing risk to yourself. Most of the other cruisers you've cited (other than the Prinz Eugen) are faster and have (much) better concealment and maneuverability than the Hindenburg. By contrast, the Hindenburg is a big target. For me, this requires operating at longer ranges and keeping track of who can target me and when they fire so that I can dodge. Below is a link to the build I use for the Hindenburg. A good build doesn't make someone play better, but it can make play easier. Note that I take Radio Location. If you prefer something else, Heavy AP Shells, Grease the Gears, and Incoming Fire Alert are good alternatives. Finally, a review of a typical game might be useful. If you upload something to https://replayswows.com/, perhaps I or others could take a look at the practices you are following. I hope my feedback is useful, and I wish you luck and success. https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSC110&modules=11111&upgrades=134323&commander=PGW103&skills=9782280&ar=100&flags=10708&consumables=1111&pos=0
  5. Hey folks, I'm very pleased to announce my review and guide of the brand new premium tier-VIII French battleship, Flandre! Come check out the video and enter for a chance to win this fine vessel courtesy of Wargaming!
  6. Hey folks, I'm very pleased to share this terrific match from WoWS NA CC, Ahskance, while playing the tech-tree tier-VIII German aircraft carrier, August von Parseval. I hope you enjoy!
  7. AnIolairGhorm

    Agir or Seigfried

    Thank you, @Wood96. I have played a few matches in the Siegfried and Ägir recently on stream, but haven't gotten a really good game because, well, random battles and all that. I'll keep an eye out. I did include links to my current builds for both ships above. Sorry if you already saw them.
  8. AnIolairGhorm

    Agir or Seigfried

    A person after my own heart! I, too, am a hard-core German cruiser main. About 50% of my 16K random battles are in German cruisers. I have multiple reviews of the Siegfried and Ägir on my YouTube channel. Links below. TL;DR Both have very similar play styles: long-range artillery cruisers that can tank up in close-quarters combat. Selected engagements are required since they are still cruisers. If you are comfortable with the Hindenburg in this regard, the Siegfried and Ägir are very similar. The main difference is gun caliber: 380mm for Siegfried, 305mm for Ägir. Accuracy for both is good (very good for the Siegfried). Siegfried has better base range (20.6km versus 18.5km) Siegfried gets a spotter whereas the Ägir does not. Siegfried has longer base secondary range, whereas Ägir has one extra secondary mount on each side. Since cruisers currently cannot spec into secondary builds anyway, it doesn't really mean much. Since my reviews were done before the commander skill rework, below are the builds I would run for each as of now. Note use of MBM3 (reload) for the Siegfried and GFCSM2 (range) for the Ägir. In the current Dead Eye meta, a long-range artillery cruiser like the Ägir with no spotter plane and 18.5km range is seriously limited. If you play mostly or entirely in co-op, take MBM3 for both ships since the bots blindly charge in and won't camp the edges of the map trying to leverage Dead Eye. Siegfried: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSC509&modules=11111&upgrades=134321&commander=PCW001&skills=4572169&ar=100&flags=4032&consumables=1111&pos=0 Ägir: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSC519&modules=11111&upgrades=124323&commander=PCW001&skills=4572169&ar=100&flags=4032&consumables=111&pos=0 FXP is generally easier to come by, so for most players, the Ägir is more straight forward to acquire. The Siegfried requires resetting and regrinding multiple lines to get the 47K research points to buy her. I hope this helps, and good luck!
  9. Hey folks, here's an exciting moment during today's stream while playing the Dunkerque in a tier-VIII match on Shards. I hope you enjoy!
  10. Hey folks, I'm please to share a replay from a very close match I had on stream a couple of days ago. I'm sailing the premium tier-VI German destroyer, the T-61, in a double tier-VIII carrier match. I hope you enjoy!
  11. Hi folks, WG has announced two new premium ships on the Development Blog: the tier-VIII RN light cruiser HMS Tiger '59, and the tier-VII German light cruiser Weimar!
  12. AnIolairGhorm

    Mainz Capt Skills with rework

    Hi @vikingno2 This is the build I run for the Mainz. I am using Günther Lütjens from my Hindenburg. If you don't care for Radio Location, you could take other skills. The Mainz's turrets are fast enough to not need Grease the Gears. My experience is that the Outnumbered skill is too situational. Top Grade Gunner, however, is generally excellent and valuable in most games. I hope this helps, and good luck!
  13. Hey folks, a quick video with an update on streaming plans! I plan to stream today starting around 1100 PST/1400 EST/1900 UTC, so fingers crossed that the stream is stable.
  14. Hey folks! Well, we had a successful stream on YouTube. This was originally going to be just a test stream (which it was), but turned into a full discussion of the commander skill system in Update 0.10.0.
  15. Hey folks, Update 0.10.0 is here! In this video, I review the main article for the update. I hope you find useful!