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  1. sasquatch_research

    Greek Cruiser Georgios Averof?

    Hey I think she is more than likely a T3 cruiser, maybe shoe horned into T4 but I doubt it. She also would have to be Pan-European for captains sake. I doubt if anything will come of it personally, it's not where the money is for Wargaming. Pete
  2. sasquatch_research

    Why are BBs so wimpy? New Player

    Hey BB's are garbage because in the ways of Wargaming; it's not balanced to have any one ship class much less a nation other than Russia to do overly good. So they nerf'd BB damage across the board, made the guns less accurate and allow them to burn at a ridiculous rate. Some patches ago at the CV rework; they Nerf'd AA of all ship classes by removing 10% of concealment, removed manual AA, removed AFT 20% AA range buff, Nerf'd the DFAA consumable and Nerf'd the AA gun upgrade, so AA on any ship is now a laughing stock that even CC's and super testers don't even fully understand, it's meaning less. There was a huge Nerf to BB AP on DD's so that they would only do 10% damage, you were supposed to switch to HE instead, But that garbage too. As I once hit a DD at close range with my Conqueror with 8 HE pens, immediately set 3 fires and he damaged controlled and sank me with torps. So it's not just a low tier ship, or a new player problem. The game mechanics are not what they used to be, and the more "balanced" as Wargaming makes it, the more unpredictable (RNG) it becomes; to the point of "Is it really worth playing, and the aggravation of watching good shots landing little to no damage, or your HE hit an 80% shot but set no fires even when your BB has a 50-60% fire probability. You will average 5-10% at best; watch your results at the end of the game and calculate it for yourself. The ship stats listed are not true. Pete
  3. sasquatch_research

    A Very good short video

    Hey I watch this short video and thought it was well done considering mixing history and WOWS; Pete
  4. sasquatch_research

    Indy love?

    Hey Remember too that Indy did get buffed early in her existence to correct an armor flaw, but I doubt seriously Wargaming will put any effort into her. They are too busy on new Meh ships and can't even find time to do new operations, new campaigns, much less worrying about Indy and a few other ships that have been severely power crept. Pete
  5. sasquatch_research

    super containers Useless rewards

    Hey I got this SC yesterday; first one in many months. Pete
  6. sasquatch_research

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    Hey Need to do something with the Z35 since there is nothing that it brings to the table that you can't do with the Z23. They need to give it 8km torps, or reduce the detection of the ship down to around 5.8km or so. As it is, its a poor DD with no real reason for being since there are so many other T8 DD's that are much more fun to play, more usable in most situation and is a poorly executed German DD. Don't waste your money! Pete
  7. sasquatch_research

    Upcoming Z-35

    Hey Don't waste your money on the Z35, just not worth it. It has less to offer than the Z23 since base gun reload is not much better, turrets are sluggish and although they have good range don't seem to start fires all that well. The torps are completely worthless unless a pure ambush in which your not going to live, and at 6km are a waste of time. She has the same lack of speed, turn rate, turning circle as the Z23, so why bother. The smoke are nice even if they are short duration but you get almost 1/2 of the hydro than the smoke charges (6ea versus 3ea). No speed boost and still a lack of AA. The one thing that would have made it interesting IMHO is if she had 8km torps to where she could at least stealth torp. As is, there is nothing this DD brings to the table that ANY other T8 DD doesn't do better. She needs the basic 10pt captain, plus BFT to buff the guns, SI for an additional smoke and hydro, EM if you want to knife fight and PM. You could go AFT for more range but good luck hitting much. Don't waste your money; another swing and a miss for Wargaming. Pete
  8. sasquatch_research

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    Hey Yes, But that was a one time event and they were not a routine naval aircraft. They would have been too large and impractical for any naval activity, even for this game. Pete
  9. sasquatch_research

    California Shows Promise

    Hey Nice score. Very respectable no matter what your in. Pete
  10. sasquatch_research


    Hey 4 million ship XP is a lot for any boat no matter what signals got used or how many ribbons the capt. has. Well done! Pete
  11. sasquatch_research

    IFHE still a viable captain skill for Kitakaze?

    Hey Kuro knows what he is talking about!! The whole idea is to set fire after the damage control get used, that is more than pen damage. Pete
  12. sasquatch_research

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.7

    Hey When are we going to see some new scenario's? Been a long time since the last ones were removed. We hear this question all the time and yet no answers. Pete
  13. sasquatch_research

    Hsienyang — Pan-Asian Tier VIII destroyer.

    Hey I agree. For a T8 DD in todays meta, she sucks. At the very least give it a torp reload buff to match many other DD's. Not like DWT are that much of a threat anymore. Pete
  14. sasquatch_research

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    Hey When are we going to see some balance changes (LOVE) for the Pan-Asian DD line to make them more competitive? They definitely need a torp reload buff to at least match the standards of the game today, maybe a slight gun reload increase or a speed change, something. I think the torp reload makes the most sense and since they already cant hit DD's. I don't see why Wargaming spends the time and money to create a line, then so completely ignores it. Doesn't seem like it would take much effort to reduce torp reloads by 10-20% to revitalize the line, especially after the heavy handed YY nerf. Pete
  15. sasquatch_research

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Hey Maybe Wargaming should return the 20% AA range to the AFT skill they took away with the CV rework, return the DFAA stats they used to have,, Manual fire AA captain skill they used to have and returned the AA gun upgrade mod we used to have which was very effective on cruisers and such, especially American boats like Atlanta and Flint or DD's, like Sims, Monaghan, and Kidd. At least get traditional AA strong ships back to where they used to be strong. The only strong AA boats now seem to be be Russian and well we know that wasn't part of real history. Pete