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  1. sasquatch_research

    Musashi HSF Camo

    Hey I would buy the camo if it was available again. Since it took me a while before I ponied up to get the Musashi. Pete
  2. sasquatch_research

    USS Alaska Imprssions

    Hey I play all types of ships except air craft carriers; so I think I have a grasp on playing the ship from T1 to T10, including many different nations. But this game is anything but balanced and is only getting worse; especially when taken into context of how it played a year ago. Pete
  3. sasquatch_research

    USS Alaska Imprssions

    Hey I think if the truth was really known; there are a lot of ships (BB's in particular) that have been nerf'd when it comes to damage done; so many misses at close range, ricochets, broken shells and especially over-pens these days as compared to a year ago. Oh sure you can still get 100-200K but on any average day; it's surprising how aggravating it is anymore. Even BB's shooting broadside cruisers don't see the damage you used to, or shoot a DD with HE and get 4-5 pens and he lives with a large chunk of health still. Some may say RNG; but I think that is a cop out; the game is becoming more and more un balanced the longer we go. Pete
  4. sasquatch_research

    Le Terrible

    Hey Given you rarely see it being played is a telling thing about how good "Balanced" a ship really is; the Le Terrible really needs a heal or a very short duration smoke to allow it to disengage, go silent and reposition. One that would not allow someone to just sit in smoke and farm damage. Another option might be give it 10km torps that are quite fast, with a reasonable reload, so it could make slashing torp runs. Right now; it's hardly seen in random on NA and with good reason. Pete
  5. sasquatch_research

    Bring on the SMS Seydlitz! (video)

    Hey Seydlitz and/or Von der Tann would have been better than the PEF. At least they would have been more interesting and should have performed better. I'm sure they would get screwed by "balancing" as we see so much with German ships. Pete
  6. sasquatch_research

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    Hey I think the PEF is very under whelming and not a fun boat to drive. It has very decent AA and good secondaries guns but overall it's a disappointing ship to play. The guns are sluggish rotating and should be buffed to make it feel like a battlecruiser, they should do more damage (it's either over pens, or broken shells) as you cannot citadel BB's at all, and cruisers are mostly over pens, rudder is sluggish making it hard to turn or dodge torp. This was my first game today, but most seems to be about 25-40K and that's it. The PEF credit grind is going to be painful; so sad since I love my German boats, the Graf Spee is much more fun. To make this ship be decent: Give it faster rotating main guns, a 23 second reload to up the damage some and increase the rudder shift a bit and she would be ok. Pete
  7. sasquatch_research

    Torpedo Acceleration on the Black?

    Hey For those considering the Black; Take a look at the Flint (think Atlanta), she has longer range torps, fun guns, and the smoke makes the ship very interesting. Sure it's not a DD but she can be played in a similar role.. Just thought I would throw it out there as an alternative, I'm enjoying mine quite a bit. Pete
  8. sasquatch_research

    Huange He...a Slightly Lesser Perth

    Hey Give it DFAA and let it be a proper AA platform. Forget the torp reload booster altogether. Pete
  9. sasquatch_research

    How long until Kitakami?

    Hey Too bad the subject of the IJN Tone wasn't raised. Pete
  10. sasquatch_research

    Premium Ship Review - Yubari 2.0

    Hey I have to say; I like the Katori quite a bit, she's slow but those guns for her tier are very good. She's a ball of fun for T3, just a slower pace for us older people. LOL Pete
  11. sasquatch_research

    Huanghe AA good for her tier

    Hey I have used the special SE captain on my Salem and that skill has saved my butt a few times. I would think it would only help the Huanghe; but realistically, wargaming should increase the HP of her to better match her contemporaries. Especially taking into account only six guns. I tried the torp reload booster today, found it so situational,, about worthless to take. I want DFAA; it would actually make the boat more valuable in battle. Pete
  12. sasquatch_research

    Any Tips with the Huang He?

    Hey Nope, that nicely answers it, although seems hard to believe since you hardly ever see them in battle. Pete
  13. sasquatch_research

    Any Tips with the Huang He?

    Hey But for every 100K game; how many are in the 20K range or worse? Lets know what her average, realistic numbers are. Another Abruzzi, LOL Pete
  14. sasquatch_research

    Huanghe AA good for her tier

    Hey Having DFAA would give it a substantial boost to having a legitimate identity as compared to Leander and Perth. Especially with the upcoming carrier rework; it would make more sense than the torpedo reload booster and be far more team benefit. They should also up the HP pool too to Leander/Perth values to aid the fact you have less guns, even with S.E. she is still lower by a fair bit. Pete
  15. sasquatch_research

    Huanghe Smoke mod 1

    Hey Since the Huanghe is somewhat of a Meh boat; too bad they don't give is Defensive AA so you could make it into a quasi AA boat. As right now, it's not really good at anything, it sure could use a bit more HP to be on par with the Perth at least. The Defensive AA could at least give it it's own identity/specialty. Pete