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  1. FDG, Round#2?

    Hey Two days ago I had my best game in the FDG since buying her back. 161,725 damage, 2 ships sunk on Ocean Map, earned Confederate and Dreadnaught, winning team. Pete
  2. Indianapolis

    Hey Well technically your correct BUT ships which mount larger guns also are more heavily armed than those carrying smaller/lighter guns. And if you do some research you will find that Indy is heavier than say Pensacola in real life and thus in game should have more HP, but it does not. Pete
  3. Order of Upgrades for Roon

    Hey For my Roon; I prefer to use the range mod over that of the ROF mod. I like to shoot from range and having the double steering gears allow me to dodge incoming shells decently and with the 10 sec. reload I get good results and the 20.3km range allows me to spam HE on those high tier BB's and I don't need to get closer if I choose not to. It works for me and I play pretty aggressively with it. I did all of the upgrades at once since I didn't feel like being aggravated by some portion of waiting but would have done the hull first, guns second, range 3rd. I love the Roon and is my favorite ship in the game and my first with a 19pt captain. I seem to be more consistent with it than my Hindy. The initial specs don't look much better than Hipper/PE but what a difference between them, night and day better. Mainly due to the ROF increase and more guns. I found the ROF upgrade was a little disappointing since so many times, upper tier ships were outside my range, but with 20.3km I could then hit them with HE, up close the AP works very well. Pete
  4. Hipper Repair Module

    Hey Having the Hipper and prinz Eugen' I think the P.E. could and should be considered for a heal, something to set it apart from the Hipper. Both need a upgrade to the ROF to make them more competitive, something in the 10.5-11.0 second reload time. While they have good armor, the torps are sub-par with competitors, the reload needs a buff since they only have 8 guns, speed and gun range is good. Both are decent ships but there are other cruisers which are better and more likely to be taken over the Germans at T8. Pete
  5. Is the Missouri worth 75 bucks?

    Hey I have resigned to the fact that I'm just not worried about not getting the Missouri; yes I wanted it, but I don't think I can get grinding enough to make the 750K in time, and I don't really want to spend that much in doubloons either. And if I did; I would be completely out of Convert XP. I have other ships that I want and are within reach if I should choose to use the XP on hand; this I couldn't do if I used it all for the MO. I really don't care for the T9/10 BB gameplay anyways, much too passive, campy for me, might consider that Nelson which is doable. So no great loss, I will keep plugging away and having fun even without it. Pete
  6. Yamato, Montana, or GK first?

    Hey WoW; somebody who actually like the FDG. That POS! I not sure I want to do the upper tier BB routine; I see waaaaayyyyy too much camping, nose in, shooting from behind BB play for my liking. I prefer to run and gun and so far enjoy T9/10 cruiser play and looking forward to higher tier DD play. Pete
  7. Indianapolis

    Hey The Indy still likes to roll over and sink, relatively easy too! LOL Pete
  8. Indy

    Hey I would agree; Indy is a ship you want to love, but just can't. It plays more like a light cruiser than a heavy cruiser. Does not take damage very well. Not worth the purchase considering there were much better ships in the premium shop. Pete
  9. This is why I hate the Nurnberg

    Hey Exactly right; it's just cruiser life. I have been deleted very quickly in my Hindenburg and my Roon on a couple of occasions from long range BB fire. But it still doesn't change the fact that Nurnberg is a great little ship; one that I have used to be on top of a winning team on many times. Use your max range and burn BB's or if you get close, use AP and cruisers, your rate of fire is your advantage. Killing smoked up DD's using HE and your Hydro is great fun. Pete
  10. Finally Topped 50%

    Hey I for one think people worry to much about their Win/Loss ratio. Sometimes there is NOTHING you can do about it. How many times have you played your butt off only to have teammates not play the objective, don't try to assist members of your team who are under fire, smoking up for someone to give them cover, or even more often you are in the top 3 of your team and you feel like you had a really unproductive game? It's a standing joke for me, that about 90% of the time I get a game over 100K, it's a loss on my team. Or the times I get a kraken, it's a loss. Not to mention the number who only want players over a certain W/R number, and the heck with those who are decent team players who work their tails off for a losing team but would rather support that selfish player who does nothing all game to help with but only pad his damage numbers. Quit worrying about some stupid W/R and focus on just what you tried to for your team. I would rather have a lower W/R and be top on my team time after time, than do nothing each game but just to pull of a win on the backs of those that truly earned the win. Pete
  11. Match Maker's Unfairness

    Hey There is no use for me to get through to you about those advanced players who usually play high tier ships and going down to play low tier ships for seal clubbing and sometimes using their 16-19 pt captains to beat up on somebody running a T1-T4 ship and those people may only have a 6 pt. captains or less. No use going any further with this. Pete
  12. Match Maker's Unfairness

    Hey You what your saying is that nobody with advanced skills, high level captains don't go into low tier games at times to beat up on inexperienced players. I bet it happens more than you think. Pete
  13. Richaloo vs dunkerque thing.

    Hey I have tried that bo in meta but usually it does nothing but get you killed, your position over run and generally works for a very limited amount of time. It does work rather well when you have HE loaded and you rush a smoked up DD, very fun! Pete
  14. French BB Bretagne awesome

    Hey I personally didn't care for the ship that much. The guns are good but she is very sluggish in the rudder, gun rotation is typical T5 of being slow, speed is normal, AA is pathetic (normal), but it's not a Giulio Cesare by any means, nor a Konig or even an Iron Duke (which also hated). I prefer the Ocktober Revolution more. But I did run mine with only a 3 point captain too. Pete
  15. Richaloo vs dunkerque thing.

    Hey I think the Dunkerque is a fun ship, the guns are a bit wonky and the AP is weird as far as how it works. I started mine with a 3pt captain and now at 11pts. so yes, it's an ok ship for the money and with 3-6 pt. captain is very doable. I play mine like it's more of a cruiser than a traditional BB. Pete