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  1. BB captains, please give me a minute of your time

    Hey It's just a general observation from roughly 0.6.0 forward; using the same ships as before. I still get plenty of games over 100K but in general the meta as we know has changed but I don't think anyone at Wargaming will tell us if there has been secret changes to various ships not announced publicly for the supposed sake of "balance". Pete
  2. T61 and z 39 whens the t61 for sale?

    Hey The problem I have with the T61 is Wargaming releasing the stats, allows the CC's to make videos which drums up hype and get people interested but then decide we can't release it because it's OP. Do the damn homework, design, playability within the testing phase before releasing the stats and the video's so you don't have to yank the rug out from under people. Much the same way they did with the Graf Zeppelin and look at that fiasco and we still don't have it available (not that I want it anymore). I for one don't buy into the pay to win claims and it's easy to find premiums that are clearly inferior to tech tree ships, but yet are just different which is ok and preferred. As for the Z39 and my very limited number of game found it to be ok, but not much different than the Z23 of course, so other than being a premium DD, doesn't really bring anything new to the German table, much less sets itself apart. Pete
  3. BB captains, please give me a minute of your time

    Hey I think this is a very true fact; since BB's in general don't seem to do as well as they used to as a general rule. What was a typical 60-80K game now seems to be a routine 30-50K game. Something with the meta has definitely changed but good luck getting answers as to what. Just like all of the people having game crashes these days; since this last patch; I bet I have had 6-8 game crashes which I never used to get but of course we hear nothing about it. Pete
  4. Kii Build recommendations

    Hey because so few Kiis play on the server .............That's because she is garbage and isn't worth playing; why play Kii when you have the Alabama or even the older Tirpitz which are much better T8 BB's. Pete
  5. The Kii trap

    Hey I continue to play the Kii but still finding this ship to be the worse T8 BB of the lot; I cannot make this ship work with any kind of consistency; for me I can live with the hull/armor issues, but it's the guns that are so terrible. They are dreadfully inaccurate, and do very little damage when they do connect. My best so far was around 70K with an average of between 30-40K at best, which is pathetic for a T8 BB. The 410 mm guns do way less damage than the American 406's and it doesn't seem to matter at max range, mid range or even close range, they suck. Even brawling range of 2-3 kmI was unable to kill a Colorado with 3 full broadsides. Broadside Scharnhorst took a full broadside but got only 2 shells to hit for like 1350 damage and he was about 6km from me when I fired. And to think this was supposed to be an advanced Amagi class, really? I would much rather sale my Gascogne over this garbage ship! Pete
  6. Kii

    Hey I have continued to play the Kii and my thoughts still have not changed. It's terrible; I just can't make this ship work and it's all because of the guns being so unpredictable and do so little consistent damage. At long ranges (18km) good luck hitting anything (Ok so are many others), get closer to 12-14 km they are still inconsistent, sometime they hit but do little damage or overpens, get closer to say 6-10 km and they still are worthless with so many rounds either missing, bounces or doing little damage to BB's, cruisers, it makes no difference. Even 2km brawling she does not do much damage for having 10 guns of 410 mm, which do less damage than the American 406's. I can live with the armour issues but these guns just suck, especially compared to the Bama or even the Tirpitz, Gascogne and the likes. The ship is so underperforming at T8; sure it might have good AA, but if the main bread and butter guns are garbage, why bother. I much prefer my Gascogne and routinely get better results from it and the CC's didn't like it so much. Of all of my T8 BB's, the Kii is the worst of the bunch by a good measure and will be nothing more than a port queen, just not worth playing (same category as my Indianapolis). Pete
  7. Sims Torps

    Hey For the overall size of the Sims; one would think that her detection sould be lower than it presently is. Maybe a slight buff to a lower ship detection would be a good adjustment for her. Pete
  8. crashed at least 12 times

    Hey What is going on with this game? I have crashed like 4 times in the last 3 days, twice today, once in coop and 1 on random, each saying the same as before. The last time was a T10 game and I was 90% health in my GK, by the time I got back in, I died shortly thereafter and lost over 114K credits because of it. This is really getting old and we don't hear anything about what is happening. I have posted the critical error message several times before but obviously it's still happening and I'm not the only one. For me it started with this last update but it's getting old. Pete
  9. USN cl premium?

    Hey It's too bad that Indy doesn't get a much needed quality of life improvement. Give her slightly better armor, more HP to be better than the present Pensacola and a ROF increase should do the trick, so that she can at least stay in the fight longer to where her radar is more useful. Even bow on, she cannot tank any damage, disappointing considering her role in real life history. Pete
  10. Hey Certainly better than my first game which was a bit over 20K; I was hoping to use AP on a broadside Atago but he beat me as my AP just couldn't get the job done. Of course my team was no where around to lend support in any way, seems typical these days. Live and learn. Pete
  11. HOOD

    Hey I would have to disagree on the Kii; I can't make that ship work no matter what I try. I rarely have anything of a decent game averaging maybe 40K damage; probably my worst performing T8 BB that I own. I much prefer even the Gascogne over the Kii and of course there is the Bama, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Richelieu that are consistently so much better. Maybe it's just me. Pete
  12. Abruzzi.

    Hey No more witty comebacks as to how crappy Abruzzi is. Will the real Potato, please stand up! Pete
  13. Admiral Scheer--Graf Spee's Successful Sister Ship

    Hey You have to admit; the Graf Spee is an awesome looking ship and is a great commerce raider platform, which can easily take on cruisers and sink any shipping and most of their escorts. Too bad Wargaming would let us select names of like ships in the same class: Deutschland (later renamed Lutzow in Nov. 1939) was the lead ship, Admiral Scheer, Admiral Graf Spee. Both the surviving ships had received upgraded AA during the war, but ultimately were taken out of surface action by allied efforts. I love my Graf Spee and find it to be a very good ship. Pete
  14. Favorite battleship

    Hey I am enjoying the French BB's right now (up to T8). And I have to say that I love the Gascogne; while I have had some very disappointing games, I also have more games over a 100K in it than any other single BB that I have. I enjoy the Germans but feel like they need a bit of a buff in dispersion. I enjoy the Bama and it's a very good day in, day out fun ship. I hated the RN BB and stopped at T7 with no interest going further. Pete
  15. So Does Anyone Actually Remember Admiral Makarov?

    Hey I agree the Kronshtadt looks interesting. I too still have my Nurnberg and enjoy playing it regularly; as for Makarov, too similar for me to get. Pete