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  1. Hey The prinz Eugen is the better buy; your more likely to survive game after game in the P.E. and is more useful for the team. The Atlanta is more comical to watch shooting rounds however but if I had to chose only one: Prinz Eugen,, not to mention the ultra cool history factor. If you get it; take the double steering gears over concealment. Pete
  2. Hey What skills is everyone using on your Gaede? I only have 6pts. and struggle with her; one game is decent but the next stinks. I really need CE but I just don't stay with it to make much headway to increasing my capt. skills. Pete
  3. Hey I think your a bit high on your damage point counts since it's not very often to see much in the 100K damage range (2-2.3K XP give or take) on any average game. Like I said; for me anytime I do 100K or better in damage, I consider it a good game but we all have those game where you might see only 40K and yet have done everything possible in supporting your team. I have had many times been in the 60-80K range for BB or cruiser and been top of my team. I had a recent game of 107K in my Hindy and was top of my team. So it varies a lot as to what is tops; people shouldn't get too worked up about stats, W/R ratios or the like, just do your best and hope your teams does the same. Pete Pete
  4. Hey Great read and info people. I to have come from the German side and have DD's up to T7 but most of mine only have 6-8 pt captains and that's doable for the lower tiers but T5 and up, it becomes more critical, especially the concealment. I have a hard time cap points, capping and /or holding them; I do much better in the marauding/ lone wolf kind of DD play. I too have struggled with the torp aiming guide and for me find it worthless. I usually do the the one round partially in front, partially behind the guide, sometimes on the guide, it rarely seems to work consistently for me, it get a bit frustrating at times and I can't seem to close to within decent range since my detection kind of sucks without CE. Nature of the fight I guess. Lower tier DD is fun since I can get close without CE and the torps are much more likely to hit. Most of my German DD's have PT, LS, SI and my T7 has 2 pt's unused, saving for CE. Pete
  5. Hey Good advice about rushing caps; since that is when I usually fail, too many people are better than me and my German DD's since they are not the best turning and generally have the worst detection, I also do not have CE on mine since they are only 8 pt captains. Great points; a DD that's still alive at mid to late game is very deadly to BB's. I just need to SLOW down my game play more with DD's. Pete
  6. Hey I too been reading this with interest. My only other T7 DD is the Maass but I only have a 8pt captain and do ok with it but feel like Concealment would be of benefit for sighting. I am admittedly not the best DD player and struggle with cap zones; if I am in a search and destroy game, then I do much better as a lone wolf, pain in the butt type of fight, I struggle with the DD 1 vs 1 knife fight, fast turning and dodging stuff but then the German DD's are not very good turning. I thought the Blyskawica might be a decent ship since it sounds like she has decent guns even though she suffers in the rudder dept. also. Sounds like the ultimate deal with a 10pt captain is the best to make good use of her and her Polish only usage. Pete.
  7. Hey The only T10 cruiser that I have fought and had trouble with while in the Hindy, is the Henri 4. My AP had a hard time doing massive damage to; all of the others for me have been equal or lower concern for 1 on 1 battles. I don't even worry about seeing the supposed dreaded Zao, but then so much depends on the skill of the players, and I only consider myself to be an average player. Even BB's will treat you will respect, especially up close and when bow on or well angled, you can bounce some amazing salvo's. She is very well rounded; if I could only make her 1 knot faster (speed flag works) and slightly better rudder to match Roon. Pete
  8. Hey Good job man; see the scrappy little Graf Spee can get the job done when circumstances present themselves. Anytime I see 100K+, I consider it to be a good game, no matter what I'm running. Pete
  9. Hey I'm tempted to get rid of the Indianapolis. It would be the first premium I will have sold and only the 3rd ship to sell, after the Karlsruhe (which I bought back and still have) and the FDG. Pete
  10. Hey Time will tell; hopefully we will all know this year. I'm not holding my breath though. LOL Pete
  11. Hey Such a shame; I had such high hopes for a good working carrier. While I have never played CV's, I so wanted one for my German fleet, but it's starting to appear that my hopes are in vain. Too bad too, because the ship it's looked very good. Pete
  12. Hey I rarely go below T5 but love my Konig or Oktober Revolution is pretty fun. Nassau is a good boat too, I prefer my Germans over my RN BB's, same with my T5 ARP's. Pete
  13. Hey It's the never ending cycle that some DD players don't get. Big,slow BB's need spotting so they can engage enemy cruisers who are moving in to kill you DD's but I can't shoot what I can't see. If I go into a cap and things get hairy; you DD's have the option of better running away and leaving my big, slow BB open to focus fire and I get killed, now who is going to try and cover you. How many times have I been set on fire, torped, trying to survive, only to have a DD run off or not even bother to smoke me up so I can heal or make a retreat myself. Then you wonder why some BB's will sit further back and use their range and I will admit I have seen many BB's in the last few months not push, or play lazy campers and I find that frustrating myself. But I also see DD's being a lot more selfish in how they play and not trying to play the objective of getting caps. Playing these days has gotten worse when it applies to tactics, helping your team, playing objectives, and helping one another out. This isn't just a BB versus DD thing, it's across the board level of play that is due to selfishness instead of team. Sorry, my 2 cents. Pete
  14. Hey I for one think the Nerf hurt the Konig, not that she is bad now, but I think it was not needed and shouldn't have been done IMHO. Even more so when you take into account the power creep we see from other new ships at T5. Pete
  15. Hey Nassau is a good ship with sometimes crappy dispersion; watch your map and always try to plan ahead your attacks, keep as many guns on target as possible. I run PM, EM, AR. and SI on mine presently and it does just fine, no need for a higher skill capt. unless you are going to keep it and use it for seal clubbing. I did run premium consumables which many might argue against but hey, who wants to die early. Pete