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  1. sasquatch_research

    New German DDs are pathetic at best

    Hey But how do we really know that the claimed Wargaming stats can actually be trusted to be factual? I find it getting harder and harder to trust Wargaming these days. Not to mention whether or not they ever play the ships themselves before release unlike to old days where CC's and super testers were know to have played them and made video's only to have Wargaming Nerf them before release. Pete
  2. sasquatch_research

    Littlewhitemouse's Avatar

    Hey Maybe we can get a special LWM Captain with her voice over put into the armory; after all, she has been part of this game for a very long time. Give her special skills too. Pete
  3. sasquatch_research

    Vermont Kicks A**

    Hey But Notser had a lot to say about how good Vanguard was and it's a rather poor T8 BB by most standards, so I'm not sure I trust Notser like I used to. Let's also remember that Vermont is the best of the line; grinding through her previous siblings isnt a very fun experience overall. Personally its a very boring, slow play style that doesn't allow you the flexibility, especially if your stuck on one flank. Pete
  4. sasquatch_research

    Vermont Kicks A**

    Hey It needs a faster reload, and a quicker rudder so you can actually turn with it. Make it like a T10 Warspite. OR make it a useful secondary build boat with great guns to offset the rediculously slow reload, sluggish turning main guns and absolutely boring game play it now has. Too other T10's are more useful to team play than this pig. Pete
  5. sasquatch_research

    Which cruiser is best at holding flanks?

    Hey] I like the Venezia for a flank; it's maneuverable, the SAP does very well and there is something to be said for seeing 15 rounds coming at you. There are torps but they are rather slow. Hindy, as stated is another good choice as a good all round boat. Henri4 used to be a good boat, but Wargaming took care of ruining it. Pete
  6. sasquatch_research

    Yoshino, Moskva or Salem?

    Hey For me and playing all three. Yoshino, Salem, Moskva in that order still holds true for randoms. For clan battles alone then the radar is handy but I really hate the boring bow in and tank damage play that can be associated with Moskva, the Salem is good with its super heal, and Yoshino last in CB. Pete
  7. sasquatch_research

    A incentive for DD’s to live longer than 5 minutes

    Hey And how many times do you see a player not play and support the side he spawned on, but rather spent the first 10 minutes sailing to the other side of the map, leaving your flank exposed and out gunned, simply because they sailed away in the very beginning. Or by not pushing up and supporting your DD's and cruisers, they prefer to sit back and snipe which does little for the team. Wargaming should have made secondary BB's more viable so they could push in to help with cap point taking and defending, but no, they nerf'd them to be less effective. Just like the alt. American lines of BB's; slow, sluggish, boring, ineffective for much of anything, but they could have been a great secondary BB able to help hold key area's. No wonder they balance of the games is worse than ever, IMHO. Pete
  8. sasquatch_research

    ST 0.10.3, changes to test ships

    Hey German, what else needs to be said. Not going to happen. Pete
  9. sasquatch_research

    A incentive for DD’s to live longer than 5 minutes

    Hey As a relative long time player of all classes except carriers. The problem today is not DD yolo into a cap but rather the pathetic support they get since BB's in todays meta never want to push up to support their teams DD's who might be trying to get a cap. Because BB's all want to sit back in spawn and never seem to move up to engage the enemy cruisers. I have had many games in a DD where I had spotted 6 ships and my team barely does 20K damage upon my shooting, So how am I in a 15-20K HP DD supposed to fight anything off if My team doesn't care to fight for the objective, we see it all the time. When DD's are dead, cruisers are nearly dead and yet we see nearly full health BBs are left, still barely out of spawn or hiding next to an island. Wargaming compounds the problem by nerfing secondary build BB's, come out with long range BB's that are too slow to be useful, with stupid 40sec. reloads, instead of making brawling BB's better; then there is the issue of BB's over pens, ricochets, and such nonsense, add to the fact of how fast a BB can get HE spammed to death and no wonder they sit back. Then they added the idiot skill "Deadeye" which made everyone sit back further and snipe but don't contribute to capture points. How many times have brain dead Thunderers sit in the back in 1-2 grid squares and that's it, same for Slava. Played a DD game today to where not one BB had a kill and we loss because of a lack of support. People today lack a basic understanding of team work, support roles of various ships, playing the side you start on instead of sailing across the map only to see your lemming train fail because you got flanked due to the weak side getting crushed because you didnt want to support that side. Don't always blame the DD unless you play them regularly. I started as a BB driver, then cruisers and now DD's; I like them all But BB players are worse today than ever. Pete
  10. sasquatch_research

    Vampire 2

    Hey Yes, I'm aware of that. Pete
  11. sasquatch_research

    Vampire 2

    Hey Nothing factually incorrect; I said to watch the video and see how many fires were started, based on shells landed. When any ships says 14% plus flags, you know your lucky to see 5% and I have gone whole games with the likes of Azuma or any other suck "fire starter" ships and never set a single fire, and yet go into another game and set 10 fires, so please explain how RNG changes from game to game. It's garbage argument at best; one that Wargaming doesn't tell you; call it game manipulation, inconsistencies which is ruining this game. PS: Did you watch the video? Pete
  12. sasquatch_research

    Vampire 2

    Hey Watch the new Flamu video where he div's up with another person in another Vampire 2. Its quite hilarious but notice how extremely crappy the fire starting is; Like 4 fires for over 400 battery hits. Certainly better than then new German DD line for sure. Pete
  13. sasquatch_research

    New German DDs are pathetic at best

    Hey Good luck if you only have a 10pt captain in them. They could have been so much more useful, but I seriously doubt anyone from Wargaming has spent anytime playing them. Pete
  14. sasquatch_research

    New German DDs are pathetic at best

    Hey That's what it felt like. A gimped trash boat with no purpose to try and be an asset to your team since you can't contest caps, even in the late game. The torps are the most aggravating, limiting factor, even as zoning tools they are worthless and even if they do, not much damage to change a players mind. If they had faster torps, or did serious damage, faster reload on the guns, hydro, or even making torp soup would help. There is NOTHING these DD's bring to the table that can't be done in any other DD, and have more fun doing it. Very much a selfish DD playstyle which this game Really doesn't need at this time. I personally wont be wasting my time playing them. Pete
  15. sasquatch_research

    New German DDs are pathetic at best

    Hey I played my first game in the T7 Z31 (28365 damage, 4th on my team, top tier, loss) and also my first game in the T8 GJ Maerker (7950 damage, 6th place and top tier, loss) and what a bunch of Garbage. The gun reload is terrible, the torps are utterly worthless for anything, and the AP is supposed to be great is actually garbage. This is simply the worst DD's that I have played to date. And while this was only 1 game in each boat; they are the most unenjoyable DD line that I have played and certainly not worth playing. They need a very serious buff to be remotely effective at any kind of a DD role. Clearly Wargaming doesn't play these boats in any meaningful way, or it's a really good example of its anti German bias, or it's a money grab to make you want to free XP to T10 and skip the garbage. Pete