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  1. Hey I have been running the Gaede for a short period with a low skill captain, same for MAASS although I haven't run it yet. I have taken P.T. and Last stand on both BUT what should be the first 3 pt skill? SI or SE, or TAE? I am also running the 128's on Gaede, so BFT is an option also (is the 150's worth taking?). Suggestions, since I'm not the greatest DD driver by a long shot? Pete
  2. Hey It's a shame they Nerf'd it; it was one of the real bright spot in the German line for dispersion. Still a great T5 ship just the same. Pete
  3. Hey The video about the sigma is no longer correct; correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they changed it a number of updates ago to like 1.8 because people were saying it was OP. I find the dispersion tend to be length wise so you shells land horizontally more than vertically, so they seem to be more accurate. I love the Konig, best T5 BB out there for me. Such a good brawler ship, takes a licking and can dish it out. Nothing beats those very close in circling battles, just you and the enemy and then he dies!! Pete
  4. FDG

    Hey The FDG continues to be the biggest piece of crapin the German line for me. Had a T9 battle and manage a whole 40K damage (I could get more from my Graf Spee than this thing easily); A bunch of random but aimed shots of ships that had decent sighting yielded nothing much in points usually 1-2 hits out of 8. A BB sailing directly away (not the best target BUT 2 full salvos' for a whopping total of 2700 damage. Full broadside Iowa at 5km, full salvo of 8 rounds, less than 3900 damage, REALLY! This was near the end of the game. Oh, and that full broadside Iowa, 3 secondary hits, that was it! Talk about a real peice of garbage for me. Fully upgraded with 420's, gun mod 1, aiming accuracy mod 1, damage control mod 1, steering gears 2, concealment. Capt (14 or 15pt). P.M., EM, AR, SI, AFT, and something else. This ship has easily been the biggest disappointment of the German line, if it wasn't my only T9 BB it would be gone. I'm still tempted to sell it and put the credits into the Hindenberg, as I absolutely love my Roon and retrain the Capt for the Hindy.. I could never recommend this ship to anyone. Pete
  5. Hey It doesn't sound like much progress in fixing the Graf Zeppelin's issues. Too bad, because the ship itself looked awesome. Watching the progress as it unfolds. Pete
  6. Hey Is there any reason to not sell stuff in inventory like ship A hulls or original issue range finders, torp tubes, original issued engines, etc? I assume there is no way to buy a second ship of one you already have, let's say a Bismarck for a secondary build for example. I want to keep everything else (special upgrades, consumables, signals, etc.) and I have kept all of my ships which are fully upgraded as I still play them from time to time. Pete
  7. Hey With this new firing from smoke meta will do nothing but make people sit farther back in the map and fire. I thought smoke camping was a major issue, so now we are going to have more of it just farther away. And with 19km range guns, well it won't change much and BB's will still be able to use their range and sit behind the smoke and fire, why go brawling under this new meta, I don't think it's really solving any issues. Pete
  8. Hey Interestingly I made a post talking about the excessive HE fire starting of the RN, but the QE does not fit into this mold as it's fire chance is 35%, same as much of the rest of T6 BB's, while the Iron Duke is 40% at T5 and then the KGV is at 41%/Nelson at 46% for T7. I guess there was no HE love for the Q.E. You would have thought she would have been closer to the Warspite (HE 34%) in overall capability, but then no use hurting premium sales with an equivalent tech tree counterpart, so we make it worse, even though they were sister ships in real life. Pete
  9. Hey I think there is a case that HE on many of the RN BB's is a bit OP when you straight up compare their Fire Chance over their rivals and by good margin. T4 +8%, T5 +13%, T6 Even, T7 KGV +5% and Nelson +10%, T8 -1% (NC higher), T9 +5%, T10 +10%. These are values over the 2nd highest competitors, some cases are even more against lowest ships of the tier like at T9, Lion = 46%, while Izumo = 30%. I would hardly say a +16% advantage is hardly fair. The worst is tiers 4, 5, 7, 9, 10. Now I understand every line has advantages and weaknesses, like german armour and it's dispersion, Japanese speed & range but weaker armor/AA and American AA & decent guns but slow speed, British have fantastic HE but slow turrets. I think it would have been better to have the HE closer to their competitors BB's and let the RN have usable AP rounds comparable to their competitors. Interesting to note that the Hood, flagship of the RN for many years only gets 34% at T7 (Same as Gneisenau), which is 7% less than KGV and 12% less than Nelson. There are other factors that come into play like sigma for one; But these HE spamming BB's are a bit much overkill, no wonder everyone says shoot HE in a RN BB. Pete P.S. Who comes up with this stuff and approves it. One minute it's rather OP HE fire chances on the RN BB's and the next minute it's the Graf Zeppelin fiasco, whatever happened to testing, feedback, and "balancing"?
  10. Hey I am running the Main Armaments Mod 1: Slot 1, Main Battery mod 2: Slot 2 (When I brawl, I want my turrets to move as fast as possible, usually at close range, dispersion is not an issue), Damage Control Mod 1: Slot 3, and Steering Gears Mod 2: Slot 4 I presently have a lower point Capt (10pt) on board presently. PM, EM, AR, SI and have 2 unused points, saving for AFT. Bayern has always been a good money maker for me and a fun ship to play. Pete
  11. Hey I'm not the worlds greatest DD player but just got a fully upgraded Gaede and having fun with it. Question: Should I get the 150mm guns or just stick with the 128mm guns? I have also read that the 150mm are only good with HE unless very close and broadside, then switch to AP, True? Is the 150MM reload an issue compared to the nice reload of the 128mm. Is E.M. Needed, as I find turret rotation kind of slow for my liking? Also: I only have a low point capt.(6pt) with P.T., L.S. and SI, what should be the next skill to get (I'm thinking torp boat but without CE, my choice is limited some). Save up for CE or go for TAE, or even BFT since I have the 128's. Thoughts? Pete
  12. Hey One other issue with the Graf Spee; many people compare it's gun to Scharnhorst because they are the same caliber; I wish they also had somewhat similar range, Scharn gets 20 km range and Graf only see's 16 km. It would be great if they were more like 17-17.5 km to be more realistically be comparable. I love the Graf Spee; great underrated ship IMHO! Pete
  13. Hey I would like to know is this: What is the sigma value for the FDG? Is it the same for the 406's as it is for the 420's? Pete
  14. FDG

    Hey I find for me the FDG is a piece of garbage and I really don't care for it much. Mine is fully upgraded, with the 420's (which don't seem to do anymore damage than the 406's) While I have had a few games over 100K, those are NOT the norm, it's usually 20K or 80K with very little in between. Played a T9 game yesterday and got focused fired and deleted before I got out of base, with only 3K damage. It's a big, sluggish turning, brick that can't dodge torps even when you see them, sets on fire easily, gun dispersion is garbage and usually you will get burned down and focused on before you can get into any kind of brawling range and even then it's not that great. I have a 14pt Capt. in mine and I much prefer to play my Roon at T9 that the FDG. I have had 1 Kraken in it but that's it. Nothing but a hit and miss disappointment for me, I wish I had stopped with Bismarck. Pete
  15. Hey I can some up the FDG in one word for me: SUCKS. Very hit and miss for me, don't like it and mine is fully upgraded with 420's, takes damage way too easily for a T9. Bismarck is Love compared to FDG. Pete