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  1. sasquatch_research

    ST: New Type of Shells

    Hey Nothing will change to Roma; they have known about this since it's release and have done nothing to help it, why would they start now. Have no fear though, the Russian BB's are doing great, imagine that. Pete
  2. sasquatch_research

    WG's odds in 2 pictures....

    Hey By the same token; haven't you shot your guns and it registered as a full pen BUT then it was for NO damage. Happens all the time, thank you RNG. And it's far worse than it used to be; so much for balancing. Pete
  3. sasquatch_research

    Don’t nerf IFHE so bad

    Hey Has anyone noticed that thread after thread where people give their feedback, likes and dislikes, constructive criticisms and such, that nobody from Wargaming ever seems to reply, or gives reasoning why they are doing certain things, a certain way. Are they even listening? Maybe they only care what the big boss bean counters have to say and those of us who have supported them with store purchases, well too bad end user. Pete
  4. sasquatch_research

    Yueyang? .....tumbleweeds

    Hey That's when I quit the line, I am on T7 and rarely even play it. Why bother, there are others that are T7 and up that are just better. Just a wasted shame...……..Oh, but don't worry, we got the CV rework done (kinda). Pete
  5. sasquatch_research

    Yueyang? .....tumbleweeds

    Hey Like so many ships that were good and used a lot; they Nerf them and people don't play them instead of letting people adapt their play styles around those boats. Then they wonder why people like myself get tired of this game and the many manipulations at almost every patch; it's getting to be no fun anymore. As I have always said; do your testing and modifying during the testing phase but once released, leave the thing alone. Another thing I hate while Im complaining: Wargaming quit having the CC's put out their video's (and most do a great job with this), only to have the ship Nerf'd before it goes public. The they they make video's is not the same ship we get to play, and yes sometimes it says it's "A Work in Progress" but why make a teaser and drum up hype only to find you nerf'd the ship after the video was released. Wargaming, you are your own worst enemy, have you learned anything from the Graf Zeppelin initial release? Seems not. Pete
  6. Hey LOL; It's all about balancing they say and yet the longer we go, the less balanced this game becomes. I have been complaining about it for a while now and yet nothing changes. Pete
  7. sasquatch_research

    ST: Many Changes to Test Ships!

    Hey Had this been a Russian boat; it would have only received buffs even further; being German (or Japanese) that can't be tolerated. Nerf it into oblivion so nobody wants it. Pete
  8. sasquatch_research

    ST: New ships - Hayate and Thunderer

    Hey If Thunderer plays anything like Vanguard, it will suck. The ships handles very good but the guns are extremely lacking punch and the armor is quite weak. I certainly hope she is more accurate that Conqueror, which is very lacking in the accuracy dept. with her 457's. Pete
  9. sasquatch_research

    Don’t nerf IFHE so bad

    Hey This for me is just another example of why I am growing tired of this game; yet another change for the supposed sake of balancing and yet how long have we had IFHE in this game. I mean if ship are too strong with IFHE, then why wasn't this thought about when you created the skill in the first place, or if certain cruisers, and DD's are too powerful with it, then why didn't you take that into account when testing those ships before release and adjust them accordingly? Now all of a sudden it's like well lets Nerf it, just like we recently Nerf'd AFT AA Range, or Nerf'd the cruiser/BB concealment by 10%, or the questionable AA values for manual fire AA (Sector selection, much less for DFAA). The longer this game goes the more unbalanced it feels (And these are the Nerf's we actually are told about, how many others happen we don't hear about??) and instead of letting people adapt their playstyles, we instead just keep getting another Nerf to this that and everything. How about leaving things alone and work on things that matter, like match making and quit with making so many new ships and focus on players, CC feedback, things that make people want to stay in this game. Otherwise, keep screwing with it for the moving target called balancing which never seems to happen; by the way, how is that carrier rework doing? Seems like they are less enjoyable now for everyone. Pete
  10. sasquatch_research

    HILL increase the armor & torpedoes (buff)

    Hey Since it's only been available in store a short time ago, and a reward ship; I doubt seriously they will do anything about it. If it was me I would give it a concealment of 6.2 and 6.5 km torps, and maybe a 1/2 second reload buff and leave the HP. It needs help for sure. Pete
  11. sasquatch_research

    HILL increase the armor & torpedoes (buff)

    Hey Even on the Hill with it's .9 km spotting versus torp range? Unless your only playing potato's. All other T5 DD's have a spotting advantage on you, but maybe not a gun advantage. Pete
  12. sasquatch_research

    HILL increase the armor & torpedoes (buff)

    Hey Very true, but then that leaves out torps unless a lucky island surprise. Lower tiers with carriers can be murderous with lack of AA and plentiful carriers and again the low HP. Pete
  13. sasquatch_research

    HILL increase the armor & torpedoes (buff)

    Hey Even if the armor is weaker; it should be compensated for with a better HP pool. Overall, day in and day out, she is a weak DD, thanks mostly to her crappy detection versus it's very weak torp range. Her guns are decent but hardly making up for her other short comings IMHO. Pete
  14. sasquatch_research

    USS Hill

    Hey I have found so far the Hill to be a tough DD to play simply because the concealment versus the torp range, that .9 km difference means you are spotted and taking quite a bit of fire before you can launch torps and in reality you are launching only 6, since you have to do a 180 to launch the other 3. The guns are decent but highly need BFT for better reload and I only have a 10 pt captain on mine. Is it really worth spending the points to make it a 13pt captain on a T5 DD when I have other higher tier DD's that could use the points also, I don't think so. Pete
  15. sasquatch_research

    Battleships now inaccurate at closer ranges??

    Hey Lock on dispersion mod. Which ships and how often? And yet Wargaming said there was no issue. Pete