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  1. Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    Hey My DD engagements from my various BB's are at different ranges. Yes, I was able to nail a 1/2 dead DD from almost 20 km away but it was a lucky shot, most engagements from 3-6 km rarely involve a instant death and usually nothing but overpens, one in which I quite often die due to torps, even when I use HE. When I run my DD's; I get hurt maybe 1/2 health but BB AP but then depending on how many shells hit me, I would expect to take a great deal of damage; lets be real if you got hit with 1-4 14" or 15" shells would severely wreck any DD, much less Torpedo tubes which only seem to get damaged from HE and less likely from AP. Then you have to admit that a BB with 30 sec. reload is not a danger in between those 30sec. periods whereas the DD can set you on fire or reload of torps in about 60-90 sec. Most BB secondaries are not that accurate to be a serious threat and most have limited range and rarely hit a dodging DD. Then there is the concealment issue where a good DD guy has most of the advantages of speed, stealth, when to engage, when to break off, maneuverability, and his overall raw damage because of torps are in his favor. Pete
  2. Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    Hey Well, I can only tell you what my experiences are playing BB's, including during clan battles. That any kind of dev rarely happens even at close ranges; more times than not it's nothing but overpens. Khaba are armoured better than your average DD, so AP does more when you hit them but even then it doesn't happen that often. Pete
  3. Graf Spee main gun range

    Hey Too many people think because the guns are "Scharnhorst" caliber that they should be identical. I would disagree to that point BUT I do think that the range is rather low at 16 km, maybe they should be closer to something in the 16.5 km would be better, as there are several cruisers with much smaller guns that shoot more than the 16 m guns they have now. Overall, the Graf Spee is a great little ship than is very fun, very capable. Her biggest asset is those torps at 8km which beats out her T9/T10 sisters which is absolutely stupid ( give the Roon and Hindy at least the same 8km torps, and still be less than their competitors). I love the Graf Spee, one of my favorites. Pete
  4. DD Play is NOT dead.

    Hey I would say DD play is far from dead, but it's not as easy as it used to be because of the amount of radar in the game and the general lack of support found in randoms these days. People seem like they just want to farm damage instead of playing the objective. And as a DD player, why should I go into a cap only to see my team still back in spawn/base or hiding behind islands. Seems about 75% of the time a DD has very little support from his team in the early game. Many people don't see the need to take out the radar cruiser first, in order to give the DD a chance to get caps. But DD's are still challenging, fun to play and even those I still struggle with knife-fighting other DD's, I have fun most of the time. I love to single out a specific ship and go after them. Pete
  5. Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    Hey I have to disagree with statement 1. How many times in a BB have I had a DD within striking distance hit him with 4 overpens for only a few thousand damage and yet he drops 4 torps and either kills me outright, floods me to death. So the question is simple, what does it take for a BB to actually kill a DD? Even using HE still cannot kill one, secondary's quite often miss. So I don't buy into the idea of the overly devastating BB AP kill. Too many times anymore; you can't one shot anything, even a broadside close cruisers often live through a double citadel. BB guns are not what they used to be and even shot registered as full pens don't always get the full damage that AP shells indicate for their specs. Pete
  6. Are you taking more damage recently in DDs?

    Hey I said yes BUT it's only because of the addition of so much radar these days. Otherwise, no more damage than any other time and if anything (since I run DD's, cruisers and BB's). I see more problem now with overpens, bounces and broken shells than ever before, the days of one shotting with my BB's are a thing of the past, and dispersion seems worse than it used to also. Where in my BB it was not uncommon to see 70-80K in my Scharnhorst, now it seems like 20-40K in the new norm and it really doesn't matter what your using. Oh, I do see more games over 100K than ever before but I also see a lot more garbage games too. The team play aspect in randoms is by far worse than ever, the idea of supporting each other is getting worse. Something in the game mechanics has changed in the last year or so but nothing is published as to what. Just an observation. Pete
  7. Alsace getting Nerf'd

    Hey But don't listen to the people that play the game, buy their premium time and ships, we even have a CC who thinks it's more balanced than ever and yet it doesn't sound like it, nor does the game act like it's more balanced than ever. Nerf performing ship to make them closer to the crappy ones in the same tier that are under performing, just look at how many premiums actually get the "Meh" rating instead of Gudbote. Add in all of the radar cruisers used against DD's these days and it's not as fun to play a whole class of ships and then there is the excessive range of one nation versus every other, then look at the CV mess we have, and the only fun class is cruisers with all of the new ships, toys on board that have affected the game. Even BB's don't deal the damage they used to cruisers and I don't see nearly as many devastating strikes as you used to. But I guess it's working as intended and more balanced than ever according to some. Just at a time when the competition is starting up their ship effort, a year down the road may be very different. Pete
  8. Hiding behind rocks!!

    Hey There are 2 thoughts here; one makes sense, the other idiotic. First: If you are in a cruiser that is usually rather squishy and you have short gun range, then sitting behind an island and shooting over it makes a lot of sense. You cannot get caught out in the open or you get easily deleted. So it make sense to hide behind an island (as long as your engaged in battle) or sometimes DD's or other ships will set up for an ambush on a ship , which is very reasonable. Second: The ones that really make you aggravated are those that will sit behind an island just to not take damage, not shoot their guns, and just want to camp there, hoping they can pop off a few kill secures. That pisses me off to no end. Either be an asset to the team or play something else. Not much different than when you see a whole flock of BB's sitting in the back, back at spawn doing nothing to help your team push. Or if your in a DD who is trying to grab a cap but has no support from your team at that cap point, why bother. Much less today, trying to get people to understand the importance of taking out the radar ships first, but no it's all about getting the most damage versus winning the match. It all comes down to being either being a team player or being a selfish player out to pad your stats. I have NO problem with the first but I loathe the second, and sadly to say it's getting worse these days. Pete
  9. Light Cruisers. IFHE or CE first?

    Hey For me; I prefer to have concealment first unless you have the gun range to shoot farther back and the DPM of your guns. I have IFHE on my Kutuzov and it works well but you shoot from smoke or long range, I had used IFHE on my Belfast but switched to Concealment since I was being spotted everytime I left smoke and now I have less of that issue with concealment. I feel the gun range and the amount of DPM your ships puts out makes the difference, at least for me, on taking IFHE or not. Not to mention how many captain points you have available for a 4 pt. skill. I just prefer Concealment over IFHE most of the time on my stuff. Pete
  10. Does WOW purposely screw over DDs?

    Hey I think there is just a lot of DD whining going on these days; some of it warranted , some not. I don't think the BB AP issue is one of them however. I do think the excess in radar is an issue and I also think the Japanese DD's need a torpedo spotting reduction to be comparable to most other nations. Yes, they do more damage but still the functionality of the torpedo is the same and the Japanese boats do typically have worse guns than many. As for the DD versus BB argument; I have been having a lot of fun with the Asashio and Harekaze and they can quite often rip apart BB's. The only area I struggle with is taking and holding caps (usually due to a lack of support from my team, which is a failure on my part for thinking they are going to support me). I do play a BB quite a bit and the meta has changed greatly as it has become rare to one shot anything, from a DD to even a broadside cruiser at close range. Even a cruiser citadel only takes about 25% health at most; and during clan battles have gotten more than a few double citadels on cruisers but have yet taken one out in one shot with my GK. Full broadside on a Minotaur at 4 km only netted overpens for relatively little damage considering what he just got hit with, that's [edited]. The biggest problem I see playing a DD, is getting caps and radar, hands down. Even when you wait until later in the game to cap, if there are radar boats, your in for a rough time. One of my last Aasashio games; I capped 3 times in one game, good thing we one that one. Pete
  11. Graf Spee?

    Hey Nice shooting Helmsman; that beat my personal Graf Spee which was just a tick under 126K so far. And people think she can't get the job done, LOL. Pete
  12. T-61: RIP

    Hey But how many more of the ship would have been sold back when it was first Hyped? Some people have naturally moved on from then to other ships, other lines. yes. they will certainly sell ships but will they sell as many? We don't see sales numbers. Pete
  13. T-61: RIP

    Hey I don't think that is a fair statement at this point considering we were teased about it how long ago, even had the CC video's about it, even had the Z39 put in it's place for a good long while now. So for how many month was it literally dead for 8-9 months? There is nothing about crow in this situation. Pete
  14. T-61: RIP

    Hey Maybe, just maybe, Wargaming decided to listen and make a few extra bucks in the process. When it's available in the premium shop, I will add it to my German fleet and park it next to my Z39. We will see how it pans out in the next week or so. Pete
  15. Sims vs Kidd

    Hey I would have to agree. A much needed buff to a very fun boat, updated 2.0 Pete