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  1. sasquatch_research

    HMS Nelson Removal?

    Hey I would like to see Wargaming actually have more ships in the 350K Free XP range, even with T6 or T7 ships. Pete
  2. sasquatch_research

    Salem vs. Des Moines

    Hey That's the great thing about this game, options. If one wants a premium ship, they can and if someone would rather keep their money, they can do the tech tree. It's all good and it's all fun, something for everyone. Good Games. Pete
  3. sasquatch_research

    Salem vs. Des Moines

    Hey Not really; it saves a lot of time and effort for me. Good thing is, I am enjoying both boats very much and having a great time learning to get the most out of them as the play style is very different from everything else I have. No regrets at all. Pete
  4. sasquatch_research

    Salem vs. Des Moines

    Hey I have the Salem and so far am enjoying it. The radar being only 8..49 km range is sometimes lacking but I have caught a few ships off guard with it when they thought they could push in. I have been able to kill Des Moines who think they are superior to me. I have also gotten deleted a couple of times by a BB, when I was engaged with someone else but that goes the same for any cruiser. Having not done the US cruiser line yet; getting the Boise (which is quite fun) and the Salem gives me a chance to decide how I would like the US cruisers, so far so good, just a different type of play for me making use of cover versus open water gunning/kiting. I like the different playstyle they offer. Pete
  5. sasquatch_research

    The official Gneisenau rant thread

    Hey I have to agree about the AA; With BFT and AFT only (No manual AA), the Gneis. holds my present record for shooting down airplanes. The best thing about her is that she has good speed, handles well, the torps are usable if not short ranged, good AA, very good armor but that is all offset by the main battery dispersion and only 6 guns. Not quite balanced in today's meta. Pete
  6. sasquatch_research

    The official Gneisenau rant thread

    Hey The Gneisenau is a very good boat in many ways except for it's guns; they need a serious buff to them either in the form of better dispersion or in the form of a faster reload, especially since you only have 6 guns. I just don't get why something hasn't been done to help this. Everything else is very good with her; but if your bread and butter isn't working, then it's time to do something about it. Personally I was say a buff to the reload would be a good option or slightly better sigma to let your shells have a chance of hitting. There is no way in hell of countering a DD with HE with this boat. Pete
  7. sasquatch_research

    Hindenburg nerfed

    Hey I will agree with what you say about the CC's (LWM) giving their opinions and that is exactly what it is, BUT those same opinions is all the average community has to go on when deciding to show interest in a particular ship and whether or not to fork over hard earned cash to buy something. We seen the fiasco in the likes of Graf Zeppelin, the delay of T61, and the lack of good game play from Roma and Kii, Ashitaka, Le Terrible. So we as the buying public reply on their judgements and I do like the reviews by LWN, Flamu, Notser, Flambass, Mejash and others. Yes it their opinions, but it's also my responsibility to gather as much information as I can to make an educated purchase. As for Bama and Mass; even though they were sister ships, clearly they are not to same in game from Secondaries, AA, torpedo protection, sigma, etc. so the idea that they are identical is not correct and that goes to what LWM had said. Many CC's didn't like Gascogne but I do very well with it. Many people love the USS Kidd but I suck with it. But the CC's writeups and videos are still useful information. Also, keep in mind that some of the stronger opponents you mentioned were not in game at that time, which is all the more reason not to nerf and existing ships, so we see less of the power creep issue. Pete As for the Roon/Hindy issue; we don't have all of the real life facts of what has changed. It just seemed to me that those ships changed quite a bit just before the patch for the T10 clan battles in which WG gave them the 1sec. nerf. Now they are under performing, they get a extra heal charge. Coincidence? I think not, they suddenly found them under performing and decided to do something but not give them back their guns. If the Moskva over performs, do you really think they will take their armour back or find some other way to "balance" things. See my point, same goes for Stalingrad (op?).
  8. sasquatch_research

    The Kii trap

    Hey As I have said many times; the Gascogne is my very best T8 BB when it comes to games over 100K. The Kii is by far my least favorite T8 BB (still can't bring myself to try Roma). Pete
  9. sasquatch_research

    Hindenburg nerfed

    Hey I would have to somewhat disagree with the assumption that premiums ships are somehow better than their tech tree counterparts; all one has to do is look at the video's by various CC's and of course the reviews of LWM to see how many premiums get the "Meh" rating. I don't buy the whole "Pay to Win" idea overall. As for the Hindy/Roon observation I mentioned above still stands in question. Pete
  10. sasquatch_research

    Hindenburg nerfed

    Hey So I want to throw something out there with regards to Roon and Hindy. Wargaming has decided that both ships are having troubles performing (and wasnt that what has been stated in this thread) and as such is going to give them another charge of their repair party to give them more staying power; OK, but then they used to perform just fine with a 10 second reload and didn't need an additional repair party charge. So what was really changed? I mean if all that was changed was a 1 second nerf to it's gun reload (to which everyone said it's no big deal) but now it needs a buff to its repair party. Seems like they should have just left the ship alone at 10 seconds and with the reduced repair party charge that it had before. Seems like there was still other nerf's in place that nobody heard of like maybe it's armor profile, gun hitting abilities? Or is it a case of bias against German ships (remember when Konig got it's sigma nerf because it was too good, but now we have Giulio Cesare). What is really going on? Balance?? Pete
  11. sasquatch_research

    Having trouble with the Kidd's guns

    Hey I suck with the Kidd's guns too; I would rather sail any other T8 DD that I have than this one, especially when we see so few carriers to give it a workout. It's my least favorite DD by a wide margin for me. P.S. Somebody mentioned the Boise and I have to say I am having quite a lot of fun with that cruiser. 103230 is my best in the Boise so far. Pete
  12. Hey I ave to admit that I hate the Kidd. This is one DD that I just can seem to do anything with; I cant seem to outgun another DD, cant damage a cruiser to save my life, it just doesn't click for me and there is hardly a CV in any game that I'm in. I would rather take any other T8 DD into battle than the Kidd. I think I have had 2 good games in it. Granted I don't have a high tier captain in it, maybe 13. I just find it sluggish, slow to respond, the guns suck due to those [edited] arcs. Hate the boat. Pete
  13. sasquatch_research


    Hey I can only speak from my real world experience with both ships when I played them. I do have on my Boise, IFHE but I don't have enough points (15) to get DE. I personally have no interest in buying Abruzzi due to the experience I had. Some ships don't work for some people, like me with the USS KIdd. Pete
  14. sasquatch_research

    Premium Tier VIII USN CA: Wichita

    Hey I have to say that I enjoy playing the Boise so far and as such am looking forward to the Wichita. If it stays reasonably capable and the price is decent, I will be picking it up. Given the fact that I have not gone down the American cruiser line, it gives me the opportunity to play a light, heavy and super heavy (with Alaska) lines. Pete
  15. sasquatch_research

    Should Alask be tier X?

    Hey Leave Alaska at T9 for all of the reasons Lert mentioned above. Stalingrad is a special case of Russian Bias at T10. Pete