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  1. sasquatch_research

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    Hey If the Odin stays in a reasonable, playable forms then I will buy it for sure, but we have seen this so many times, where promising ships get teased, video's made and then Wargaming drops the Nerf hammer and then it goes into garbage mode, released and stays that way. Especially in the German, Japanese lines and some could still argument about the Italians to an extent. Buff the AA a little bit and seems she would be a good ship, and not over powered. Pete
  2. sasquatch_research

    Premium Ship Review #130: Bayard

    Hey Mouse; If you had to choose between the Irian (I already have the Kutuizov) and the Bayard, running 10 pt captains in either, which boat would you personally choose for random battles, one that is most like to survives, do consistent damage? I'm trying to decide between the two. Pete
  3. sasquatch_research

    DefAA and the Kidd

    Hey I still have DFAA on my Kidd BUT it's not really worth taking IMHO. Used to be great but really lame on AA DD's and even cruisers anymore. Another module/skill that Wargaming has ruined in order to promote CV gameplay. Pete
  4. sasquatch_research

    Is Irian worth buying

    Hey I already have the Kutuzov; so is Irian worth getting? I like the torps she gets but it's a big, sometimes sluggish ship for kitting, and is fragile. I'm debating about the French Bayard as well. How did you setup your Irian and what capt skill are you running? I have a 10pt captain and can buff if needed to get IFHE. Pete
  5. sasquatch_research

    Is Bayard worth getting

    Hey I have been debating between the Irian (I already have Kutuzov) and the Bayard. How do you have your ship setup and what capt. skills are you running? I have a 10pt. captain laying around. I do have DeGrasse and have played the French Cruiser line to T10, so does Bayard bring anything different? Pete
  6. sasquatch_research

    German Z52 sucks anymore

    Hey On your comment about BB damage: not long ago I posted where I hit a DD at very close range (he was unspotted until then) and I hit the DD with 8 full HE pens from my Conqueror and started 3 fires immediately; he damaged control and sank me with his torps. I was like wth not because of the torps but how did I not 1 shot the DD. I mean that [edited] and shows the inconsistency in this game anymore. As I have said in these forums many, many times, the game is becoming more and more unbalanced as we go. Pete
  7. sasquatch_research

    German Z52 sucks anymore

    Hey I guess you didn't read what I posted. I used both AP and HE shells, neither of which was doing much, be it a cruiser or BB. Now granted the Italian cruiser was a stretch which is where the fire chance really sucks, and the Yammie I was shooting superstructure but fairly close. It just felt like, why bother playing a Z52 anymore, seems very power creeped and further proves the anti-German bias in the game at this point. It serious a serious pen increase and better fire starting, and I ran both fire flags too. Pete
  8. sasquatch_research

    German Z52 sucks anymore

    Hey I played a disturbing game with the Z52. Got a cap; although, thanks to radar and a rocket attack lost about 1/3 health, took several other hits. But in the end it was the guns that failed in every way. Had 77 hits (33 pens) for 13606 damage. A Venezia: 35 HE hits for 6,023, 18 AP shells for 5,850 damage, he was down to a few hundred hit points but couldn't get the fire to kill it. A Yammie: 12 HE shells for 990 damage, and 4 AP shells for zero damage, so much for aiming at superstructure, and a Worcester: 8HE shells for 743 damage. Seems the Z52 had been surpassed by many ships and the guns are worthless in this modern day and age. Maybe I just had a bad game but why bother playing? Ranges varied from about 7 km to 10 km but the most aggravating thing was the ZERO fires and that was running both fire flags. Even based on stats, I should have been able to start a couple. Pete
  9. sasquatch_research

    FRIESLAND buff

    Hey Since when is WOWS about historical accuracy; after all, half the ships in the game (especially Russian ones) wouldn't be here if we only dealt in reality and nonsense of game balancing. Bias in the game is obvious against certain nations. Pete
  10. sasquatch_research

    So, what's wrong with the Republique?

    Hey The Republique is not quite as potent as it was since she can't tank like the Kremlin; and haven't seen to many in Clan Battles this season. The secondaries are still good and she does well on cruisers but needs a BB's broadside to punish. Handles very well but not quite as potent as it was a short time ago IMHO. Pete
  11. sasquatch_research

    Epic Exeter game

    Hey That's the way it is for me too; my best game was around 75K and was probably the 2nd or 3rd time I played it. After that, it's been very lack luster on average, with maybe 20-30K damage. The guns over pen most cruisers, and seem to break or ricochet on BB's. Not really worth playing IMHO. There are other cruisers I would rather sail, like Murmansk for one. Pete
  12. sasquatch_research

    Friesland Guns never stop

    Hey Same boat I'm in; to spend or not to spend. Pete
  13. sasquatch_research

    Harekaze is back- worth it?

    Hey Just get it; one of the better DD efforts from Wargaming. Too bad I couldn't get another and set it up differently, for a different flavor. Pete
  14. sasquatch_research

    Yueyang? .....tumbleweeds

    Hey And even it took a Nerf a while ago to it's smoke reload. The Pan Asian hate continues at Wargaming, same for many Japanese, German and Italian ships too it seams. But fear not, those Non-existent Russian bias BB's are doing very well, balanced and functioning as designed. Now can I get 12km Radar on my Smolensk, it would help balance it against other Radar cruisers. Pete
  15. sasquatch_research

    Bismarck utterly spanked by Lenin

    Hey We (Wargaming) have had those German brawlers long enough; it's time for the Motherland to show it's dominance over those ruthless Germans and our clearly fake Russian BB's will dominate the sea's and outgun all. Pete