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  1. The_Real_1hit

    Carriers are now completely USELESS

    I think it is because of how far they went overboard with it. It's one thing to make small adjustments on a few items at a time, but to this extent is IMO way too much all at once. I know the Haku was broken (OP) and needed fixing but the T8 CV's had a hard time as it was when up tiered. Now it is ridiculous. When you can't even make an attack run (single run, mind you) on a lone ship because their AA destroys your squadron, that's too much.
  2. The_Real_1hit

    Why the CV nerf sucks (CVs are not overpowered)

    I can see small tweaks to be done, but this went far overboard. Just played a few rounds and the biggest issue is my T8 now loses all the planes before I get anywhere near the T10's because the "dodging the flak" is [edited] and there's no saving them with the "F" button anymore when I'm getting shredded by the overpowered AA on higher tier ships (maybe stop uptiering CV's all the freaking time!!!). So now I can get deplaned in the first 5 minutes and become useless, since it takes forever to replenish my squadrons. I can't drop in from afar in my torp bombers now because if I maneuver to adjust for a turning ship, my torps actually spread in a V the size of a T10BB...I just don't think the T8 CV's were overpowered to begin with, and now they are just unplayable.
  3. The_Real_1hit

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    So after playing a day in my Tier VI CV, I had mixed feelings. I don't think it would be as bad if they would have some sort of balancing to the game. But the majority of my games had severely one sided teams with major experience. Last game I went through the profiles of everyone just to see if my suspicion was correct. This is what I found. One side had a total of 60K games played, my side 15K (one person had their stats hidden). While this isn't definitive proof, it doesn't help the situation when the teams are this far off balance. It's sad that honestly this got rolled out this quickly. This should have been done on the live server in a controlled way such as make it an operation type or another battle type than have it on the normal mode.