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  1. It has already been stated that they only went back a couple of days. You are not paying close attention to this discussion. You may have questions, but as you already know, they are not going to be answered. You have no right at all, to know anything further. And the reasons for that have been made clear. So why do you demand to know, what you already know is forbidden for you to know? Talk about a futile and useless point of discussion, for you to be continuing on with. Optics are not harming this game. Toxicity clearly is, though. You have your priorities backwards, dude.
  2. It is toxicity taking place in games that is harming this game. If you are not in favor of eliminating that, then you have lost all objectivity. In real life, people don't talk to one another in person, the way that they do in in-game chat. You need to return to the real world.
  3. That is nothing at all to be proud of. You come across as having lost your perspective here.
  4. I'm very happy that they did this. There are far too many abusive and mean-spirited players in this game. The player obviously wanted attention, and he got it. I don't see any problem. He got exactly what he wanted: to be noticed. Can you not see how morally bankrupt your position is here? You are saying that his bad behavior in treating other players is irrelevant, and does not matter.
  5. No dude, that is you ACCUSING Wargaming of lying, without any evidence to back your accusation up with. There is no way whatsoever, that you can possibly know that they have lied here. .
  6. Well, gee whiz. I tried playing again this afternoon, after getting rid of the mods that I had installed. The results screens came up no problem, showing my results from the game and the rewards I received. Could a mod perhaps be at fault? I only use a small handful from Aslain's modpack.
  7. I know that you have already stated that lost silver, XP, and stars for ranked battles advancement that have all been lost today, cannot be restored, since none of this data is currently being recorded. HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that you cannot offer SOMETHING to your customer base, for all of the grief that we have been put through today. Offer your customers ZERO for today's aggravation, and you are then telling us how much you value our patronage: ZERO!!!
  8. Well, people with premium time will be pissed off at not being able to play today.
  9. So are you saying that co-op games are not being affected by this bug? Only random and ranked battles?
  10. I sure hope that some kind of compensation is given, for this messy situation today. I just had one of my best games ever in my OKHOTNIK, and received NOTHING. I guess that is it for today. The earliest that they could fix a server side bug is probably overnight, early tomorrow morning.
  11. Lance53

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Dude, if I was interested in, or wanted your feedback and opinions, I would have posted in another forum. I posted here, because I was hoping to get a response from someone at Wargaming. I don't care what you may think about the issues that I brought up. I thought that this was a forum for getting feedback from Wargaming. You have made so many errors and wrong conclusions. Like saying that I already had IFHE on my commander. I like playing the Chapayev I don't want to take the commander currently on her away. One cannot share commanders between these two ships. The 180mm caliber is very much an odd duck in the game, so it does deserve some special consideration, much like the 100mm caliber, which is another oddball caliber. Sorry dude, but your comments are not only invalid, but they are also not wanted.
  12. Lance53

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Dude, you are not making any sense whatsoever here with your comment. The Donskoi and the Kronshtadt are both the exact same tier: Tier 9 How you could make such an obvious error, is beyond my understanding, and undercuts your credibility. Besides, I was really hoping for a reply from an official Wargaming representative, who can actually speak on their behalf. Again, your logic here too is very much flawed. The HE for the 180mm guns have less penetration than a typical 8 inch heavy cruiser gun. And they don't get the enhanced HE penetration buff that the German cruisers get. Requiring the player to spend 4 commander points to get IFHE is a NERF to the Donskoi, as it takes those points away from being used for other valuable skills. Development recently announced that they will be buffing the Japanese 100mm guns, for this very same issue: so that they will be able to get decent penetration WITHOUT having to get IFHE. Why not at least do the same thing for the Donskoi?? Sorry, but everything that you have said so far is most unconvincing. Your arguments are very weak, in my opinion.
  13. Lance53

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Hanger: You totally missed the two points that I was attempting to make. Please pay closer attention to what I am writing. I am looking for a response to my specific points. To repeat, the Moskva outperforms the Donskoi by a huge margin. Yet, it received a rebalancing buff, to make it more consistent with the T10 Stalingrad. If you are claiming that the Donskoi does not need any rebalancing, then how on earth is it that the Moskva did?? The gap in performance currently between the Donskoi and the Kronstadt is huge. It is enormous. It did not think that it was Wargaming's policy, to make premium ships that much OP over the equivalent tech tree ship. Am I mistaken about this? Please Pigeon, correct me if I am wrong on this point. I am not asking for anything major to be done for the Donskoi. Just something along the lines of what was given in the latest update to the Moskva. Honestly, I do not see the Donskoi being played in games much at all any more on the NA server. I still see the Saint-Louis being played, and to a lesser extent the occasional Ibuki and Roon. Donskoi's concealment is so awful, she is so fragile, her reload is so slow, her HE and AP both lack punch, and her turning circle is so huge. Just what is the Donskoi's personality as a ship, that makes it desirable, or even unique? That it is mediocre in all aspects?? That it has smaller caliber guns than any other Tier 9 cruiser? OK, how about looking at this from this perspective: What was the reasoning behind giving the armour belt buff to the Moskva?? Lastly Hanger, that website that you linked to does not show the current state of play for ships in the game. It only shows overall historical data, going back to the beginning of this game. That is consequently not at all a valid comparison tool, in discussing where the ships in the game are at currently.
  14. Lance53

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    So obviously development has been working hard on rebalancing quite a few ships in the game. It appears that 0.7.7 will have even more rebalancing changes than 0.7.6 had. Do you have any idea how long development plans to work on rebalancing? I think that there are still some ships that could use some attention. Most notable among these is the Dmitri Donskoi. The gap between its performance, and what the Premium T9 Russian Cruiser Kronshtadt is doing in the game, is huge. I saw that the Moskva got a rebalancing buff, giving it a bow armor belt much like that of the Stalingrad. Do you think that there is any chance that the Donskoi could get some kind of balancing buff too?