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  1. I can read 2 lines of all that and roll my eyes. Its a game. It needs counters to subs homing torps. But while we at it lets give the BBs some cruise missiles because they had them in real life. And how about some seawiz while we at it. So lets just keep this game what it is an arcade game.
  2. Mamba_ZA

    Soviet CVs

    I was naughty and bought the Soviet premium CV. Now I'm not great at CV (working on it) but what I have found with the torp bombers/skip bombers, is that you release your armament outside of effective AAA. However in regards to torp bombers, if you find a stationary target you will do well, however if people use the WASD keys they can miss them.
  3. Mamba_ZA


    This is a prime example of why inexperienced players should not have options to buy tier X's. [edited] did the same thing to the same effect.
  4. Mamba_ZA


    I see what you did there @Lert
  5. Mamba_ZA


    Oops Incomparable! that's the name! Yeah I made the mistake last time round getting the Plymouth instead of the Somers. But like you say I've heard no rumblings about the shiki being taken away so maybe something fun like the Austin It will be interesting to see what Incomarables shell pen will be like, if I'm not mistaken I think she was designed in 1919 (could be wrong) so I'm thinking it could be stuck with WW1 era shells & penetration....
  6. Mamba_ZA


    Yeah this is true as well! I'm tempted to get the Austin as well for the fun factor, but perhaps I should hang on for that british bb that will come out soon
  7. Mamba_ZA


    Morning Captains I apologise if this has been asked before, but bear with me. I'd Like to find out from you captains that have the shikishima if she is worth the steel?(I have the musashi+Yamato) and if you have tried the secondary build with the new captain skills rework. I know a secondary build is not the best build for her but I've heard its great fun! I would just like your thoughts. Cheers
  8. Mamba_ZA


    Thanks I've sent a ticket through under the wrong title (my options aren't available). Lets see.
  9. Mamba_ZA


    Sorry this may seem like a stupid question. I would like correspondence with an actual person in support (Submit a ticket) instead of WGs automated services. Is this possible? Or am I blind? TIA
  10. Mamba_ZA

    Newbies - Can we be nice?

    Don't stress about it man, you will meet some awesome people here and some real D*&ks. However Flamu actually posted a video on Friday I think where he analyses players sent in videos I find them quite good.
  11. Mamba_ZA

    Which first steel ship should I get?

    I have the the Stalin (great ship) and Plymouth (Niche ship), I've heard from clan mates the Austin is good fun but is a glass cannon. Shiki I've been told is good but plays like the Yammie.
  12. Mamba_ZA

    16 losses in a row

    Man I'm ready to uninstall. But this damn games like Golf, half a decent round and you back for more
  13. Mamba_ZA

    16 losses in a row

    Yeah when you you've played over 10k games I want to see your forum posts. Maybe you guys can squad up and provide the community with much needed positivity.
  14. Mamba_ZA

    16 losses in a row

    Yeah I feel you. I'm trying ranked, what a sh&t show.
  15. Yeah its not so much the fact of building the ship but rather buying it and grinding for the steel. I mean that's what we want right? I remember a couple years ago they had the steel monsters campaign that you could buy (could be wrong about the name), and complete for steel. I actually really liked that