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  1. Zarroc1

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    It's only 2,000 steel for this event.
  2. Everyone seems to ignore this aspect. This is why "elitist plebs" think these events de-values steel. Because if its given away, what's the point in playing ranked or CBs? Or about trying to improve to do better in these modes? There isn't, as you can just wait to be given steel for doing something much easier. Because I would bet a whole lot of dubs steel events won't be a one time occurrence.
  3. Zarroc1

    Artic Camo - Limited Time

    In that they don't change the ship itself. Sure you can change the concealment and increase the dispersion of shells fired at you, but no camo changes the actual ship model attributes i.e. armor, hit boxes, etc. It only changes how it looks.
  4. Zarroc1

    Artic Camo - Limited Time

    All camo's are cosmetic only.
  5. Zarroc1

    Snowflake Steel and Coal amounts announced

    You're missing something as there are 22 tech tree T10s and you have 3 premium T10s on this last. Found it. You're missing Yueyang.
  6. Zarroc1

    Snowflake Steel and Coal amounts announced

    Calcs for Snowflake Steel: Tech Tree Ships: T9 - 22 ships = 22 x 50 = 1,100 steel T10 - 22 ships = 22 x 100 = 2,200 steel Premiums: T8-T10 - 31 ships = 30 x 200 = 6,300 steel Total earnable steel through the Snowflake event: 9,600
  7. Ted didn't state it in his post, but I believe it's been found the the "double dip" issue can still actually happen. You just get double overpen damage instead of a random combination.
  8. Zarroc1

    Steel for the Scrubs!

    This is getting way off topic but what? Since when can a hobby not be competitive? Can you please provide one definition of the word hobby that supports this? A hobby is simply an activity done for fun outside of your profession. Playing WoWS competitively can, therefore, be a hobby. Also, the opposite of leisure is work. Also, to those who think special camos and visuals should be the rewards for CBs and ranking, I say this: no one really cares about camos or flags that much. Other than looking nice in port, the 30 seconds pre battle, and the first minute of the match, you really don't pay attention to it. WG obviously realized this early on that ships are really the only "exclusive" item you can give out in the game that people care about, hence the Flint as a ranked reward. Getting "exclusive reward" ships has never been easier. WG gave us steel that's awarded incrementally (not all or nothing like ranked/CBs were at first) and specifically announced it would be a competitive mode resource. And yet some (not a majority I don't think) think that it's unfair still. I just don't get it.
  9. The 2 shells that hit first are labeled as pens, which should be 14,800 * 0.33 * 2 = 9,768 damage. But as you see, they deal 12,942 damage. 12,942 - 9,768 = an extra 3,174 damage done to the DD somehow. Aka, overpen damage was added in to the shells.
  10. The problem with the new mechanic, is that there still isn't any point in BBs switching to HE because it's too unreliable. Since modules (torp mounts, turrets, etc.) can detonate and "absorb" HE damage, switching to HE is still a roll of the dice on whether you do damage or not. BBs will still, smartly IMO, just stick with AP in all situations since a hit guarantees some kind of damage. Besides, DDs have no citadel. 1 BB AP pen is kinda like getting a citadel on them. I think if it's perfectly fine to get a couple cits and delete a cruiser, it's perfectly fine to get a couple pens and delete a DD. Now the bug where an AP shell "double dips" and gets overpen and pen damage, THAT does need to be fixed.
  11. Zarroc1

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    This is a stock-hull Chapey with the range upgrade and no radar. This is not a Shchors. Also, who really cares about single launch torps when they're only 4km and basically are a last ditch, suicide option.
  12. Zarroc1

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    This completely. I made it to R3+3 before ending the season with an 2-13 streak. I'm pretty sure in at least 11 of those losses, someone from my team was first blood. I won't boast that I played perfectly and my team still lost, but in many cases it wasn't possible to come back after that happened. This was by far my most frustrating ranked season as I really wanted to rank out for the first time. Unfortunately, most of my play time was limited to the 2nd half of the season, which I've now found, means it's nearly impossible to rank out without a lot of luck.
  13. Need some post title editing there @NoZoupForYou
  14. Zarroc1

    Ranked is dead

    Huh? Dead rank is really dead league. R5-R2 is the last league before ranking out so that's how far you advance the dead zone. You don't advance dead rank to R2 as R2-R5 all play each other so they're all equally dead this early in the season. Unless I'm totally missing your point.
  15. I find it funny how fast zarth disappeared once actual statistics start being used.