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  1. The 2 shells that hit first are labeled as pens, which should be 14,800 * 0.33 * 2 = 9,768 damage. But as you see, they deal 12,942 damage. 12,942 - 9,768 = an extra 3,174 damage done to the DD somehow. Aka, overpen damage was added in to the shells.
  2. The problem with the new mechanic, is that there still isn't any point in BBs switching to HE because it's too unreliable. Since modules (torp mounts, turrets, etc.) can detonate and "absorb" HE damage, switching to HE is still a roll of the dice on whether you do damage or not. BBs will still, smartly IMO, just stick with AP in all situations since a hit guarantees some kind of damage. Besides, DDs have no citadel. 1 BB AP pen is kinda like getting a citadel on them. I think if it's perfectly fine to get a couple cits and delete a cruiser, it's perfectly fine to get a couple pens and delete a DD. Now the bug where an AP shell "double dips" and gets overpen and pen damage, THAT does need to be fixed.
  3. Zarroc1

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    This is a stock-hull Chapey with the range upgrade and no radar. This is not a Shchors. Also, who really cares about single launch torps when they're only 4km and basically are a last ditch, suicide option.
  4. Zarroc1

    The Ranked Experience - Season 10

    This completely. I made it to R3+3 before ending the season with an 2-13 streak. I'm pretty sure in at least 11 of those losses, someone from my team was first blood. I won't boast that I played perfectly and my team still lost, but in many cases it wasn't possible to come back after that happened. This was by far my most frustrating ranked season as I really wanted to rank out for the first time. Unfortunately, most of my play time was limited to the 2nd half of the season, which I've now found, means it's nearly impossible to rank out without a lot of luck.
  5. Need some post title editing there @NoZoupForYou
  6. Zarroc1

    Ranked is dead

    Huh? Dead rank is really dead league. R5-R2 is the last league before ranking out so that's how far you advance the dead zone. You don't advance dead rank to R2 as R2-R5 all play each other so they're all equally dead this early in the season. Unless I'm totally missing your point.
  7. Zarroc1

    Server Statistics and Skill Floors/Ceilings

    I find it funny how fast zarth disappeared once actual statistics start being used.
  8. Zarroc1

    Server Statistics and Skill Floors/Ceilings

    People think solo WR is useles?
  9. Zarroc1

    Dev Blog - ST Tier 10 French BB Bourgogne

    Super Alsace with Reload Booster, better ROF, better sigma, better speed boost and probably a reduced cooldown Repair Party. Seems interesting.
  10. Only a WIP but it looks great being able to get Steel progressively from Ranked so it's not an "all or nothing" concept. I like the look of it and hopefully the amounts stay the same.
  11. Zarroc1

    Improving Ibuki - Zao Guns

    There might be a difference in HP but that doesn't mean Zao is underpowered compared to th rest of the T10 cruisers. Again, Zao is balanced just fine IMO even with the low HP. It's armor is troll and it's incredibly stealth which compensates. Also, there isn't a ship in IJN CA line that can use torps safely like the Zao can now. It is always risky to try and use the IJN CA torps with their bad angles and small margin between torp range and detectability.
  12. Zarroc1

    Improving Ibuki - Zao Guns

    Lol. People who say Zao isn't good anymore don't know how to play her. The 12km torp buff was awesome but not really needed. If you think Zao isn't good, you're just not playing her right or she's just not the ship for you. That's not all Zao can do and if you think it is, please see above. This. With Ibuki's armor, you HAVE to stay long range for most of the match. With your terrible shells, hitting anything at the ranges required is ridiculously hard, which ends up making the ship just a BB damage farmer.
  13. Ibuki is a terrible ship. Everyone knows it and accepts it as the paywall of the line, like the Izumo in the IJN BB line. But I think it could use a buff. Why not have a gun upgrade that gives it Zao guns? Keep the dual gun turrets but give it the 203/50 18th year type guns on Zao which would branch off the B-Hull upgrade. This allows you to adjust to Zao gun ballistics, which are a completely different than anything else in the line before, and (I think) would make Ibuki much more enjoyable. Because the three main reasons Ibuki stinks is her terrible armor, coupled with slow reloading guns that have very floaty shells at 13km+ that makes it difficult to play at the ranges required. Just my thoughts.