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  1. Zarroc1

    World of Sinops

    I think it's been stated already but here's the summary: RU BBs are good (aka terrible to fight against) in ranked for 3 main reasons: 1. Ranked maps are compressed and smaller. This alleviates RU BBs one "downside" of increased dispersion at range. 2. Kuznetsov is OP. Other legendary commanders you have to work for their skills to activate but Kuznetsov, nope it's a totally free heal that's automatically activated. Combine that with ships that highly resistant to cruiser HE (cruisers basically have no chance against an RU BB 1v1) and get special damage cons and you get a ship that is really difficult to kill without an alpha strike. 3. They have stupidly low concealment values. The low values mean unless you have a DD actively pushing to keep the RU BB spotted or the BB really over committed, they can usually just bow tank and reverse far enough back to go dark.
  2. Zarroc1

    32mm Plating Was A Mistake

    I think you're definitely underestimating the importance of overmatching 30mm armor. IMO, 406 BBs are the ones that are severely underpowered these days. It doesn't really matter the amount of shells that get fired if they don't penetrate. 30mm overmatch is much more important that you make it sound.
  3. This is where the OP is correct. It greatly affects cruiser game play because 17 & 18" guns overmatch 30mm of armor and there's now MORE 17" and higher gunned T10 BBs than 16" BBs. Where before, many high top cruisers could angle and deflect the majority of BB shells with their 30mm plate, that's now not possible vs the majority of top tier BBs. It's just dumbing down the game for BBs mostly and taking away another avenue of tactical gameplay.
  4. Zarroc1

    Friesland vs Udaloi

    I loved Udaloi. Don't have Friesland but here's my thoughts on the 2. Overall, I think Udaloi is going to have a greater impact on a battle on average. Simply because you have torps and a heal. Those who disregard Udaloi's torps (I've seen a few in this thread) are using her wrong. Run your Uda captain with CE and you can stealth torp by a decent margin. I can't tell you how many people forget she has 15(!) torps and die to them. Plus having a heal and smoke lets you escape DD battles where you're at a disadvantage and lets you trade unevenly with other DDs. Friesland only affects the battle outcome if you can bait other DDs into your hydro range ala Lo Yang to wreck them. Or you're able to rain fire on BBs from the safety of your smoke. Which means someone else has to be spotting for you (aka doing your job). Killing DDs with Friesland requires the enemy DD to make a mistake as your detection really isn't quite good enough for DD hunting.
  5. Zarroc1

    Upcoming black friday ships.

    I'm hoping last year's make a return as well. I decided not to buy Mass B and I regret it. So pretty . . .
  6. Zarroc1

    Carriers being discriminated in the King of the sea event

    1. Don't know. Not up to me. 2. I don't think it's easy mode or lessens the challenge. It just changes things. The top teams and players will still be on top. I might argue that having CVs is better for the good teams who know how to exploit it's power. 3. I'd have to look at the KoTS rules to see if that applies or not. I know it states ships have to have been released and widely accessible for at least 1 patch before the tournament for them to be allowed to be used. Which is why Thunderer and Colbert are banned this KoTS. I don't know if there's a clause pertaining to ships that have been buffed.
  7. Zarroc1

    Carriers being discriminated in the King of the sea event

    From my understanding, it was quite a debate between the KoTS admins. There was a vote on the KoTS discord if players wanted CVs or not and I believe it was overwhelmingly against having CVs. That did influence the decision I think. The other reason is that we've had fairly extensive AA reworks almost every patch (and sometimes even micro-patches to change it) and this KoTS is going to span 2 patches. So they didn't want to include CVs and then have something be completely broken when 0.8.9 drops. That is the reason CVs have been excluded for the first time in KoTS history.
  8. Just noticed this skin for the first time. It's amazing! Are there anymore like it? Do you know who made it?
  9. Lol exactly ;-) Anyhow, I won 1 Junior recruiting box and got a 100 dubs. Not bad!
  10. I'll post because, why not?! I got my wife to download the game and I think she played 1 battle? Which was pretty amusing Unfortunately I don't know what her account name is but I'll look it up and see. Number 69 since it's not taken
  11. Zarroc1

    Definition of Unicom

    I just have to point out, for everything you've said so far, that's a really weak analogy. You should probably try again on that one.
  12. Zarroc1

    CVs aren't ready for ranked play

    I find it amusing there's no rental CVs. Like hm I wonder why . . .
  13. So take that train of thought a step further and what do you get? That people are upset because they not only learned to play with the old "rules" but that they liked playing that way and they don't enjoy the new "rules". Now, you can say WG intends to make it so matches have this and that with the rework. But it's still up for debate on whether or not they'll have a playerbase left to financially support the game if they change how it's played. Because ultimately, players stay because they liked how the game played. Just saying adapt means nothing if people don't find it enjoyable. This. Concealment is the number one value/mechanic in the game. Literally everything else is based around it or off of it. I think it shows the overall lack of deep, fundamental game knowledge in the playernase that people don't realize this.
  14. Zarroc1

    Ship Model Updates

    So since you've updated one older ship model (Yamato in this next patch), WG can you PLEASE update the Gearing model? It's by far the worst in-game model. There's a picture somewhere (reddit maybe?) that shows the the profile of the Gearing-class and Sumner-class together and I honestly couldn't really tell much of difference. Compared to in-game, where you would never mistake a slim, Yueyang for a fat Gearing or vice versa.
  15. Zarroc1

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    It's only 2,000 steel for this event.