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  1. Lawman1981

    To Rupprecht or not to Rupprecht?

    I enjoyed the Ruprecht. It isn’t a bad grind and I actually enjoyed it. It didn’t feel like a grind. Play it and enjoy it. If you don’t like it then FXP and move on.
  2. Lawman1981

    Which ships for upcoming 1:1 brawl (T9)?

    Agir would be pretty stout as a cruiser for brawls. Hydro, torps, good AP, good armor.
  3. The thing that I see and the only thing concerns me is the fact that the T10 perma camos reduce the cost to operate that ship. I purchase said camos to reduce the cost and possibly to actually make credits at T10. My suspicion is that this only being done to bleed credits out of the in-game economy.
  4. Lawman1981

    Roma Kobayashi camo?

    If you like more consistent guns, the Kii is a great option as well. I got the Kii over Roma because I have Yamamoto. I am really enjoying Kii and Kobyiashi camo for Kii doesn’t look like it belongs at a frat party.
  5. Lawman1981

    Hornet, Yorktown, and beyond

    I personally would love to see Yorktown with an improved heal. I mean the fact that it reported to Midway after getting hammered at Coral Sea is legendary.
  6. Lawman1981

    How to earn ship slots?

    The other thing to take into account as a F2P player, coal is the 2nd most valuable resource after credits. The More Reaources container is what most people get because of the value of coal. It is a really good way to get some really good Tier 10 premium ships. It can cost up to 250k of coal to get ships like Napoli, Moskva, Salem, etc… but it is completely free. Here is a guide from Potato Quality. He started a F2P account on the EU server. When you get to the upper tiers Credits become the major grind and with out a premium account can really be a major drag.
  7. Lawman1981

    Anyone that owns Florida.

    I really enjoy the Florida. Fun and accurate ship. I have 5 or 6 krakens and one of them was in the Florida. As was said, you have to be aware of your positioning. I personally don’t think you can go wrong but YMMV.
  8. Lawman1981

    Tier 8 ships for dubs

    I got the Constellation right after it was released. It was one of the ships I was really excited for. That and the Brandenburg. Either is a great pick up for a BB main
  9. Lawman1981

    What did you get in your December SC?

    Premium time. I’ll take it.
  10. Lawman1981

    Tier 8 ships for dubs

    Alabama, Atago, Roma, Kii, Constellation, Prinz Eugen, Mainz... Tier 8 is very broad and the above list isn’t all inclusive or really name all of the really good ships. It really comes down to how you play or what you prefer. I would go to YouTube and look up the particular ship for reviews. Sea_Lord_Mountbatten, Potato Quality, and Notser are my go to video reviewers. Little White Mouse reviews right here in the forum is a really good place to start as well.
  11. Lawman1981

    Poll on USS Wyoming + Redshift

    I got my second kraken in a Wyoming. It is a fun ship.
  12. What is the dispersion for the guns? If the sigma is bad and the dispersion is bad then it is a bad situation all the way around.
  13. Yes and no. It shows that the poll shows that people want subs to go to a dumb fire system of launches.
  14. Lawman1981

    Event Coming - Learn me Warhammer 40K

    I chortled at the Space Satan comment.