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  1. Thoughts about Seattle and Fargo

    I agree with the overall sentiment. Real > fake any day.
  2. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    I guess I just don't see the point - she seems to be a bit too similar in a few too many ways.
  3. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    Hmm. Pretty sure you aren't the judge of... well, anything.
  4. World of Warships retro version

    I want a retro WoWs to be something like this: "Your ship has caught on fire." "You extinguish the fire." "Your ship has caught on fire. Twice." "Oh no! The captain has cholera!" "The captain has died." "Your magazine explodes."
  5. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    Damn. I'm going to be honest here: I don't think you belong on these forums.
  6. Bois- Nueve de Julio...?

    Can't agree with this more. Not to mention - STOCK BROOKLYNS ARE THE SMEXIEST AMERICAN CRUISERS OF ALL TIME:
  7. Konig Albert is a mistake

  8. Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    Wow. All I needed to see was 'Des Moines with less range.' Lol - are they kidding with that? Hard pass on this one. Which is a shame, because she's a lovely ship to visit.
  9. It is time to call it a day

    Lol. Neither of those games were carries. In fact, the second game was downright lousy - you just happened to be slightly better than everyone else on your team.
  10. When will the worcester arrive?

    Wow. Just wow.
  11. musashi or kronshtadt

    I typically go with the Kronsashi.
  12. Is WG permanently stopping sales of Atlanta?

    God, what a terrible, pointless necro.
  13. Can't make the Roma work

    Except that a good brawler (Roma or not) isn't going to approach a battleship who is going in full reverse bow-on. Brawling isn't about just running out into the open and tackling a person - it's about utilizing terrain and distraction to give yourself an advantage, then pouncing. You're painting a single (bad) brawling scenario and then writing off Roma because she can't do the impossible - that's great, and all, but it's selling the ship short on something she can do, if played well... selective reasoning aside.
  14. Can't make the Roma work

    I don't know? Enough? Tier 8s are still seeing tier 6s a fair amount of the time, and you never know when you're going to catch an Iowa or whatever who has pushed up too far and exposes the broadside. I didn't say "brawl exclusively." However, "don't brawl in her" seems like a bit of a disservice. She'd be a horrible knife fighter without that traverse, but to ignore its utility in situations where it can be put to use is stupid. "Never" is a very broad field indeed.