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  1. Battleship_Elisabeth

    The aircraft carrier must be deleted.

    I support the general sentiment of this thread.
  2. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Not to nag, but we could really use some new ships now.

    GC was the only good Italian ship we had (Roma is too unreliable, and gets dumped on by tiering; the other two are total garbage)... now she'll be junk, too. I've largely lost my taste for the Italian trees - chances are good that this team will find some way to make them horrible.
  3. Battleship_Elisabeth


    It's good. It's not amazing, but it can be fun.
  4. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Viribus, Exeter, Yahagi and Neustrashimy Changes

    Because you have a propensity to go to bat for these people no matter the circumstances.
  5. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Viribus, Exeter, Yahagi and Neustrashimy Changes

    And VU? Odd duck, totally out of place in tier 5 already, being nerfed harder? I'd like to see your excuse for that, please? I don't care about Exeter - it was in testing, and people were already saying that it was hopelessly OP. Having said that, I am once again driven to believe that the development team has absolutely no clue what they are doing - that they lack any kind of vision for these ships overall, and that they simply throw stuff against a wall until something sticks. But VU? VU is a travesty at this point.
  6. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Viribus, Exeter, Yahagi and Neustrashimy Changes

    Viribus Unitus officially scuttled before launch. What a shame. My god I've lost all respect for this development team.
  7. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Not to nag, but we could really use some new ships now.

    Immensely sad - also immensely predictable. Anyone - anyone - could have told them that a concealment and dispersion nerf at tier 4 would have fixed VU; that there was no way that a 20.5 knot, no-AA, 20,000 ton battleship belonged at tier 5. But listen to their testers? Since when has this fly-by-night team ever valued anything their testers said? So, instead, VU will be released as crap. Because that's okay - it's okay to "take a stand" on GC being too strong, but outright bilking players with garbage offerings that will never be looked at again? Cool - cool. No problem.
  8. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Premium ships you would like be added

    It's a long shot, but Ersatz Monarch at tier 6 or 7.
  9. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Adding camouflage and signals increses battle difficulty

    Lol I can't believe people missed this.
  10. Well... A) I, at least in theory, could/should have anticipated the cruiser was there. B) I can sail out of the cruiser's range. C) I could also close the range so he can't shoot over the island at me anymore. I might even kill him if I can force him to abandon his hidey-hole. By contrast, the carrier can be on the other side of the map, sailing away - almost always faster than I can move - and no terrain can shield me from his attacks. So... uh... very different?
  11. Well, Wargaming has now been quoted as saying that the carrier changes mean "nothing" for low-AA "overperforming" ships like Giulio and Nikolai, so... I'm not sure where to go from here, frankly. All I know is this: when carriers were rare, Nik was pretty easy to play. Now that carriers are in almost every low tier match, it's an enormous target - it turns horribly, has no AA, and possesses this just massive hullform that's hard to miss.
  12. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Chicken Little, the sky is falling

    High schools don't have principals telling the students in band class that after two years they will now be wearing their instruments as neckties and going out to the local park to pick up dog crap during lunch period. High schools don't sell uniforms to students and then 18 months later change the dress code to all clown costumes. (And, for the record, I have never seen any place more dramatic than a high school... so... yeah. This isn't even close.) Adults complain then they get shafted; adults complain when something they like is ruined. We don't all just passively fold our hands in our laps and hum when bad things go on - many of us attempt to take action. And, in the case of a video game such a this - where the development team is so incredibly aloof, unresponsive, and, increasingly, outright dismissive - we turn to the only outlet that remains to us to attempt to advocate for change: these forums. I'm so sorry that we've ruined this peaceful place for you. There is, of course, always the option to click on the big red X in the upper right hand corner. Solace awaits!
  13. Nah. I can't sit through bad movies, awful books, terrible radio - it all gets tuned out immediately.
  14. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Not to nag, but we could really use some new ships now.

    If by some miracle VU didn't suck, and if there can be some amicable resolution to the GC crisis, I would be interested in the Austrian. But, yeah, what's coming down the pipe in the immediate future, overall, is not even remotely appetizing. WG: "Hey everybody, we know you wanted MORE CARRIERS!" Players: WG: "Hey everybody, we know you were all on the edge of your seats for this big pile of fake ships that Russia never could have built!" Players: *Some brief fake cheering, followed by...*