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  1. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Why doesn't Wichita have a heal?

    She also lacks all the beautiful windows she was originally fitted with. People who buy this thing got jobbed. Windows aren't OP.
  2. I have absolutely zero sympathy for carrier players at this juncture. None.
  3. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Hey...Surprise...New Maps!!!

    I don't want more maps if they're just going to be more of the mirror images that WG likes to default to.
  4. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Why doesn't Wichita have a heal?

    Pretty simple question: given that the current 'meta' at high tiers is seeing an increasing number of VIII+ cruisers outfitted with a heal - and that cruisers that lack this feature feel unbelievably unforgiving, especially given the number of tier X matches they see - why doesn't Wichita have a heal? It doesn't have to be some awesome 'I'M BACK IN THE FIGHT, BABY' utility, but just a certain level of cushion for a ship that is already going to get dumped on by the MM.
  5. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    No. But you can equip any ship that sees carriers with enough meager AA to at least damage said carrier's planes. Right now, the scenario that exists at tiers 3/4 is essentially a shooting gallery for any mildly competent CV. There is no counterplay - none. Zero. Zilch.
  6. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    Chill. You have some support here, but you're undermining your case by flying off the handle. You've tossed out the scenario - let the forum chew on it for a while. You can't win over everyone - no thread will EVER generate one-hundred percent consensus.
  7. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    There are. I've been hanging out in tier 3/4 a lot lately just to try out some of the battleships I haven't played before (I was also on kind of a Charleston kick for a little while there after looking at Great Whit Fleet photos). For the people who do it, I think the frustrations are more than offset by a target-rich environment where essentially nothing (except the CVs, which actually have good AA - trolololo) can fight back. So, yes, you're beating an enemy with a rock tied to a stick... but the enemy is naked and drunk. For a certain subset of the population, it's the 'ultimate' clubbing.
  8. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    Some of us just like a few of the ships in those tiers...
  9. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    It is possible. The key is working with the other CV and coordinating on targets. The AP bombers at tier 4 still do a rather immense amount of damage, and you can also tag-team with fires/flooding to bleed out battleships. Tier 3 vessels, in particular, essentially have no carrier defense - none. You can camp the squadron over the target and get off all three hits. If you're able to position relatively close to the fighting (or to follow the push one way or the other), the turn-around time on attacks from these lightly-damaged squadrons tends to be very short. Honestly, I fear a good tier 4 CV more than a good tier 8/10 CV.
  10. Battleship_Elisabeth

    6 CVs in 1 game is 6 too many

    I've seen this; lived it. And if I ever see it again, I'm just leaving the match and eating the penalty.
  11. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Can pre Nerf Guilio Cesare owners get a unique camo?

    This. You don't pacify people with some throw-away handout.
  12. Yes, but that was more than nullified due to the recent downgrade to her gun pen. There is no urgency on Wargaming's part to address the dozens of Olegs, Albanys and Krispy Kremes of the world - none. The testers tell them beforehand that they are releasing junk, the ships get reviewed as junk, and the few players who unwittingly purchase them (or, more likely, receive them as garbage 'hey, you got a boat!... sort of' Christmas crates) discover after a game or two that they will never play the things again. That's what makes this GC thing so berserk. There's all this sudden urgency to annihilate a much-loved premium, but zero taste on Wargaming's part to dredge the pool of all the bottom feeders.
  13. Battleship_Elisabeth

    If Giulio must be hit with a nerf--

    That would certainly be ideal, but, when faced with a burning building, one must try to save what they can, rather than standing there, hoping for a sudden cloudburst.
  14. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    Is the Minsk Mike? Man, it's been ages.
  15. Battleship_Elisabeth

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    Not to mention that their effects on a match are less direct, but entirely more insidious now - constant, enormous spotting, tons of attrition damage (fires + floods), and forced panic blobbing in the higher tiers to avoid getting singled out and nuked. On top of that, almost all their team-play attributes (using fighters to hold off the enemy CV/potentially eradicate his aircraft compliment) have been amputated. The old carriers were alpha strikers of the most annoying and shameless caliber - the new CVs wear down your nerves, cripple independent play, and lock down an entire ship type (DDs) on a whim. In an aggregate sense, they are probably MORE POWERFUL now than they were before, traded in none of their stupidly high survivability (invisibility + rear of the map), and are present in nearly every damned match (ESPECIALLY in lower/mid tiers). It's a new game; it's a worse game, and people are jumping ship.