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  1. Battleship_ContediCavour

    The state of the Leone

    I mean, this ship is essentially, as of this moment, completely useless: Leone could have been a super-Clemson. Instead, she's a pile of turds stacked into roughly ship-like shape.
  2. Battleship_ContediCavour

    The state of the Leone

    Uhm, I tend to think WG often tweaks while drunk, or attempting to pay off gambling debts over the phone. Phoenix is 100% right - neither of the Ducas are tiered properly. And, frankly, I would argue that both are pretty sucky boats - they have joke armor, low DPM, silly torpedoes (which occasionally prove amusing, but are otherwise mostly useless). It's not giving me warm fuzzies about the Italians moving forward. Which blows.
  3. Battleship_ContediCavour

    Any chance of another Unique IJN Commander?

    I have this waifu girl. She seems pretty unique.
  4. Battleship_ContediCavour

    The state of the Leone

    This will give the Italians a record as follows: 1 overpowered boat. 1 modest boat. 3 hilariously bad boats. A 1-1-3 season isn't great. Looks like we're not making the playoffs this year.
  5. Battleship_ContediCavour

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    I'm pretty 'meh' on Agincourt, to be honest - especially if what we got was essentially just an HE spammer that couldn't turn, and had her painfully-thin-even-for-WWI-standards armor.
  6. Battleship_ContediCavour

    Roma Needs Help

    Roma has three nit-picky problems: Short range. Delinquent overpen. Crap AA. Fixing one would probably make her better. Fixing two would make her close to overpowered. And for the record, no, I don't care about the belt/citadel. If you know how to battleship, you can make the armor that we have work. I don't get citadeled in it any more than any other battleship I own - and I routinely take mine into close ranges, where her insane turret traverse makes people look stupid.
  7. Battleship_ContediCavour

    Monster Giulio game.

    Had an even better one just now: And my captain dinged 19 on that one, too.
  8. Battleship_ContediCavour


    Actually, if I had to change one thing about the ship, it'd be the constant overpens on pretty much everything. It would be nice for it to feel less like a slot machine.
  9. Battleship_ContediCavour


    Her guns are fine. Their range is stupid. +2 km would be the only buff I would look for (or AA - either/or).
  10. Battleship_ContediCavour

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    It's a horrible change.
  11. Battleship_ContediCavour

    My Lego Trains

    B&M wooden caboose.
  12. Battleship_ContediCavour

    Friday Night Fights - Battleship or Battlecruser?

    I don't believe that shell would have destroyed either Scharnhorst or Gneisenau. The German deck armor in of itself wasn't substantial (roughly the same as Hood's), but the Scharnhorsts featured multiple armored decks that were fairly good at repelling heavy shellfire at medium ranges (and probably not so hot - bordering on terrible - against very long range/aerial bombing). By contrast, Hood had just the 3" armored deck and that was it - if a shell got through, it was party time. Labels matter. The British believed Hood was a battlecruiser, and she was never reclassified or seriously questioned in that role by the Royal Navy. The Germans believed the Scharnhorsts were battleships. I'm inclined to default to the makers on most of these debates (except in the case of the Kongos, which really were never upgraded enough to be battleships. But whatever).
  13. Battleship_ContediCavour

    Friday Night Fights - Battleship or Battlecruser?

    The lines are so blurred at this point that is hardly matters. Guilio Cesare is, for all intents and purposes, a battlecruiser in game terms, but she was 100% a battleship IRL. Kongo is a battlecruiser that - by VERY optimistic Japanese standards - became a battleship. But in WoWs, not only is she still clad in tinfoil, but she's Hiei (which makes me sad). Hood was a battlecruiser that many Americans (and even some British) thought was a battleship (until she blew up just like a BC should under those circumstances). I could go on, but you get the point. IRL, there definitely were distinguishing factors between BCs and BBs - particularly in WWI, but even thereafter (one would never mistake even upgraded Renown as a battleship, for example). In WoWs? So much of the ships' overall qualities are determined in the testing and balancing phase that what they were has little bearing on what they become. --- And Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were battleships. That's what the Germans considered them to be; that's what the majority of contemporary naval historians rate them as. It was an instance of mistaken identity by the Brits. Case closed.
  14. Battleship_ContediCavour

    "You're playing to win" - Overload. Rant.

    I pretty much only play to win. I mean, I love warships, and like looking at the models and such. But, ultimately, this is a solo experience masquerading as co-op... and in that kind of setting, individual performance should matter.
  15. Battleship_ContediCavour

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    Even upgraded to WWII standards, I think Tosa would be better as a tier 7.