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  1. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Poltava and Blys bundle

    Most of the reviews state that it's a clear-cut downgrade from Sinop; Notser went so far as to call it a weak Roma. Sounds like Santa crate fodder.
  2. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Poltava and Blys bundle

    & Both of which are sexier than this lump.
  3. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Infernal Camo -- Won't mount on CV

    "But doctor, I'm not sure I really want to trade lung cancer for pancreatic cancer..."
  4. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Poltava and Blys bundle

    Didn't it go through initial design as a tier VIII boat, too, and then they knocked it down to VII? Maybe I read a misprint. I just don't understand the continued drive to release capital ships for this fake navy, especially when there are battlecruisers of multiple nationalities, Italian BBs and DDs, and tons of pan- European boats - all of which were built - that will probably never see the light of day because of made up junk like this. I'm so tired of Russia everything. We get it - you're the most self-obsessed country on Earth. No need to keep doubling down on that bad hand.
  5. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Poltava and Blys bundle

    What is a Pol-- Oh, yeah, no thank you. Please stop designing these things, Wargaming. Very few people want to glory in your fake naval triumphs.
  6. The point of the game - supposedly - is to have fun; to not to walk away feeling angry because you got to be nameless stormtrooper #123,422 while some other guy boots up as Luke Skywalker every time. I'm tired of carriers - I'm tired of bad carriers, and I'm tired of good ones. All of them - the bad and the good - know that they are working an unfair system to their advantage. If they're bad, they're screwing their team; if they're good, they're screwing the other team. So I say again: permanently ban all carrier players. Do I want the system changed? Yup. But I want the people who abused it banished, too. I don't want to be in the presence of anyone who plays CVs anymore.
  7. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Selling the Izumo and Ibuki?

    They're both still garbage. I'd keep them for snowflakes, though.
  8. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Every Time A Smolensk Dies.....

  9. Wow. You managed to make a post subtly anti-gay and take a swipe at the spelling of a handle in the span of less than a line of text. Color me impressed.
  10. Battlecruiser_PrncsRoyal

    Really Tired of CVs

    I linked a photo of a Seawolf. I was talking about submarines now. In WW2? You are absolutely correct.
  11. Okay guy. Okay. Simmer down.
  12. Lol. Get better. For the sake of your teams, get better.
  13. Well, based on your stats, it appears that you don't try at all.
  14. What strengths? It's a ponderous American BB with a huge citadel and bad dispersion. Arkansas is in every conceivable way inferior to, say, Orion. How about a right to some option other than "automatically die"...? And yet, there is no parity for carriers other than other carriers. Where's the hard counter to a CV ANYWHERE presently in WoWs? All the other ship types have to deal with it - yet it's mysteriously absent for our island-humping friends. CVs can delete your ship instantly with AP bombs - had it happen just yesterday in an Abruzzi. Also, no battleship, destroyer, or cruiser can delete any other ship instantly WITHOUT HAZARDING THEMSELVES IN THE PROCESS. That's the whole point; that's WHY people complain about carriers: because they get to smash people without ever taking any lumps themselves (until the match is just about over). It's a low-skill, high reward, new-zero risk playstyle. No wonder the vast majority of the playerbase deems it abhorrent. Sauce for the goose. By the way, _Caliph_, as a bad player with well over 100 games in carriers, you automatically qualify for my suggested account deletion policy. I don't expect it to ever be implemented, but you could always take the initiative...
  15. I don't for a second pretend that this is anything but personal opinion, but I think, for example, Zipangu looked far better when it was always dark; Naval Base was stronger in perma-twilight. That might not be everyone's cup of tea (and, certainly, this isn't a big deal by any measure), but I definitely wish there was a way to toggle the dynamic lightning off.