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  1. I've had just about the worst day in a while.

    Meme aside, I'm not kidding.
  2. Beating the Dead Horse - CV Poll

    Not that I'm unsupportive of the campaign to re-imagine carriers - I am 110% in the tank for that noble cause. But there's nothing left to really be said at this point. The majority of the community believes that the type is unbalanced and doesn't enjoy either playing CVs, or having them in matches... Wargaming has acknowledged there is an immense problem and promised a revamp... and that's basically it. All we can do is wait. The waiting is painful, but it's better than the people in WoT who wish arty would go away. Because that day is never coming. This one, supposedly, is.
  3. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    You created a thread complaining about the fact that your IP is unreliable, and that - rather than recognize that the connection wasn't stable - you continued to log in, get reported for being AFK, and die. Then, in an apparently unrelated issue, you killed a teammate, turned pink, and got upset because someone rammed you, thus extending the (more than justified) penalty. Please don't tell grownups to grow up. I'd rather not be grown up, to be perfectly honest with you. Life is a lot simpler when you're younger. The only people who pine for aging are those who do not value youth.
  4. How Are You Prepping for the US Cruiser Split?

    Uh... let's see... I built a bonfire on deck and threw one of the Cleveland's crew members into it to get the message across that things need to be all ship shape moving forward. Then I fired a bunch of shells into an island in the hopes of killing some monkeys. Then I leaned back in my captain's chair and picked my nose for a while. And, uh... oh, yes, I tossed my rival's dog overboard. We're good to go!
  5. WG: Please Fix This Disaster!

    Yeah, you're making a lot of friends here.
  6. The coming meta change

    Tier 10 was already a God forsaken pit. What's changing, again? *Edit* Also, people need to stop calling it Wooster or Wor-chester. It's Wusster, or in some rare circumstances, Wisster.
  7. Rank 10+ even worth it?

    In a word? No.
  8. 102 years since Battle of Jutland

    The problem wasn't the expenditure, per se, it was the lack of parity between the two armadas. The Germans were forced - unless they greatly desired to pointlessly lose their entire fleet in one glorious (but ultimately fruitless) pitched battle - to attempt to whittle down the Grand Fleet, in an effort to achieve rough force equalization and then, presumably, be able to challenge the Royal Navy in a final battle (which they likely would have won, given the Brit's issues with flash protection and the enormous problems with their AP shells). And they came pretty close to doing it at Scarborough. Had von Ingenohl possessed anything resembling a spine, it's very likely that the German trap would have succeeded, and a significant portion of the Grand Fleet crushed. It's one of those turn-on-a-heel moments in history where a few different decisions might have impacted everything we know about the world moving forward.
  9. Mouse's Angry Youtuber Reviews: American Cruisers

    Hmm. Nothing about this split appeals to me, but I recognize that I was never the target audience.
  10. 102 years since Battle of Jutland

    The Moltkes had such lovely lines.
  11. How do I turn off the taunt screen?

    I don't get it, either. It would seem to run directly contrary to the spirit of friendly competition Wargaming proclaims they desire to foster.
  12. How do I turn off the taunt screen?

    I don't even notice the patches anymore. They were a stupid addition to the game, but they aren't worth devoting any thought to.