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  1. No. 1) Wasn't preserved. 2) Isn't the name-ship in the line (which means we should expect South Dakota in a future second US BB tree). 3) Comes from a low-population state.
  2. 2-13 tonight

    Nothing kills my enjoyment of the game like damaging my win record - nothing. Tonight alone I have seen: 1) An Atlanta drive head-long into the enemy team in the first 90 seconds of a match and die to a hail of gunfire from no less than 7 ships. 2) An Independence eat 4 torpedoes from one auto-drop spread (I wasn't aware this was even possible). 3) Another, different Independence drive within the first 60 seconds of the game in range of 3 battleships and die. 4) A full-HP Kongo charge the smoke of a Gallant with about 500 HP and die to torpedoes. 5) Two tier 7 destroyers sit in the same smoke cloud practically on top of each other, only to be killed by a Kamikaze. None of these losses were my fault; none were even remotely within my power to retrieve. And it's streaks like this - no matter what people claim - that lead folks to believe that the matchmaking is somehow rigged. I am not sure how convinced I am of it myself, but I've been actively switching tiers; switching nations; switching types, and am drawing the same potatoes every time.
  3. I would have just been happy that we won.
  4. Yeah, I was actually going to say: isn't London one of the later models?
  5. when can we expect Kronshtadt?

    Hopefully never.
  6. Vive la France Event

    Yeah. I mean, we all play this product, and many of us do it without giving WG a dime. I don't think a few bucks is going to destroy people.
  7. I still believe this is tier 7 material - it's a bullseye equivalent of Algerie and Yorck. I frankly think the tier 6 fodder is this, much as it will make people squeal about "Aoba clones." The weird thing, for me, is the tiering down of Pensacola, not only due to the number of guns she mounted, but the fact that the incarnation currently in-game lacks the torpedo tubes she possessed IRL. Why not give the ship these and keep it at tier 7? Or just turn it into a premium?
  8. Conqueror

    I hate them for the opposite reason - I think they're virtually useless except to stack aggregate personal damage. They don't kill BBs, they don't kill cruisers... they just putter around in the rear and wait for fires to burn. It's dumb.
  9. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    Zero. I play to win.
  10. Wow, I was missing out all this time

    I'm sorry, but I am not interested in building a PC. I prefer liquid-cooled machines, which are complex to assemble, and I have had enough things go wrong with computers over the years that I want a warranty. You can serve yourself all you like, but their business exists for a reason, and that is to cater to people of like mind to myself and the OP.
  11. French battleship

    Uh, no. That would be ridiculous.
  12. Wow, I was missing out all this time

    I prefer Digital Storm. They're a boutique PC company that is essentially a clone of what Alienware used to be.
  13. Finally got the Nelson!

    She takes SO MUCH damage. I mean, yes, the heal is glory incarnate, but you have to actually live long enough to get off 2-3 in order to make it worth it.
  14. Mobility > Brute Force

    Uh... sorta? I would prioritize mobility over brute force, but not enormously. This is why I think German battlecruisers will ultimately be my cup of tea - they're slightly less fast than their British counterparts, but just as tanky as contemporary British battleships.
  15. Corgi [edited]

    I don't want you to take my post as being mean-spirited, so please don't interpret it that way. I think other players enjoy this event. I just... always prefer to see the corgi on my team, rather than the other way around :P.