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  1. Radar Minotaur VS Smoke MInotaur that is the question.

    Counterplay Minotaur only works if the opponents line up in a row for you - if they're even in the match to begin with, if they go to the cap where you go, if they're less-than-intelligent, etc. Smoke Mino may be slightly less "gotcha," but it offers utility in more circumstances, and will (probably) keep you alive longer. You also have to keep in mind that Minotaurs are one of those ships - like Yamatos - that EVERYONE shoots at the moment they see it.
  2. You will never see any kind of a symphonic harmony from the vessel types in this game - it's a lost cause. WoWs doesn't produce the experience of flotillas fighting each other - it's slow Call of Duty on skis. Wagaming could have produced a product where the various ships supported each other, with defined roles - sort of like EVE Online in some kind of arena format (or, heaven forbid, like real naval warfare). But we got a shooter balanced on a 1-for-1 basis. And that's never going to truly produce a satisfying result for a big portion of the playerbase who considers themselves armchair admirals and wants an experience that comes a smidgen closer to nautical combat as it was.
  3. I think there are so many destroyers because there are so many BBs and so few CVs; I think there are so few cruisers because they overall suck. The problem isn't battleships - it's that carriers are obnoxiously over-complicated and underrepresented, and cruisers are too easy to kill. Playing a ship - playing an ANYTHING - with stealth has very high appeal in competitive games.
  4. What we're complaining about is crap fests like this: We're also getting a little tired of this garbage:
  5. USS Juneau found

    The real shame is that no effort was made to rescue survivors until over a week after the sinking, by which time all but 10 of her crew had perished. At least two, and by some accounts three, of the Sullivan brothers survived the ship's initial destruction, only to die during the interceding time at sea. It's one of the low-points in the history of the US Navy.
  6. A and C

    Actually, A and C works a great deal. Victory is always far more dependent on luck and shooting skill than objectives.
  7. Mentioned in Dispatches

    *Edit* 1) Most of these look so difficult that they would be rarer than solo warrior. I prefer the idea of simply cloning WOT's system. 2) We do not need to further extend the already misguided notion of "forum célébrité." For too many people in this little community, fame - however silly it is to associate that word with anything that goes on in this tiny fishbowl - has become an end goal. Naming achievements in this game after something as fleeting as one player - who may at any time put the game down and vanish - degrades its longetivity. This should be treated as something bigger than any one ego.
  8. How would YOU design the USN BB split.

    Because the Tillman would be incredible and silly all at the same time?
  9. The destroyer would have to close the range to damage Bismarck. As the DD closed the range, the percent chance of hits would rise dramatically. Only the most suicidal commander imaginable would try it - especially considering that the evasion rates for torpedoes when an attack was anticipated were also through the roof when compared to what we see in-game. In the luckiest scenario imaginable, Bismarck eats a few light-caliber shell hits and maybe - maybe - one torpedo. The destroyer dies. It dies every time making that run.
  10. Did she sink or damage Bismarck in any way? No. 12 kilometers is 13,000 yards. The destroyer would have had to get a lot closer than that to hope to sink her German opponent. Her captain was dumb not to take that chance. After all, he definitely had the Bismarck in the bag. Those invincible Clemsons.
  11. Yes, yes - you're the smartest person in the room, of course. Except that, after sustaining damage to his flagship at Denmark Straits, Lütjens detached PE. Bismarck was alone when attacked by the Swordfish, and would have been alone if some British DD had moseyed up in some desperation play to stop her from reaching Brest.
  12. Also, just because battleships were infrequently alone does not defeat the point - Cobraclutch is arguing that a 1-for-1 equality in power existed between battleships and destroyers IRL; that a battleship, caught alone by a destroyer, would have, at best, a fifty percent chance of survival because of, you know, 5" shots to the bridge or whatever. This is a bad horse to hitch your wagon to.
  13. How would YOU design the USN BB split.

    Jesus. Uhm. Well, I'd split the line right at tier 4. And this is how it would look: IV: Florida V: Nevada (stock) VI: Pennsylvania VII: California (rebuilt) VIII: South Dakota (real) IX: South Dakota (planned; modernized [speed/AA upgrade]) X: Tillman IV-2 (modernized; because hilarity).
  14. My First Tier X and 19-point Commander

    1) Don't sell the Fletcher. 2) Ever since Khab was added, Gearing has been an also-ran at tier 10. It's simply not as imposing a ship.
  15. Is there any point to try and acquire Karma? T_T

    I care so little about it, I don't even know where it's displayed.