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  1. Ollow_NC

    Screw Recruiting

    Clan: SCREW Recruiting NOTE: * Will not censor text, or remove posts with out reason *
  2. I wouldn't call them a scam sense you are getting an item out of every box and on top of that the value of the Santa crates trumps that of the value of purchasing the items such as the flags, doubloons, ships, cammo, etc. out right from the premium shop. The ships just bait us to drop the extra cash on the hopes of getting one of those sweet premium ships ;).
  3. Always love the Santa containers, hate that WG removed the possibility of getting premium time from them though.
  4. Ollow_NC

    T8 vs T10 only please

    hi good looking, nice pic
  5. Ollow_NC

    T8 vs T10 only please

    bump for more meme's
  6. I just want to know why we keep getting T9's in our T10 vs T8 matches. WG can we work to keep the T9's out of these matches, thank you. I mean lets give the IOWA some love and his own special matches to play with his other friendly T9's to play with.
  7. Ollow_NC

    Boom looken for a better Clan

    I don't know if they abide by a strict naval rank structure, this may not work...
  8. Ollow_NC

    Boom looken for a better Clan

    is a Short caller the one calling the shots from the front like a dd?
  9. Small ask, I wanted to see other players thought on a small change for the clan chat window. Instead of just recording a number in the minimized chat window. We have a few clan mates who do not use discord and usually look to div in our clan chat window but is missed sense it pretty easy to miss. The ask: Can we make this minimized chat window maybe blink or change color to make it a little easier to notice when some one has posted into clan chat. Image attached.
  10. Ollow_NC

    SCREW is recruiting! Come get rowdy.

    lol what image did you use geoff, and is there a "this is appropriate for WG" comity or is there one forum's dictator.
  11. Get [SCREW]ed Today!