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  1. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    Thank you for your opinion Lollipops, and agreed this issue has been a persistent bug in the game for a long time. This may not bother "you", that is not the point, if there is a bug it should be fixed over implementation of new material. It's like saying the automatic windows don't work on my car but I can still push them up with my hands so it's fine, when you just take the car in or buy the parts to fix it. Also if you have bugs you think take priority over this, by all means, post them here in the forums.
  2. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    Display of issue From 2020FEB01, still displaying all members at "out of battle"
  3. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    noticed new issue today, where some clan members names not populating in the clan chat window when on-line and even in the same div
  4. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    patch 9.2, you can make it happen WG ;)
  5. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    One last bump with the issue persisting today, with us working to figure out who was in matches / clan chat screen displaying everyone out of battle, with most in battle. I'll move to a support ticket after today if no response by 2020JAN23.
  6. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    Broken clan chat window, all chat gone after a match, and all showing as out of battle w/ 2 in battle. Just wanted to get an example on the issue that might be able to be updated/fixed for 2020.
  7. [SCREW] :: [NA] Currently looking for a few more active players to join our Clan Wars group, requirement listed below: 1. T10 ships and moderate experience with them. 2. Use of and active w/ Discord 3. Able to game between the hours: 5:00pm – 10pm CT (noting most of our player base are between the ET and PT time zones) 4. * We do not filter on Discord channels: able to view or don’t mind explicit chat, most of the our players are PG but we have a few madmen in our midst 5. We are looking for stats that represent positive growth and activity, utilizing WoWS Stats & Numbers to player representation and final decisions Regards, Ollow_NC
  8. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    any updates on game overlay / social applications and layout for world of warships? I don't see anything in the news or forums yet from the WG dev side either for or against or future plans for the game ui at this time here, wondering if anyone else has seen anything yet. Regards, Ollow
  9. Ollow_NC

    Fix Your Chat Windows / Functionality Please

    checking in
  10. Can you guys step away from the premium ships for a minute or two and update and fix the broken social overlays for the game. The clan chat window will have a conversation up and after a game empty, some players show not in game but are and vice versa, make the window blink or something when someone posts in the clan chat so other clan members on the game know somebody has said something. Maybe a clan breakout for a better chat setup / who is div'd up etc... besides the way it is now. If you need a hand, maybe ask the World of Tanks dev's, they may be able to give some advice, they have a pretty good setup over there. Regards
  11. Ollow_NC

    Screw Recruiting

    Clan: SCREW Recruiting NOTE: * Will not censor text, or remove posts with out reason *
  12. I wouldn't call them a scam sense you are getting an item out of every box and on top of that the value of the Santa crates trumps that of the value of purchasing the items such as the flags, doubloons, ships, cammo, etc. out right from the premium shop. The ships just bait us to drop the extra cash on the hopes of getting one of those sweet premium ships ;).
  13. Always love the Santa containers, hate that WG removed the possibility of getting premium time from them though.