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  1. HMS_London

    Why WG don't release T9 British premium ship?

    Very nice and detailed proposals, hope WG have an eye on that
  2. All major nations in this game have at lease one T9 premium ship (including work in progress) except Britain, and even pan Asia and Europe have a T9 premium. In reality, RN have plenty of ships in steel or on paper that have potential to be T9 ships so i can't understand why WG has not released any T9 British premium ship or any plan to release one. Maybe the design paper of warships in British Archive is hard to get or there are not too many British players in this game so British premium won't sell well? I think Belfast 1945 would be a nice candidate: Belfast in game + torpedo + super heal + some minor tweaks. Since Belfast is not purchsable now, the new Belfast 1945 would be perfect choice for those don't want to get Belfast by spending a lot on Christmas container and it would be a nice retraining ship for British cruisers both CL and CA lines
  3. RN BBs have a lot downsides to balance the untouchable citadel Lower HP Full 32mm deck which is vulnerable to HE spam and yamato's 460mm Awful torp protection Yes they do have super heal, but CD is much longer
  4. HMS_London

    Proposed Montana armor and citadel fixes

    Many BB's deck armor deviates from historical armor values. For example, KGV's historical deck armor is 31mm(19+12), Lion is 41mm(19+22) and in game they are 25mm and 32mm. Richlieu's historical deck armor is about 25mm and in game is 32mm. It's more about balance than historical accuracy