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  1. lord_amplebottom

    Cursed Ships

    reverse the ships and that could be me
  2. lord_amplebottom

    I still suck AMA!!

    sober 16 years and fully clothed with matching socks.
  3. lord_amplebottom

    I still suck AMA!!

    Arizona. Lusted after it ever since I first came up against it. When I got it in a Christmas crate I squealed like a little girl at a Justin Beiber concert. Tanky, tough and with 12 guns of fun - it is just super solid. Being an American slow BB though i have resigned myself to being eveyone's HE spam target of choice.
  4. lord_amplebottom

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Mouse you are not old enough o remember Bob and Doug. Reruns maybe?
  5. lord_amplebottom

    I still suck AMA!!

    51 and shift work full time
  6. lord_amplebottom

    All the hate for Indianapolis is it justified?

    I like both the Indy and the Pensacola - keep the pointy part towards the Reds and not the flat part you should be fine. As a DD hunter though the Indy is good when paired with another ship, not so much on her own. She lacks ROF, radar is within most top ranges so hydro is not a bad idea - but you sacrifice Defensive AA. Someone earlier mentioned new players rushing in to radar and getting stomped and I have seen this a lot lately. Don't do it! you are not a cap contester - where this ship shines is in anti cruiser work (thanks American AP) and in DD hunting later in the game when hopefully the DDs are hurt and can be one or two shot.
  7. lord_amplebottom

    I still suck AMA!!

    Go get some sun. and find a nice lady i think i fell into this game while breaking up witha nice lady but thank you for the kind thoughts
  8. lord_amplebottom

    I still suck AMA!!

    we had a good AMA thread from a very good player - let's have one from the viewpoint of a meh player! ask about ships, thoughts, suggestions, likes/dislikes , etc - just don"t ask why i keep trying - i have no idea! here are my numbers https://na.warships.today/player/1021575823/lord_amplebottom what can isay, slow day at work