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  1. Yes, I have. No point. Not fun. The problem with huge changes in meta that make a ship obsolete, is all the time and money spent in the game to work up the tier is lost. That's poor game design. WOW does not care, so the player exodus continues.
  2. Khab can't cap or contest caps and live. Khab can't spot and live. Khab can't keep firing guns (and stay detected) and live. Khab is a huge clumsy ship. With all HE spam, skill is not required to get hits at range. It's death by 1,000 knives. And, Khab still takes the huge AP hits. Khab is garbage in current HE spam meta. Choose another DD line.
  3. I played 4 games in the Smolensk today. In 2 of the games I took 2 single salvo AP kills, one from ~19km the other from ~ 17km. In the other 2 games, AP damage was far more severe than ever before, with most salvos being 40-60% HP loss. I stopped playing. I've played almost 150 games in the Smolensk. I played the ship no different than any other night. I had never taken that much consistent game-after-game AP damage in the ship. Almost every AP salvo was causing unusually massive damage. Could have just been a night of unlucky RNG. Would WOW shadow nerf a ship? In this case tweak AP damage to increase HP loss thereby more quickly removing the ship from the game?
  4. "if ya wanting to leave the game but find yourself addicted wg provided you with a solution" Nah... not the Italians. WOW's "solution" to eliminate player base is called "updates".
  5. nhf

    4 DD and 2 CV game... !@#$%

    Dude, the game has been garbage for a while now. Deal with it, or bail like everyone else is.
  6. nhf

    It's been a year or 2, what's changed?

    This. The game is garbage more than not.
  7. Truth: In a DD, if a CV wants you dead, you’re dead. The CV will cause direct damage, hover planes and spot you until you’re gunned down, or both. If you do live, your game will be crap (more than not) because you’ll waste smokes evading planes, won’t get caps, will be pushed out of key positions by planes, generally be unable to cause damage, etc. A CV choosing to focus on you is total chance, and makes your game 100% dictated by a single player, which is not fun. Having 2 in the game increases that probability. This is a game, and it’s supposed to be fun. Regardless, LMFA0 at some of the replies. Example: “If a CV is in the game, play your DD unlike a DD, say like a CA or a BB, in other words be passive and camp, and you’ll be fine.”. Really? That negates the whole reason those of us who enjoy DDs play them, but, yeah, I guess that technically qualifies as advice. Remaining undetected is the primary tool in the DD toolbox for most DD lines. And, for some nations FAR more than others. So, how about this: When a CV is in the game: 1. Give CAs the speed of slow BBs, AND 2. Give BBs the armor of weak CAs. Seems fair to me, and in line with some of the “adapt” advice here. Git gud. And, have fun with that.
  8. This is a frequent occurrence in mid-tier games. As a DD all you do is run from planes all game. Does WOW actively try to make every decision possible to make this game not fun?
  9. nhf

    Moving from Kiev to Tashkent to Khabi

    The Khab is mostly useless in the current meta. With all the HE spamming the Khab takes too many hits to remain in the game. You don't need skill to hit the Khab, just rate of fire.
  10. nhf

    Bismarck utterly spanked by Lenin

    Stop the German line now. They are a heaping piles of garbage at higher tiers in the current meta. Basically, HP pinatas for the enemy team.
  11. nhf

    Skipping over German BBs

    Get out of German BBs as soon as possible. They are useless hot garbage in the current meta.
  12. German BBs are heaping hot garbage in the current meta. The End.
  13. nhf

    Retiring my GK

    The German BB line is dead. In the current meta, at high tiers, they're just HP pinatas. The "brawling" concept is a joke. Useless, frustrating, and not fun.
  14. With all the torps and HE spamming the FDG has become useless and it best serves as an HP pinata for the enemy team. The "brawling" concept is a joke, and that "turtle back" armor is useless with the current meta. Getting up close = quick death. When I push up, since I draw all the enemy fire while my team caps early and kills, my win rate is actually comparatively high. But, the ship is a POS in the current meta. Choose another BB line to have fun in.
  15. As WOW makes this game more unbalanced for cash grabs, player frustration increases and is directed to team mates increasingly. Nothing WOW introduces encourages team play. WOW is killing this game with greed, and winning or losing is more and more about MM, luck, chance and which team has the latest power creep ships. Skill is less and less relevant, and the whole mix of it is increasingly frustrating.