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  1. nhf

    How to defend against new CV aircraft in a DD

    My solution: Don't play until WOW fixes what they clearly broke.
  2. nhf

    How to Survive the Reworked CVs

    My solution that's worked rather well: Stop playing until WOW fixes what's clearly broken.
  3. CVs are ridiculously and stupidly broken OP after the rework. I play DDs T5-T10. In the first 5 games I spent the entire time running from planes all game, dodging fire from being spotted by planes all game, taking damage from planes all game, and having zero fun all game. I played a fully AA spec'd and built 19-point captain Kidd with AA boost in 3 of those games, and despite the focus from planes in all games, I shot down only 8 planes in all those games COMBINED, with 7 planes shot down in just a single game. I played the Haidi with some success, "success" meaning I was not running, being spotted or taking damage from planes all game, because you can just creep in smoke, pop hydro to mitigate torps, and not be spotted while shooting at the enemy. But, that's not the (fun) style of play I enjoy with DDs. I will not play Random again until CVs are fixed.
  4. nhf

    About the CV rework

    DD play to total garbage now. All you do is run from planes all game. I'm done with WOW.
  5. DD play is garbage now. Run or camp with the cowards all game. Great, let's all just devolve to campfest BB play.
  6. nhf

    Strategies for japanese destroyers?

    This. Radar has killed the game for cap/spot DDs above T6. Play gunboat DDs instead at range. Solved.
  7. This. The Harugumo is OP regardless build. I dumped CE to build a full gunboat (PT, PM, AR, LS, SE, BFT, DE and IFHE) and just spam HE non-stop. It crushes everything with a 65% win rate in 77 games played so far.
  8. nhf

    Radar and how to deal with it

    This. Very this. Radar ruins the game more than not for spotting/capping DDs. My solution is to play gunboat DDs at range.
  9. More than not, games in Random T5-T10 do not seem remotely competitive. Win or lose, it seems like almost every game is a blowout now. Do you agree?
  10. nhf

    DD's Are way over powered PERIOD

    A good player will dictate the outcome of the game relative to the ship. A well played CV is the highest impact ship in the game by far, but there are few. DD is a distant second, BB a remote 3rd and CL at the bottom of the barrel by far. DDs only seem OP because overall a good player will be king in a CV, dominate in a DD, be good in a BB and just okay in a CL. And, a great player will be a game god in a CV, king in a DD, and so on down the line.
  11. WOW made the same mistake almost every stupid company makes eventually: They started worrying more about making money than making their product better.
  12. nhf

    Help with DDs

    Play gunboat DDs at range. Stop trying to cap. Radar is a cancer in the game.
  13. The game This. The game is mostly garbage now.
  14. 1) Play gunboat DDs fully spec'd as a gunboat DD. 2) Keep firing. 3) Live to the end.
  15. nhf

    3rd Game in Harugumo

    ^This. They Harugumo and Kitakaze are OP by far when played like a gunboat.