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  1. nhf

    DDs please do your job

    Perhaps... like this game moments ago when both ally DDs and the CV spotted early and often:
  2. nhf

    DDs please do your job

    Incorrect. The times I play a BB with ally DDs who spot, my win rate is close to when I play a DD solo. That became obvious quickly. If DDs don't spot, or otherwise do their job, that team generally does not win.
  3. nhf

    DDs please do your job

    Of course, you employ selective quoting. Here's the rest, which matters a great deal: "...regardless my score/ranking on my teams [when playing BBs] being similar to that of the CAs and DDs I play." In other words, I perform comparably in BBs vs. DDs and CAs (e.g. in terms of damage), but have a MUCH lower win rate in BBs. Caps are key to a win in many games, and on many maps. I can't cap much/well as a BB. If you're going to comment, at least be honest. And, yes, I know you're a big deal here.
  4. nhf

    DDs please do your job

    Yes, the game sucks for DDs. Yes, WOW screws DDs every chance it gets with nerf after nerf. Yes, the radar meta disproportionately screws DDs. Yes, the HE spamming meta screws DDs. Yes, the OP/broken CV meta screws DDs. Yes, I get it; the game is hardest for DDs to do well, and only gets more difficult. For something new in the game, I recently starting playing high tier BBs after a very long hiatus. I always find BBs so brainless, so easy, and so boring to play. Win rate is less than 30%, regardless my score/ranking on my teams being similar to that of the CAs and DDs I play. My win rate in high tier DDs is above 60% because I do my job as a DD. As a DD: spot as much map as you can early and often for your team; screen for torps so the passive babies (i.e. BBs) feel more comfortable moving up; help kill enemy DDs directly or with spotting; and push/defend caps as much as possible ALL GAME. Please stop playing the passive camping game BBs and CAs love so much. With DDs it can be feast or famine. Expect to die early some games. Expect your team to not support you. Deal with it because it's highly annoying to watch DDs suck so hard game after game, and earn criticism. Please do your job as a DD or play other ship class. That's all. End rant.
  5. WOW has killed the game with greed. WOW introduces zero meta that encourages team play. And, players play the game as WOW intends. For WOW, it's all about the money.
  6. nhf

    Players that won't push

    Most players don't play to win. Truly. They play for personal points first, and by FAR. Then, to survive the game with as little damage possible. And a DISTANT third, perhaps, they'll play as a team for the win, maybe.
  7. The difference is CVs target with impunity. DDs have zero counter to CVs that target them, as do may cruisers, especially when CVs spotting results in enemy spamming. CVs remain cancer in the game.
  8. nhf

    double cv in t10?

    Say with me: WOW does not care about making the game better. WOW only cares about short-term cash grabs. CVs are stupid OP in this game already. WOW does not care about that either.
  9. nhf

    Carrier Suxs

    If you suck at CVs, it's totally you. 100%. CVs are the most OP ship in the game. Spot, support caps, and target DDs early. Later in the game, pester capital ships. A good CV player dominate game play, while a great one dictates the game outcome for all other players... at any tier.
  10. nhf

    Teir VIII CVs a waste of time

    Above T8, CVs greatest strength early is spotting, supporting caps, and hassling DDs. A good CV playing will dominate, and a great CV player will dictate the game outcome for 23 players more than not. CVS are OP at any tier.
  11. nhf

    Increase in detonations?

    Played 8 DD games in Random today, T5-T9. 3 detonations. I never run flags, and don't get 3 detonations in 50 games. Any one notice an increase in detonations recently?
  12. nhf

    DD CV interaction

    A mediocre CV player will typically dominate a great DD player. It's a broken meta, and WOW does not care, because WOW does not care about making the game better. $ is the idol WOW worships.
  13. A mediocre CV player will dominate a great DD player. That's broken meta, and WOW does not care.
  14. Regardless the fact that a damaged ship still carries it's tonnage, you answered your question in the post title.
  15. ^This. WOW does not care about making the game better. Money is WOW's idol.