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  1. Malamute_Kid

    Des Moines vs Moskva?

    Thanks for the advice. I think I will take the Moskva. I was leaning that way already but the Des Moines is a such a fun ship to play. Yep, Moskva is the way to go. Thanks again.
  2. Malamute_Kid

    Des Moines vs Moskva?

    So I'm at a point of having to decide which T 10 ship I want to pick up. I have both the Moskva and the Des Moines researched but only enough silver to buy one. I've played both of them a fair amount on PTS and like both. I like the way the Des Moines plays a little better than the Moskva but not by a wide margin. My dilemma is this: I'm a pretty casual player. Grinding out the 20 mil or so credits takes me awhile to do and I might not be able complete before the RU cruiser line split. I might if I can find the time, but it's by no means certain. So with the Moskva eventually going to become a resource ship, should I go ahead and get it now and wait until I can grind out the Des Moines? I'm thinking get the Moskva now because grinding resources takes even longer than grinding silver. Any thoughts?
  3. Malamute_Kid

    CV Balance, what would you do?

    Change CV spotting rules so that ships spotted by CV's planes only show on the mini map. If you want aircraft to spot so that other ships can shoot at them then add a spotter plane squadron to the rotation.
  4. I've always felt that Buddy Rich was the greatest drummer that ever walked the planet. That is of course a matter of opinion. With that in mind though, you don't ask just any drummer to sit in Buddy Rich's spot. That's an honor that only goes to a chosen few and Neil was one of those few. And that's not opinion. No matter where you rank him, Neil was one of the greatest drummers of all time. Lyrically, I would rank him also among the all time best along with folks like Bob Dylan, Bernie Taupin, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon. He was a force of nature that I count myself lucky to have experienced. I am not a religious person but if there is an afterlife then a new and powerful presence has taken it's place among the heavens tonight. Safe Home Neil Peart, you will be missed.
  5. It's why I stopped T4 as well. It used to be my favorite tier, I really liked all the cruisers and DDs, but with the CV situation as it is I almost never play T4 any more. When I do I usually play Orion. I have it AA/secondary spec'd and it does well against CVs but I'm just not much of a BB guy.
  6. Malamute_Kid

    What will happen to our unused ship building tokens?

    I am #4; didn't ask for it, don't care about it, not going to do anything to get it and will take whatever fee stuff comes my way during normal course of play.
  7. Not for me. I stopped grinding anything a while back. It just ruins the game for me. I quit grinding and just play for fun now and the whole game has become so mush better for me. I still haven't completed the second directive for the PR grind but I have absolutely no regrets about that. I just want to enjoy the game and leave it at that. But its a personal choice for me that may not suit others. All I can say is that after I stopped grinding and caring about the rewards I stated having fun again.
  8. Malamute_Kid

    Ridiculous Restrictions for New Players

    I actually kind of miss the games with players and Bots on both teams. They led to some crazy games that I thought were a lot of fun.
  9. I'm going to cover mine with plywood, add a bar, some picnic tables and barbecues and make the ultimate party barge.
  10. Malamute_Kid

    Directive 4 - Do you have a plan for it?

    My plan is to drink egg nog, watch movies and savor those once a year holiday snacks. I'll play WOWS here and there and whatever I wind up with is fine with me. Happy Holidays everyone!
  11. Malamute_Kid

    Saved by Public schools!

    I don't remember the exact year, mid-sixties. Lyndon Johnson was in the oval office, The Vietnam war was in full swing, Dr. King was busy making history and Gemini was still the manned space vehicle of choice. Meanwhile, in the town of Modesto California a bunch of elementary school kids were handed yet another test. It was a busy year. Now when we received the test we were all instructed to READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS FIRST. The teacher actually said it in all caps. You guys know which test I'm talking about. Well I was considered, on occasion, to something of a "disruptive influence" in my early school days and as a result was honored with a seat in the front row directly in front of the teachers desk. It had the desired effect. For the most part. In this case I followed the instructions, signed my name to the paper and was done. Honestly, if I'd been sitting in the back of the room I'd probably have answered all the questions and then felt like a fool when I flipped the page over and read the final instruction. Fast forward to Dec 13th, 2019 and the release of Update 8.11. After playing the update out on PTS I was really looking forward to it going live. But my anticipation turned to disappointment when I began to read through the Puerto Rico Directives. By the 4th one I knew it was already out of the realm of possibility for me. Then I thought, "what about the boosts?" So, still hoping for the best I opened up the dockyard and...sighed. Too much money AND a crazy grind even with the boosts. So, more than a little disappointed I thanked WG for the other free stuff but had to pass on the P.R. The upside? I saved a lot of money and who knows how many hours of grinding by reading all the directions before checking any of the boxes. And they say public education doesn't work.
  12. Malamute_Kid

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    Hmmm... $77 and no grind AND I get my choice of Alaska, Azuma, Georgia, Jean Bart or Frieslander? Add in Gorizia for another $35.20 and still no grind? I agree, the T9s are a better deal.
  13. Malamute_Kid

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    I am calm, I'm just not going to bother with the PR . No big deal. As I said on another thread, I'm not all that smitten with T 10 gameplay and so a T 10 ship is not a big inducement to me to participate in the first place. Having said that, if the grind and cost were not, in my view, prohibitively excessive, then I might have a different view. If that were the case then WG would be getting some money from me. The way it is set up though, they aren't going to get any. Not for the PR anyway. I really enjoyed the whole build/grind process on the PTS and was truly looking forward to it going live. I fully expected it to be a grind, the directives always are compared to the PTS versions for obvious reasons. But this one is just over the top in my opinion. But like I said, I'm calm. A little disappointed maybe but not much. I gotta believe though that there's a lot more like me who took one look at the directives and just walked away. And those are people from whom WG is not going to make any money off of for the PR. Will those that are willing to pay the price and do the grind be enough to make up the difference? Maybe, but in my gut I kinda doubt it.
  14. I have no issues with it. I really don't know why anyone would but I'm pretty sure someone will. That just seems to be how things are, not only in WOWS but in online games generally.
  15. Malamute_Kid

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    I'm not even gonna try. I took one look at the directives and said, "nope". I'm not that interested in the Puerto Rico to begin with, I'd much rather go after a T5-6-7 cruiser or DD than a T 10 anything. But even if it were a grind for a a T5-6-7 cruiser or DD one look at the directives and I'd still pass. I play the game for fun and mindless, seemingly endless grinding is, for me at least, not fun in any sense of the word. So, to WG, Happy Holidays and thanks for the free stuff, I DO appreciate that. But as far as the P.R. goes, you can keep it.