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  1. I really don't want to see radar removed from the game but I do agree that it is a much bigger problem for me in a DD than CVs are. It wasn't like that with 8.0 but it is now. I gotta say tho, when I'm in a cruiser it seems that I get "prioritized" early and often, doubly so if I'm running a radar cruiser. Unless there';s an RN CL nearby. Then they seem to get the lion's share of the attention.
  2. Malamute_Kid

    A question about DD tactics please advise!

    I used to rush the caps. I don't anymore for the reasons you cited, namely, getting blown out of the water early. And it gets worse when there's radars in the game. Early game for me is mostly just spotting and scouting and laying smoke to cover my guys and provide targets for the guys with bigger guns and health pools than I have. If the other team is doing a lemmiing train to the opposite side of the map then I'll cautiously push up and and have a look around but I don't cross the line into the cap unless I have really serious support or the opposition is negligible. You just have to play your own game mainly though. Yesterday I was spotting for my team in my Fletcher and all they did was die. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do.
  3. Malamute_Kid

    Battle Density of Players

    Interesting numbers but I'm not 100% sold that it's just because of CVs. I'm one of those playing less but it has nothing to do with CVs. I'm playing less because the weather is nice around here and I'm more into the outdoors than games. Not saying that there is no correlation with CVs but it doesn't apply to me.
  4. Since we can all agree that CVs do not have unlimited planes, what is the maximum number of planes a CV can have?
  5. Malamute_Kid

    Bots in Random Matches

    I actually kind of like those games and wouldn't mind seeing it implemented as a game mode. It made for some very weird and interesting matches.
  6. Malamute_Kid

    Best tier to play casually?

    T4 is my personal favorite tier. If you enjoy DDs the Clemson and Isokaze are just beasts at that tier. I like all the cruisers at T4. The Kuma and Phoenix while vulnerable if not played carefully, (Don't give up those broadsides), can wreak havoc on the other teams ships. I also like the German and Russian CLs although a lot of folks seem to dislike them. I don't play BB's much or CVs at all so I can't really comment on them but for cruisers and DDs T4 is my favorite tier in the game.
  7. Malamute_Kid

    Top Ten Challenge: Week One

    Umm sure, if that's what they want to do. I'm fine with that.
  8. Malamute_Kid

    Top Ten Challenge: Week One

    Wow. 1st world problems.
  9. Malamute_Kid

    The anti-CV toxicity needs to stop

    Well I think that is a wonderful that you have learned to save your allowance. Maybe if you keep doing that and maybe get a paper route you will someday be able to afford WOWS again. But really, I think it would be better, and wiser if you paid more attention to your English teacher and maybe did a little studying during recess. It helped me when I was nine. I'm sure that it would work wonders for you.
  10. Malamute_Kid

    "Is that it?" she asked

    It's been happening with me on a semi-regular basis. Wins v losses are around 50/50 it seems although I haven't really kept track. Yesterday I was in my Akizuki. I had just popped smoke and was lining up a torpedo shot and just as I clicked to shoot the game froze. We lost. 6 min 17 seconds. My initial thought was that the game crashed. I think that every time it happens. I'm never prepared for it when that happens.
  11. Malamute_Kid

    Fix the game for DD"s

    I'll be the first to admit that DDs are harder to play than they were when I first started playing what with CVs radar and the demise of invisi-fire. But that doesn't make them unplayable in any sense. I have no idea why you did so little damage with that many hits unless you aren't running IFHE and shooting at nothing but BBs. My average damage in Akizuki is 36k and that's not even particularly good. And I'm regularly bottom tiered against T10s. My best advice is get IFHE and start shooting at superstructures. 100 mm guns are, well 100 mm guns.
  12. Malamute_Kid

    Top Ten Challenge: Week One

    I really don't understand the negativity. Just click participate, log in and play. Maybe you win, maybe you don't. If you don't win then it's no different than any other time you play. The only thing you can be certain of is that if you don't participate, you are guaranteed not to win anything, not even a free Sierra Mike. I'm not put off by it at all. I'm not going to win anything. I'm not playing enough right now. But I'll participate anyway because why not? If nothing else I'll get a free flag.
  13. Malamute_Kid

    What are your professions?

    I drove trucks for 27 years then was retired due to bad peripheral vision on my right side. Now I fill my time by living in the outdoors as much as possible and playing on the computer when I'm not.
  14. Malamute_Kid

    Lag Making Game Un-Playable

    Add me to the list of those getting insane lag spikes.10 second delays in turning, firing, you name it. It really is unplayable in it's current state.