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  1. Malamute_Kid

    Fires: CV vs DD & CL

    Fires on DDs & CLs should last no longer than fires on carriers. Make CV fires last longer or shorten the burn on CLs and CVs to match. I see no balance reason as to why the two most fragile and hunted classes in the game should have less fire protection than a carrier. I don't care which way it gets balanced. Increase CV fire duration to that of DDs and Cls or reduce DD and CL fire duration. I'm good either way. Discuss please.
  2. Malamute_Kid

    uptiered in a new ship

    I've been regrinding the RU Cl line and my go to is to only play randoms until I either get my daily bonus win or lose 3 straight, (which happens more often than I care to think about), then it's back to coop or ops depending on the tier of the ship. I thought there is supposed to be some kind of limit on being down 2 tiers without getting mid or top tier games but yesterday I had 3 consecutive T9 games in Schorrs and 2 T 10s in Edinburgh for a run of five so I don't know if that still applies or the odds just were not ever in my favor.
  3. Malamute_Kid

    Wanna know how bad it is? Hah

    I'm having bad matches all around. Just finished my 5th consecutive game being 2 tiers down. Sort of makes me not want to play.
  4. Malamute_Kid

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    Why do I keep waiting for ZZ Top to show up?
  5. Malamute_Kid

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    I have the same amount of interest in this as I had in Azure Lane, which is none. Get a hold of me when you bring in "Popeye" skins. At least that's nautical themed and who wouldn't want to hear Popeye laugh at a detonation..
  6. I would still be complaining about how the entire system of spotting works.
  7. Malamute_Kid

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

  8. One of the things I miss the most about the game since I first began playing is having teams of mixed bots and players on both sides. They are just so much fun, you never know what a bot will do and it can throw the most interesting wrenches into the game. The plethora of CVs at low tiers drove me away from T-3-5 games even though I really preferred game play at those tiers vs higher tier camp and hide style of play. I look forward to this change.
  9. Malamute_Kid

    The "worst" ships in the game

    I'm a little surprised not to see the Huanghe on the list. It's hands down my least favorite ship in the game.I'd take any T5 or 6 cl over the Huanghe and probably most T4 ships as well. I'm not saying that this piece of junk is utterly worthless but after obtaining one thru some kind of container or something, I forget now, I sold it. I played it a few times and then looked at what I had in port and thought "Why even bother?" I mean, there's ships like Budyonny, Leander, Perth, Dallas, Furutaka... you get the idea. Hell, I could probably beat the crap out of it with a Phoenix. Huanghe is my worst ship.
  10. Malamute_Kid

    The Politest Day of The Year

    Happy Canada Day! Here's a few of my favorite imports from my brothers and sisters to the north. mist.webp
  11. Malamute_Kid

    Many thanks.

    I just want to thank the support team for handling an issue for me in a very prompt and thorough manner. Everyone I dealt with was courteous and sympathetic and quickly resolved my issue with a minimum of angst on my part. Thanks Guys. Malamute_Kid
  12. Malamute_Kid

    I want Subs in Randoms ASAP

    If shaking things up is all you want, just get rid of cv and radar. THAT would shake things up.
  13. Malamute_Kid

    Submarines Immunity to Depth Charges is [edited]

    I'm not even sure how depth charge hits work. I had one game where I has 31 DC flags and all on the same sub without a kill. I ended up getting sunk by a CL. Then in the very next game I had 11 D/C flags and two sub kills. Maybe someone can explain how this works to me.
  14. Malamute_Kid

    Played a few days of Subs and I lke it

    I don't like playing as a sub at all. Full disclosure though, I am a sub sim fan and literally all the aspects of a sub sim that I find "fun" are missing from the sub game-play. Hunting them with DDs is not as bad, sometimes against a skilled sub player it is even fun. I fear that this is only true though because of the high number of bots in surface ships. Bots have their own, somewhat inscrutable to me, method of target selection and priority. Because of this I can hunt subs the way DDs were meant to. I think though, that if all ships were commanded by live players then ASW game-play would be a nightmare due to the spotting mechanics. As it stands, in the current mode with a few refinements, I think subs are...fair to middling in terms of enjoyability for me. I would not like to see them introduced into randoms though. That could be the one that drives from the game. Just have to wait and see how things finally shake out though before I make any firm pronouncement on that.
  15. Malamute_Kid

    Coronavirus Music Festival

    Roger Waters doing his part.