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  1. Is there a Destroyer line. I like the torpedoes but I am not good with situational awareness. I also have little concept of tactics. Thank you again for your help
  2. Just to inform you Ota-san passed away on 19 Jul 19. Sorry to inform you. I do not know how close you were, but thought you would like to know. 


    M.A. Stark

    1. Margret_Ann


      I apologize for using this media, but I had no other means of contact. Ota-san will be cremated on the 24 July 19 and on the 25th will be turned over to the Shrine in Furano. Thank you for taking the time to befriend her she had very few. 



      Any questions or comments I am at


      M.A. Stark


  3. Thank you very much for your advice.
  4. I am a relatively inexperienced player. I am thinking I should maybe start focusing on a National line of ships. I am an American woman of Japanese descent but am not really concerned about playing those countries. I really have not played many games to determine a play style or ability. Just thought there may be a nation that is easier for players that are not really game players and have almost no idea of what each class is best at. Thank you again sorry for taking your time. Maggs (wrongtrack58)