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  1. Aye, this be an event of great fun fer all ye sailors out there. Also got to test out some pretty serious material such as the forbidden fruit warships and a few personal favorites such as the Des Moines and the Iowa...along with some memes like Champagne and Dunkerque / Strasbourg - Potato
  2. The_Potato_Smasher

    Thunderer Nerf...What Was WG Thinking?

    - Potato
  3. The_Potato_Smasher

    Weekend Spree

    I managed to pull together enough cojones to half-finish the Zara grind in Ranked while carrying potatoes the whole way...like I usually do. On a side note, something I should have brought up two or three weeks ago is that I finally managed to get to the Fletcher and fully kit her out. Honestly she's been a massive blast for me to play and something I will definitely keep if possible. - Potato
  4. The_Potato_Smasher

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    Thank you Miss Mouse
  5. The_Potato_Smasher

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    Wew, nice Secondary DPM. Makes me wonder though, what is the secondary DPM on the Mikasa and the Erich Loewenhardt, since those two have some hilarious secondaries as well.
  6. The_Potato_Smasher

    The Weekly Review: Sinop

    Slight change being made to that actually. I'll be reviewing the Gneisenau first on the request of a close friend of mine, and the Fletcher will come next week Potato
  7. The_Potato_Smasher

    PSA: FAT32 users soon to be SoL

    Thanks for the update Duck. Thankfully my Potato of a computer ( so to speak ) has an NTFS Drive, so I'm good to go for the time being - Potato
  8. After some deliberation I've decided to go with the Gneisenau over all the others I mentioned. You can expect the review sometime this coming Saturday or Sunday, as soon as I can get some good shots. Credit of course to @0_STAR_0 for the excellent job he doesGneisenauReview-1.thumb.jpg.20e1f394027012d303d701d14ce8d8ff.jpg

  9. Hey guys. Heads up that my Sinop review is live on the forums for you guys to read. 

    Of course now I gotta ask what I should review next.. options I have are Fletcher, Mogador, Vladivostok, Minotaur, and Grosser Kurfurst

    - Potato

  10. The_Potato_Smasher

    The Weekly Review: Sinop

    Before I begin I would like to do a quick disclaimer about this. No one provided this ship for me to actually playtest or the like. I ground through the ship and unlocked her modules and upgrades all the same like most other people have. This review is a combination of my personal playthrough and her actual baseline statistics. I extend my thanks to @0_STAR_0 for the excellent photography and @LittleWhiteMouse for the Turning Radius Graphic Now then, let us begin I had DOOM Music playing the entire time I was playing this ship. Hardbass was also involved. I genuinely hate myself sometimes. I keep telling myself “hey, why not make another edition of The Weekly Review? People seemed to enjoy it, didn’t they?” Well yes, they did, but at the same time, well, I’m not exactly what you’d call a man who has enough free time to actually do things on a regular basis. Combine that with horrible seasonal allergies and well..you end up with someone who can do basically jack crap. Or it would be if it werent for the fact that I finally ( finally! ) managed to grind through the Sinop, a Battleship I have both longed for and dreaded playing. On the one hand, I heard stories of her being a total bunker of a battleship, with unbreakable armor and punchy ( if unreliable ) 406mm guns, along with rather poor handling and somewhat workable AA ( for a Tier VII battleship that is ). However, Sinop, for me at least, turned out to be a ship of rather… interesting extremes. Her armor not only turned out to be more ridiculous than I had previously anticipated, shrugging off even the mighty 460mm shells of the Musashi, but it also turned out to be on the weaker end in some aspects, where she would suddenly explode or eat massive chunks of damage for no reason. Her gunnery proved to both be fantastic and a frustration at the same time, with her shells going everywhere on one occasion and a cruiser being deleted on the next. To misquote John Wick 2: “The stories you hear about the Sinop...if nothing else, have been watered down.” And yes, I am referring to pre-nerf Sinop and the test versions of the Sinop, where she was even more ridiculous than she already is. ( Anyone who has tested Sinop with a 30 second turret traverse ( yes, you heard that right ) will know what i’m talking about ) Anyways, let us move along and talk about the Sinop and what makes her tick on the whole. Build and Consumables Bog Standard BB Build. Unfortunately that’s what it’s come to I suppose.... Primary skills are highlighted in Red, secondary skills are highlighted in blue. Note that you either go with Expert Loader and Expert Marksman or Emergency Repair Specialist and Priority Target. Or you can mix and match to your taste. I don’t really care. For your consumables, you only have three choices: Damage Control Party, Repair Party, and a Fighter. Sinop carries a standard Soviet Battleship Damage Control Party, which trades off having unlimited uses for having half the reset timer of other Damage Control Party consumables found on Battleships. In addition, your repair party also carries one less charge compared to other Battleships of the same tier, with just three base charges instead of four like other battleships. Use your consumables sparingly even if you are under heavy fire. Defense This is Sinop’s armor scheme as a whole. It looks incredibly durable on the surface but does have it’s fair share of weaknesses, which I will delve into now. Sinop’s fore and aft armor is fairly durable, but has a rather pronounced weakness in the form of an unavoidably large 26mm nose that people will definitely take advantage of when fighting against you with either overmatch or High Explosive. However, if you don’t aim high, your shells will bounce right off of the extended 4.5 inch ( 113mm ) armored belt. Sinop has a fairly typical 38mm torpedo protection belt that runs from the front of her A-turret to the back of her X-turret. Her torpedo reduction however leaves something much to be desired. Sinop’s superstructure, in typical Soviet Battleship fashion, is extremely minimalist and very difficult to farm. In addition, unlike her predecessors at Tier V and VI, the Sinop does not have those easily penetrable “glory holes” of exposed Citadel Deck that leave her vulnerable to being smashed in by High Explosive Bombs ( and the occasional large caliber HE shell ). Sinop has enormous casemates and massive amounts of upper belt armor that can shatter most high explosive shells and will effortlessly ricochet large caliber AP shells at most angles. However, despite the fact that she has all this armor, including a 300mm+ Citadel Belt… Her citadel rides high above the water and is massively vulnerable to getting paddled in should she show too much broadside to anything with large enough caliber weapons. 305mm guns or larger with sufficient penetration out to 8 kilometers and 356mm rifles with sufficient penetration out to 10 kilometers will easily slap the Sinop for massive damage. 15 inch or larger guns will do it with ease out to ranges of 14 kilometers. If you’re against a Musashi or Izumo, forget it, there's no way in hell you will survive getting hit, short of the shells landing too high or somehow ricocheting off your upper belt. Finally, we get to her turrets. Her gun turrets are nigh unbreakable short of facing super high penetration guns like the ones found on Champagne or Izumo and Bajie, being well armored all around and extremely durable against most large caliber AP fire at most ranges. You can disable the turrets, but consider it to be extremely difficult. HP Pool: 65,000 Torpedo Damage Reduction: 16 percent ( ew ) Armor Thickness: 16mm to 400mm+ Sinop’s armor is a tale of extremes and overall serves to make this one of the most durable battleships in the game, tier for tier. Standing in contrast to some of the more thin skinned battleships at this tier, such as the Ashitaka and the King George Class, Sinop’s armor is just pure insanity, with weird thicknesses and angles and whatnot that turn this Soviet Kielbasa into an indomitable juggernaut when top tier and an annoyance for battleships and cruisers when bottom tier...as well as serving to make this thing ugly as hell, like for god's sake it’s just hideous. It all starts with that bow and stern, with 113mm and 150mm plates that make bow-penetrations aimed directly at the waterline completely impossible. However, the Sinop does have a rather large and unavoidable wart in the form of a very large 26mm nose and stern that can be overmatched by 380mm guns or larger. The armor insanity continues of course with her upper belt and her angled armor, which can reach thicknesses of over 120mm if effectively and properly angled, making it impervious to large caliber AP shells at most ranges. Combine that with extremely tough turrets and a rather small superstructure and the results are rather telling when you just bounce Musashi shells out of nowhere ( which is always amusing ) However, the armor isn’t all fun and games, truth be told, as there are two large and very unavoidable problems in the ship’s armor scheme: the vulnerability to High Explosive Shells and Torpedoes. The first one is largely due to the lack of thickness of the deck armor, ranging between 26 to 35mm in thickness. This means that you can be deck penetrated by non-IFHE Tier VIII and IX Light Cruisers on the 26mm sections, and, should those cruisers select IFHE, they will penetrate your 35mm sections as well. In addition, you have a rather obvious allergy to large caliber HE shells, such as those from British and French Battleships, if they were to strike your deck. The other weakness is, naturally, torpedoes, though to a rather extreme degree. The Sinop is enormous for a Tier VII Battleship, even larger than the likes of Gneisenau and even the Nelson, another ship that boasts 9 406mm guns. Combine that with a torpedo reduction value of just 16 percent, and it’s only a matter of time before you get spotted by a torpedo destroyer and you start to smell the foam at his mouth… Shudders Verdict: Awesome, but falls short of perfection by a few points, which is a shame. Firepower Sinop’s main battery baseline statistics. She has been heavily nerfed from prior iterations but still packs a mean [edited]swing. This is her largely forgettable secondary battery. I say forgettable due to reasons I will explain below Let’s get the forgettable stuff out of the way first. Sinop’s secondary guns, by and large, can be considered forgettable in the long term. She does have 14 barrels per side, which is fairly large for a Tier VII Battleship and even beats out Gneisenau’s 10-12 barrels per side, but there are three main problems, namely Range Damage Output Sinop’s massive citadel Sinop’s secondaries do not have the comparable reach to that of the proper Brawlers at this tier, the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, with a maximum secondary firing range of just 8.01 kilometers if fully built compared to the Gneisenau’s 9.5 kilometers. In addition, Sinop’s secondary guns can only pen 22mm with the 130mm guns and 25mm with the 152mm guns, whereas the Gneisenau can pen 32mm with the 128mm guns, and they do not boast the best reload either, with the secondary batteries taking what feels like an eternity to load ( even though it’s only 8 seconds at worst for the bigger barrels ). At the end of the day it’s not just the lack of adequate secondary firepower that becomes an issue, it’s also Sinop’s massive citadel. She cannot bring the vast majority of her secondary firepower to bear without exposing that gigantic citadel for a hefty paddling, and there’s not much more that can be said about that. Now we’ll get to the real meat of the entire ship, those big honkin’ 406mm guns. Sinop is not the first ship to carry 9 406mm guns at Tier VII, nor is she the first Tier VII ship to actually carry her guns in an AB-X configuration. However, she is the first of the Tier VII Battleships to carry such a caliber of weapon in such a layout, which is not only conducive to realizations of delusions of grandeur, but is also designed in a rather convenient manner. Sinop’s rear turret actually self angles, which means that she can bring all 9 of her barrels to bear on a single target with minimal risk of being smacked back in return, unlike her secondary battery. The guns themselves, however, are somewhat questionable. They boast extremely high alpha damage as well as boasting fairly good penetration for a 406mm gun, as well as usable HE shells with high alpha and fairly good fire chance. However, the gun dispersion can be extremely wonky at times, due to the combination of low sigma ( 1.5 ), and the extremely strange Soviet Battleship Dispersion curve which makes the Sinop’s guns more accurate at short range but extremely questionable at medium to long ranges. In addition, Sinop’s reload is quite long for a Tier VII Battleship, having a 33 second reload where most Tier VII Battleships have a 30 second or quicker reload, with the Scharnhorst being the fastest with a 20 second reload ( albeit on extremely small for the tier 283mm guns ). In addition, the Sinop has an extremely long 60 second turret traverse time, which means that it takes a while for the turrets to swing around from one side to the other in order to dispatch a target. But at the same time, sometimes the moments where the gunnery shines, it’s truly unforgettable Verdict: Solid gunnery let down by more than a few flaws that keep her from greatness in this department. And yeesh, get those turrets some lube, it’s actually painful. AA Defense I tried with this graphic, I really did. Long Range AA Defense: 6 x 2 130mm / 55 B-2-U; 94.5 DPS out to 6.0km Medium Range AA Defense: 4 x 4 37mm 70-K and 12 x 2 37mm 46-K; 262.5 DPS out to 3.5km Flak: 3 + 1 between 3.5 and 6km at 1,400 Damage Does Sinop have AA? Well yes but the answer is just plain no. Sinop’s long range AA Defense lacks any meaningful teeth, with just six twin 130mm mounts providing less than 100 DPS and not enough flak output to even make a Tier VI carrier take pause. It’s a similar story with her medium range guns, which, despite having a total of 40 x 37mm barrels, provide only 262.5 DPS out to a relatively short range of 3.5 kilometers. The result is that Sinop has a very difficult time stopping even stock Tier VI squadrons with her aircraft. At that point you only really have your fighter to even try and protect you, and even that barely does anything because Fighter Mechanics are just borked. Verdict: It’s there at least, but it’s still pointless. Like most AA in this game. Maneuverability Turning graph borrowed from LittleWhiteMouse’s Strasbourg Review. Thanks Mouse! Top Speed: 27.0 knots Radius: 960 Meters Rudder Shift: 12.9 Seconds Sinop’s handling is just...ew. Like, seriously it’s just painful to even look at it on a graph. She has the second largest turning radius of any of the Tier VII Battleships at 960 meters, only beaten by the Poltava’s 1000 meter radius. A relatively modest top speed of 27 knots doesn’t do her any favors either. The one saving grace that can be taken from this is a relatively sprightly rudder shift of just 12.9 seconds, which is fairly quick for a Tier VII Battleship but it doesn’t do Sinop enough favors when you have to start wiggling that ugly-as-sin tush to dodge those metal fish that seem to come from everywhere. Verdict: Terrible. Pray you have a destroyer screen or you are skilled enough to dodge torpedoes. Concealment Base / Minimum Surface Detection Radius: 14.57km / 13.11km Base / Minimum Aerial Detection Radius: 10.12km / 9.11km Assured Detection Range: 2.0km Smoke Firing Penalty: 14.49km As far as concealement goes, Sinop is fairly stealthy compared to her peers. With a minimum concealment rating of just 13.1 kilometers, the Sinop can and will sneak to within striking distance of some poorly concealed cruisers and battleships, as well as being able to disengage if she can open the distance quick enough. However, the problems start to come once you run into Tier VIII and IX Battleships, which have either equivalent or better stealth than you do ( with some boasting ridiculous concealment like the Roma and Monarch, which can and will surprise booty blast you if you aren’t careful ). In addition, her concealment, unlike that of the Vladivostok one tier higher, isn’t enough to allow her into within 12 kilometers of any enemy, which is the outer limit of what I call the “Soviet Battleship Death Zone”, where the guns on Soviet BBs start to become extremely accurate compared to Battleships of other nations, meaning once spotted, Sinop will have to go through a whole kilometer of ocean ( and potentially dozens of shells and torpedoes ), before she can reach effective firing range. But other than those two problems, her concealment is fairly decent and is definitely a fairly solid advantage she boasts. Just don’t get too reliant upon it. Verdict: Damn respectable as far as Battleship Concealment goes. Final Word Pros Large HP pool of 65,000 Hitpoints Hefty armor scheme with impressive angled armor 9 406mm guns with great firing angles, good shell velocity and hard hitting AP shells Relatively quick on her feet with a 27 knot top speed Respectable Concealment for a Tier VII Battleship Cons Armor scheme fails against high tier HE fire and well placed AP shells Gun dispersion can be questionable at times Slow turret traverse and reload Mediocre AA Defenses Horrible handling Despite all the hype I was given when I asked about the Sinop, it turned out to be less overpowered and more balanced than what was expected of it. Overall, the Sinop was a relatively pleasant experience, albeit nightmarish at times. My statistics in her aren’t the best but that’s to be expected of a ship I had never really played and something that has left me feeling exasperated at times. But that’s the price you pay for balans I suppose. In any case, that’s all for this week. Next week comes the Fletcher, which is arguably my favorite destroyer in the game. Well, either that or something else, I’m yet to decide. If you guys have any suggestions I’d be glad to take them. Take care, and I’ll see you next time. Potato, out!
  11. The_Potato_Smasher

    Update 0.10.4. Balance changes.

    Alright, sorta obligatory for me to do this on balance changes Airstrike Consumable Buffs Kikjduin: An acceptable set of buffs I suppose. Nothing unwarranted or overtweaked as far as I can see Eendracht: A range buff is fine, but increasing the size of the attacking flight is probably something that is going to be a bit much Haarlem: Range buff is fine...ish, but increasing the attacking flight size at this point is possibly overkill due to the sheer number of bombs that might be dropped De Zeven Provincien: Range buff to bring it in line with the Haarlem, nothing out of the ordinary Gouden Leeuw: 13 Kilometer Maximum range is overkill. Keep it at 12 and It should be fine. Haarlem Armor: Totally acceptable, but with the size of the icebreaker, I doubt that it will actually make that much of a difference towards any battleship Johan De Witt / Gouden Leeuw armor: More conforming of armor. Now all of the high-tier ships will have 40mm icebreakers, which should allow them into more dangerous close quarter situations. Still, the lack of fire resistance compared to other cruisers is a bit alarming. Constellation: These are a welcome set of buffs under all circumstances. An improvement to gun handling and overall handling characteristics is very much welcome, though I don't really see the need for that last buff given that her firing angles are already decent enough. Yukon: ????????????????. Why would you nerf the reload? At this point it's way worse than even the Duke of Puke...just ew, no. Weimar: This is what I was actually hoping to see with the Weimar from the start, basically an actual Mini-Mainz with the Konigsberg's guns instead of hyper buffed Nurnberg guns. That being said the short range / spotter gimmick is still highly questionable to me. Potato
  12. The_Potato_Smasher

    Four New Proposals

    Ohayo everyone. Bit late on catching the ball with this, but I've managed to finish four new proposals in the past five months. The proposals are all in downloadable PDF files. Everything has been double checked to ensure integrity and the like. I hope you enjoy. Potato. P.S Just tagging @Lert since I already showed Fr05ty these. _Just Another Proposal_ RM San Giorgio.pdf Just Another Proposal_ RM Milano.pdf Just Another Proposal_ VMF Ostronovo.pdf Just Another Proposal_ HMS Meteor.pdf
  13. The_Potato_Smasher

    Who have you seen in game

    Follow on to the previous post, I also found @Maredraco in a North Carolina when I was in a Fletcher. - Potato
  14. The_Potato_Smasher

    Who have you seen in game

    I found our resident Black Cat @Lert in his Musashi. I was going for a gentle cruise in the Vladivostok when I press tab to check the battle roster...guess who I find? In Game Chat Convo Me: *breathes* Me: LERT Lert: Where?! - Potato
  15. The_Potato_Smasher

    Need tips on British CL line

    RN CLs are really just smoke-farmers for most of the line. From Tier VIII onwards you can play with Radar, but it's extremely risky as you trade off your smoke generator for the Radar Consumable, and being a squishy target as an RN CL, not to mention a very lucrative target, automatically puts you in the danger zone. As for how you play them, situational awareness is of top priority. Keeping track of enemy Heavy Cruisers and Battleships ( and Large Cruisers besides ), where they are moving and where they might show up, allows you to predict in advance when you can engage and disengage from a fight. If you do find yourself in a hot situation, quickly assess how many radars can light you up. If there are any radars that can do so, do not smoke up and just continue to run. If there are no radars, you can safely smoke up and disengage. - Potato