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    Asymmetric battle survey.

    I find myself entertained by just reading the team lists off and picking a winner strategically -Shrayes
  2. Just Another Proposal: DKM H-43 An actual H-Class battleship at Tier X, and this time, I’ve done it properly Some nations have a claim to fame when it comes to their warships, whether it be most iconic, fastest, best armored, or best gunned. But sometimes, there are some who have a claim to fame that can be found amongst the lost documents of the design chiefs, the poor design chiefs whose naval genius and dreams never made it past the drawing board. Today, we have one such icon, reimagined (and done properly by me, for once ) for animation in World of Warships: the H-class battleships. More specifically, the gargantuan H-43, a 111,000 ton Krupp-armored, Rheinmetall armed German monster that would make even the mighty Kremlin, the stronkest of stronk Soviet Battleships, look like a rubber duck in a bathtub, and, with its massive 48.0 cm artillery lobbing off two rounds per minute, make any cruiser within it’s firing range go to instant brown alert the moment they see it. For the sake of game balance,( i.e dumping all over the self-esteem of the Soviets, because why the hell not), the H-43 will appear in a fully modernised 1945 configuration, equipped with everything a high-tier German Battleship needs, plus a few more things that it wanted. Help, of course, will come from our ever-trustworthy Naval Historian Friend, Drachinifel, and our ever resourceful forumite, @Fr05ty Armor Nominal Displacement: 111,000 Long Tons Dimensions: 330m x 48m x 12m HP Pool: 142,100 ( Yes, really ) Plating: 32mm Main Belt Armor: 300mm Mid-upper Belt Armor: 180mm Upper Belt Armor: 150mm Extended Belt Armor: 60-150mm ( 220mm over Propulsion Unit ) Deck armor: 32-60mm ( 80mm over magazine spaces ) Turtleback Slope Armor: 120mm @ 55* Citadel Armor: 380mm / 45mm / 180mm ( Aft / Side / Roof ) Torpedo Belt: 38mm ( 32% Torpedo Reduction ) Turret Armor: 430mm / 350mm / 230mm ( Face, Side, Roof ) Barbette Armor: 406mm Fire / Flood Duration: 70 / 50 seconds One. Hundred. And. Forty. Two. Thousand. Hitpoints. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forums, you may begin complaining now. Of course, that’s what a 111,000 ton displacement on Frosty’s formulas get’s you. That massive HP pool, combined with the typical H-Class armor profile, nets you a nearly indestructible German Behemoth that can tank for days and hold its own against pretty much anything that gets thrown at it. Of course, at 330m in length, it’s even larger than the mighty Groβer Kurfurst, which is currently the largest ship in the game at 313.4 meters in length. That also happens to make it exceedingly vulnerable to torpedo attacks, especially from the likes of specialized battleship-killers such as Asashio, which, incidentally, also makes the H-43 one of the few Battleships in the game that can survive a full 8-torp salvo from the Asashio’s monstrous deepwater torpedo racks ( the others being Kremlin and Yamato ), thanks to a fairly decent 32 percent torpedo reduction from it’s 38mm thick torpedo bulge. The ship also has an impressively thick 60mm deck, as well as a sloped turtleback armor layout and fairly tough turrets that are extremely difficult to disable thanks to the improved armor over other German Battleships. Of course, all of this comes at a major cost: EH-43 is exceedingly vulnerable to fires and floods, with 10 seconds added to both Fire and Flood recovery times, not to mention a gargantuan superstructure that makes the Kurfurst’s gigantic steel jenga-block assembly look like an overstuffed bookshelf, so there’s that. However, that’s the price you pay for extreme direct-damage resistance to basically anything that gets lobbed at you from range, not to mention the omnipresent threat of carrier-dropped ordnance. Armaments Primary Armament Turrets: 4 Secondary Armament Turrets: 14 Torpedo Armament Mounts: 0 Primary Armament: 4 x 2 48.0cm L/48 SK C/40 Layout: Balanced ( AB-XY ) Reload: 30 seconds Range: 21.0km HE Shell: 480mm L/4.6 Pr. Spgr. Kz, 1,660 Kg, 5,700 Alpha Damage, 44% Fire Chance, 120mm HE Penetration, 800 m/s Velocity AP Shell: 480mm APC L/4.6 Psgr. Kz, 1,660 Kg, 17,700 Alpha Damage, 45*-60* Auto-Ricochet Angles, 6.5% Normalization, 0.033 second fuse timer, 910mm penetration @ 5km, 800 m/s Velocity Dispersion: USN / British / German Battleship Sigma: 1.8 Turret Traverse Speed: 5.0* / sec ( 36 seconds / 180* ) Firing Angles: 145* / 143* / 140* / 140* ( A / B / X / Y ) Secondary Armament Level 1: 6 x 2 150mm L/55 SK C/28 Layout: Wing mount, Forward Stagger Reload Time: 7.50 Seconds Range: 8.5km Base HE Shell: 150mm Spgr. L/4.6 Kz (m.Hb ) 1,700 Alpha Damage, 8.0% fire chance, 38mm HE penetration, 875 m/s Velocity Sigma: 1.0 Accuracy: Standard Secondary Armament Level 2: 8 x 2 105mm L/65 Dop. L. C/31 Layout: Wing Mount, Balanced Reload Time: 3.35 Seconds Range: 8.5km base HE Shell: 105mm Spgr. L/4.4 Kz (m.Hb ) 1,200 Alpha Damage, 5.0% Fire chance, 26mm HE Penetration, 900 m/s Velocity Sigma: 1.0 Accuracy: Standard Torpedo Armament: N/A So, 19 inch guns, eh. Of course, the Shikishima already has one up on this ship, with 20 inch guns, but that’s for another debate. Of course, the real debate is between the various sources that disputed what the armaments of the ships were to have. One source stated that the H-41 design was to receive the 420mm L/48 guns, while the H-42 and 43 were to receive the theorized 480mm gun, while other sources state that H-41 and 42 were to receive the 420mm guns, while the H-43 was to receive the 480mm guns. Of course, that’s been settled on here, with the usage of the 480mm guns for the Eisenkanzler, but then there’s the matter of actually determining what the shell weight would look like. To do that, I took the known data values for the 420mm shell and scaled it up using Frosty’s advice, to obtain a shell weight of 1,660 kilograms. Then, I applied the typical German formulas for both HE and AP, to acquire a 5,700 / 17,700 Alpha rating for each shell respectively. The secondary armament largely copies the Friedrich der Groβe, but with a massively increased base range of 8.5 kilometers, though there is a significant lack of both DPM and penetration compared to the Kurfurst. There are other weaknesses, as well. For starters, in order for all the guns to be brought to bear effectively, the entire ship must rotate out and give a 45 degree broadside to it’s opponent, which could leave the ship’s rather thin main belt armor out for a nasty reprisal. Another issue is the somewhat lackluster firing range of just 21 kilometers. While this doesn’t seem like an issue, consider the fact that most battleships at Tier X ( with the exception of the Groβer Kurfurst and the Kremlin ), have a base firing range of over 21 kilometres. Adding to this is the fact that the gunnery parameters also mimic that of the Friedrich der Groβe, which gives the H-43 somewhat nasty tendency to shotgun at longer ranges. On the other hand, however, the 480mm gun caliber also means that there are almost no cruisers in the game which can be reasonably expected to bounce the AP shells, which can lead to catastrophic damage, should the 1.6 ton shells make contact. The gun penetration is also monstrous, rivaling the likes of Slava and Republique out to a range of around 15 kilometres, and even beating the Shikishima out for raw penetration capacity ( though the Japanese ship has a higher per-shell alpha damage ). The turret traverse is also quite respectable for such a massive turret setup, at 36 seconds for a full 180 degree turn. AA Defenses Long Range AA Defense: 8 x 2 105mm L/65 Dop. L. C/31 Range: 5.2km Aura DPS: 154.0 Number of Flak: 6+1 Flak Damage: 1,470 Accuracy: 75% Medium Range AA Defense Level 1: 6 x 2 55mm L/77 Gerat 58 Range: 4.0km Aura DPS: 197.9 Number of Flak: 0 Flak Damage: 0 Accuracy: 75% Medium Range AA Defense Level 2: 18 x 2 Rhm. 3.7cm FlaK 37 Range: 4.0km Aura DPS: 335.5 Number of Flak: 0 Flak Damage: 0 Accuracy: 75% Short Range AA Defense: 40 x 2 2.0cm L/65 C/38 Range: 2.0km Aura DPS: 400 Number of Flak: 0 Flak Damage: 0 Accuracy: 70% Access to Fighter: No Access to DFAA: No The H-43’s AA Defense is somewhat historical in it’s layout, but with one notable exception: 10 of the 37mm AA gun mounts have been removed and replaced by 6 of the 57mm Gerat 58 AA guns, which would likely have been the most obvious improvements to the AA Defenses, had the war gone on longer. The less obvious change is the fact that the 3.7cm Flak C/30 has been replaced by the FlaK 37 from Rheinmetall, in order to improve overall AA defense capabilities. However, the 105mm DP Artillery means that the maximum AA range is still quite short, at 5.2km, though the guns do throw out 7 puffs whenever anything gets too close. Otherwise, there is no access to Defensive AA Fire or even a Fighter Aircraft. The H-43 will have to rely solely on it’s AA Defenses in order to put up resistance against aircraft, with the 3.7cm and 5.5cm AA guns doing most of the work. Maneuverability Velocity Characteristics Top Speed: 28.8 knots Acceleration: 80 / 60 Acceleration / Deceleration Turning Velocity: 21.5 knots Rotational Characteristics Turning Radius: 1200 meters Rudder Shift Time: 21.9 seconds Rotation Speed: 2.8* / second To put it bluntly, the H-43 handles horridly. With a 1200 meter turning radius and a massive speed loss during turning, this is not a ship you should take into massive island complexes, such as Northern Waters or Trap. In addition, the rudder shift is almost as long as the Montana’s rudder shift, and precludes you from making any quick course adjustments. Also, the speed is uncharacteristically low for a WWII German vessel, at just 28.8 knots. This, of course, is due to its massive displacement, despite the usage of a hybrid Diesel / Steam Turbine propulsion unit. Don’t expect to be in a hurry when moving across the map. Concealment Stock Surface Detection Radius: 18.9 kilometres Aerial Detection Radius: 15.5 kilometres Smoke Firing Penalty: 18.8 kilometres Fully Upgraded w/ Camo Surface Detection Radius: 14.9 kilometres Aerial Detection Radius: 12.1 kilometres Assured Detection Radius: 2.0km The H-43 has a massive detection radius to go along with its enormous size as well, with a nearly 19 kilometre stock surface detection radius, which is the same as the Fuso. There’s not much else to be said of it. Build, Consumables and Legendary Module Modules Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Damage Control System Modification 1 Secondary Battery Modification 2 Damage Control System Modification 2 Concealment Systems Modification 1 Auxiliary Armaments Modification 2 or Close Combat Systems Upgrade Commander Skills Preventative Maintenance Adrenaline Rush Superintendent or Vigilance Advanced Firing Training Manual Fire Control For Secondary Armament Basics of Survivability Jack of All Trades or Expert Marksman Consumables ( Default ) Slot 1: Damage Control Party ( 15 second action time, 80 second reset ) Slot 2: Repair Party ( 28 second action time, 0.5% HP / Sec, 80 second reset timer, 4 charges base ) Slot 3: Hydroacoustic Search ( 120 second action time, 4km / 6km action radius, 100 second reset, 3 charges base ) Legendary Module: Close Combat Systems Upgrade Cost: 19,200 Research Points - 15% to Secondary Battery Reload + 25% Penetration to Secondary Battery HE shells - 15% to dispersion of Secondary Battery Shells The legendary module will seriously enhance the H-43’s short range fighting capabilities, to the point where most other warships will struggle to even come close to this warship to engage it. Yes, I understand that Smolensk and Colbert exist, but they face a dilemma. Either get assaulted by 13km range secondary guns, or get pounded into oblivion by high velocity 480mm artillery shells. Your choice, you toxic [ REDACTED ] Marketing I’m not going to make this ship for the Research Bureau or the Dockyard. Since the Shikishima is already on sale for Steel, I thought why not make this ship obtainable for 260,000 coal, as a sort of counterpart to the Shikishima, as seeing that we do not have one as of yet. H-43 will use the same camo scheme as the Grosser Kurfurst for it’s standard premium camo, as well as the Iron Cross camouflage that recently came out with 0.9.6. Closing Welp, that’s all I have for you folks today. Try not to take this far too seriously, as I was starting to get a bit triggered by the fact that I can’t damage Kremlins as of late, and decided to see how Russian Bias stacks up to the H-43 and my extremely short temperament. The next edition of the Weekly review comes this Friday as well. -Shrayes P.S: Get outta town, Russia. You're old news
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    Did they nerf the GZ's bombs and rockets again?

    Potatoes gonna Potate -Shrayes
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    X for Doubt -Shrayes
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    German Destroyers: Forgotten?

    I would just argue for either an RoF buff or an AP shell buff Nothing too serious -Shrayes
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    Hello all! This thread might be a bit sensitive, but I think it's one we need. @Hapa_Fodder does so much for us, such as reassuring us about new launches, keeping us duly informed about upcoming content, and being an all around good guy. Yet for some reason, I feel like he does not get the kind of appreciation that he truly deserves, for all of his hard work, and let's not forget the rest of his colleagues, @mfumukoskoldpadda, @Gneisenau013, @Maredraco, @Kalvothe, @Mademoisail, and many others who also deserve the same recognition. So, I decided that this thread should be one that leaves kind compliments to all of them, whether it be about their work or just being kind to them. Even recalling stories about the times you encountered them. I remember the first time I met Hapa in battle. It was a Tier VIII battle, and he was in an Aigle, divisioned up with ( I think ) Maredraco and someone else in a Normadie and a Bayern, respectively, while I was in HMS Fiji, and we happened to be on the same team. I sort of let him down by potatoing and giving full broadside to three ships while grounded on an island, (towards the end of the battle, of all the times for me to potato), but it didn't matter because I actually got to meet Hapa in battle! That moment made the rest of my day, let me tell you. o7 Hapa, you're the best! -Shrayes
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    Buff BB close quarter damage on DDs

    Ambushed by a DD in a BB. Well, that looks like YOUR fault! -Shrayes
  8. The Weekly Review: HIJMS Harugumo When you’ve pissed off the Japs for the LAST.QUACKING.TIME. Overview If there’s one thing you never want to piss off in World of Warships, it’s the Harugumo. Forget the fact that it has the largest healthpool of all the destroyers in the game. Forget the fact that it only has one torpedo launcher with a three minute reload. Forget ALL of that. Instead, focus on what makes it special, and why you should never try and fight this thing by yourself. Those little duck-head turrets, each of which contains a pair of 100mm/65 Type98 cannons, which spew out little pew pew rounds at 20 rounds per minute per gun, with a total rate of fire of 200 rounds per minute, and that’s even before you start adding on modifiers, such as Basic Firing Training, Adrenaline Rush, and, *gasp* Yamamoto Isoroku’s Second Wind Talent. In other words, do everything right, and you will quite literally end up with infinite levels of dakka to play around with ( and an ammo resupply bill to match ). History The Harugumo wasn’t actually ever built. Never mind that, it’s not even a real paper design. This one was pulled out of Wargaming’s rear end as a Tier X warship to cap off the Japanese heavy gunship destroyer line. However, the in game ship, for all intents and purposes, is actually something that is ( for once ), placed firmly in reality. The Harugumo shares the same basic armaments layout as the proposed Super Akizuki-class destroyers ( represented in the game by the Kitakaze at Tier IX ). However, it is larger (around 30 to 40 feet longer) than the Kitakaze, and ( I would estimate), around 250 to 300 tons heavier. This, of course, is in order to accommodate an extra Twin 100mm/65 Type 98 turret, for a total of 10 guns, which would give her 40 percent greater firepower over her assumed rival, the Allen.M Sumner class ( and, of course, the Gearing Class ). About those guns. The 100mm/65 Type98 was Japan’s first serious attempt at producing a capable and functional Dual-purpose Anti-Aircraft Artillery weapon. Up until that point, Japan only really had the 12cm/45 10th Year Type and the 12.7cm/50 Third Year Type, which were, to put it bluntly, terrible. These AAA guns lacked both range and effective damage output against enemy aircraft, especially as faster USN Aircraft such as the Helldiver and the Hellcat started to enter service around 1942 and 1943. Of course, Japanese engineers had planned for this, and starting in 1938, some 3 years before Pearl Harbor, began work on what would become the weapon that we see today. These guns were indeed the best of the Japanese AA guns during the war, with a high rate of fire between 15 and 21 rounds per minute, a range of 19.5 kilometers in the surface role, and 13 kilometers in the Anti-Air role, and the only fault that these guns had was the extremely short barrel life. A total of 169 guns were constructed, all emplaced in dual mounts. There was purportedly a second variant, called the Type 5, under development, but by the war’s end, the design was scrapped. Also like the Akizuki and the Super Akizuki-class, the Harugumo carried a single torpedo launcher mounted amidships. This was a 610mm Sextuple torpedo launcher, firing the ubiquitous Type 93 Long Lance torpedo, as did all Japanese ships with torpedoes. All of this was supplemented with a large number of 40mm Bofors, and 25mm Type96 AA guns, arguably the worst AA guns in history, for defense against aircraft, ( and not once did it occur to the Japanese that trying to put more of the same terrible gun on a ship was basically just polishing a turd.) But that is enough about the history of the ship ( or whatever history there is). Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Armor HP Pool: 25,600 (29,100 with SE ) Plating: 19mm TDS: 0% Pros: Massive HP Pool Cons: Eats BB AP like an absolute [edited], lacks a Repair party, HYOOOJ. So then, the Harugumo is the chonkiest of chonky destroyers in the game. With 25,600 hitpoints to start with, the Harugumo has a massive leg up against rivals such as the Kleber and Khabarovsk, never mind the smaller ones like the Gearing, Daring, and Grozovoi. Taking survivability expert brings that chonk-tacular HP pool up to 29,100 points, which puts you at Tier VI and VII levels of cruiser health. Now THAT’s not messing around. Of course, unlike the Daring, Khabarovsk, and Grozovoi ( not to mention the Halland ), the Harugumo doesn’t have access to a repair party ( short of having Yamamoto and scoring a Kraken ), and then there’s the elephant in the room: Battleships. Harugumo is one of only two destroyers in the game ( the other being Khaba ) that can suffer from full-penetrations from large-caliber AP shells, which means that, if something like a Montana looks at you funny and actually hits you with Armor Piercing shells ( and it’s not like it’s gonna miss, because this ship is absolutely massive) it’s gonna hurt harder than Hiroshima. Literally. Rating: WTAF How to make it less painful: Fix Battleship-caliber AP interactions with Destroyers. Artillery Guns: 5 x 2 100mm/65 Type98 Range: 12.6km Reload: 3 seconds HE pen: 30mm Alpha: 1200 / 1700 ( 5% fire chance, 17mm arming threshold ) Velocity: 1,000 m/s ( yes, really) DPM: 240,000 HE / 340,000 AP Turret Traverse speed:16.00 deg/sec Pros: More dakka than you can shake an Ultramarine at, IFHE makes it a nightmare for British and French Battleships, shares the same layout as the Fletcher-class, insane shell velocity for close range duels. Cons: Fletcher turret layout without the same excellent traverse angles, slow turning turrets, shells lose velocity quickly at range. Before we start with this, yes, I am a Warhammer fan, as evinced by that “Dakka'' quotation. Now that’s out of the way, we can start in earnest. The Harugumo brings the largest broadside of all destroyers in the game, with a total of 10 guns mounted in five twin turrets, in a layout that is very much reminiscent of the Fletcher-class destroyers. This, of course, means that the Harugumo can bring 60% of it’s firepower to bear at a relatively safe 30 degree angle against enemy destroyers in a similar manner to the Fletcher, with twice the firepower to boot! Of course, this is where the problems start. The Harugumo, unlike the Fletcher, has rather poor rear turret firing angles, being required to swing out to around 40 degrees or so in order to bring all five turrets to bear on an opponent, and this, of course, creates problems when facing opponents such as the Daring or the Z-52, which both have monstrously powerful AP shells that will arm against the hull of the Harugumo ( if you recall what I said about the armor, the Harugumo has a nasty tendency to arm AP shells for full penetrations, as I have learned many times ( usually to my cost) on the Public Test). But that’s enough rambling about the hull. What about the guns themselves? They don’t deal a ton of damage on a per-shell basis, in fact, these guns deal around half the AP damage of the Z-52, and, on average, less HE damage than most of the competition. The HE shells aren’t very good fire starters either, with roughly the same fire chance as the USN 127mm HE shells, and taking IFHE ( which is practically mandated on 100mm armed IJN DDs), cuts that down even further. Of course, all complaints get thrown out of the window when you remember that each gun hurls 20 rounds per minute, and the fact that you get 10 of them, for a grand total of 200 rounds per minute and 240,000 High Explosive Damage potential every minute, as well as 340,000 AP Damage per minute. That HE DPM, by the way, is actually higher than the Hindenburg’s HE DPM, and that thing is a monstrously powerful German Heavy cruiser with 12 203mm guns on a 9.8 second reload ( Ah, who am I kidding, German HE is crap ), and that HE DPM can be made even more effective if IFHE is specified, which bumps the HE penetration from 30mm to 37mm, and while you cannot penetrate the decks of USN Battleships, you can make a hash out of British and French Battleships, which are covered in that delicious 32mm plating everywhere but the turrets and main armor belt. Another impressive feature is the 1,000 m/s shell velocity, which makes close range gun duels a piece of cake even against US and British Destroyers, which, of course, compensates for the sluggish 16 degree per second turret traverse of the guns. However, the shells themselves are actually very light, and begin to lose velocity very rapidly outside of 9 kilometer ranges, which makes target leading a chore at longer ranges. But man, all the dakka… ( OKAY, WHO CRAPPED THEIR PANTS!?) Rating: WTAF How to make it worse: It’s a close contest between this ship, the Daring, and the Marceau for king of the hill brawler gunships. Right now, I’d hand it to Marceau, because of the saturation gimmick that the Frenchman wields, plus the 127mm/54 HE shells, but this ship is very close behind, with Daring pulling a close third thanks to the Repair party and impressive AP shells. Torpedoes Launcher: 1 x 6 610mm Torpedoes: Type 93 mod.3 or Type F3 Range: 12.00km or 8.01km Alpha: 23,767 or 21,367 Speed: 67 knots or 76 knots Detectability: 1.70km or 1.80km Flood Chance: 406% or 361% Reload Time: 171.0 seconds or 157.0 seconds Access to Torpedo Reload Booster: Yes, separate slot Pros: 6 tubes in one salvo, improved torpedo reload booster, Type 93 mod.3 torps hit like a freight train. Cons: Only 6 tubes when everyone else has 8 or more, horrid reload, awkward sector angles Harugumo’s fish are more of a secondary weapon rather than a primary striking weapon like the torpedoes found on a ship like the Gearing ( or even the Shimakaze, for that matter ). With only six torpedo tubes concentrated into a single launcher, it’s fairly easy to lose all of your torpedo power if something like a Thunderer or Des Moines looks at you funny. The upshot, however, is the fact that these torpedoes are, really, really good. They’re the classic Japanese Type 93 mod.3 torpedoes, with a 12 kilometer range, 67 knots of speed, and enough alpha strike to make a Kremlin cry. Combine that with the torpedo reload booster consumable, and you can send a 12 fish wall of skill out every few minutes or so. Now, I say every few minutes or so, because of the fact that this single torpedo launcher also has a horrendously long reload time of nearly 3 minutes, which means that, for the rest of the time, you’re just whittling down opponents while waiting for your next nuclear hammer to drop. The firing arcs are also rather bad, being angled towards the back of the ship and requiring an awkward amount of broadside to use. Kind of like the Royal Navy Destroyers, only worse. Rating: Acceptable How to make it better: Shave a decent amount of time off her torpedo reload or increase her firing arcs. Alternatively, a single fire option wouldn’t be bad, either. AA Defense Long Range AA Defense: 5 x 2 100mm/65 Type98: 133 dps @ 5.8km, 5+1 x 1,540 Flak Mid Range AA Defense: 6 x 2 40mm Bofors “Chi” Type98: 122.5 dps @ 3.5km Short Range AA Defense: 16 x 1 25mm/60 Type96 mod.1: 63 dps @ 2.0km Access to DFAA: No Pros: Long-ranged AA defenses, Bofors. Cons: Everything else The Harugumo is one of the few Japanese destroyers that has a proper AA defense to work with, especially against bottom tier carriers. The range is quite good, at 5.8km, and the DPS and flak are workable as well. However, the AA defense isn’t without curiosities. This includes the addition of a midrange AA ring, something that is rarely seen on Japanese vessels ( never mind the high-tier ones. The only other places where it is found are on the Zao, Yoshino, Shikishima, and Kitakaze ). That midrange is also composed of Bofors 40mm mounts, albeit the somewhat questionable Japanese Type98 variant, which has a lower effective damage output than other Bofors variants. Everything else about the AA defense is terrible. The short range consists of single 25mm mounts, which are terrible, and there’s no DFAA to back up the otherwise decent mid and long range rings. Rating: Acceptable How to make it better: Just ditch the damn 25mm mounts, already! Maneuverability Engine Power: 79,240 SHP Top Speed: 35.7 knots Turning Radius: 830 meters (!) Rudder Shift: 5.5 seconds Power-to-weight ratio: 15.51 Access to Engine Boost: Yes Pros: Decent top speed, relatively quick rudder shift time, Engine boost allows pushes to 40 knots of speed. Cons: Absolutely horrendous turning circle, Georgia would like to have a word about that speed. The Harugumo’s maneuverability is a mixed bag, for sure. The top speed of 35.7 knots isn’t half bad, and neither is the rudder shift time of 5.5 seconds. With engine boost running, the Harugumo can sprint at just over 40 knots, which is actually quite quick for something as big as this. However, this is where the problems start. You see, this ship literally has the worst turning radius of all the DDs in the game, at 830 meters, which is actually worse than some light cruisers and even some heavy cruisers. Another issue comes up when you compare the overall top speed of the ship to most others. Even with 40 knots of speed, there are some ships that can move in excess of 45 knots, and even 50 knots. Hell, even 55 knots ( yes, Kleber, Marceau, I’m looking squarely at YOU ). What’s even more embarrassing is that there is a battleship that moves nearly as fast: the Georgia. With engine boost running, the Georgia can steam along at 39.8 knots, which is only 0.7 knots slower than the Harugumo’s 40.5 knot top speed, and that’s with a Sierra Mike signal flag, and the Bourgogne and Champagne are only slightly behind at 38.5 knots. The point is, expect to get run down, hard. Rating: Poor How to make it better: increase the engine power to allow the Harugumo to move faster, or cut her turning circle down by a good 50 meters. Concealment Stock Surface Concealment: 7.7km Stock Aerial Concealment: 4.2km Minimum Detection Radius: 6.2km Minimum Aerial Detection Radius: 3.4km Access to Smoke Generator: Yes, Japanese Standard ( 20 second deploy, 97 second dispersion ) Pros: Fear Factor, Smoke without having to give up Torpedo Reload Booster Cons: Everyone else except Khabarovsk, Kleber, and Marceau The Harugumo has some serious stealth issues. With a 6.2km minimum detection radius, ships like Daring, Z-52, and Grozovoi, which are absolute terrors against this ship (for various reasons, primarily the AP striking power of German 128mm AP shells against thicker targets, which can and will penetrate the chunky hull of the Harugumo, not to mention the smoke-hydro combination ), can easily sneak up on the Harugumo and completely ruin any chance of getting out of there alive. In fact, there are only three DDs that you outspot at Tier X, and those are the Marceau, Kleber, and Khabarovsk, and they all have far better speed ( and/or armor ), to counteract the spotting. The good thing is that the Harugumo has access to a smokescreen without needing to give up the torpedo reload booster consumable, which is nice. Another thing to keep in mind is the fear factor this ship generates. No-one, and I do mean no-one, wants to get caught out by this ship’s massive firepower at any range. Like I said, we’re talking TF2 Heavy-levels of cannon-fire at the absolute minimum, and that’s even before we add things like BFT, MBM3, and Yamamoto’s Second Wind. Like I said, fear factor... Rating: Poor How to make it better: Reduce the stock detection radius by a hundred meters, or make this thing even scarier at close range. The Verdict Armor: 5 / 5 Artillery: 5 / 5 Torpedoes: 3 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Maneuverability: 2 / 5 Concealment: 2 / 5 Overall Score: 20 / 30 ( Gudbote ) Angry Potato One-liner: Dang, boi, that’s one Thicc Ducc ( sorry ) Welp, that’s all I got for you fellas today. If you have any questions, comments, or salt, do leave them in the comments below. -Shrayes
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    How to Neptune?

    I already have a 15 point Jingles with RDF. I just need to retrain him from my Edinburgh to my Neptune
  10. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    How to Neptune?

    Hello everyone! So, I finished my Edinburgh grind this afternoon, like an absolute boss, and I finally unlocked the HMS Neptune. I've already played a few games in her, and I'm already liking the ship quite a bit. For starters, the rate of fire and turret traverse are marked improvements over the Edinburgh and an absolute nightmare for anyone that dares enter main battery range. I also like the fact that I now have more usable torpedo banks, with 8 fish per side instead of the previous 3 fish. There are only a couple of things that I really dislike about the ship, and that's the larger-than-average surface detection radius, and the unfortunate tendency to suddenly and violently explode if anything other than a destroyer looks at it funny. ( At least I get the Teaboo repair party to compensate for that particular shortcoming in some circumstances ). However, I'm sort of struggling to figure out how to use the ship. With the Edinburgh, if I had the Smoke Generator equipped, I could cosplay as a DD in top-tier matches, and with the Surveillance Radar, I could be an effective DD hunter as well. That, however, was largely due to the Edinburgh's excellent 9.2km surface detection radius when fully kitted out. On the other hand, the Neptune can only minimize to 10.3 kilometers, which is actually rather appalling, to say the least. So, that's my question. How do I work around the shortcomings and that bad detection radius and maximize the potential of the ship? ( Yes, I'm still on the stock hull. It's gonna take a while, okay!?) Thanks in advance -Shrayes
  11. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Edinburgh: JINGLES!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I know If I do get featured, I'll just leave a comment saying whether or not he got it right -Shrayes
  12. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Edinburgh: JINGLES!!!!!!!

    A GIF? *gasp* Usually I get written responses to these, but this is something else. Thank you so much, Col! -Shrayes
  13. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Edinburgh: JINGLES!!!!!!!

    Already done ))) -Shrayes
  14. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Nicholas: Memes and Misplays

    I meant that I would use the Nicholas. I'm tempted not to use the Monaghan because of the 6.3km Detection Radius, whereas Nicholas has a 5.8km detection radius and effectively the same artillery firepower a whole Tier lower. -Shrayes
  15. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Edinburgh: JINGLES!!!!!!!

    Hello everyone! Just played a game in the Edinburgh on the two brothers map ( on my way to the Neptune, and let me just say ) Somebody WAKE UP THE OLD MAN. HAVE I GOT A REPLAY OF REPLAYS FOR HIM!!!!! Best. Cruiser. Game. I. Ever. Played. Three. Thousand. Four. Hundred. Base. XP. That's more than DOUBLE what the next guy on the team scored. By the way, shoutout to the friendly Ranger for helping out a bunch with scouting and doing what needed to be done. Yeah, they didn't score any kills, but that hardly matters in the grand scheme of things. They contributed to the win in a major way, and that's what matters the most. When British Armor Piercing Strikes. Almost all of my damage was done directly by my main battery, with some secondary hits on the enemy Ranger at the end. Also, I may or may not have pulled this one waaaaayyy too close for comfort; 59 seconds left on the clock, hoo boy. My entire body was shaking like a massage chair. Special thanks to the enemy Gallant for literally handing me the easiest DD kill I ever scored in the game. It's a shame that I didn't get to use the printer to the fullest extent, nor did I score the AA defense expert medal, which I almost did by three planes. I'm starting to wish I had another Three Hours of Premium Time and a bunch of Dragon Flags, otherwise this would have hands down been a Million Credit Game. Still, I'm more than happy with the results that I got in the end. 20200801_214308_PBSC108-Edinburgh_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay Here's the replay file. WARNING: Some foul language and a very quick and violent DD kill. Hope you fellas enjoy! -Shrayes Edit: @Kurosai006, thank you SO much for helping me win this game. You deserve a good share of the credit! Also, @Lert, you think you can top this in a cruiser?