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  1. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Des Moines ( THE REDUX )

    Finally! Someone who speaks logic. Thank you :SerB:
  2. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Ranked at T7 next month!

    I have tried the Scharnhorst. As a three day rental of course. I wish I had the Scharnhorst, but because of the fact that I'm a free to play player ( and the fact that my parents won't let me spend a single cent on the game ( I'm still 16 by the way, go figure )), I don't have it. I wish I did though.... :SerB:
  3. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Ranked at T7 next month!

    Gneisenau for me, as it's the only Tier 7 ship that I consider fun. I'm still grinding out the coal for the Blyska, but I probably wont bring her into ranked, because of so many other ships that are just better. I'll probably bring Fiji as well. It's quite competitive at Tier 7 ( It's got the same firepower as the Belfast, plus that nuclear British AP ) If I want to bring a DD. Vauquelin. That reload booster is going to eat everything alive, plus that mondo HP pool :SerB:
  4. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Do not buy MAINZ!!!!! Save your money!!!

    I wish I did sell used cars. Too bad I cant right now. :SerB:
  5. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    ST, free Premium consumables

    It actually happened before I got the special camo for it. After that, I lost very little money, maybe 90 or 100k , but not 150k. It still happened tho... :SerB:
  6. I played it on PTS. Full Dakka build Damn it was fun :SerB:
  7. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    World of Warship Ship Comparo 3: Massachussets versus Tirpitz

    I forgot to mention some things that have changed recently As of the IFHE rework, Massachussets HE Penetration on her 127mm guns has gone up to 21mm, and the penetration of Tirpitz's 105mm / 150mm guns have gone up to 26mm / 38mm, respectively. Also, Tirpitz has the ability to mount the Torpedo Tubes Modification upgrade in the third slot to boost her torpedo speed ( Not that you'll wanna use it, it's terrible ) :SerB:
  8. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Sea-Going Version of Great War

    Hey there. I was bored out of my mind, so I decided to make a version of "Great War" by Sabaton, that fits World of Warships. Just because.... ALL CREDIT FOR THE ORIGINAL SONG GOES TO JOAKIM BRODEN, PAER SUNDSTROM, VIKTOR CARLSSON, AND WARNER CHAPPEL MUSIC INC. GREAT WAR - WORLD OF WARSHIPS VERSION Where dead ships lie I'm paralyzed, my shipmates life is gone. And he shall be sunken here, nameless marks his grave. Back to port, get a telegram and shed a tear of grief. Water and blood in foreign land trying to understand. Where is this victory I've been told? These are the lies we've been sold Was that a worthy sacrifice? Great Toil We cannot take more Great Toil We keep on sailing on Playing this great score There will be no encore Great Toil The toil to end all toils I'm sitting here I'm full of fear, HE at my feet Over there, on the other side, Torpedoes wear my name Lead ahead as commander said and show them no remorse Who am I to understand, what we have become We do our duties pay the price We make the worthy sacrifice I know our deeds are not in vain Great Toil We cannot take more Great Toil We keep on sailing on Playing this great score There will be no encore Great Toil The toil to end all toils And fight by fight we pay the price of the capture zone Though ships are falling we see heroes rise And through the hell We fight till the end of time So follow us, and we will write out our own history ( Solo ) Great Toil We cannot take more Great Toil We keep on sailing on Playing this great score There will be no encore Great Toil The toil to end all toils - End - Once again, if you have any questions, comments, or salt, do leave them in the comments below. :SerB:
  9. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Community Contributor Program: QnA

    @Kalvothe Just a quick question. How long does the application processing usually take? :SerB: P.S: I'm just anxious
  10. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Do not buy MAINZ!!!!! Save your money!!!

    I'm tempted to salt you so hard here that it'd make Jeremy Clarkson proud. I'm not going to do it because I'm a sensible person and I don't want to look like a total peach-head who's trying to get attention. So I'll just list some of the Mainz's strong points so that you'll understand, with reference to it's main competitor, the Cleveland Better rate of fire than the Cleveland ( 120 RPM vs 110 RPM ) Better range than the Cleveland ( 17.5km vs 15.6km ) Greater durability than the Cleveland ( 42,500 HP vs 36,900 HP ) Better shell arcs than the Cleveland ( i.e you can accurately hit targets at ranges even beyond the Cleveland's maximum range ) It actually has torpedoes ( 4 x 4 G7 a T1. Yes they are short ranged, but they are still usable right situations) Better armor ( has an extended 40mm armor belt on top of the 25mm armor as opposed to the entirely 25mm armored nose of the Cleveland ) Monster AP shells compareed to the Cleveland ( 3700 AP alpha vs 3200 AP alpha ) Actually has better AA than the Cleveland Mainz can be used as a brawling light cruiser, but it's rather opportunistic, going towards the flanks and isolating other light or heavy cruisers and taking them down using a combination of powerful artillery and massive torpedo banks to take them down. Cleveland cannot do this because of her lighter armor and lower durability compared to Mainz. Of course, Mainz is still a light cruiser ( it's a very big light cruiser ). It is designed to assault heavy cruisers, light cruisers, and destroyers, while kiting and harassing Battleships and Large Cruisers / Battlecruisers. The AA defenses are also quite good, making it strong against Aircraft Carriers as well. So do yourself a favor and stop being salty. Light Cruisers that are not Kutuzov or Smolensk are difficult to play, and that is simply the reality of it. :SerB:
  11. Well done my friend. A truly deserved victory for such a skilled CV Player AND HOO-BOY LOOK AT THE MONEYS!!! :SerB: Edit: Yes, I respect all World of Warships players, even CV casuals or even CV mains, as long as they don't be feckless idiots and complain.
  12. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Bourgogne

    Ugh, will you people stop [edited] about the spreadsheets? I review ships subjectively, but I never think about the spreadsheets when I do it. Thinking about them makes me feel like a ship is either underpowered or overpowered and it causes me to revert to the whole " Wargaming Bad" Mentality, which I absolutely despise and I wish people would stop bothering with it because that just causes more drama and panic. Seriously people. Care more about how YOU feel about the ship rather than whether or not it's performing in the spreadsheets. I like all the ships I play and review because they are fun, not because of how well they perform. The one exception I can think of is Omaha, and that's it :SerB:
  13. Just a PSA for those of you who still think that the Colbert is terrible Public Test notes from 0.9.3 - Tier X French Cruiser Colbert: Main battery reload time reduced from 3.5 to 3.4 seconds; Restoration of hit points by Repair Party Consumable increased from 0.5% to 0.66% of total hit points per second. Basically it got a DPM boost and the American Battleship Repair Party consumable. Also, the Colbert is actually quite a powerful ship. In the right hands, it becomes absolutely disgusting against pretty much everything that it faces, whether it be humiliating a Smolensk in a gun duel, burning down a Kremlin, or just making every single damn destroyer on the enemy team regret their choice for being the scout, or even ripping apart carriers with it's disgustingly powerful AA ( Sometimes I wonder whether or not the whole "Thinking Man's Game" thing really exists, given just how much some people seem to lack for any sort of rational thinking. What do you think @Lert? ) :SerB: Edit: I know the Colbert is good, and I don't even have this ship because I refuse to regrind and get these warships just for the sake of having them. It's just hard to play, that's all. ( Cue the Jeremy Clarkson voice ) Unlike the Smolensk, it's not a feckless zombie-faced, brain-dead, floating box of citadels and idiotic vaporware.
  14. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Des Moines ( THE REDUX )

    If anyone has interest in a DM, go watch The Sailing Robin's video on the Des Moines Or as he puts it ( and everyone else puts it ), the Des Memes ( kek ) :SerB:
  15. World Of Warships Ship Opinions: Des Moines (THE REDUX ) Merde, here we go again. Welp, here we are again. I said that I’d do a redux of my previous reviews, since I’m bored and I have nothing else to do, as I’m also working on a side-project concerning Commonwealth Warships. So I decided to put that down for the time being and do something else. And here comes the DM again. Des Moines has long been one of my personal favorites, both for it’s incredible agility, duress, and gob-smacking ability to rain an unending stream of Armor-Piercing hellfire on anything that pisses it off. Of course, it has it’s fair share of weaknesses that are easy to exploit as well, and that can easily send it back to port in a jiffy. Some things have changed since that original review, so I’ll be sure to remember those things as well. Here we go. Again. Armor: Solid, but not great Pros: Nice slug of hitpoints, proper all-or-nothing armor scheme, 27mm bow can allow it to bow-tank some battleships. Cons: Anything with 431mm guns or larger is going to smack this thing all the way back to 1945. Des Moines’ armor is a bit odd when compared to other cruisers of the same tier. The armor is fairly typical of all USN Cruisers and Battleships, with an all or nothing armor scheme that protects her citadel and all 50,600 of her hitpoints, which is a sizable hitpool at Tier 10. However, things fall off a cliff when you take a look at the specifics of her armor scheme. The ENTIRE bow and stern is 27mm thick, with no extended belt like the one found on Hindenburg or Moskva, and while it can bounce the likes of Bismarck, Monarch, Alsace, and Bourgogne, 406mm guns like the ones on Iowa or Friedrich der Grosse will punch clean through it. Also, her entire center section ( the upper armor belt and deck ) is 30mm thick. While this isn’t a bad thing, as it can ricochet 429mm or smaller shells, a good chunk of the Battleships have 431-457mm, 460mm or even 510mm guns, which means that one good shot from a Kremlin or a Yamato is going to blast this ship all the way back to the end of World War II. Adding to this is the fact that she doesn’t have Salem’s zombie Repair Party, which means any chunk damage taken isn’t really going to come back as you might wish. Positioning is key in this ship, otherwise, well, your dead. Rating: Acceptable Armaments: Who Needs Torpedoes Pros: American Piercing Shells, INSANE rate of fire, convenient firing arcs Cons: Orbital shell ballistics, NO Torpedo armament whatsoever, HE shells are meh. There are heavy cruisers. There are fast firing heavy cruisers, and then there’s Des Moines. While all other heavy cruisers are saddled with a longer than 10 second reload ( excepting Hindenburg, which has a 9.8 second reload ), Des Moines has a 5.5 second reload. Yes. 5.5 seconds. That kind of reload is what gives her the fearsome ability to lay down an unending hail of 203mm gunfire at any target she desires to shoot at ( or whoever is unfortunate to piss her off ). Adding to this is the fact that Des Moines uses American Piercing Shells, which have improved autobounce angles and extreme energy retention, which also gives Des Moines the ability to turn any cruiser dumb enough to show broadside at ranges out to 10km into a citadel fest, as well as drive whole salvoes into the sides of some Battleships at closer ranges ( and deal disgusting amounts of damage in the process), not to mention the excellent fields of fire to use. Of course, there are downsides. The HE shells can be described as “meh” at best. They have a decent fire chance and good penetration, but the damage is somewhat lackluster. Also, the shell arcs on the AP shells are almost orbital in nature, taking an extremely long time to go up, and then come down again, making leading targets at range a bit of a chore. Also, she doesn’t have any torpedoes, unlike pretty much every other Tier 10 cruiser, save the American and Russian Supercruisers and the Worcester. But let’s be real. With this kind of artillery firepower, who needs torpedoes? Rating: WTAF AA: Solid Pros: 76mm AA mounts are painful to fly through, brutal long range flak bursts Cons: Long Range AA can’t stack up to the likes of Hindenburg, AA is easily disabled. Des Moines’ AA had a fearsome reputation for gobbling up planes like no-ones business. It still does that even to this day, with brutal AA defenses that make life painful for Tier 8 carriers. Hell, the AA is as good as that of dedicated AA cruisers such as Colbert and Smolensk, which is quite embarrasing. Of course, it’s not always good. Hindenburg boasts better long range AA DPS on the backs of her 8 dual 105mm mounts, while Des Moines has only 6 dual 127mm mounts. Also, like all ships, the AA is easy to disable when under concentrated High Explosive Fire. Overall, it’s quite good, but like the Bourgogne that I reviewed before, it’s only good when it’s still functioning Rating: Good Maneuverability: Let’s Dance Pros: Legendary module makes it the most agile cruiser in the game, quick stock rudder shift, snappy turning circle. Cons: It’s handling is only “okay” without the Legendary Module, The Research Bureau, module gameplay is difficult to master. When it comes to handling, it’s tough to beat Des Moines. Okay, her stock handling is quite generously described as “okay”. Her turning circle is tight, at 770 meters, and her stock rudder shift is quite quick, at 8.6 seconds. But it’s still not fantastic. However, her Legendary Module turns her into an absolute beast. With the proper build combined with said module, which cuts the rudder shift by 20% and the acceleration time by 50%, at the cost of just 10% of her radar duration, she becomes a nightmare for all ship classes to deal with, as Des Moines becomes a very difficult target for both Battleship guns and Destroyer Torpedoes to hit. Of course, the Legendary module is now nearly unobtainable, as it’s locked behind the Research Bureau and what I can only describe, based upon the experiences of others, as a very painful grind. It’s also quite difficult to master, but it’s well worth it when you do. Rating: Good Stealth : Nightmare Pros: Excellent Stealth, USN Radar Cons: Minotaur, Worcester, Zao, and the gatling guns out-detect it, DDs have warning to get out of danger Des Moines is one of the best DD and cruiser hunters in the game, period. Her minimum surface detection can reach 10.9 kilometers, which is already better than almost every single cruiser at Tier 10. Now I say almost, because there are 5 cruisers that outspot it, those ships being the Zao, Worcester, Minotaur, Smolensk, and Colbert, which all have 10km or lower detection radii ( Salem doesn’t count because it’s the same damn ship with a reskin and a superheal and a nerfed radar ). Of course, that 10km number is also a magic number, because that number is the range of the USN Heavy Cruiser Radar. That 10km range, combined with a 40 second radar duration, gives the ability to catch almost any ship stupid enough to wander within range of the DM with it’s pants down and send it running back to port with it’s torpedo tubes between it’s legs. And it’s damn hilarious every single time. ( Just remember the fact that Destroyers have at least a 900 meter buffer between her detection radius and her radar range, and despite the fact that Des Moines can close the distance quickly, the Lolibotes have the ability to get the hell out of dodge faster ) Rating: WTAF The Verdict Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 5 / 5 AA: 4 / 5 Maneuverability: 4 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Overall Score: 21 / 25 ( Gudbote ) General Writer Review: Stick Halsey on this ship and it becomes an absolute monster. Welp, that’s all I got for you folks today. If you want to have fun when playing World of Warships while also being helpful to the team, play the Des Moines, period. On Tuesday, the La Galissoniere versus Budyonny comparison test will come out, as I promised ( for the better part of over a week ), and the next review will be a review of the Bayern, one of my all time favorite warships. After that, I’ll ask you guys to do something for me. THAT’S ALL, FOLKS! :SerB: