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  1. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Which ships for upcoming 1:1 brawl (T9)?

    For 1 v 1 Tier IX I would say Rupprecht is your number one pick. If you want to take Cruisers, either Agir or Drake For DDs Mogador or Paolo Emilio
  2. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E


    Groningen is a good farming ship but she suffers from being clumsy and having a fairly large detection range. She compensates mostly by being able to outtrade most DDs that she will come across save for a Mogador or a Kitakaze. Play her as a second line support DD if you have a friendly destroyer in front of you that has a better detection radius than your ship, or take advantage of her long lasting American smoke screens and spotting from your allies to farm down some Battleships. Of course, know when to run as well. She only does 35 knots
  3. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Giulio Cesare and the "OP" discussion - is it really?

    GC not OP? In what universe
  4. Hm yes, Ad hominem, that works every time doesn't it? Spoiler alert, it doesn't. Now just take a chill pill, drink some tea, and do something else. Playing Warships has clearly got you in a bit of a bind.
  5. You've been here for years, sure But your statcard gives you practically zero credibility on this matter. Maybe you played Superships and maybe you did damage with them, but that's about it. Also, telling me to play solo? Bud, 90 percent of my games are solo, and I have played Carriers before, and I know that they are divisive and a detriment to the game. That doesn't mean that people will not use and abuse the class as they wish. Submarines? Oh please, an annoyance at worst, there is at best a small percentage of players who actually know and understand how to utilize Submarines properly ( Ivan being one of them ). As for the Carriers, there's no real counterplay once you run into a CV who knows how to utilize CVs properly, which admittedly is a large number of individuals but by no means the entire playerbase.
  6. It's funny how you go after peoples WR and such when you yourself have no credency to it. Also, if you're using WoWS Numbers to determine whether or not people played Superships, just so you know that site is rather misleading given that it does not provide accurate information
  7. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    New German BC line nerfed

    The short answer is that Schlieffen essentially can play itself for the most part. Its secondary battery range is nearly equivalent to its detection range ( 12.5km maxed out vs 12.6km minimum detection ), and you essentially start racking up damage and fires the moment you get detected. Combine this with high speed, fairly heavy distributed armor, and the fact that she can angle well and still bring most of her secondary battery into action essentially is a self-serving justification for a nerf to the Schlieffen. As for the Hydroacoustic Search nerf, this isn't so much to prevent them from being capable of hunting down Destroyers, more so to give Destroyers a greater chance to actually land torpedoes on them by reducing the assured range that the torpedoes will be detected at by the Hydroacoustic Search, thereby giving these ships less reaction time to actually dodge them. "Coddling DDs btw". With the Air Spotting, large quantities of Radar and Long-Range Hydro at high tiers, low HP pools, so on, Destroyers aren't being coddled at all.
  8. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Sevastopol opinions

    Sevastopol is still currently under NDA and still subject to change :)
  9. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Superships - Whats the point?

    The Superships are eventually intended to become a Credit Sink. For the time being however, they are more or less a preview of the future, essentially a look into a world that was not necessarily dominated by the mentality of the Cold War.
  10. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Unpopular Opinion...

    In all seriousness, this sort of thing isn't too much of a problem if you just press your A and D keys a couple of times. They're there on the keyboard for a reason after all. Also, anyone who torpedoes on the white line is more likely than not going to whiff their torpedoes unless they know that said target is more or less paralyzed. Also.. we do have lead indicators for pretty much all ship types minus CVs, your DDs have main guns too and they have the crosshairs to use! So do Battleships and Cruisers. CVs have targeting reticules that you can line up perfectly with just a little bit of timing too!
  11. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Shikishima vs. Satsuma - Shiki still worth it?

    Heya folks, just stopped by to read. Just to clarify, the Shikishima is a Steel Ship whereas the Satsuma is a Supership. As of now, the Satsuma is available from the Armory via Random Bundle Exchange for Supership Tokens, so the only Credit Cost that is required for her is the 6.875 Million Credits required to fit her out with all modules ( plus your whatever point commander you have lying around somewhere ). In addition, she incurs no Battle Costs, but does not earn Credits Either, as well as being confined to Ranked and Co-op Battles. She won't be around forever either, she'll be leaving the game back to the shelves for next time with the release of Patch 0.10.11. As for Gameplay performance, she's got some really high battle influence thanks to her Active Firing Mode which increases the accuracy of her shots by 35% For about One Salvo. That combined with her high Accuracy in general, decent armor etc, makes her a tough threat for most opponents if she's positioned right. That said she still has the same weaknesses as the Yamato / Shikishima so do note that. Potato.
  12. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Random Thoughts and Comments: Pan Asian Cruisers

    I can see this being a potential benefit. However, this also brings up the problem of having to potentially retrain a commander out of IFHE once you reach the higher tier ships. It can work with a dedicated captain but if you intend to keep a ship for the entire line then I'm inclined to disagree with using IFHE, as enticing as the benefit sounds.
  13. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Random Thoughts and Comments: Pan Asian Cruisers

    I'm unfortunately inclined to disagree with you due to the fact that Irian ( being a derivative of the Chapayev / Kutuzov ) wields those long range and flat ballistic Soviet 152mm rifles, whereas these ships wield ( most likely ) shorter ranged and higher arced low caliber guns. You're right about the Glass Jaw but I'm less inclined to say they will be kiters, more of island campers and ambushers.
  14. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Random Thoughts and Comments: Pan Asian Cruisers

    You're correct in your analysis of the torpedo firepower being only partially terrifying and it's for the obvious reason that we don't know the torpedo stats of these cruisers just yet. That said the potential to zerg an entire flank with vollies of Deep water torpedoes is quite lucrative, especially to the memers amongst our ranks who could run a full torpedo build on these ships. As for the heal, I really don't see it as a gap too far given that these ships won't end up having too much in the way of initial durability, given typical ultralight cruiser HP and armor schemes. Sejong could prove effective against Tier VIIs but I don't see Jinan having similar potential capacity within it's MM spread, not when ships like Austin and Minotaur exist.
  15. Random Thoughts and Comments: Pan-Asian Cruisers Hello everyone! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been over the past couple of months. Well, maybe you aren’t but what would I know? Well, I’ve put the game down for the time being, with the drama that has ensued over the past couple of months, as well as reality sets in as I settle down for the final stretch before the college years that lay ahead for me. That being said, I haven’t exactly been out of the loop. I’ve been tracking what has been developing from a game point of view, and the introduction of the latest line, the Pan-Asian AA-focus Light Cruisers, has struck me with particular interest. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/211 So, what’s up with this new line? Well, they appear to be very similar to what Wargaming intended with the Smolensk, which is the concept of a smoke-based cruiser with a high rate of fire on the artillery, in addition to boasting fairly hefty Anti-Aircraft Defenses. However, given that these ships are Pan Asian and not Soviet, they do get two distinctions, one being the usage of Deepwater Torpedoes ( and their emphasis with the Torpedo Reload Booster ), and the modified Pan-Asian Smoke Generator, which can be argued as one of the best Smoke Generators in the game due to the combination of long deploy time, fast recharge, and a large number of charges. That being said, we have no preliminary statistics as of now, and I expect the statistics to be released with the upcoming Development Blog this Thursday or Friday. However, that hardly does anything to stop me from theorizing on what the potential statistics may be, which is precisely what this post is, theorizing. Do take this with a pinch of salt. I may either be on the money or completely off, I do not know for sure. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get down to business. Tier V: Chung King The amount of Chunky Monkey / Dad Joke potential with the name of this ship is quite high, I will say that much. However, don’t think this is some fake transfer that Wargaming pulled out of their hats. Chungking is the westernized version of Chongquing, as in the ROCS Chonquing, the former HMS Aurora, an Arethusa-class Trade Protection Cruiser that was laid down in 1935 and commissioned in 1937. After serving with the Royal Navy, she was transferred to the ROCN in 1948 under the name Chonquing, but instead of being used as a warship, she was used as a warehouse and accommodation ship, before being scrapped in 1959 after being renamed the Huang He. Anyways, that’s enough history, let's take a look at some potential stats. Armor / HP Pool Given that she shares a hull and displacement with the existing Huang He, we can reasonably theorize that she will end up boasting an HP pool of around 24,100 Hitpoints. Her armor scheme should also resemble that of the Huang He, albeit with only 13mm plating instead of the 16mm plating on Tier VI Cruisers. Armament Now trust me on this, some dingus is going to read this and say BuT sHe’s a HuAnG hE cLoNe sO sHe WiLl UsE HuAnG hE GuNs Consider this for a moment. Huang He is basically an Arethusa as imagined by Wargaming, with an early 1950s refit involving Pr.68/K ( 152mm/57 MK-5 ) guns in her twin turrets instead of the normal British 152mm Mark XX Rifles that were found on the Leanders and Arethusas. The Chung King on the other hand is quite literally an unmodified transfer from the Royal Navy to the ROCN, which means that she literally is a bare-bones Arethusa. With that assumption, we can take potential Artillery Statistics from Perth instead, since they would reasonably share the same rifles. HE: 2100 Alpha, 9.0% Fire Chance, 25mm penetration, 841 m/s velocity AP: 3100 Alpha , 45.0-60.0* Penetration Angles, 0.025 second fuse, 841 m/s velocity Reload: 7.5 Seconds Range: ~ 12km Then again, I could actually be wrong and these end up actually being Soviet Guns, which would be quite a surprise. Torpedoes There’s not a lot of potential spread for how torpedoes may end up being. They’ll most likely be Jianwei torpedoes, with 2 x 3 per side. Maneuverability Copied from Huang He most likely. Short note Concealment Will reasonably be around the same as Huang He if not a tad worse. One adjustment should be the switch to a Pan-Asian smoke instead of the crawling smoke. Tier VI: Rahmat First off We got a Dido now. Seriously? Okay raging about the Royal Navy not getting a Dido before the Pan Asians did is beside the point; This seems more like a case of WG phoning in for an easy line instead of actually putting in the effort for it earlier. I’ll just do a quick Wiki dump before I get on with this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dido-class_cruiser Note that she’s not even real. It’s just a renamed Dido with a Pan-Asian flag. As for potential statistics, well we don’t know anything about how a Dido would end up looking in-game given that this is the first time we’ve seen the ship modeled, never mind playtested. If I had to take a stab at what she may look like. ~25.5-26k HP 133mm guns will be similar to the ones on the KG V-class with slightly tuned performance, around 11 RPM or slightly higher or lower AA performance will be decent-ish to good Torpedoes will be Fushun torpedoes Maneuverability will be on par with La Galissoniere or Dallas Concealment will be on par with Leander or Perth I’ll leave it to the imagination here on how her performance will turn out. Tier VII: Chumphon I mean, it's the USS Flint, what else do you want me to say? Well okay, it’s not really the USS Flint it’s a fictional Oakland-subclass transfer. The Oakland class is distinguished from the Atlanta class by the removal of the two wing-mounted Twin 127mm/38 Mark 21 mountings in exchange for a beefed-up Anti-Aircraft Suite. There really isn’t much in terms of speculation over the statistics for this one. It will most likely have around the same HP pool as a Flint along with similar artillery performance, AA Performance, Maneuverability, and Concealment as the Flint. The two differentiators that should be mentioned between this and the Flint are the Deepwater torpedoes, which will most likely be Gadjah Mada torpedoes, and the Pan Asian Smoke Generator, which is standard on the Pan-Asian Cruisers. Tier VIII: Harbin This is the one Soviet addition to the line, and to be honest, it looks like Kyiv got stretched out and fed some good hearty potatoes. However, this isn’t just some Wargaming fictionalization that was just pulled out of thin air. Harbin is a modified representation of the Soviet MK project, represented by the MK-6 Design. A precursor to the MLK Project represented by the Smolensk in-game, it was a class of light cruisers designed to scout and hunt Destroyers ( that’s based on the limited information given to me at this time, forgive me for any discrepancies ). The MK-6 is equipped with 10 130mm/55 B-2LM Rifles in five twin turrets in a similar configuration to the HMS Minotaur, along with a set of quintuple torpedo tubes on each side. However, Wargaming’s representation is slightly modified, with altered funnel designs and an alteration to the torpedo armament, with two 3-tube launchers per side instead of the single 5-tube launcher. In terms of statistics, here’s a rough idea. HP Pool: ~28k, not really based on displacement but more of speculation based upon line fitting Artillery: Most likely similar to the Kyiv / Ognevoi in terms of gunnery but with heavier broadside firepower due to extra guns. Could have similar or slightly longer range Torpedoes: It Will most likely be Hsienyang torpedoes. Access to TRB could prompt some Benham-like shenanigans but if the torpedo range is shorter than the detection range then that would end up being a fruitless effort. AA: It’s Soviet, so it will most likely have good range but fairly mediocre DPS overall Maneuverability: Most likely Soviet Concealment: Most likely Soviet as well Expect something like Khaba but bigger. Tier IX: Sejong At first glance it looks like Dmitri Donskoi had a baby with an Atlanta and then Montana gave it the secondaries as the primary armament, because yes, that’s what I think this looks like. The Sejong is a development of the S-511 Program, which was a follow-on to the Atlanta-class program. I don’t have any documentation on it, unfortunately, but @Kingpin61 does, so if you have any questions about it I would suggest you go ask him. As for speculations, here’s what I’ve got HP Pool: Will most likely be around 30k-ish or slightly lower or higher based upon size and displacement, or rather in terms of linear progression. Also has a repair party so there is some added survivability over the previous tier. Artillery: Features 127mm/54 Mark 6 guns instead of 127mm/38 Mark 21s. Similar ballistic performance to the Montana / Ohio secondaries and/or the Marceau and Colbert, or I could be wrong Torpedoes: 4 x 4, two sets per side. If this thing carries Chung Mu torpedoes we could see some Benham-Esque shenanigans with the Torpedo Reload Booster AA: It’s American and with the 127mm/54 the DPS and range potential is quite high, and DFAA is added as well so some potential here for extra AA shenanigans Maneuverability: Should be on par with some of the larger destroyers if not slightly worse Concealment: Perhaps on par with something like Seattle I suppose. Or perhaps slightly better, around 9.3 to 9.5km Speculation or truth. We’ll have to wait and see. Tier X: Jinan Don’t mind the memes about the name of this ship, it looks genuinely interesting...as far as an Austin / CL-154 clone goes. As for the name, it’s the name of a City in China, so don’t get too comfy with the funsies. Here’s my speculation Armor: Similar armor and HP profile to the Austin, with the exception of a toned-down Repair Party and ( I would hope ) overall 16mm plating instead of the 32mm troll siding that the Austin gets. Artillery: This is a bit of an interesting point to make. Austin’s artillery is unique in that it has a modified Reload Booster that, while it has a longer cooldown than a normal Reload Booster, compensates for with infinite charges and more importantly a 75% reduction to reload. That said, however, the Jinan will not get said reload booster so it’s likely the RoF of these guns will be closer to their historical 20+ RPM instead of the 7.5 RPM without the Reload Booster that the Austin has. Torpedoes: The Jinan adds another rack of torpedoes to the Austin hull from the observed photograph provided. If the Jinan receives Yueyang torpedoes, along with the Torpedo Reload Booster, there is a very high potential for some Kitakami-level memory from Stealth AA: American-based + DFAA, like the Sejong, so it should be on par with if slightly lower in power than Austin’s AA Maneuverability: Identical to Austin slightly better / worse Concealment: Identical to Austin or slightly better / worse The artillery is really the only true speculation point to make, otherwise, it should be fairly similar to Austin in most regards. As for why I went full out on the Chung King, it’s because people are people, I’ll say that. Also, the Benham thing. Here’s what I had in mind with that. Note that this is for the Tier VIII+ Ships since they have access to the Torpedo Reload Booster Step 1. Find a flank and start kiting on it while in stealth Step 2. Drop both sets of torpedoes from each side while weaving Step 3. Reload Boost Step 4. Repeat Step 2 Step 5. Watch the Carnage Unfold Anyways. That’s all for now. I’ll be documenting more additions and changes in the upcoming weeks and months as they progress. Potato, out!