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  1. Congrats! I ranked out in my khab today as well. A good feeling.
  2. Recent Personal Challenge

    You have to get to rank 1 to complete it
  3. My teams that worked together were most successful. I found that I did best with 1-2 other DDs and I would stay a bit back and provide fire support to kill enemy dds in the caps. I also did a lot more capping than you'd expect. It was a steep learning curve, but once I figured out how to khab in the ranked environment I did fairly well. It was still really hard, though. Not easy at all (for me, at least).
  4. I don't know what you would consider often, but I'd guess about five to ten times or so. Didn't keep track.
  5. Cause I just ranked out in her! Thanks to all my teammates for the good times. Was a blast. (but i'm sort of glad its over.)
  6. Going from T9 to T10 is weird

    Khab had to be nerfed because it was so OP. It is still a definite step up from tashkent, but takes some time to get used to. Once you get the hang of it, you'll understand why it was nerfed. More range on guns would be nice and would feel like more of an upgrade, but I doubt that will ever happen without something else getting taken away, which would probably not be woorth it.
  7. It was actually pretty fun. Me in a pan-asian tier 2 dd and a IJN CA vs umikaze and Dresden. The other team was obviously new, so I sort of felt bad about the seal clubbing. I didn't expect a 2v2, though.
  8. Buf Khavabarovsk

    Based on my experience in ranked, It is waaaaay to easy for BBs to hit khab. It's a routine shot. You can dodge to some degree, but man. It's tough to effectively kite BBs.
  9. The shop isn't clear whether they have the same special abilities as the ones you can earn. Do these captains have the special abilities?
  10. Exactly. I think it is very possible that we are getting skewed Khaba stats for ranked. Khab is my only tier X and my favorite ship. I've played it exclusively from R10 and have found it VERY challenging in ranked. I've done okay, but I just feel like I could be doing much better in a gearing or one of the more traditional ships. It is hard for me to believe that it tied for the second most successful DD in ranked (coming in before shimi and gearing). That seems unlikely.
  11. I've been using third-party sites, but have recently heard that third-party sites don't necessarily take all players or battles into consideration when creating their statistics. This makes me think they might not be wholly accurate. Is there a function on WOWS itself that will generate statistics on ships in ranked, or perhaps some other way? Specifically, I'm looking for Khabarovsk WR in ranked. I've been looking at WOWS stats and numbers NA, which has Khab tied for the #2 win rate among DDs (tied with z52), which flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that Khab is really really really bad for ranked. But, if those stats are skewed, then maybe the conventional wisdom is, after all, correct. Thanks for any help.
  12. Yep. More damage is one of the signs of better play. Congrats on your improvement.
  13. Same thing happened to me. One round caught a friendly smokestack and started a fire. The teammate didn't die but I guess it was enough damage to trigger a penalty. It happens. You gotta be careful where you shoot.
  14. Still. A carry like that is awesome. GJ.