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  1. mrieder79

    Coal: what to save up for/look out for in the armory

    Thinderer ftw. So much fun
  2. mrieder79

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    I would like to add that while subs in randoms seems like a bad idea, there is a huge opportunity here for WG to add a new type of game mode centered around subs. They could have PVP scenarios where human-controlled subs have to attack a convoy defended by human controlled DDs or something like that. Subs definitely have potential, but I don't think that potential is realized in the current format of random battles.
  3. mrieder79

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    Possibly. Ships like halland, somers, gearing, and, to a lesser extent, shima could become more prevalent for their ability to torp beyond the detection range of subs. Meta would definitely change. Possibly ships like Kleber, Tash, and Udaloi, who can more safely operate while spotted might become more popuar, zooming in to lay a carpet of depth charges then zooming away. Not sure.
  4. mrieder79

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

    You wanna see DDs stop pushing? Add a class that not only outspots them by a wide margin, but requires that the DDs actually drive over them in order to do damage. You know how long that scenario would last in a T10 match? That dd is dead in 20 seconds. If subs go live at high levels, not only will BBs not be able to push, but DDs also won't be able to push. That means cruisers also won't be able to push. Nobody but the subs will be able to push. Honestly, I'm not a the-sky-is-falling type of guy, but this sounds really boring. Subs seem like CVs. Not really OP, but just something that sucks the fun out of the game. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if what we see in the sub-mode trials becomes widespread on all game modes. I actually may lose interest in this fantastic game. That would make me sad.
  5. mrieder79

    Sinops guns need a serious nerf....

    No way. Sinop has a huge citadel. One of the easiest T7 BBs to citadel for me. I've done it over and over in ranked. I really don't see how you are failing to do so unless you just have the worst RNG ever. 20k volleys are standard on a broadside sinop unless they are far enough away for dispersion to enter the question. ETA: KJV and Nelson also have been very easy to citadel. Oddly enough I had a game where a colorado chugged along broadside to me for a full minute at about 13-14km and I couldn't get a citadel into her.
  6. mrieder79

    Sinops guns need a serious nerf....

    Sinop definitely has disadvantages, but they aren't really exploited as easily in this season's ranked format. There are a more limited number of BBs due to smaller team sizes, which means less threats to your broadside, the maps this season have lots of nice islands to further help with this, and the poor long-range gunnery doesn't matter because of the map sizes. It shouldn't be nerfed just because it performs well in this season's ranked meta.
  7. mrieder79

    Deciding between smaland and hayate

    Well, I decided to go a completely different direction and FXP to moskva before she becomes a coal ship since I'll use moskva in clan battles and it won't take long to re-earn the fxp to be able to get one of the DDs here in a few months. Thanks for all the great input.
  8. mrieder79

    Sinops guns need a serious nerf....

    Sinop has basically the same guns as colorado and nagato. But she has a better turret setup and an icebreaker, so she can go nose in against rado or nagato and cit them thhrough the nose and rado and nagato can't respond. If you aim well, you can still get good pen damage on the sinops big 'ol schnoz, though. Also, the small maps in ranked really favor the soviet dispersion formula. So, this season of ranked was almost taylor-made for sinop. Which is why I use her. And so should you.
  9. mrieder79

    Deciding between smaland and hayate

    It's a hard choice. I like the idea of radar DD, but shimi torps on a gunboat with that deadly IJN He is tempting, even with all her drawbacks. She would a killer dd to kite with
  10. Hi, I've just about got 2mil fxp and since i have all the OP tier 9s I want, I'm gonna spend it on one of these DDs. I've watched the videos and read the threads, but I'd like to hear from people who have the ships. If you bought Hayate or Smaland, do you like the ship? Is it fun to play? Thanks in advance.
  11. mrieder79

    PT, Increased HE penetration for German Destroyers

    Much-needed buff for german DDs. Fully support and hope it is implemented.
  12. mrieder79

    Sub Spotting

    This is the big thing with DDs vs subs. At Tier VI, DDs can still get away with being spotted to some degree. There aren't very many super-blappers out there and a good dd player can wiggle out of trouble. Tier X is rocket launcher tag and a DD who is permaspotted trying to kill a submarine won't last long. I just don't see how a DD can counter subs unless the sub is egregiously overextended. I imagine this will limit high-tier pushing even more if subs go live on random battles.
  13. mrieder79

    Sub Spotting

    Here's to hoping subs stay in their own game mode.
  14. mrieder79

    Future Ranked Season Need to be Tiers 6,8,9, or 10.

    The small map sizes make this season a blast. Up close brawling in every ship. So fun. Much better than the 16-20km engagements at T10 ranked. I'd go for TVI as well except then there'd be CVs and with the poor AA at TVI it'd be a CV-off which sucks.