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  1. mrieder79

    Udaloi — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    I don't put any points into concealment. I just stay back and gun it the whole game. Pretty much nobody can hit you pat 12 km. If you are good and they are bad, you can get as close and 9-10km, althought that is really pushing it and not generally recommended. You obviously don't want to be contesting caps. You stay back and shoot at support ships until they burn down or run away, then you can start bullying out the red dds. It is a killing ship more than a capping ship. Later in the game you can cap more easily too once the enemy dd population has dwindled. Generally in a 1v1 you can defeat all t9 dds except other RU dds, unless you get ambushed at close range by one of those dpm monsters. If you can open the distance, though, the odds are in your favor. I have completely wasted kitakazes at 10 km because they kept shooting with those floaty shells.
  2. mrieder79


    If they need a test run, I know someone who could do it...
  3. mrieder79

    Zao — Japanese Tier X cruiser.

    I was thinking Ibuki would benefit from them. I didn't suggest it because I am so new to CA
  4. mrieder79


    I expect that when the CV rework comes out, we will be seeing a huge influx of CVs in game. AA ships will be more, not less, relevant.
  5. How??? CB or some other machination?
  6. mrieder79

    How to get better in Kiev

    russian DDs are great team ships because they destroy the other team so effectively. They are the only DD line that can open water gunboat with relative immunity (if driven/positioned properly). Kiev still has smoke that you can use to help conceal your cruisers while you spot as the enemy team tries to hit you. Kiev must stay back from caps until late game. Preferably you are about 3km behind a spotting DD. If there is no DD, go to the edge of the contested cap or close to it, just close enough to get spotted and be ready for the spotting. Have an exit strategy and start kiting away as soon as spotted. Heck, someintes if I'm the only DD on the cap, i'll shoot my guns just to get spotted when I'm far enough back to not get hit. The trick with RU dds is that you focus the CA and BB support of the enemy DD until they fall back far enough that you can either bully the enemy dd out of cap or just straight up kill it. If the enemy capital ships won't fall back and continue to push, that's great. Burn them down. You run into trouble with kiev when you get too close. Just stay back and burn the world. It's harder than it sounds. You have to develop a sense of where to be and when to go in closer. That comes with experience. You must hone these skills with kiev because they become more important with Tash and Khab. Khab especially has great potential if played properly but will die quickly if you position poorly. Hope this helps and enjoy the kiev. Tash is even better.
  7. mrieder79

    Zao — Japanese Tier X cruiser.

    Holy cow! what a change from ibuki. I can hit things past 16km now! It's like magic! Love this ship. So tanky, so stealty, so deadly.
  8. Yeah. If you like to play khab as a dd hunter, the legendary mod doesn't work. I don't try to run down dd's with it, just shoot them from range.
  9. mrieder79

    Radar and how to deal with it

    In T8-10, you 100% have to have a very good escape route planned out and available until you know where the radar cruisers are. Up to T7, as long as you can outspot the ships around you, you can play more agressively and get away with it. This stops at T8 because of the radar cruisers. When I approach a cap, I always do so with a plan on how to escape if I get radared. I stay at the back of the cap and make sure my bow is already turned to escape. After 3-5 minutes the radar cruisers have generally made their presence known and it is easier to avoid them. You have to be willing to wait on a cap or even let the red team get it. You also have to realize that in the upper tiers, your job is more vision control than damage. ETA: You can also play the faster DDs, which make getting out of radar range much easier. Shimi, Grozzo, Khab, and to some extent z-52 have decent speed to get away when you get pinged.
  10. mrieder79

    Mogami - I'm in love

    I run the 155s. Honestly I don't notice much difference in turret traverse from Myoko. I do run expert marksman, though, which helps. ETA: Just checked. Mogami 155 turret traveres is the same as myoko 203. That's why it seems the same.
  11. mrieder79

    Mogami - I'm in love

    I love this boat. I mean... it's just great. Having 15 barrels ever 10 seconds is insane, and a 3.4 second rudder shift is just silly. With all the talk of paper armor I expected to get deleted every game and hate it. Sure, I take my fair share of citadels, but its no worse than any other cruiser in the line as far as I can tell. I do play very carefully at the beginning of tier X games, but it seems just fine. Ok for island hugging and the maneuverability makes it great for kiting. Already having some great games in it. Definitely a keeper.
  12. mrieder79

    Grinding my second 19 pointer; input desired.

    Yeah. I'm sort of an oddball. I've played RU dd's almost exclusively and the Khab a ton. Just now branching out int IJN Cruisers. I like to get comfy in a ship and stay there. Just how I am.
  13. mrieder79

    Grinding my second 19 pointer; input desired.

    Choose the captain you will play most. For example, my first 19 pointer was on my Khab, which I play ALL the time. This is good because its fun for me and because I rack up tons and tons and tons of elite commander XP. Additionally, when you do get your next 19 pointer, you might consider putting some bonus camo on your chosen favorite ship becuase it really makes a big difference in getting elite xp. Good luck.
  14. mrieder79

    Which destroyer line to play with?

    For IJN dds, you want to use your guns with hit-and-run tactics. Usually you outspot your opponents so time your shot so that you can get under cover or smoked up before they can return fire. With the IJN HE buffs, you can get some nice alpha strikes then fade away before the other dd can get you. If you want DDs that can gunfight, I'd recommend USN or RU dds. USN are good for knife fighting and generally have high dpm. RU can outgun any other DD at medium to long distance.
  15. mrieder79

    Dev Blog T9 DD RU Neustrashimy

    Im with kuro. The concealment is good but the maneuverability and speed will make it hard to utilize. And getting away from the radar cruisers at 36kts won't be fun. With 4 guns, I'd say even the IJN torp boats could give you a run for your money in a knife fight. This feels like an ognevoi with extra goodies. Oggy is a fun boat to play, only because it is a challenge. Hard to justify dumping all my FXP for a super-oggy.