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  1. I was down to 4k health and went 1 on 1 with a zao at close range. He was broadside and I was in my grozzo so I beat him, but just barely. 13 health left.
  2. mrieder79

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    This will be a much-needed buff for the Gearing. I don't play Gearing, but I can't count how many times I've watched them evaporate under a BB AP salvo.
  3. It's the smoke that makes it so easy for me. You spot the enemy DD (usually first or at the same time becuase of pretty good concealment) get off one or two salvos of the strong british dd HE, then smoke up. You decelerate so fast that their shots miss and you usually out-damage the other DD by 2-4 k and now you're gone before the other cruisers or BBs can get a bead on you. Wait 60 seconds, rinse, repeat until the enemy DDs are dead, then you do the same thing to the enemy BBs and CAs, except with torps thrown in just for the heck of it. Now, Jervis is the highest I have--Tier VII--so I haven't seen a lot of radar. I know the higher tiers will have to worry more about smoking in front of radar. On the other hand with 6 smokes, you can bait the hell out of radar. If you have SI, it's 7.
  4. No thanks. I'll pass. Had plenty of that already.
  5. I collect dreadnought awards as a hobby.
  6. With 9k battles, you are probably pretty good. Also, I would guess people are playing them wrong. If you do it right, they are really hard to kill and very trollish on the cap.
  7. ...because now I don't play any other ships. I swear to God, these things are amazing! Just got Jervis and the thing goes from standstill to full speed ahead in 10 seconds. No joke. I timed it. Makes my Khab (with accelleration mod and engine boost active) look like a friggin South Carolina. I mean, holy geez! The hydro means I'm gonna see your torps from deep space, and I have smoke for weeks. Its like, spot, shoot, start fire, smoke, repeat until everyone else is dead and salty. Cap control is a breeze and the 360 degree turrets, I mean, are you kidding me? 360 degrees? It's a dream. And this is just the Jervis. I don't even know how I'm going to be able to stay in my chair once I get to the "better" ones like lightning and Daring. Holy cow. The single shot torps are an absolute riot, too. You can cover all your bases and land so many more torps. Yeah, they're slow, but you don't feel it because you can turn and juke and jive and guess what? I'm still going top speed. I just can't get enough of these things. Well done, WG. These boats are an absolute blast to play.
  8. mrieder79

    Grozovoi — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    I recently switched up my captain skills to great effect. At first, I figured, russian DD, great guns, I have to have AFT. So I took AFT in lieu of PM and BFT. However, unlike khab, Groz just doesn't seem to do as much damage at distance and OW gunboating blows your position and makes scouting and torping much less effective. I've switched to my current skill set (PT,PM,AR,LS,SE,BFT,SI,CE). Now, with the legendary module, my reload starts at 3.0 seconds and goes down from there with damage. This improves my burst damage when I do smoke shooting or oppotunity shooting, and it is very strong whan engaging enemy dds. The range of 12.3km also lets me drop off detection after killing an enemy DD more often. In short, I feel that AFT is not an ideal skill for the role Grozovoi most effectively fills. Thoughts?
  9. whoa! You can get those in SCs? Thats pretty sweet
  10. That's true. I got, I think, 1500 or so steel in a SC once.
  11. Can you get stalingrad in a TYL container?
  12. It only took 4k battles, but I finally got one! It was from a supercontainer for that Yamamoto campaign. Murmansk, one that I had my eye on with at 10pt captain to boot! So happy.
  13. ....yeah. Everyone. lol. (for the record I'm a khab main so I know about russian ships being focused.)
  14. Well, I got the warspite and I love her! I'm not very good in battleships, but man, her guns ARE consistent. This is a good game I just had in her. Thanks again for the good advice.
  15. mrieder79

    Khabarovsk — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    Little update: I recently unlocked the legendary module and decided to give it a whirl. On paper it looks horrible, but in practice, it's fantastic. I think I'm actually getting popped by BBs and Cruisers less than before. It's just 1km extra range and +5% ROF, but man, what a difference. Makes the boat super fun. I finally feel like I have the reach to engage at a comfortable distance. Highly recommend the module despite the loss of SGM3.