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  1. Community Scoop Submissions - USS Kidd Sup. I've returned for more Scoop and moving them to Tuesdays! Y'all get the drill at this point -- share your QUALITY, CUTTING-EDGE CONTENT in this thread before Monday 11/20 at 12:00 PT for a shot at being featured on the World of Warships site! Here's the kinda stuff I'm looking for: Videos In-depth reviews of Kidd Cool footage of you winning in Kidd Hilarious footage of you sucking in Kidd Short Text (1 paragraph or less) Your take on Kidds strengths and weaknesses Kidd battle tactics Commander/Modification loadouts Retelling of a cool moment from a battle with Kidd Spicy Kidd memes, GIFs, shenanigans, etc. SPICE ADVISORY: Our legal eagles consider images directly from movies/shows/etc to be TOO SPICY for WorldOfWarships.com. Your memes and such are much more likely to make it through if you stick to game footage, public domain assets, stock photography, and/or original art. Have fun!
  2. Hi, I've redeemed the code, got the flag, but didn't see the Fire from the Gods challenge activated.

    1. TheURLGuy


      Have you played a battle yet? The mission assignment should once you've fought a battle after code redemption. 

    2. donald_wang


      yep, just won 1 random battle 


  3. No. All registration did was (supposedly) give the Credit Missions. The only purpose of Credit missions was to provide the number clues to decode via the number grid. The "Fire from the Gods" mission is given out via a separate trigger linked to the redemption of the bonus code. Anyone can redeem this code whether or not they participated in the Credit mission.
  4. It's not just a flag this time around. Try fighting a battle after redeeming the code and see what happens. ;)
  5. That's one version of the autokey cipher. The other version is where the "keystream" is a smaller keyword repeated.
  6. Final Hints (I Promise) Whatever you get out of the final cipher will be a redeemable bonus code you can enter here for the final prize. Y'all are on the right track using "fire" with the tabula recta. You've already encountered the phrase to be decoded. The decoded bonus code will be a jumble that doesn't spell anything, so you'll just have to give it a try. Happy Hunting!
  7. Aight, so it might be awhile for the mission/event folks to clear this up. Since this is screw-up on my end, I'll give you a free hint to help move things along: You don't need to complete the missions to advance/solve anything. Any hints/codes/whatever are in the mission descriptions/rewards themselves and have already been shared by other players.
  8. Just to clarify: nobody gets an email. The email address is used in combination with the Wargaming account as validation to disperse the Credit missions. (If you got the missions, you should get a pop-up message in-game when they activate after fighting a battle.) However, it doesn't seem to be triggering for some folks. I'm checking the final list that was used to generate the missions, and it looks like some folks that are on the list still aren't getting the missions (including myself, oddly enough). I'll continue looking into it and keep y'all updated.
  9. The Credit missions others have already posted are the thing you get for registering at the Aliens Exposed page. I'll still go through the list anyway, because I want to see how things went south so I know better for future events. (Already, though, it just seems like the issue is with me failing to clarify that the email needed to be the one linked to your Wargaming account.)
  10. Also, the trigger for the missions occurs after you fight a battle. So if you haven't fought any battles since the event went live this morning, it might be worth a shot to hop in and see if that works.
  11. When we pulled the data, there were some invalid entries. The most common reasons were: WG username "didn't exist" This could be due to a misspelling or not having your username on the NA server Email address supplied didn't match up with any WG username This probably happened in cases where the email address supplied wasn't the one linked to the respective WG account I'll take a peek at the original file and see what I can do.
  12. Great progress, captains. Everything you need to solve the final puzzle is out in the wild. Good luck!