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  1. A day that lives in infamy gets a moment-by-moment breakdown. Read it here!
  2. New Year is on its way! It's time to open the event boxes, which can contain a Premium ship! Read it here!
  3. No. In hindsight, "streak" was the wrong word to use here. 5-Star victories don't need to be consecutive!
  4. Haul in the loot for your 5-Star Scenario runs! Read it here!
  5. In the run-up to our New Year celebrations, we unveil the new festive boxes for you. Read it here!
  6. Keep up to date with December’s Combat Missions! Updated weekly! Read it here!
  7. Ready for some fun with experimental consumables? Read it here!
  8. Nope. If you entered the code earlier and had the first Alena Patch mission, there should also be a second mission in your Personal Assignments waiting for you.
  9. UPDATE: There's now a second mission activated by the final code the gets you two Pumpkin Containers! Thanks again for taking part, everyone!
  10. There were two flags from the 2017 Halloween ARG. There was the aforementioned "message.png". Everyone who played a battle on the day of the ARG's launch found this flag in their port. The flag's description was the "starting point" for that ARG. There was a second flag at the end called "Seriously? Another Flag?". You got this by entering the ARG's final code, along with a Halloween Mode mission for an extra coat of camo.
  11. Hey everyone, we accidentally ‘double-dipped’ on that Alena patch when planning out our Halloween events. We’re working on getting an alternative ARG prize. Stay tuned!
  12. Just sayin... Anyway, last tip I'm giving, I promise: Now that someone found the true-sigil2 document, everything you need for NA and EU's puzzles is out in the wild
  13. Some hints to help out going into the weekend: "h3d33p" is the final answer for the ASIA portion of the ARG. The final answers of NA and EU's portions will yield similar 6-character codes The final prize isn't a flag this time! I swear! You're still missing pieces of NA's puzzle, but you're headed in the right direction. Dark_sephiorth96 was onto something. That's all you're getting for now. Good luck!
  14. Dark_sephiroth96 has officially been demoted from "Lead Hint Dispenser" to "Assistant Hint Dispenser" effective immediately.
  15. Paint the Polish destroyer and get your design in the game! Read it here!