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  1. Why are the subs not here yet? It said they would come out in 2019.

  2. Naval battles - suggestions

    my clan is not real active on clan battles, being that we are mostly beginners, working class, or just weekend warriors . that said they have taken to doing Naval battles and really seem to enjoy it. 

    I would like to see other ways we can improve it and keep it fresh.

    other ways to earn stars for oil:

    1. One thought  is to include "scenarios" , mostly as a clan, and total score for completing ?

    2. maybe killing certain types of ships?

    im sure there are plenty other ideas but these are the ones most talked about in our clan

    thanks for listening

  3. EtherealPresence

    Lendas Navais: USS Slater

    No novo episódio de Lendas Navais, falaremos sobre o contratorpedeiro escolta da classe Cannon! Leia no portal
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    Leyendas Navales: USS Slater

    En el nuevo episodio de Leyendas Navales, ¡les hablaremos del destructor de escolta estadounidense de la clase Cannon! Leer en el portal
  5. EtherealPresence

    Naval Legends: USS Slater

    In the new episode of Naval Legends, we’re going to tell you about the Cannon-class destroyer escort! Read it on the portal
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    WoWS Show: the Funniest Moments

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    Armada: Siliwangi

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  14. EtherealPresence

    Armada: Siliwangi

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  15. EtherealPresence

    Armada: Siliwangi

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