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  1. So... To put this into context... I was in a Khabarovsk sitting still broadside at 7km to this Missouri. He proceed to only fire HE at my broadside, when Khabarovsk is unaffected by the newest AP changes. The battleship AP would have done full damage pens, and with the 50mm plating of the Khabarovsk, it would be consistent full pens. But he just continued to fire HE, and the shells were all absorbed into my guns, steering, torpedoes, and other modules, then complained about Khabarovsk being OP.
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      I am not a baka, trap duck.

  3. HatsuzukiKai

    [DAKI] Because fluffy waifu's are all you need!

    Don't join such a trash clan like DAKI, one of the worst mistakes I've made...
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      It's a wild duck! Onto the leash with you!


  5. It's a cute catduck.

  6. hope you get better from the flu duk