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  1. TheGreatBlasto

    Please add this asap! TIA.

    If WOWS were to introduce this type of smoke I seriously doubt that it would pose a threat to players. It would most likely all dissipate between their servers and our computers. At least I like to think so. PS WOWS might figure out a way to do it without this chemical.
  2. Why is this not in the game already? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/amp34240046/airplane-makes-battleship-disappear/
  3. TheGreatBlasto

    How to deal with active trolling?

    The FBI should be called in to lead it. This crime of the century level stuff. If the Feds don't have the manpower to take the case rest assured that MrWeeGee will throw the full resources of the company into tracking down this villain and making him rue the day he was born!
  4. TheGreatBlasto

    How to deal with active trolling?

    How is an AFK a troll? What exactly is the troll here? As others have pointed out he could have left for any number of reasons. His kid fell down the stairs. Someone was breaking into his home. His dog ran into the street and got hit by a car. Even if he simply left for no good reason it's still not a troll. A troll is someone who enters a conversation in order to stir up the ****. Sadly the word is now thrown at anyone who does something that annoys you. BTW I have done the same thing he did when I had to respond to an urgent matter. It's only happened 3 or 4 times. Eventually it will happen to us all. Please work on expanding your vocabulary.
  5. TheGreatBlasto

    HMS Rodney

  6. TheGreatBlasto

    When will all 175 Fletchers be in the game?

    Little known trivia: It was named after Adm Nimitz's favorite brand of potato chips. He loved them so much that he had the navy honor them with a ship.
  7. Just a thought. With the two options, I suggest you could have just CV games. (12 CVs v 12 CVs or 7s) Despite my negativity about CVs, I think those games could be fun. Well, once in a while at least.
  8. TheGreatBlasto

    I must be in hell

    Ride of the Valkyries would be great to have. I doubt that there is any copyright on it. This would be nice at the opening.
  9. TheGreatBlasto

    Elite XP needed to top off 19 pt captain to 21 pts?

    Oh lord, you're not one of those, are you?
  10. TheGreatBlasto

    Will 19 pointers generate EXP on their grind to 21?

    Sorry for the typo. I meant elite XP that 19 pointers earn.
  11. They better continue making EXP or MrWeeGee will witness a rage quit of biblical proportions.
  12. TheGreatBlasto

    Elite XP needed to top off 19 pt captain to 21 pts?

    Will our 19 pointers continue to churn out EXP while grinding up to 21? If they don't brace yourselves for a rage quit of biblical proportions.
  13. How do you get blowed up if you're the last man standing?
  14. TheGreatBlasto

    Le French Flagship!

    When did the French get their first carrier? Might have been the 1960s.