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  1. I play the Duca and Dallas and get great results.
  2. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    That's my fear too.
  3. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    I avoided US cruisers until their split. I only had the ATL and Cleveland leading up to it. Now I have the Dallas, NO, Cleveland, Baltimore, ATL, and Helena and am grinding towards the T9s. They have replaced the IJN ones as my favorite cruisers. I don't play a lot so it will be XMAS by the time I unlock the Wooster. That's why I am hoping to get the Salem sooner.
  4. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    There really should be a fine for those who derail threads and refuse to stop when asked to stop.
  5. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    Are there any tricks to accelerating the accumulations besides playing ranked and clan? I don't play either due to scheduling problems or the fact that my clan is dormant. I have been switching back and forth between the Sharks and Eagles to get an extra container, but rarely get more than 4 or 5 bags of coal per day.
  6. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    Another passive-aggressive personal attack. Why don't you scram?
  7. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    Good to know. At my low rate of play, I will have the Salem by Thanksgiving Day (US not Canadian).
  8. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    I find it amusing how you just have to attack me personally in all of my threads. Do I follow you around doing the same to you? Nope. You might want to look in the mirror and ask yourself what it's all about. Here's how I engage in forums. I only participate in the threads I'm interested in and stay out of the rest. I don't have time to waste on the latter.
  9. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    LOL Thanks. Shows you how much attention I pay to this stuff. I'm still short by about 120K with the 25% coupon.
  10. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    Hey there joey, not everyone can spend every waking moment playing wows, reading news, or posting here. Some of us have other more important things to do. You should consider yourself one of the lucky ones.
  11. Is Arsenal a Short Term Thing?

    I'm hoping to get the Salem but man is it ever a slow slog accumulating oil. I'm still about 120K short even with the coupon. Does the arsenal expire after a certain period or is it more of permanent thing?
  12. Improving the Game

    It's even worse when your T8 cruiser with a 15.8 km range finds itself in T10 games on Islands of Ice four out of every five times. How I loathe that map. It often seems that the majority of T10 games are on it. Oh yeah? Got proof for that claim? \ You're right pal, I shouldn't believe my lyin' eyes. \
  13. Improving the Game

    Speaking for yourself?
  14. Improving the Game

    Forg9t to add that y9u would only get uptiered one level.