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  1. TheGreatBlasto

    Does Anyone Like Playing the Roma Regularly?

    I have too many Italian port queens already. Both Ducas are crap. The Guilio Cesare is damn good. (Can I say the d-word here?)
  2. Keyword: Regularly I have craved this ship ever since it was introduced. I crave her like an addict craves heroin. I now have a 30% off coupon I can use to get her. What holds me back are all the negative reviews mentioning her appaling lack of accuracy as well as the overpens when she does hit the target.
  3. TheGreatBlasto

    Bismarck & Tirpitz Guns

    Update: Ok, I am playing both Tirp and Biz in Ranked and getting citadels galore!
  4. TheGreatBlasto

    Is there any way to find the acquisition date of a ship?

    Best bet then is I got the Thunderer around the beginning of June. That's just two months ago that feel like six. Most days I get the first two crates and on the weekends all three. I always choose the More Resources crate.
  5. I acquired the Thunderer some, 3, 4, or 5 months ago and have since been grinding daily for Georgia. I'm still 17.7 short with the coupon factored in. I'd love to know how long it will take me to grind 228K *.75 coal. My lightbulb just came on: I got the Thunderer about 3 or four weeks before the latest Armory coupons were issued. Was that May or June? It feels like I have been grinding forever for the Georgia.
  6. TheGreatBlasto

    The Disconnect Between Performance and Results

    Awesome discussion, peeps & peepettes.
  7. I am elated that we are finally discussing WOWS' MM problem. We have had a number of good threads on this recently. From my perspective as a subpar player, who occasionally sinks 3 or 4 ships and even gets a Kraken once or twice a year, there appears to be a disconnect in many games between my performance and the final result. By this I mean that I can have a great game ,which I define as sinking 3 to 5 ships and/or ending up in the Top 3 scoring wise among all 24 players, and we still lose because 6 to 8 ships on my team were sunk in the first five minutes. (I try to warn them about committing when I see them doing a solo charge in an Atlanta or other equally fragile ship but few listen.} Then there's the opposite where I perform badly by getting sunk fast or going in the wrong direction in a slow BB and never getting into the fight--and we win. All this results in long losing streaks that ruin an evening. When I do experience a winning streak, it's never as satisfying as it should be because I am questioning the value of my contribution. Do you also feel that no matter how you play it has little effect on the final result? PS When I first started playing I suffered from tunnel vision. Then after 6 months or so I began training myself in situational awareness and have become decent at it. I'm usually the guy telling people that if they continue doing what they are doing, they will die quickly. I'm right 9 out of 10 times. So yes, I am a team player who does his best to cooperate and help teammates.
  8. TheGreatBlasto

    How? Just how is it possible?

    Feel ya, bro. I wish WG would fix MM so that more equal teams are created. So many games end up as losses because the green team loses 6 to 8 ships before the halfway point. Lets put the subs on hold until we fix this fatal problem.
  9. TheGreatBlasto

    Ships you Adore.

    Richelieu suits my aggressive style. You are always going in nose first as there is no reason to show broadsides. That's 8 barrels firing at once! Fiji is the best RN cruiser in both lines, IMHO. Salem is amazing. It's like an Italian super car. (I don't have the Des Moines.) Atlanta is my fave for coop games which I don't play much. It's a machine gun.
  10. TheGreatBlasto

    Steel Ships & non-Clan Battle Players

    So what's your daily avg for steel?
  11. TheGreatBlasto

    Steel Ships & non-Clan Battle Players

    Thanks, caballeros! Looks like a girl can still dream. BTW I started doing the daily missions last week.
  12. Has anyone ever acquired enough steel to get a steel ship without playing in Clan Battles? I've never paid any attention to my steel until about a week ago when I earned some in Ranked. So after 4 years of WOWS I find myself sitting on top of 1278 steel units. The problem is that Ranked is, as they say, pure torture. I got up to 12 but am not back at Rank 15. So how about it? Should I just forget about steel?
  13. Weird. Will they just be sold in the shop or will they be ships you have to grind steel or coal for?
  14. I have the original. So if I buy the T8 will I have two in my port?
  15. So we will have two (2) Belfasts in the game?