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  1. TheGreatBlasto

    WOWS vs WW II

    IMHO no one has come close to beating Carriers at War for CV fighting. Brilliant turnbased gsme. Ancient graphics but never a dull moment.
  2. TheGreatBlasto

    WOWS vs WW II

    Back in WW II navies chased one another across millions of sq miles of ocean in pursuit of the final battle. CVs played a significant role in searching for and finding the enemy. In WOWS we get tiny 40km square maps loaded with not only surface ships but up to 4 CVs and 400 planes. Every plane that get's airborne is guaranteed to spot something within a minute of launch. Now we try to pack even more CVs into the new game and act flabbergasted when the user base hates the results. This game would need more than one CV per team if it offered 250 sq.km maps and 3-hour time limits rather than 20 minutes. As someone who has spent over $1500 to support the game since 2016, my wallet is locked for the time being. When you make my fave category of ships useless, DDs, by trying to appease a crowd obsessed with CVs, I'm no longer happy.
  3. I have lost interest as well. Give me a game without cvs anytime.
  4. I just found a home in DDs last fall. Now I'm done. It's as if WG follows me around destroying whatever works for me.
  5. TheGreatBlasto

    Thoughts on WOWS

    If WOWS was one of those car chase games, the patches would look like this. 1.0 Welcome. Keep in mind supercars are the fastest cars on the game. 2.0 at 6 months: In response to complaints, we have altered the game to make ordinary sports cars and sedans the fastest. 3.0 at 12 months: In response to complaints, we have altered the game to make public transport the fastest category of vehicles. 4.0 at 18 months: In response to complaints, we have altered the game to make commercial delivery vehicles the fastest category of vehicles. 5.0 at 24 months: In response to complaints, we have altered the game to make pedestrians the fastest category of vehicles. Sorry, no refunds.
  6. TheGreatBlasto

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Easy solution coming in a few days. The CV Rework will simply allow the CVs to sink every think else quickly.
  7. World of Warships Aircraft Carriers - Not Ready For Launch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh0GcI72Xxw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh0GcI72Xxw
  8. TheGreatBlasto

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Go out of their way? It's just a matter of not flipping the on switch. Having your stats private appears to really tick off all the right people, so why not?
  9. TheGreatBlasto

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    So we can expect up to 3 CVs per side? This will just make the games more realistic. After all, in WW II 25% of the fleets were CVs on an average day. This past XMAS I bought nothing from the shop other than the Premium account renewal. I have a bad feeling about this CV rework. If we start seeing a lot of games with 2 or more CVs per side, I will likely move onto some other game. One CV per side is bad enough. Three will destroy the game.
  10. Back in December 2017, I purchased four Premium ships. I can only recall two and it's driving me bonkers not being able to remember the others. Basically, all of them were mid $20 range ships on sale for about $13 to $16. I got the Guilio and Duca d' Aosta. A third may have been the October Revolution. The fourth is a total mystery. Normally the solution would be to check all the transaction emails sent to my main email by WOWS, but my email client crashed in Feb 2018 wiping out everything before that date. Is there some nook or cranny in my account where all of my Premium ship purchases are recorded? I often sell them Premiums if I don't like them so looking at my existing fleet is not going to solve the mystery.
  11. We should have two basic types of games. Option A: No CVs ever. Option B: All CVs. IOW, you get 24 CVs per game.
  12. TheGreatBlasto

    Training Room: How to do this?

    That suckz.
  13. I have never used a training room but would like to do something that Flamu did a few years ago. He set up two 12-ship bot teams to duke it out. One had Kurfursts and the other Yamatos. Then he sat back and watched what happened. I'd love to do the same with 12 Bismarcks and Massachusetts with secondary builds. What's the best resource for learning how to do this?