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  1. TheGreatBlasto

    New video card?

    White font on white bg.
  2. TheGreatBlasto

    Do you do better on some maps than others?

    Plus you get the occasional YOLO up the middle which always makes for a good time by defenders.
  3. TheGreatBlasto

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    Thank you. I have worked hard to improve.
  4. TheGreatBlasto

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    No idea who or what you are so angry at it. It's Christmas. Hope you get over it soon.
  5. TheGreatBlasto

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    Notser changed his mind about the Kronstadt. About two weeks ago he called it a "very unpopular ship." He also added that the Mushi Mushi with its bad AA will be a poor performer after the CV rework is completed and we start seeing more CVs in games. I'm more of a cruiser and DD guy these days.
  6. Every time I get certain maps like for example Two Brothers I breathe a sigh of relief because I tend to do well on them. With other maps, Islands of Ice for example, my hopes for a good game evaporate. Do you do better on some maps and worse on others?
  7. TheGreatBlasto

    What to do with 750K FXP?

    I'm almost at 750K but after hearing Notser trash the Musashi and Kronstadt, I don't want either. The Alaska, which according to rumor should be the next FXP ship, also doesn't sound like my cuppa-tay. My other option is to use the FXP to leapfrog a few horrible grinds like the Neptune. In the meantime, I am saving up coal for the Jean Bart even though I am not interested in the French lines.
  8. TheGreatBlasto

    Doesn't Dusty Rodes Look Exactly Like

    That's one example of what I'm talking about. Dusty may not be the spittin' image of The Duke but I definitely see him as having been inspired by Wayne. Both are rather disheveled types.
  9. This dude: I could swear that there is a WW II movie in which JW plays the skipper of a USN ship.
  10. TheGreatBlasto

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    LOL Swearing? I'm the one typing in the 4 asterisks not the system.
  11. TheGreatBlasto

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    I have yet to give a **** about anyone's stats. All I care about is did we win or not. I'd rather win ugly than lose pretty. You're missing the point that Stat Shamers are a particular life form which loves to lord it over those with lower stats. When they can't see your stats they gnash their teeth and howl like banshees.
  12. TheGreatBlasto

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Hide your stats. It enrages all the right people.
  13. I sent you a gift joey so go to the Prem store and except my gift to you good luck

    1. TheGreatBlasto


      Thank you.

      It's very kind of you.



  14. TheGreatBlasto

    How far up the Pan Asian line to go?

    Pretty much agree with everything you said. I'm having a very good time with the Gadjah and Lightening.
  15. I'm playing the Gadjah MAGA currently and have the Hsienyang unlocked. The Gadjah is a schweete bote but I'm leery of going past it based on a number of CC reviews on YT. Then there's the point that most T9s are Meh botes. The nerfing of the T10 also really put a dent in my ambitions with this line. Is the T8 worth getting? She sounds like a downgrade from the Gadjah. Heck, everything above the Gadj sounds like a downgrade.