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  1. and so it shall be, working as intended, until you are in a yammie, and nobody misses. from any range. and none of the hits are for zero points. and they start fires too.
  2. Spud_butt

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

  3. Spud_butt

    Update 0.8.1 - Bugs Report

    try lowering the sound quality in settings. it cured the sound lag that happened every time there was a lot going on.
  4. it would not be fast, and the balancing would probably take years, if they even tried. take me and my stats for instance, at 47% overall, even though lately been doing better than that. at one point they were sub-46%. if there were SBMM, would they use my overall stats, stats overall for the ship, stats lately for the ship, stats in the tier, stats in the present session, or?? in combination with all the plethora of other factors, we would be lucky to get in a match in less than 10 minutes. what about those of us that can only play during 'down times' such as 8pm pacific or mountain. there is typically less than 5k players on weeknites. where would they find players similar to my levels, even with a +3/-3 tier range? maybe if you could go play coop while in que for the random battles?? have you played games with SBMM?? they hurt, and crush the soul.
  5. Spud_butt

    Shimakaze Pure Torp Boat

    it's more than 2 minutes. you can catch up on battle trollin, uh, I mean chat, facebook, twitter, make a few calls, pay some bills, use the bathroom, take a short shower, possibly check the minimap and see if any red ships are detected, move 10 km or so, and then go back to it if you haven't been detected. so, there's always something to do.
  6. Spud_butt

    Fix your game

    hundreds of meters? like a couple hundred meters, or 900? because I would LOVE to miss shots only by a couple hundred meters, that would be a stupid-accurate result for me. now, if it was 900 meters, that would be bad RNG, because that means you would be missing medium sized islands (and yammies) instead of just the small ones. oh wait, that happens all the time! never mind....
  7. Spud_butt

    State of the Game: It's Wargaming Fault

    much appreciated. the combination of critical and creative thinking, along with observation and communication, practically always works to accomplish something. personally (which is a stupid way to start a thought, sentence, or anything else, of course it's personal, it's me writing it) I would like to see WG communicate why they make the decisions the way they do, based on what. the 'what' being the data, whether it's player opinion, stats, $$$, # of player base active, gains, losses, whatever. right now I can't for the life of me figure out what they are responding/reacting to. thinking their 'what' is a lot different than mine, and from what I see here in the forum, a lot different than a lot of people's whats. occasionally I mentally meander about what it would feel like to read a post about rage quitting, or rage closing wallet, or rage threatening, and generally end up feeling 'eh, so what.' figure they probably got it out of their system. if that's the case, then this forum is set up mostly as a system to vent rather than quit or stop spending on the game. without knowing what their reasoning is based on, even great communication isn't really going to accomplish much. there are hundreds of threads going on at pretty much the same time wondering about this... some of the guesses are pretty over-simplistic, others are foil hat (I have one), others just nuts.... but maybe they work to explain some of the decisions, tweaks, boosts and nerfs? (ed. note: I calmly wonder if they have an organized reasoning philosophy set up for the way they work on this game)
  8. Spud_butt

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    Mo is iconic in my mind, because I was on her. also, she is a beautiful ship, and I would have her babies if I could. which is enough to have spent the time on the grind. also, I am always credit poor, and MO saves me from WoWs debtor prison. besides, I can occasionally hit something with MO, and will sometimes even start a fire on a Yammie, and I do love that smell. (ed. note: most of the grind for free XP was on the Bismarck and GK... lol)
  9. Spud_butt

    Caught Flat Footed by a DD

    full secondary build?
  10. Spud_butt

    I do believe the GC was ninja nerfed.

    1st rounds on me, regardless of the topic or how WG ends up dealing with it. navy grog is my drink of choice, of course. 2 shots Bacardi 151 (hard to get), grapefruit juice and couple ice cubes. after the 3rd, no more ice cubes are needed. about that time, I recall that muttsoo has torps.
  11. Spud_butt

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    Missouri was the home state of the president at the time of the surrender.
  12. Spud_butt

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    I've been on the Missouri (when it was in Bremerton, WA) in the mid 60's... never been on the IOWA, or any other warship. I am MO biased. would not be a happy unit at all if WG were to nerf MO. not not not. just no. nuh uh.
  13. being immature is my only, tenuous grasp on being forever young.
  14. Spud_butt

    Idea to solve some of the angst

    dammit, ripnun2, I am a player, NEVER [edited]toxic, and am now both angry and shocked. why? WHY would you write something like this?? (ed. note: what exactly is a rip nun 2? which begs the question, was there a rip nun 1?) thank you for reading this post. please +1, as I need the votes to build my fragile self esteem after the pixel boats don't work for me.
  15. I have not downvoted it, and I read the whole thing thru. agreed with the majority of what you were saying up to the point about user agreements, and bait and switch, etc. the gameplay has changed so radically in the last 2+ years I've been playing, it's largely no longer recognizable, and for the majority of it, plays much better. there are a few things I would happily argue, but that relates to me being stubborn and not willing to change my play style rather than adapt to the meta (or whatever). you could probably have said what you wanted to say in far less words, with greater impact.