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  1. Spud_butt

    what is pushing?

    i have a PhD in verbal diarrhea, and frequently have no clue if there was a point in the middle of any statements i may have made, in or out of context, if there was a context. similar to this statement. it's not defensive, because there is no defense. similar to DDs vs CVs in random sometimes, there's no defense. why should i compliment a player for that?? other times, they leave you alone, so you can suck in other ways, and avoid pushing. (whoa, just related this mess to the OP subject) noticed in a few of your other posts, you encourage players to just shut up and deal with a meta that is not to our liking, and wonder why we should do that?? will it make anything better? no, accepting lower levels of game play without at least noting it is not an acceptable course of (in)action. spud
  2. Spud_butt

    what is pushing?

    a couple years ago in this game, gameplay was such that a couple of BBs or even a couple of ships that could take some damage could move toward a contested cap (or island, there are far more of them than caps) or even (gasp) a red owned cap and fight with the locals and sometimes survive and maybe even win the game as a result. no kidding, not making this up. then came CVs, and balance. and power creep. and players in pretty much everything that end up reversing out of danger, or even turning around and running of the map. unless there are CV, and then eventually if it's not a blowout loss they will, if inclined. track you down so you can be sunk in humiliation. and MM that occasionally results in help help where did the greens go oh no mr hand... and then you end up kiting and doing everything you can except pushing and just work to save the star. now, it's more like you're all done with the alpha breathing, and it's time to get down to business and get that little sucker out o' there... ready, just one more time. spud
  3. the vast majority of popups i get while online are asking for money to stop popups. i haven't tried on yet, you think they work? the second most popular is loyalty surveys from my banks. this makes me nervous. a couple of them have claimed there are prizes for lucky winners. you think this is for real?? i used to love having my youngest daughter answer the phone and torture telemarketers. she is good at it the calls stopped. now i'm lonely and miss the calls. why is anybody picking on the canucks?? they are among the nicest people i know, and do so being in the apartment above the party the that never stops. i have insurance, and think it's wonderful that WG cares about me. even if their game is contributing to unhealthy levels of stress at times. :o) kidding, just kidding... it contributes to unhealthy levels of stress every time i play it lately. KIDDING!! :o) you have to admit, that was pretty good... spud
  4. Spud_butt

    You Dirty Rat!!!!

    i've watched my grandsons play video games, and the similarities between them and rats are somewhat concerning. they do best when being rewarded with sugarwater (fizzy). they are good at straight lines. their scores are generally quite low. the things that are different are more concerning... my laboratory rats got along a lot better than my grandsons. the food is generally better for them than what kids choose to eat (given a choice). the scores are pretty close to rats on the simple tasks. good post, soshi. i would like to summarize here, rats in general smell no worse than my grandsons... spud
  5. Spud_butt

    COOP and how many treat it.

    slow ship? until i read this post, i actually did not connect 'coop' with cooperating... just a cheap mode in which you could get an easy win, but it wouldn't be worth much.
  6. I am anticipating getting my Karma all the way up to say, zero, where it's been hovering all along. Then again, if they went into negative numbers, i would probably be setting some records. :o) spud
  7. in the article it said the lake is only 5 ft deep, which would be less than the draft. doubt it will sink very far??
  8. based on this video: Kamchatka!! T3 RU CA with zero AA, no ASD, weak armor, easily broken rudder, easily disabled guns and slow reload.
  9. Spud_butt

    Total players.

    This from WG: World of Warships: Legends brings the online naval action loved by millions to home consoles for the very first time, alongside a host of content and features exclusive to the console experience. ... by millions ... This would indicate the NA server is tiny compared to the others, and the average battles played per player are very low, possibly as low as 100 when you consider there are players skewing the total hugely with 20k+ battles. If this is the case, the turnover rate is quite high, and those of us regularly using the NA Forums are a true rarity, not only in longevity but games played, and possibly even $$$ spent. Would love to see the numbers on that!! Does WG really make more money on the new and short term players than us?? spud
  10. Spud_butt

    Why is Wargaming forcing subs on us?

    i am waiting patiently till the glorious day when WG releases Seagoing Tugs (ST)!! Using my ST, i will run to the rear of the map, and push a BB out from behind the island, and into harm's way. Once the BB is actually tanking, then i will repeat as needed, and then cap!! Say goodbye to any positive Karma. spud
  11. Spud_butt

    Ships that are fun to play

    Entire FR DD line, tech and prem, coal, whatever. spud
  12. Spud_butt

    Return of Subs

    how exactly does a sub, moving as slowly as they do submerged, motivate a BB to move off the edge of the map or away from the closest island near to their spawn?? This will cause timid BB drivers to rely on DDs to spot for them even more so than now, and will have a tendency to move support for the DDs even farther away from the action. Homing torps don't care how fast the locked on target is moving.
  13. had to reset screen resolution and full screen mode after 1st battle, been stable since then. also had to reload Modstation twice, and start thru open version of that rather than as admin as normal. it's working as intended.
  14. Spud_butt

    Return of Subs

    so would major meteorite strikes or huge tsunamis. if they only happened a couple 100 years apart, it would be cool.
  15. Spud_butt


    i just switch over to OPs or sometimes ranked. the rewards are better than Coop.