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  1. how long do I have to stop playing my shima before they buff it?? thank you
  2. Spud_butt

    This is what to look forward to in WOWS 2020.

    well, those are certainly compelling points. I often times forget smoke when under duress, particularly when a big chunk of HP vanishes, particularly when I think (mistakenly) i'm in a safe place. mostly play in Zao and other ships where I can attempt to WASD my way out of too close in open water. often times wish they paid us more for pot damage.
  3. Spud_butt

    This is what to look forward to in WOWS 2020.

    and the alternatives are overwhelmingly attractive, retreat to an island farther back, give up any semblance of area control, and listen to teammates in battle chat going off about the cowardly CA... yeah, better by far.
  4. aw, come on guys. you KNOW WG won't remove CVs, or address any of the Russian bias. how about consider a trade!!?? like maybe remove CVs in exchange for Subs, and never ever talk about Russian paper ships again? they might actually go for it.... while on the subject of craycray, maybe we talk about making some of the maps (NOT all of them!!) more like naval charts rather than mountains with water?? just a thought... just kidding. the game is awesome, and working as intended. my son started playing this week, after over a decade of the other WoW, I gifted him a month of premium, we played over 5 hrs today, and he said it was the most fun he's had in a game. most of the time I spent playing the first couple years I agree!!
  5. Spud_butt

    How to fix Late Loading

    1) disable webroot 2) latest video drivers 3) latest win 10 drivers, or disable updates I find win 10 updates will run while WG is running, causing slow loading. webroot hates WG, and recognizes it as _____ware. even if you allow WG on webroot, it will still stop/slow down and inspect. latest video drivers are a must, no matter which video card you're using. maybe 4) sound card drivers. this has addressed it twice in the last week I've been back good luck!!
  6. Real World anything rarely applies to WoWs. In this case, though, you're spot on. After a 2 month frustration generated break from the game, returned with a new approach and having a bit of fun now. A big chunk of my frustration is with game mechanics, and knowing what I have to adapt to, and what I can effect. After a warmup in BBs, I played 7 battles in Gearing and Shima, so I could get my DD Commander III emblem, which I wanted badly. Of the 7 battles, 5 had 2 CV/side, only one had zero CVs. When the CVs played OK, the battle went OK, in several it was a slaughter victory, in which I didn't really contribute much (2k-38k damage, a couple ships sunk). In the matches where our CVs were not playing well, my teammates AA clustered, and evidently had enough time to type in battlechat a LOT, particularly about our noob DD (me) that racked up 48-87k damage, pretty much all the spotting, close to 1mil pot damage, and up to 3 kills. The vast majority of my time and focus was on WASD hacking, as I was perma-spotted, and most of my torps were fired for area control, as I really didn't have time to plan my shots all that carefully. How do you manage to actually collide with torps that have a 1.9km detection range, fired on the WASD hack run, for area control? The anti torp bubble on the side of the ship is so wide there's no room to steer between them. The downside is the anti torp bubble works. My cousin the great white hunter paid almost 7k for a prime bull buffalo. For another 2 grand, he could have shot from a Jeep, with a mounted Browning 50cal. For another 3 grand, he could have shot it with the same mounted weapon, from a helicopter. For this game, that = Midway. He botched the 1st 2 shots, the 'guide' had to put it down, and there was so much adrenaline the only recourse was to Pepperoni it. Even then, it ruined the pizza, and we all sweated stinky 'wild' grease for days. He is incapable of walking up a hill, wading thru a swamp, nor even carrying back a bird. Pretty sure he would be a CV unicum. Pretty sure I'm going back to playing DDs more (not exclusively, I'm not quite that much of a glutton for punishment :o), DDs are what got me into this game, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let WG run me out of the game so they can avoid balancing it for all classes. In my mind, playing DDs in this game as is, is NOT like bowhunting. It's like hunting cape buffalo with knives, and fighting Pterodactyls by throwing rocks and hiding. Working as intended. And Subs... I'm ashamed to admit I"m one of the guys that thought they would be fun, and posted so in the Forum. Sorry.
  7. Spud_butt

    Clan of Old Grumpy Men OGZR

    hi, clan of grumpy old men, been playing since 2016, coming back from a couple months off, have a few battles under my belt (where trousers would normally be), am 66 yo, and really LIKE this game. am looking for an active clan mostly 7-whatever pm MT, primarily to div up in random (sometimes have blocks in the middle of the day free too). I have filled in successfully in everything but CVs in ranked, if you have enough players interested to go there, but not a priority. been too much like work in other clams. have had a few strings of super unicum play solo (the vast # of my play has been solo) in everything but DDs, and happily blame that on the nerfed to death torp detection range (for some). as most of you have probably experienced, after those super unicum strings follows 17 losses in a row... :o( ow. have 100 ships and a fair chunk of them are the old premiums. favorite ship right now is montana (and Missouri), almost have the elite thingy for Zao. also like kamikaze, but WG has not been kind to the IJN line, at least the way I try to play them, owie. I have had discord, and will install again. PM or send money, will respond to either! :o) spud
  8. Spud_butt

    Clan of Old Grumpy Men OGZR

    Hi Tunamelt the clyclops, yeah, me too. sort of getting back into it after a 3+ month long break, I quit because I got tired of playing solo and going 12-15 battles in a row with nobody saying anything... I didn't want to join a clan or 4 to play with muhself again. my ex wife and all the ex gfs, even my favorite ex-gf, will testify i'm grumpy, and 66 years old. actually they will be happy to testify to anything about me... :o) 6k+ battles, did ok in clan battles, prefer random div, and have a few over 100 ships in port including a T10 or 2. Spud_Butt (not my real name)
  9. no matter how great my excuses were for losing a lot and being a crappy player, the trolls would always make me feel bad about posting them. and I had some really, really good ones too! here's a sample: 1) I actually believed WG assigns each player their own special RNG 'average' and MM %. there's nothing you can do about it, it's randomly assigned, based on your first user name. no amount of $$$$ spent, no amount of working on your game will overcome that. it might be noted I rate my excuses based on troll responses, and this one got more foil hat and git gud posts than everything else combined. 2) started more posts about WG nerfing all my favorite ships than everything else combined. in my mind, this one was one of the very best!! because I started out on IJN DDs years ago. these suckers have 1.8km torp detection range, and a 14 minute reload. they turn slower and longer than some BBs. no exaggeration. there were times I actually cried when I read the mean retorts. but i'm ok, really. don't worry about me. i'll be fine. 3) here's a classic! I've been really good at every other game I've ever played. on and off the computer. some of the responses to this one literally sent me back to the shrink, and more meds than I've ever had to take before, and I've had a LOT of major mental illnesses over the decades. this is not an attempt at pity, just sayin' for years, WG counted 'boring' reviews to posts as + ….. my numbers really took a hit when they only started counting + ratings as + . that does not seem fair, I mean, any sort of attention is good, right?? as type this, I calmly wonder if my latest break will cause WG to lower my RNG and MM % assigned even more. that would be bad. :o) see you in battle, if you're still playing!!!! me
  10. Spud_butt

    Why I Quit The Game

    I haven't played for a month or so because my usual playstyle is no longer functional, nor fun. after years of following faints and feigned thrusts with coy retreats, thrust and withdraw, repeat, and then hide quivering, repeat, I found I was too enamored with the looks and feeling of the game. the pulsating water effects, showering the big boys with my big guns, spanking them with my 2ndaries, followed by a tactical beaching and some tasty clam digging. perhaps it's age creeping up on me, I just can't find the love I so desperately need after 3 or 4 lost battles, my lovely ship's fine shape slipping out of sight, the big guns cold and out of action in the wet darkness. now I lust only after the quiet languor of port, washing away the last threads of tension from a battle poorly fought, the sweet surrender of pride, and points, once so high, dropping farther and farther from the ravages of time and aggression. oh, the humanity.
  11. Spud_butt

    Disconnect, me, WG or somewhere in between?

    hi snargfargle, you wouldn't believe the number of times we've been behind, in the middle of yet another slaughter loss, and after I run off to refill a drink, salvage my burning dinner, or both, to return and discover we're ahead. the times it really hurts my feeling (down to one, I used to be married) is when I've already been sunk. when I sulk off to port, my team never pulls it off, only when I physically leave the computer. why? how can that be?
  12. Spud_butt

    Subs are coming

    i am glad that this is being discussed, and want you to know I care deeply about your feelings. too much for it to be healthy for any of us. thank you for reading this. dive! dive!
  13. Spud_butt

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    ?? confused ?? confused about what ???
  14. Spud_butt

    The most you had to play to 'unpink'?

    string of AFK + retaliation (do not recommend this combination) = 18. decided to play it off on coop and added a few more after torping a green bot.
  15. Spud_butt

    Starting CVs !!!!

    thank you for the mostly entertaining comments and suggestions. been watching every video out since the last couple ner, uh, mean adjustments, and set up some training rooms. think i'm almost ready for coop. had ryujo before the rework, may get the Langley again for the US line. I keep telling myself I can't be any worse at CVs than I am at anything else... in the training room, it appears I can be.