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  1. Spud_butt


    i meant to write make it SOUND so much smarter, but was too lazy and bored to get it right the first time. (ed. note: don't try to impress me with big words like articulumate, cuz' i know what you really meant to say was enunciate) (ed. note: or project? :o)
  2. Spud_butt


    I LIKE making every other word bold, because it makes what i write so much smarter. (ed. note: i am really bored tonite)
  3. Spud_butt

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    i have asked nicely on occasion if WG would please allow players to play as bots. OR even as the evil reds in the Scenarios. ever noticed how, on occasion, one of the bots is playing at a super unicum level, does not miss, knows right where to go, and will keep the battle interesting even if it's not 2/7?? not saying i would be that good, but it would be fun to savagely attack players expecting idiot bots with an average (on a good day) random player. then, after a while, let divisions play as the bots. maybe we could bribe them!! spend lots of money??
  4. Spud_butt

    Convince me the bots don't cheat...

    they all have super RDF, know where you are at all times, and can dodge torps with ease, most of the time. what i find irritating is they start turning the only way they can dodge as soon as you fire. not before. i will now remove my foil hat.
  5. Spud_butt

    Whose Fault?

    funny +1 Another good question, one of many, would be 'What are sentences.' I'm actually sort of embarrassed that i savagely attacked the poor OP instead of contributing something positive to the thread, like Ducky. Actually read thru his post from 2/20 and will be applying some of it when playing in a few minutes. Reread the OP and here's a statement that is so groovy and far out that it bears repeating: "Ohh by the way, I'm not going to be filming at all but I do know who is." (ed. note: DON'T leave us, particularly if you leave us hanging!! PLEASE, who is filming??)
  6. Spud_butt

    Whose Fault?

    There are not that many people willing to help out a bully.... much less giving credit to their fathers about it. Pretty sure that's all on you. "... I'm basically out the door to this game..." Oh the humanity, how shall we press on without you. buh bye. "... But I guess money is more important than being morally right..." This is a forum about a GAME! Pontificating about morals just seems so wrong, in every way. It's been a while since i've read a wall of text vent rant as poorly written as yours, and am actually a bit disappointed (in me) i was not able to break off after the first couple 'sentences.' Rather than carry that feeling thru the rest of my day, i decided to hand some of it back your way. It's not to late to edit, rewrite, etc, and there are people online that will be happy to help. spud
  7. Spud_butt


    thank you, i will now continue the grind after my experience with the osteoporosis at T9. again, thank you. spud
  8. Spud_butt

    I hope they paid the MM programmer in rubles

    both of your comments represent a very small sample size. wait a sec... that not right.
  9. Spud_butt

    But...WG DIDN'T say that...

    Hi. I watched the entire video twice thru, and am still harboring some feelings that can only be described as resentful. in all, watching it all the way thru twice was like watching the last 7 minutes of a coop battle on a loop 17x, in which the remaining ships still afloat (3 Bot BBs from each side) are sailing away from each other, while the 2 humans which were sunk early in battle are typing hopeless messages in battle chat. this will, of course, NOT be the battle after which you get a survey from WG. THAT one might actually be useful if they were truly interested in finding out what happened to the fun index. lol, just kidding, the only thing they might hope to discover after that train wreck would be why are you playing Coop at all. and no, i don't know. there would have to some method to determine what hour of the day battles were taking place, because after 10pm mt time, it's sort of ugly no matter what you're trying to do. spud
  10. Spud_butt

    WG, it's time to get rid of the Karma system

    i have always been, and remain extremely sensitive. every since i was a little baby, it was tremendously easy to offend me. The first time i got a negative karma i burst into tears, could not crying, and was kicked off the clan's discord site because my blubbering and sobbing was making it impossible to hear over me. Two players quitting over karma is not acceptable!! for crying out loud, even one player THINKING about quitting because of karma is TOO MUCH to even think about. Please, PLEASE WG consider just a small change to battle karma: 1) only allow positive karma 2) have different types of positive karma, with explicit descriptions of how wonderful they played (for instance, the torps our green DD fired right at me after calling me hurtful names were so slow i was able to dodge them all). +2 karma 3) wonderful prizes for accumulating certain milestones of karma, such as 10 (which is a lofty number, but one i have never reached). maybe a T10 steel ship, or a 24 pt capt. thank you! i feel better now. spud
  11. Spud_butt

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    again, an experienced player, mentor or guide could help you figure out which line would be the best to focus on, given your preferences in gameplay, type of ships, speed of action, etc. also, the tactics and strategies are constantly morphing due to balancing in the game, or lack of it. it is a complex game. i appreciate you doing the math, and telling me what i already knew with 4+ years in the game. unless you are a genius, and happen to fall into the perfect line to fit your personality, and they don't nerf your favorite ship(s) repeatedly, which they will, it might take more than a year to find yourself in a sweet spot. if the line you're working on gives you grief, try another now, before you get up to T10 and realize it's a bad fit, and have to start over with a T10 sitting in your port you don't like. i have 5 or 6 of those. spud
  12. Spud_butt

    I want to like WoWS, but I hate it

    WoWs has dozens of variables in play for every shell fired, plus MM, plus RNG, and experienced players with 10's of thousands of battles will easily find far more than i've mentioned. Add to that super unicum players look and respond to a different set of variables and cues than the rest of us, and very few of them will share what it is they are actually doing that works. this game is one of the few i've played that is complex enough to really need a mentoring system, both to keep the more experienced players invested in the game, and provide the new players some direction. It took me over 5k random battle to find a player that works as a mentor, and it's made a huge difference. speaking strictly for me, i would not have been anywhere close to ready for him at 2k battles, much less 200. if all you have is patience, you won't be getting much done. if you have no patience, and don't know what it is you need to be working on, you will get even less done. spud
  13. Spud_butt

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    hi TC, took 6 months off the game, and with the exception of the capt skills, everything looks spooky similar to the state it was in when i started my break. you are right on both, the sarcasm is strong in this one, AND i'm from a parallel universe, with an utterly different perspective on the game. specifically because playing WoWs is SOO much better than attending wakes and funerals for family, and watching friends die. spud
  14. Spud_butt

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    don't do that! don't give up!! not yet.... been out since early dec, and just downloaded the game. i am highly encouraged by what i'm reading in the forum!! it's seems WG has gone an entirely new route, and is now listening to the forum posting loyal long term customers!! happy day. :o) spud
  15. Spud_butt

    Population Severely Declining?

    not in the current state they are now.