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  1. sometimes when I play DDs I get so scared I hear this high pitched voice saying "henga" and "mommie" or just pitiful whining. a few deep breaths, usually after the shelling stops, I realize it was me that was making that sound. after battle, after checking to see if I messed myself again (and cleaning that up), I get up and walk off the adrenaline, all shaky like, and nearly puking. this does not happen when I play BBs or CAs. lately my blood pressure has been going way, way up. my doctors keep asking me what i'm doing, cause i'm in really good shape (for my age), and normally eat pretty good. they are concerned it's too much stress. nope, just DD gameplay. situation normal, working as intended. :o)
  2. true! how do they do that?
  3. watching with interest the new manifestation of the root of all evil (CVs, but only because no subs) and it's devastating effects, in and out of the game. you may be a bit off about players leaving the DD behind in droves. currently, I just started the grind to the harrygumo, because who wouldn't want a big-[edited] target ship with a bigger turning circle than most BBs, no armor, low AA, and half the HP of a cruiser when everybody will be cross dropping torps till you could walk on them? maybe WG will decide not to revive torp soup (but DDs are not CVs, so probby not), and nerf that bit, so then it would just be dropping bombs because there is nothing else that's easier to hit? pretty sure most players, if not all, will resurrect their old IJN DDs, and explore the glory and joy of being the numero uno prime fun easy target for every type in the game again, still. i'm all in on this. maybe at T2-3 ?? have you heard of radar, 1.8 km torp detection ranges, 3 minute reloads, turrets that turn far slower than the ships, "AA" rated at 2, and old sheets over lathe armor? no? how about 4 km torp range, with 6 km detection range? no? how about your choice, torp reload booster or smoke? no? how about a CV skipper flying one torp bomber over your DD for 5 minutes? no? I too believe DDs have the highest skill floor. one second, please, I have to check the mirror to see if I have a foil hat on.... BRB nope, no foil hat!!
  4. Spud_butt

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    yeah, if you got deleted early, you would either respawn, or the team would get amazing percs because you sucked so badly. even if there were heroic awards for this, with lots of cool flags, I think i'ld pass in exchange for the way it is now, and that one game out of 20 when I actually carry or help to carry a pitiful team, instead of contribute to the slaughter loss. that said, i'm heading out to test all your theories!! :o)
  5. Spud_butt

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    hi LWM. fascinating post. all the factors you listed would increase the average length of a match. but would they increase the balance between teams, and what would the result be to the gameplay? if there is a skill disparity, the low skill team would still be every bit as likely to be moving to the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with lower concealment and longer travel times, would not find out till later in the battle. if the team that is going to the wrong place is badly outnumbered, outgunned and outplayed when they get there... there would have to be some considerable advantages applied to correct that? skill level MM would probably not address the cascade effect either.
  6. Spud_butt

    Discord not launching

    thanks for the info. sounds like a bit of a challenge, assuming it slows down the connection on a good day...
  7. Spud_butt

    Why YOU don’t Suck at World of Warships

    there have been times I've thought about WG splitting this forum into three sections: 1) for sane, rational posts, and players trying to make the game, and their gameplay better 2) fiction 3) trolls please note this is not in response to any one post, I am NOT singling out any one player, it was just a thought reading thru the forum for a couple years. awesome video, thank you. been a professional coach for 40 years, and one of the major things I have my team members focus on is turning their #1 weakness into a strength. some of them are really good at this. some of them are terrific at it, but forget to keep their strengths going, and end up playing most of the time from a place that does not work for them. a few, like me, get it wrong, turn their strengths into their biggest weakness, end up with no strengths, and end up with well developed weaknesses. being aware, for them, is an exercise in self inflicted pain. I like it. no, I love it. some of them lack any semblance of awareness, and in combination with lacking natural ability and not caring, this is hard to overcome. I have them hold the bench down. those that can't do, coach. lol :o) can't decide if the most annoying players in battle are the super unicum players that never have a word of advice, nor help direct the team's efforts, or the complete donuts with no clue that just won't shut up. have fun! spud
  8. Spud_butt

    Discord not launching

    oh. and the ranks are good for … uh, like the karma system in battle? well, then I gotta start posting like a mad typist with nothing else in my life. connection stable, mostly. there are weather dependent effects, like ice covered lines that snap, other than that, very stable. but now I have to figure out VPN, because I don't know what that is. as usual. :o)
  9. Spud_butt

    An Open Letter to World of Warships

    ensign bob, DON'T GO!! DO NOT RAGE QUIT !! I have a 10 year old MB, the rest of it is dinosaur as well. it's AMD to boot. the CPU is a quad core that is running 3.2 g, only 8 GB DDR ram, of which shows 5.13 G, and I had to replace the radeon RX460 as it failed. I got an nvidea 1050 Ti card, which is not terribly compatible with AMD, and the only driver that would work is 2+ years old. I got a stack of 16 G of ram, which is on the way. win 10 pro does not like the combination of old and new components at all, and I had to disable auto update on the device drivers. this negatively effected the entire OS, and every time I got on word it crashed. the game opened to port no problem. entering a battle, problem, it would crash. 3 in a row random battles. then I borrowed a (bitcoin) used radeon RX 560 4G, installed, upgraded, and updated drivers. works and tests out great on even the highest settings. the game crashed entering into random battle again, 4x total, 16 games in pink camo. yikes. why? I had not run check and repair, which is a LOT faster than uninstalling, and reinstalling. now I can run it on 'high' graphics without lag, or even low frame rates. I was running hardware not compatible with each other, and drivers that were not compatible with win 10 pro latest version. this is not WG's fault. you really expect them to be able to adapt the game to everybodies wack computers and internet?? blah blah blah. what really concerns me about your post is the comment about vodka and borscht. while i will make no comment that relates directly to the non-politically correct stuff like picking on people from a different country, but for crying out loud, that's 2 of my favorite Russian foods!! have you tried playing this game after a couple shots of vodka, while munching down on borscht? it even makes getting gunned down fast by a khab in a Missouri seem like a lot of fun!! :o)
  10. Spud_butt

    Is there one ship you hate to play?

    ditto. not only is CV play like filing receipts, but I end up feeling i'm a worse player than in every other ship type, and that's pretty bad.
  11. Spud_butt

    Discord not launching

    is adding to their post count a real thing? if so, why?
  12. Spud_butt


    same issues started yesterday, received pink, also not on steam. you using win 10 pro + nvidio card?
  13. i'm volunteering. in addition to the listed requirements: 16. proud of my stinking awful stats 17. just installed a new video card, and have not got it all sorted out yet, am currently serving a 7 battle TK penalty for game freezing 18. will be happy to share email info, social security #, and passwords without remorse 19. was one of the original test tube babies, I am an experiment, it's in my blood 20. am part potato, fear the famine.
  14. Spud_butt

    Game Sounds goes down the client freezes 5-10 minutes later.

    same issues tonite. latest drivers, have not had a game crash in months, only wows. sigh.
  15. Spud_butt

    Last update causes hardware issues???

    just installed a new vid card, and having exactly the same stuff go on. everything else works great...