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  1. Spud_butt

    Disconnect, me, WG or somewhere in between?

    hi snargfargle, you wouldn't believe the number of times we've been behind, in the middle of yet another slaughter loss, and after I run off to refill a drink, salvage my burning dinner, or both, to return and discover we're ahead. the times it really hurts my feeling (down to one, I used to be married) is when I've already been sunk. when I sulk off to port, my team never pulls it off, only when I physically leave the computer. why? how can that be?
  2. Spud_butt

    Subs are coming

    i am glad that this is being discussed, and want you to know I care deeply about your feelings. too much for it to be healthy for any of us. thank you for reading this. dive! dive!
  3. Spud_butt

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    ?? confused ?? confused about what ???
  4. Spud_butt

    The most you had to play to 'unpink'?

    string of AFK + retaliation (do not recommend this combination) = 18. decided to play it off on coop and added a few more after torping a green bot.
  5. Spud_butt

    Starting CVs !!!!

    thank you for the mostly entertaining comments and suggestions. been watching every video out since the last couple ner, uh, mean adjustments, and set up some training rooms. think i'm almost ready for coop. had ryujo before the rework, may get the Langley again for the US line. I keep telling myself I can't be any worse at CVs than I am at anything else... in the training room, it appears I can be.
  6. Spud_butt

    Starting CVs !!!!

    As the title states, I am starting to play CVs now, so I can suck in them too. Just thought you would want to know.
  7. Spud_butt

    You need English editors WoWS

    ALL WG messagink STRONK and Krystally Klear as iss, workink as intended. now, go playink with sheeps.
  8. Spud_butt

    Sold my Montana?!

    you started a thread, wrote mean things about the montana, tell us not to start on you, then sort of ask what we think about it. OK!! I don't believe I started on you as much as responded to your post. so we're ok there. what exactly are you asking what we think about? the montana? like it. hits hard, decent AA, easy on the eyes. am I happy for you in ranked with another ship? yes, delighted. yay, etc. have fun, write again some time!!
  9. yes, video game design work is easy. that's been proven hundreds of times. unicorns are not on the list of things I've crewed on, like dragons. great sailboat. pixie dust is real, have vacuumed several pounds of it (two daughters), and use a variety of it while restoring motorcycles (pearl, iridescence and metallic) if that's not magic, what is? radar that can see thru mountains??
  10. Spud_butt

    Tier 10 CVs

    panicking, running back to the AA bubble, and getting sunk a lot.
  11. can't argue with the math. well, I could, but I was only a math major till I figured out I wasn't very good at it. then I switched over to psychology. which brings me to the real point of my post. which I forgot. sorry. no, wait, while i'm sure that it works out overall, I just don't like my win rate being so much lower than everybody else's, and there's no way it can be because I suck at the game! after all, I've been really good at every other game I play. while I refuse to change my basic playstyle, or take the time to learn the angling/overmatch/armor stuff, or even how to aim better, you would think WG would find a way to accommodate me!! after all, I've spent money in the game...
  12. Spud_butt

    Resizing DD models?

    and then putting tiny islands, with tiny little towns for the tiny little people that aren't there like the crews we don't have, everywhere, so players can hide behind them and shoot over them in order to perpetrate violence but not have any perpetrated in return, or just hide and not perpetrate violence on anything, also providing some of them with radar that can see thru the tiny islands so some of them know exactly where not to go in order to avoid perpetrated violence, or go to sink the hiding perpetrated violence avoiders that have no defense against radar that can see thru islands, or IJN CVs with jet aircraft, which were manufactured by all the invisible tiny people from the future, to compensate the people that are still holding grudges against everything forever, while they look out for that friendly torp, the one that has 1/2 the detection range at the same speed of the IJN torp you can see from over a mile away before it was launched, all of which was only recently revealed in declassified documents that were discovered in safes unlocked in 1962 while WW2 still raged. that reasoning?
  13. Spud_butt


    would you please give us some examples?
  14. Spud_butt

    Is there any way to learn?

    I can testify to the rushing up the line as quickly as possible... you will end up in higher tier battles with few skills that work. you will have to relearn a lot of stuff as you go, but that's way easier than unlearning crap that doesn't work. take the time to learn the armor, angles and bounce now.
  15. Spud_butt

    Got the D-Day Flag - will fly in honor of my Dad

    great thread, thanks for sharing. my dad was a scout in the pacific theatre (24th infantry), and never talked about it. when asked, he would say 'nothing glorious about what we did.' left me a 6.5 arisaka rifle, with the stamp intact and a lot of notches on it. happy father's day.