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  1. Spud_butt

    Global User Poll Re: CV Rework

    lead to total chaos? you don't feel it is already? i personally, LOVE that about the game right now (so much so that i want to have it's babies), something about chaos, combat, and RNG just fits together GREAT... you can't say you know what to expect when you press 'battle'
  2. Spud_butt

    Warning for all DD players

    i am probably in total agreement with what you are saying, but i don't know which meaning of GFYS you are invoking here?
  3. if you are kinda just above average in an IJN torp DD, you are super unicum elite. particularly if you are doing most of your damage with torps, and not the guns with 2.2 sec reload, and turrets that actually turn. as i write this, i am recalling the 1.8km torp base detection range for the shima torps. with an infinity minus 12 seconds reload. i have detected absolutely no (zero) shilling, apologistic, nor yes-man tendencies evident in the score of posts (out of nearly 20k) of yours I've read. OK, to be honest, i didn't make it all the way thru many of those, but still... wait a sec, there was that one time @LittleWhiteMouse requested a Lertbox on a ship she was having difficulties reviewing positively, and you declined. was that the one you are referring to? of course, LWM is currently under heavy fire for not choosing a side (in a spherically shaped issue), so is probably also in the 'shill, apologist and yes-(undefined)' category. (ed. note: quotes from firesign theatre here, but they would be heavily censored)
  4. Spud_butt

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    this game is far too complex to assign a 'yes or no' to the plethora of issues many players find, discover, or manufacture with the game. for me personally, do I love MM in it's present configuration? no, but it's a hellofvalot better than it was 2 years ago. some of my suggestions 2 years ago to fix it were pretty awesomely stupid. for me personally, do I love RNG in it's present configuration? no, but it's a realistic part of the game that reflects combat fairly realistically, there are times it all goes south hard, mostly because of dumb bad luck. for me personally, do I love double CV battles when i'm in a ship with AA rating of 2 (and it might be generous)? hell, no. do I enjoy battles with no CVs more than battles with CVs? hell, yes. i have considered long and hard how would i want WG to go about personalizing the game just for me, without losing 12k or more of the 13k+ that are logged in most times i can play. no answers or suggestions yet. i have resented WGs nerfing of the IJN DD line, at the same time i recognize most of my discontent is i am not willing to adapt my DD playstyle, so i will continue to suck in them. suppose i could get into the gunboat DDs, but it just doesn't feel right. so i don't play DDs much. where's the definitive yes/no black/white in this situation? i just made myself crystal clear about the DD issue for me, there are players will agree with this, and players that don't, won't and shouldn't. if this game was simple enough so that there WERE black/white, yes/no answers, i seriously doubt it would be much fun to play. do you really feel (as it appears) that WG should personalize this game for everybody, and if so, how do you propose they accomplish this?
  5. Spud_butt

    Ship you hate facing the most

    yeah. detected, then dark, WASD a bit, then continue. 18 seconds later (feels like 3 seconds short of forever) pffffflllt. I don't head back to port till I find out who did it. but there is something far worse lurking in most matches... the dreaded and hated mirror MM. and pretty much every day, your opposite will score first blood, a couple double strikes, be the first to kraken, dev strikes, solo warrior, high caliber, clear skies, blah blah blah etc while you are out in the first 3 minutes, score a whopping 154 with one plane shot down, and a bunch of neg karma. there is no way to hate the captain, OR the ship, you can only revile in your own major suckage. why. why?? oh, the humanity.
  6. Spud_butt

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    that has got to be one of the dumbest damn things a person can say. i'm happy to read you attempted to distance yourself from it by unofficially quoting 'they' … but no, not even close. 1) if somebody is really good at something, whether play or work, one of the main reasons is they have learned to throw themselves into it. throw themselves into it. not somebody else, their passion, love, like, energy, focus, etc. 2) if somebody is good at something that helps other people to play or work more efficiently and fun, they are doing so PERSONALLY. maybe LittleWhiteMouse is getting heavily compensated for her work as a CC (sarcasm font), but even so, it's still a lot of PERSONAL time, effort and etc. I seriously doubt there are many of the good players in the game that have not used a review, guide or write-up by @LittleWhiteMouse, or part of one of those in game, or a purchase, or use of ship. I further doubt that players that have struggled extensively in the game, yet still wanted to improve what they were weakest at, we able to start improving without at least considering some of her posts. I am not a shill, not an apologist, nor have I been an angel in these forums. in fact, I've earned a few strikes. partly because when I read posts like yours, I don't hold back as much as I probably should. MODERATORS!! I accept whatever, if my post runs afoul of the forum rules, but come on... "nothing personal" is just plain flat out stupid in this context. (ed. note: keep on keeping on @LittleWhiteMouse, there's nobody to replace you)
  7. hey Kooly, what's wrong now? Mr Crabo, they said I can't pee in the pool anymore, 'cuz it's a OOL now, no more P Kooly, where did the bad man touch you? Mr Crabo… they nerfed my DDs... and now the luke-warm fix. (crying)
  8. hi everybody. all my opinions stated here are backed by stats I personally compiled in the interests of bias confirmation utilizing HUGE sample sizes, and you can't verify this by forensic research on my player history, you'll just have to take my word for it. I have no vested interest in fooling any of you, so you're sort of wasting your time if my post makes you want to rage and troll. most of you are apparently confusing stats with emotions. I don't base my enjoyment of the game on stats much, it's more about really close, hard fought battles in which I felt I contributed. although stats are useful in determining mistakes or areas for improvement, which does effect enjoyment of the game some. at this time I don't believe it's possible to come up with anything but interesting theories about trends in the game, with the stats we have available to us. most probably, WG would be making changes in areas that concern them. they do regularly make changes based on comments in the forum here. I am not aware of the player base they listen and respond to. used to think it was BB mains, but not at all certain on that anymore. I rarely play DDs now, because the gameplay for them requires more patience, timing and luck that I want to use for a type that required mad aggro crazy aggression, and would reward that with crazy fun and huge awesome stats, or abject failure. now, what's left in the DD game for me is mostly the failure part. so I won't be spending much money on premium DDs as I haven't been playing the premium DDs I have, and this is the sort of info i'm guessing WG is probably interested in. but they have that info already don't they? summary, playing DD less, but still playing and enjoying the game, and spending some $$$ in game, just not on DDs. the last 24-48 hrs, since the last luke-warm fix, playing 8-10 mountain time, have had 50% battle with no CVs, and 3-4 DDs in all but one battle with 2 CVs, 2 DDs per side. the DD results ranged from bottom to top, 0 points to super unicum, with only one super unicum. the battle results part has been the only consistent thing in DD play for months now, the meta is changing radically from week to week.
  9. the vast majority of the first 4500 random battles played were grinding up to 7 or 8 T10s. made some major errors along the way, including not really keeping most ships long enough to learn their strengths, weaknesses and the playstyle that would work in them. most of my battles now are random in premium ships. not because they are OP, but because they offer a bit of personality to the game. play the Missouri a lot, it's no better and not much different than the Iowa, but I was on the Missouri when it was in Bremerton, I've never been on the Iowa, and always seem to be needing the credits. am enjoying the Montana, mostly because it's like a big, big brother to the Missouri, and I get how it works, for me the playstyle is similar. Kutuzov (let's start a bunch of fires, and see how fast it will go), Ishizuchi (let's start a bunch of fires, and watch out for torps and planes), Mutsu (now, there's a beast), Kamikaze (oh, please, just once in a while, maybe a T6 battle instead of T7 every time) and GC (does everything I look for and want well)… please, WG, do not nerf these ships. am enjoying the Alsace, which I am grinding, mostly because it's very much like the GC, fairly good at the things I like doing the most. using the speed, agility, seems versatile, kites and dodges well if needed. only a few battles, but not painful like some of them have been when just getting started in them. have played thru a few grinds in ships that were just zero fun for me, PLEASE do not nerf the ships that work. if there are players that are super-unicum in the GC, maybe tweak their MM so they always are downtiered. players such at the original poster, who seems to feel it's a prime candidate for moving up a tier, would be the perfect first player for this. in the meantime, there are few threads in this forum that are set up for no-debate, I was under the impression that's what the forum was for?? maybe my bad...
  10. hi !! this is a safe thread just for apologists. which is evidently a thing now, populated mostly by players that really enjoy the game, even though it's not perfect. I was thinking about taking out my CV, and alternate battles between that and one of my mothballed DDs. not sure which one though...
  11. Spud_butt

    "Soon" Has Left the Arsenal

    we need one (1) super unicum player, preferably a CC or even moderator, to change their user-name to "Soon" then, after it becomes unacceptable, rename as "Imminent" I would do it, but my stats are way too low, i'm not a CC, and they would never take me as a moderator because I have no patience, empathy, and struggle with self control mostly.
  12. 1- playing a type that makes you sick is not a particularly pro-statement. 2- "I have not posted ONE anti-cv thread" uh, see #1. you have posted one, and most of your content includes statements that sure sound anti-CV. 3- "I never say anything about money..." and then go on to discuss your annual budget ... IS discussing money. it's like a sign that says "bikes left parked here will be removed without notice" it IS a notice. 4- "No ones spamming anything-" (SIC) there are hundreds of spam posts in this forum. 5- in # 4 you claim no one's spamming anything, yet you can spam planes in a ranger, did so, and did not run out of bombers …. and if you are NOT spamming _____ you are doing it wrong. you might have a chance, a small chance, of being heard, and even responded to, by WG, because they do respond to what players write in here, if it's not totally contradicting in nature, consistent, and occasionally not conflicting with facts, data, common sense that you don't provide. please note i'm not arguing with whatever it is you're saying !! please, please just state it clearly, stay on task, and occasionally maybe stop contradicting yourself. i'm sure it makes it harder for WG to glean anything useful out of all this, and you may actually have a valid point??
  13. Spud_butt

    Matchmaking is broken forever

    because everybody knows that player skill, mm and rng have nothing to do with the battle outcome, it's cascade effects. I appreciate that WG inserted the CV rework and balance when they did, because we have had a short, badly needed break from mm, detonation and submarine threads. sigh, evidently, that break is now officially over.
  14. Spud_butt

    When wg want you lose, you lose.

    obviously, because those are the players WG wants to win! foil, please, I ran out... :o) @LittleWhiteMouse has a couple of threads on this, that actually work. (if you try the really hard stuff, like enter battle with a plan)
  15. I work with kids ages 12-18, they are ALL at risk of incoming toxic abuse because they don't know how to screen or turn off social media. even if they could, they probably wouldn't. it shows up in game, and sometimes in this forum. WG is not the entity to control or regulate this, it would require some techniques and resources for behavior observation and moderation that an online game company simply does not have to work with. how would you handle if it was coming from your child? assuming you have some resources and training available to deal with it?