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  1. The_Endo

    Do you want Subs

    I just played my first round in ranked, despite the obvious reasons. Got pinged in smoke, without any warning of being spotted, threw up hydro, got pinged again, full throttle/rudder turned in to try and dodge around the torps, one hit me and game was over. Never saw the sub, no idea where he was, how I got spotted, when I was spotted, nothing. The developers of this game are a special kind of stupid. The kind of stupid where Mom even ties them up and beats them because you just can't work with that kind of retarded aggression that ruins it for everyone else. I mean the developers at WG are trying so hard to ruin this game and kill it. They will manage to lose funding because they've gotten so selfish and stupid all at the same time. They are making it to where you have to be just as stupid to give them your money these days. Anyone that played this game for the competition factor is out or on their way out. Tier 6 double cv clan battles? How stupid do you have to be to even think this is an idea to consider?
  2. I have had success with manipulating the replay system, I don't right click on the replay file to run it though. I open up two separate file explorer windows, one opened to replays and one opened to the main installation folder. Then I drag the replay file over to the application file for wows and open it with the replay file that way. Maybe this will help you with your 'file not found' error? I will now take the opportunity to shamelessy plug my new YouTube channel where it highlights what you can do with the replay system. Cheers!
  3. Howdy Captains! If you are having a tough time with Asymmetric battles or simply like watching epic World of Warships replay videos, check this one out! I do cinematic replays, regular uploads! Much Love,
  4. The_Endo

    Premium Camouflage Showcase Videos

    The video has a few angles of it and I believe its a Fat Man actually! No idea what the plane is though hanging opposite of it. Thanks for checking it out!
  5. The_Endo

    How do I win/carry in Des Moines?!

    I will put in my $.02 and concur with the main points above. Bow in, use islands for cover. If you are being surrounded, make sure the island is covering your broadside and take all the heat from the bow. Penetration angles are surprising sometimes when you think you should use HE the AP still works, but the HE needs utilized when the time is right so consider expert loader but ultimately the reload is so quick it's not that big a deal.
  6. Good day Captains! So I love camo's in World of Warships. I love the tactics of ranked play, playing the torp game, burning people down in HE ships, and dropping citadels like the rest of them. But one thing I enjoy, but don't see any YouTube video's on a consistent basis are premium camo's. What I do see are a lot of unedited replays and some folks with terrible mic audio and I promise you will not find that on my channel. I'm a full on nerd and have a pretty decent little studio setup so I decided to take on the challenge myself. I have started a new YouTube channel to publish a couple genre's of World of Warships videos but my main focus and my favorite to make so far are these Showcase videos to show off some of the beautiful camouflages that are available in the game or no longer available even. If you like camo's and care to help out a budding little YouTuber I would be extremely grateful for your click on the below video. If you think it's crapthen tell me about! If you think it's worth a comment/like/share/subscribe then maybe show me some love! O7
  7. Please save me from these endless ranked seasons of 7 or more teams, where I am forced to rely on a team saturated with people that have an endless capacity for having tunnel vision and absolute crapmap awareness. Would you PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE, have ranked seasons of 5 or less people be the norm. Please stop making me experience rolls/throws 100% of the time. If there are only 4 players, even if half of them are completely clueless I still have a chance at winning if I play well. The reason why this game is turning into crap, is because skill <> fun/wins.... HELP!