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  1. When the veteran gets careless lol
  2. When the veteran gets careless lol Oh [edited] me I think accidentally posted it twice lmbo
  3. Here's the thing. Some people just want to be toxic. Some relish on being toxic to see others irritated. My usual reply is either roast or banter. If I do find someone toxic enough, I'll call them out and blacklist them. My reasoning is very simple. I'm not here to feel bad just so you can feel good. If calling them out makes me feel good, I'll do it, and I'll do that to whoever started it. Otherwise I'm always mellow.
  4. I simply fight fire with fire. You wanna be toxic? Fine. Be ready to taste your own medicine. In all honesty the quiet chat is actually decent. It's those who tend to mouth off when nothing's going on that really agitates me. An eye for an eye may make the world blind, but hey, why let them spoilt your mood when you can spoil theirs by either being sassy or simply play better :P
  5. AZLionHenry

    FDG XP Grind Goal?

    I'm guessing the same number as GK.
  6. AZLionHenry

    Closed Test for CV spotting

    Like I said, QUESTION.
  7. AZLionHenry

    Closed Test for CV spotting

    This is good for the CV players 'cause they won't be shat on for not spotting enough. It's also good for surface ship players 'cause they won't be lit if they know how to position themselves properly. The only question is that if this makes DDs OP and CVs more nerfed. Maybe there should be a slight buff or adjustment to CV's skill floor (the upper limit is already high, albeit situational). Maybe buff the rockets back again, in a different way. Also top-tier DD players will now be even harder to deal with, meaning there's a necessity to nerf DDs, although, in all honesty, DDs are always hard to play.
  8. AZLionHenry

    How is this not a Devastating Strike?

    DS is still broken as of now. I've had cases where I met the requirements but did not receive the DS, and other occasions where the killing blow was minutes away from the DS shot, but still got the achievement. Looks like WG still has no clue, or no interest, in fixing this issue.
  9. AZLionHenry

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    I wonder how you get that much info...I mean I don't have nearly enough info to get those. it seems that my logs only go as far back as 3 days, for whatever reason...
  10. AZLionHenry

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    For me coop is just a slow process getting the ship hulls upgraded. First 3 wins only. Then it's PvP all the way. For T8+, it's nigh impossible to maintain a profit. Plus, personally I find coop increasingly dull. There is no longer the case where I have to fight against 4 bots when my team dies on me. I miss the days when I can actually lose the game if my team is stupid enough lol NEVER EVER EVER EVER play coop with slow BBs. they'll kill the fun. To be fair a Colorado in ranked is way more OP than in coop (I got kraken in that piece of junk, so imagine...)
  11. AZLionHenry

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    Thanks. I'll look it up later and get it working. :)
  12. AZLionHenry

    Regarding Preußen and Delny

    I'm very much amused that this thread has transformed from a simple question to a battleground because of the turrets rofl
  13. AZLionHenry

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    I want that app. As far as I know I've yet to get any steel...
  14. AZLionHenry

    Has XP per battle been nerfed?

    That they did, more than usual. Still, scoring under 250 in a few games in a row is sub-par. Unless it's done in some really slow-[edited]ships, it really just means the player did not play well enough. To maximise coop profit, use a cruiser with torps, or a DD. Preferably the T8/T9 premiums.
  15. AZLionHenry

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    The Fact that you kept track of this is beyond impressive. And no. I'm not being sarcastic. It is beyond impressive.