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  1. AZLionHenry


    Don't wait for more than 1 minute in a queue. Plain and simple.
  2. AZLionHenry

    “Tier 11” super-ships too OP for game?

    Not necessarily. They do punish you hard if you maneuvers terribly though.
  3. My advice would be...nothing, as right now there is literally nothing worthwhile. Had any of those old great T8s were there, I'd recommend those, but there is none.
  4. You have a couple of months. Play the line a bit more. then if you can't make up the differences, use free xp to research it but DO NOT buy it with credits. WG has promised to give the ship to you if you had ever researched it. And then, hope WG doesn't go back on their words. There is good reason to believe they would honour their promise like Moskva, but still...be cautious.
  5. AZLionHenry

    "Invoiced" clarification

    This is to the devs and community managers or anyone related to the upcoming changes for Delny and Preußen What do you mean by "invoiced"? Do you mean to charge us the coal required for the the old GK and Khabarovsk, or do you mean to charge us the credits for GK and Khabarovsk if we researched it but did not purchase it? Basically, Moskva was given for free if it was researched but not purchased. So will the same procedure apply to GK and Khabarovsk and their respective camos?
  6. AZLionHenry

    Will there be a game mode without subs?

    WG believes they do not need saving since they are so superior to us players. If you have a different opinion, you are welcome to bring that to the HR :P (oi)
  7. AZLionHenry

    WG's Improved Communication vs Player Agency

    There is a special place in hell reserved for devs like this... Oh wait, they are in Russia. Never mind then.
  8. AZLionHenry

    Tech tree T9s -- Mostly meh or worse?

    This is just a personal opinion, but I think T9s are to prepare you for the eventual crucible that is against T10 Unicum and Super Unicums. Ships become unforgiving and require a dedicated plan in game. Then again, it may have been my own lack of tacit. I played mostly fine in T7/8s but once reaching T9 my tech tree performances start to decline rapidly. I only have 2 right now but Minnesota pains me into making decisions about maneuvers, but that was okay. The real pain is Riga, where it is actually a fine ship, but thanks to some early MM disaster and my own stupid decision-making process I managed to have a 7-game loss and sits pathetically at 5/15... But considering it does prepare for how Petro performs, I'd say T9 is basically challenging our skills so when T10 is there we know what to do. But hey, I could be wrong you know. Some T9s are truly horrendous to play, or to even look at on paper...
  9. AZLionHenry

    750k FXP ships ever again?

    I thought Carnot was gonna stick to the large cruiser trend and become a FXP ship. I was wrong. Given how WG wants to suck the money out of players' pockets, I expect to see none in the future.
  10. AZLionHenry

    Surprise SC

    What I meant is that it's only a good roll when you have a limited amount of premium ships, all of which (or most of which) are ships that are of lower drop chances than Leningrad. In that case this is a good roll since WG dictates that ships of quality will (if ever) rarely drop before trash/useless/subpar ships
  11. Just on free xp alone, I feel that Azuma is the less influential out of the remaining two large cruisers. Agir can lead a push and tank effectively at times while Azuma, while capable of doing so against cruisers, easily shatters against any T8+ BBs due to its extremely fragile armor. On a personal note, as I enjoy maneuvering in mid-range, Azuma is the least effective in my hands. So if you have a niche for pushing/leading/maneuvering fearlessly, Azuma is NOT what you want to pick. Hayate is just...jack of all trades, expert of none. It's underwhelming for a T10, especially comparing to its fellow retired DD hunter Smaland. Groningen is a hell of a DD hunter, but its large concealment means it'll always be outspotted. It's best if it teams up with a radar cruiser and pinpoint enemy DDs with help before raining fire upon them. If you can break their concealments, Groningen will make short work of any DD within proximity, save a few that are equally effective at countering DDs (Smaland, Kitakaze/Harugumo with radar support, Black with fire support etc.)
  12. AZLionHenry

    Surprise SC

    These would only be good surprises had you not gotten all worse ships with higher chances. If that is indeed the case, damn.
  13. AZLionHenry

    Carnot is in the Armory

    Take it easy LWM. All in good time. Plus, if this is a meh or mediocre ship it's not going away anytime soon, so there's plenty of time to get your evaluation going. I'll be blunt though and say...this is one ugly looking ship...honestly it looks like a box rofl
  14. AZLionHenry

    new Pan-Asian cruiser line.

    Basically a line of Atlan-wth is this crap-ta
  15. AZLionHenry

    Your most FUN ship in the game?

    Large Cruisers/BC variants I love the feeling of running around...