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  1. US Navy, FF 1082 Elmer Montgomery, MSO 448 Illusive, FFG 21 Flatly, and various shore duties and schools, Including 6 months at Cornado Sandiego sorry guys wrong the bell, knife wound stopped the swim, GMG1 at your service.
  2. LWtheFish

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    12 on 12 not going to happen
  3. As expected the I need to save my Star instead of winning is not helping to win matches. I think this is a problem that needs removing. Also changing the safe spot from 10 back to 12 is a bad idea. And Also level 5 added would be great also as a safety zone would help. Getting to 5 and hitting a bad teams one after the other and dropping all the way back to 12 makes you want to just …… well you get the idea