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  1. Binktor

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    I was referring to the entire line of cruisers in that statement keywords (only at the higher tiers) is the autobounce angles helpful. the entire branch is as a whole meh when compared to other lines, If you want DPM the Brits are good, Solid AP the Germans, raw Alpha Damage The Russians, HE and torps range the Japanese, speed and good firepower the French, AA support the Americans and until the rework how many CV's do run into 1 or 2 every 6 - 10 matches? as a line the American cruisers need a rebalance due to the power creep of the other lines. a cruiser will not ricochet a hit at any angle from a Battleship unless RNGesus very poor on the BB's side otherwise overpen mechanic would not exist. other Cruisers yes, but the ricochet depends on the gun caliber being fired at the cruiser and the angle and RNG.
  2. Binktor

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    all the cruisers have poor armor, did not have to play the Helena already had the Baltimore. I am not looking forward to the Seattle, I enjoyed the Baltimore when it was at t9 The Buffalo was a poor replacement at the tier.The New Orleans when it was a tier 8 was generally considered a disappointing ship though not to the point that the pepsi-cola was at t7 now at t6 was. I love my Cleveland as still have it, the only us cruisers with torps are at t4-t5 and are not all that great, yes radar has broken the game I agree but smoke gives you options for concealment in open water and for breaking contact with the enemy. remember wargaming removed HE from the british cruisers due the fact the they would have been overpowered remember the British HE has a greater chance of setting fires) the mino is basically the Worcester with smoke and no HE and the British heal. the t10 cruisers are all strong in their own ways, the point I am making is that in the game as it currently exsists the us cruiser line's tier for tier for the most part are weaker than the other lines the American identity for the cruisers since the games inception has been that of a anti air support ship how often do you see CV's in the game right now that will probably change with the upcoming rework. since then they have introduced other line's that all have torps and decent anti air capabilities better shell velocities some with larger gun calibre's better concealment some with better rates of fire than the us and Japanese cruisers. yes you get better AP pen angles (only at the higher tiers) than other nations that's actually not much of an improvement.
  3. Binktor

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    I have the des moines. only the desi and Cleveland and worcheser are any good. the Worcester is going to be nerfed soon, the point is the us cruisers are the weakest in the game because they are so specialized in the anti air role. they are one of the original line's in the game and were well balanced then against the Japanese cruisers, but the power creep of the other line's that have been introduced into the game. the reason mino is rated as one of the strongest t10's is the one consumable (Smoke) and weapon system (Torps) that the Worcester does not have that is needed in the current meta.
  4. Binktor

    7.7 buff to Atlanta & Flint

    atlata never had any problem pening dd's and cl's it was always the shatters that happened when you hit the superstructure of any bb in the game.
  5. Binktor

    Atlanta Captain Skills

    I play mine with a dedicated capt that I was setting up for the new light cruisers and I have CE, IFHE, DE, ADRUSH so far, am going for survivability exp next. it is Great at wiping out dd's and tormenting bb's and a nightmare for cv's, the range is terrible compared to dd's that have the same guns, the ship is very squishy if it is spotted in the open you will get hammered by everything.
  6. Binktor

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    do not forget about the shell velocity's that are the worst in the game for cruisers the shells hang in the air for so long you have time to start a pot of coffe and have finished the cup before the shells have reached the target
  7. Binktor

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    wargaming will not allow anyone to displace the legendary battleship Moskva as most powerful t10 cruiser or is it the Zao, or the Minotaur, we all know the American cruisers are the weakest in the game and only good at anti carrier gameplay but given how rare carriers are nowadays as in 1 in every 6 battles they are not very fun to play no torps or smoke pitiful 2ndaries meh rate's of fire and range
  8. Binktor

    HMS Nelson Removal?

    they already have implemented battlecruisers into the game, the HMS Hood an Admiralty class Battlecruiser is in the game as a T7 BB, the Scharnhorst and Gniesen are t7 BB's as well as Graff Spee which is a t6 cruiser, the Alaska is coming and will be listed as a t9 Cruiser, the Stalingrad and Kronstadt As well as the legendary Battleship Moskva are all listed as t10 Cruisers. the point is if the dev's decide to implement battlecruisers into the game as there own line's there are many classes to choose from for the Brits and Germans true, but the concept of the battlecruiser was not as popular with other naval powers after the battle of Jutland. they would also have rearrange the tech trees to accomidate the changes and if they add sub's into the trees then there will be 5 lines to fill out.
  9. Binktor

    HMS Nelson Removal?

    I agree about the Missouri and Alaska, but the Nelson is the only free exp ship not t9 or higher. it would make sense if the dev's would replace it in the british tree with a t9 bb or cruiser(I.E Battle Crusier) like the HMS Royal Soveriegn, or HMS Repulse. Maybe they will go a different route but if they didn't they would have to remove the Nelson to do so after all they would not allow 2 free exp ships in the same tree.
  10. Binktor

    HMS Nelson Removal?

    I Recently got the HMS Nelson free exp ship for the British. I wonder if wargaming are/is going to remove it from the tech tree? the reason for this concern is that the fact that every other free Exp ship in the game or T9 or T10. Examples Missouri, Musashi, Kronstadt, and the upcoming Alaska or the reward ships. the Nelson is 375k free exp and the others are 750k and if you use gold will cost 120+dollars. I wonder if the dev want to make the T9 free exp the standard for the tech tree lines, and if so the Nelson is the odd duck in the plan. The dev's have shown in the past that they'll remove ships that do not fit what they believe is the plan for the line, i.e the Missouri.
  11. Binktor

    Whats your luck with getting RN DDS

    I am still trying I have the others but not the lightning.
  12. you forgot terrible, abysmal, miserable, and torturous.
  13. Binktor

    Lightning and general RNDD impressions

    I have the Icarus, I have not been able to get a grip on how this ship is even playable or competitive with the other tier 6's. although I have the base 3pt captain, I have difficulty figuring out the correct skills that could make it competitive. I believe that you are going to need at least a 10pt captain to even have a chance. The guns have good range, but there are only 4 of them that fire at a slow rate. the turrets are very similar to the Japanese torp boats in the rotation speed, but you get Russian torp range at 7km with the upgraded torps. the concealment is meh you'll be spotted before you can even launch a single torp. The Icarus is not a enjoyable dd to play, it is decent if you want to spot something but will get slaughtered if it gets into a gun fight with any other dd besides the jap torp boats even then they can just torp you before can even spot them.