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  1. StarZero2007_

    Ship missing guns!!

    THANKS I did not realize the ship was like that. Almost about to sent a ticket to Wargaming about it.
  2. StarZero2007_

    Ship missing guns!!

    Hey I just bought the HFS Harekaze and I notice something wrong. On the ship it have three guns in single mount turrets. I check the wiki and it said that the ship have six gun in duel mount turrets. I looked at the pictures of the ship in the store and it show six guns but in game it show three guns. Is anyone happening the same problem as me? Can any one help with this?
  3. StarZero2007_

    0.9.6 user music?

    You need to go to the bin folder, then the 266186 folder, and then into the res folder then it will work.