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  1. Anyone know how to get research points? The tap on wows just says to helm a ship in battle and win or earn the required base XP. Not really 100% sure what that means, could someone clarify that?

  2. I have been thinking that some new ships from different countries could be put in. The British Commonwealth nations had some of their navies, and I think we could add some new premium ships into the game. My first ship to add would be HMAS Australia at T7 for the Commonwealth Nations. Australia is a county-class heavy cruiser and was one of the 3 ships of the class to be sold to the Royal Australian Navy. She saw extensive action in the second world war, such as Coral Sea 1942, Guadalcanal 1942, and Leyte Gulf 1944. I think she would be a good ship to put into the game as it would bring in the first county class to the game and the county's were very active in the war. The next ship should be HMCS Uganda or HMCS Quebec. The ship was a Crown-Colony class light cruiser that was transferred and later sold to the Royal Canadian Navy. This would put a 2nd Canadian Ship into the Game. Of course these are just my opinions.

  3. I have been doing research for the British Aircraft carriers since, I think Wargaming should release them at some point. I think for T4 should be HMS Argus, then followed by HMS Eagle T5, HMS Courageous T6, HMS Illustrious T7, with HMS Ark Royal as a premium, HMS Implacable T8,  HMS Audacious T9, and HMS Malta T10. 

  4. I have read numerous comments about the British heavy cruisers, and everyone seems to have a fairly good idea of what they want on the tech tree. I thought I would share my thoughts on the topic. So since their is already a British light cruiser tech tree, I think they should add a heavy cruiser tree starting at tier 6, just like the American Light cruisers which have recently come out. I'm not sure what ships would be good for Tier's 8 and 9, but tiers 6,7,and 10 I have an Idea for. At tier six I would put HMS York, with the Exeter as a premium. For some reason people want the York as a T5, which doesn't make much sense to me. HMS Leander is a T6 and I wouldn't say she's better than the York class, and IJN Aoba has the same exact armament as York and they both have impressive torpedo armament. So in my mind HMS York should be a tier 6, for it would be a better suit for her. And her sister HMS Exeter stood up to a harsh punishment of 11-inch shells fired by Admiral Graf Spee during the Battle of the River Plate. I think she has proved her toughness, and that her class can be put at T6. At T7 I would put a County class, maybe HMS Kent. And For T10 I would put the HMS Collingwood, a super cruiser that was designed but architects but never launched. 

    1. Jef_Roberts


      I would agree on both counts. For a heavy cruiser tier, historically,  the Caledon and Danae evolved into the much larger Cavendish/Elizabethan class (Frobisher, Hawkins, Effingham, Raleigh). They would fit in very well at Tier 5 (very compatible with the lighter armed  Emeralds which were done at the same time). 

      Then, York/Exeter at 6, followed by Norfolk/Dorsetshire at 7 (as the final refinement of the County class to be completed), and then the cancelled Northumberland & Surrey at Tier 8. After that, everything is paper.