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  1. jebbook

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Wow, 1 million XP. That is a steep INFLATION rate of 33%. Does the boat do 33% more damage than T9 boats? 33% more health pool? 33% more of anything??? Nope. Maybe WG is a great used car salesman? Get a 750k boat for 1 Million - great sales. I am worried about WOW. I have noticed a major price increase in lots of items. Premium boats is one. In the shop you can now buy a campaign. OK. Of course they toss in goodies - lots of goodies. WG - do you have too many folks in the payroll? Or is the rent too high? Could it be the exchange rate? I do support WG to make a profit and stay in business - but OUCH! With these price increases - what do the accountants say - healthy or sick? I hope for healthy. Really, healthy.
  2. jebbook

    Mercy rule in Co-op must go.

    First captains - to all who replied - you all had great points and/or great humor. Loved it. 2nd - I do sometimes get "irked" when the game ends fast (1000 pts or zero points) while there is still "fresh meat" left on the table with gravy still available (LOL). I do understand that point of view. 3rd - since most of the games I play are coop, I would not mind a 20 min game while still getting all the sea/see food available (I just love this statement = before I turn my boat into a sub - awesome - LOL). (Sorry but I am stealing that statement - turning into subs). 4th - to all those who explained 'da-rules' to others here, hats off and great thanks! There are those (like me) looking to learn more! Captains - have fun, enjoy, fair seas and calm waters! (retired US navy Civ Servant) (OH - sink red bots!)
  3. Hi captains!  Today is a day to learn something new.

    Item 1:  Premium consumables can now only be purchased via credits/coin.  Actually no problem - 15 doubloons (DB) vs 22,000 credits/(coin).  Either or.  What I wanted to know is why?  Anyone know?  I have tried to find it in the forum.  No joy there.  Lots of talk about noticing this, but no why.

    item 2:  Reduced credits/coin award after battle.  Maybe it is just me or maybe not.  I have noticed while playing battles that I am getting less coin in battles.  Co-0p & random.  Example - T8 Bismarck  did 98,000 dmg and got 80,000 coin.  Given 67K coin on premiums and then boat use, loss 62K.  OUCH.  I have noticed this effect down to T5 boats except for DDs.  Have not played lower tiers below 5 yet.  

    So WHY?

    If I hazard a guess - coin only consumables with lower coinage after battle could drive captains to non premium consumables (more fair games?) or force folks to buy doubloon/credit packages in the shop.  I would be a little concerned of folks quitting on the game.   Just my wonderings.

    Any way captains,

    Fair seas, good hunting and have fun

  4. I have both Yamoto & Musashi. They play much different than the rest of the T9 & TX boats. I think they are fun if you are mindful of their big problems (front armor & slow turrets). I try to keep the boat from zig/zag causing the turrets from moving from side to side or just moving. So I usually go in a single direction (zig/zagging along for torps). or straight at a victim - heh, heh, heh. Get manual secondary's - major help. I do enjoy both these boats. If you get them, there will be a painful learning curve and then I really hope you find these 2 boats fun. Here is a point for you - aim between the front 2 turrets - rounds land on a weak point or just before it. Citadel city. Ends a game fast. That is why I fly the 100% against powder mag from detonating on both. I would be happy for any other pointers. Fair seas, good hunting and have fun captains
  5. For me, the 3rd year playing it. It is a challenge - otherwise it might not be satisfying. Yes, there are newbies (new persons) that need a lot of seasoning. Suggest you type messages to the team. Like forget the ships that spawn in the back near the end. And pour it on the big bad R at the end. So far, lost the first time - no stars. 2nd time got 3 stars. Quit at 5 stars. Best of luck and good hunting captains.
  6. jebbook

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    Update - now all my manual secondaries either don't work (Ctrl -mouse) or work a few times and then just stop - even when the A star is on the target ship. Now they all have the circle "auto" in all types /modes of game. Narai operation, random, co-op.
  7. jebbook

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    1st I have checked the forum for this problem and zero was returned. So I guess I am the first. 2nd I love manual secondary's on my BBs. I have noticed in the Marai operation that I don't have any manual secondarys. My smaller guns don't fire at all. Also when I try to pick the target, I get a small circle with what I think says "auto" in the middle of the circle. OOPS. Now the manual S works fine in other battles. Just not in Marai. I don't ever remember this happening in the past. YES I do know how to engage the manual S. I have so many BB captains with it. Some boat - awesome as they melt down DDs. Hee Hee Hee. I do not know if this 0.7.7, the Narai operation, my load of WOWS on my PC. Hope this helps. Also calm seas, fair winds and a fun day.
  8. jebbook

    Is it worth the money??

    To Snargfargle - very funny. Thanks for the laugh. Great. Sorry, I don't like giving up ships once I have them. It has to be a bad boat to play for me to do that. Very, very few. To Taylor3006 - good point and thanks for that information. I will keep it in mind. Again, thanks to all those who are very helpful. Many, many thanks! Enjoy your day! Have fun!
  9. jebbook

    Is it worth the money??

    Problem solved. Thanks Kizarvexis - I missed this on 2 passes. "Clicking the eye to grey it out will hide the anime which makes the ships gray and turns the ship girls in to IJN looking captains. " Clicked the actual grey eye and boom fixed. Thanks again folks. Something new learned today. To WG/WOWS - is it worth the money is still a valid idea. Keep it in mind when working up those contracts. Now on to battle and fun (most likely sunk)
  10. jebbook

    Is it worth the money??

    Ok, MY BAD. Please note new info - I DID check the setting - the gears on THE MILITARY RIGHT of the screen. Guess how I found the problem. Hint, hint. I have a ticket in to WG support. Their suggestion which was worthless was to clear the carousel. I did. Nothing improved. The ticket is still active. What I was expecting was either someone would say in release note 0.7.X, ARP is gone. OR that they had a problem and it was fixed. I have been playing this game almost 3 years (and I do learn new stuff all the time), but I have done what I know with the tech tree and carousel. I do see someone actually still has theirs, so ARP should not have been deleted from WOWS - great!!!! Really. One other note, in the gears, the ARP is checked and the eye symbol is greyed out with a line through it. The tech tree shows that I have to REPURCHASE all 9 boats. Wha??? Each has a number of doubloons required to obtain them. Given the above and this new info, the problem is elsewhere. Thanks captains for your help.
  11. I have run across a possible chilling problem in WOWS. I do hope WG reads this post. I spend a lot of real cash on this game. I think I am supporting people earning a pay check and to keep the game going (retired US navy). The problem I have found with 0.7.7 is that my ARP arpeggio blue steel ships "have gone away". Yes, I still have the 9 boats in the carousel and in the tech tree, BUT the paint/skins/camo are gone leaving grey only. Yes the ships have the same names, but the GIRL captains (anime) are gone leaving just Japanese guy captains in their stead. Now I earned these ships by grinding my rear end off. I was lead to believe that these 9 boats would remain - period. But the look and captains might be gone if support does not give me a fix. The contract is up and good bye to the look & girls - maybe. If so, too bad. Now if true, a bucket of cold ice sea water hits in the face. What about the real cash I laid out for High School Fleet captains and paints. Will they go away when the contract is done??? Azur Lane girl captains be replaced by guys in the future? If so, I want my $75 back. What about the special paints by the artist for ROMA and KII? They going away when the contract is done? The point is not the contract, it is the money spent by the customer and the future where I don't spend the money for the latest raise cash for WG to make the pay roll. Who here likes spending money on a sweet ride (car, motorcycle, boat, etc.) and then when the contract is gone, here is a different sweet ride with no captain, different captain, different paint job (puke brown or blind you neon light green that can be seen from the moon)? If you paid money for something, you will be unhappy (stronger language can be used here - dear reader) when the SWITCH is pulled. WG - OUCH! The point is this - why spend REAL MONEY/CASH on a product that will not stick around? Note - yes I was not upset when Steven S left the game and from my BB-63 the Mighty MO. I didn't spend real money on that one. Note - I do spend real money on WG/WOWS to keep the game going (no bucks, no buck rogers or boats). There are a whole lot of internet games that have disappeared due to not enough customers spending real cash. Got to make the pay roll. Please tell me I am wrong (I expect to be pointed to a location to read it). Thanks captains for your time. Fair winds on your back and calm seas.
  12. Has WOWS removed the ARP  arpeggio Fog Fleet from the game?  I just tried to pull up and play with these ships.  4 BBs, 4 T7 cruisers and 1 T9.  I still have the ships and their names.   The captains are now guys (what happened to the girls?).  Still have the captain points.  The skins have gone.   All those great paint jobs/camos.  I had to get into the settings to RE-APPROVE THE ARP ships to be visible.   What is going on?  I did not see a notice that ARP was going bye, bye.   Please help clue me in.  Gone the beautiful ships - now ugly naked ships.

  13. jebbook

    What's a good brawler?

    I like Tirpitz and the MASS for brawling. Though the MASS secondary's even at 11K are not that great in my opinion. The BB-59 was pushed as a USA BB brawler, the German BBs Bismarck and T are a little better. The T is best with torps.
  14. jebbook

    Did scenario rewards get nerfed?

    I would like to remind WG that the game should be entertaining and that don't piss off the customers. If they think they are getting gipped in the rewards, this is a great way to lose PAYING customers. You guys like getting a pay check and eating??????
  15. jebbook

    Time to walk away

    Yep - agree. Sad