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  1. jebbook

    Confirmation on Legendary Mod change

    Thank you all for the useful information. Very helpful
  2. oops, everyone I have watched youtube and read posts - you can not get a free Puerto rico. The grind can not be done in 28 days. That's other folks opinion and captain co-op here will not question that.
  3. Update: If you pay the 24K gold doubloons for boosters 1-3, you still have to grind out directives 1 to 3 and enter 4. You have 28 days. Must be finished by Sunday, Jan 12, 2020. If you buy the 14K 2 boosters, you must complete directives 1-5, 28 days to do it. If you are captain co-op like me, forget that. If you want your gold doubloons back, and give up on Puerto rico, you can do it, but I do not know how. I have seen posts on this - of course no details of how. Either way, just grind what you can and get what free stuff you gather. Simple Have fun and enjoy!
  4. I agree with a whole lot of thoughts and humor in this line. Wows - you NEED to change the grind - by making it a year long, or by another posters idea of 4 changes to the grind. It also does not help that other players want to sink any Puerto rico they find - ouch! People are very, very wroth with you WG and those players that get the boat. Saw the same with USS Alabama to go to the super testers. That blew up and now I have one (note, I retired from the shipyard that built that tub - Norfolk Naval Shipyard). I just had to have that boat (shipyard yard birds (term) call all ships boats). In other posts, I have read that you can request a refund of gold doubloons if bought before Dec 16. Just don't know how to go about it. WOWS lemming here bought 2 boosts on the first day. OOPS. Now I must decide to dump another 10K and grind out Directives 1-4. Have less than 28 days to complete or lose it all. Captain co-op here might not be able to do it in the time allowed. Note, wows has 600 employees that need a pay check. That is a lot of bacon. I don't mind the money grab, but make it do-able.
  5. jebbook

    How WG could 'Hotfix' the PR event.

    I spent the 14k gold like the wows lemming that I am. Where & how do I get that refund? Do I go to admin or tech support? Forum search is not that great and not that pin point (at least for me). Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. In the youtube dumpster fire video, it was shown wows/wg apology and what you must do to grind the Puerto rico if you bought 1st booster, 2nd booster and 3rd booster. I need to see this information before I make a move. Where is it??? I whole heartedly agree to rework the grind (4 suggestions above) or make this grind a full year long to 1 jan 2021. I do agree with those above, you pays your money (24k of doubloons - about $100 cash you expect to get what you paid for it. For the Puerto rico, you get a car shell. Do you want a motor, wheels and seats??? This is not a sure thing or a done deal. WG/wows needs to make a fast call on this redo or tell everyone to suck it up cupcake (ouch). Other wise, to the captains out there, have fun, enjoy and happy holidays.
  6. Another Yule Log for jingles dumpster fire on the P-R. Well put me in to the lemmings pile on Wows. I got the update and went and paid 14K doubloons for the 1st two boosts and planned to grind with out learning or thinking. Then I watched the new P-R updates on youtube. OUCH! (note - I did watch the pre update information on P-R and they were very positive). Per one video issued yesterday after the update, you can drop all 24k doubloons ($100 real coin) and STILL NOT GET THE BOAT! What? Huh? You paid and not get what you paid for? I do know that WG/WOWS have 600 paid employees (learned that at the USS Alabama anchors away event - I did learn a whole lot there- if you can, go to one). I do not hate WG/WOWS going for the money - pay roll has got to be very large and they must make payday. But wow WG - really - pay real cash and NOT get the boat. Is this a Russian thing - pay for a car and only get a shell? Now I must decide to abandoned the gold or pay up another 10,000 doubloons and hope and grind for the best. I would recommend that the P-R grind be extended for a year + to Jan 1, 2021. This will put the dumpster fire to glowing coals. As for WG/WOWS, fool me once shame on me - fool me twice - never going to happen again. You are not trust worthy again in my eyes. At least where it comes in buying gold doubloons or ships (Azuma anyone?) in the shop. Jean Bart and Georgia are great boats worth the coin. You get what you paid for. Please in future, make it so that 75% of the folks CAN get the prize. Of course, in the shop for real money, no problem. Yes, free stuff during the grind, but complete in 90 days? Day, night, bathroom breaks - guess I can give up food - need to go on a diet. Best of luck, have fun if you can and happy holidays. Question, where is the WOWS apology posted with the how to grind out the P-R??
  7. First, I really wished I was clued in on this 300% cost and impossible to grind by Jan 31, 2020. This is WG's fault and they are NOT going to fix it. Boo, hiss, boo. 2nd, I have already spend the gold (14K) on the 1st and 2nd boost. Money wasted because getting the 3rd does not get you the boat. Again WG boo, hiss, boo. Recommend they make it grind it out to Jan 1, 2021. That could make this fly. You get the boat - good for you. No problems from me if you get the PR. Finally WG, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice - you will never get that chance again. Every thing you do from now on will be carefully looked at and not purchased. Now, do I spend the final 10K doubloons or not? Note, at the Anchors away at USS Alabama, I learned that WOWS (not WG total) have 600 folks on the pay roll - that does take a lot of coin to make payday. I don't mind them digging up coin, BUT I DO EXPECT what I paid for. This is not a sure thing.
  8. jebbook

    How do I earn me Republic Tokens?

    Well folks, if you found this fun and or frustrating, happy news for the future. Expect the same fun for the Italian cruiser line that has been sneaked peaked. Some look very good. As for me, I just don't like the French DD way of playing. Not my style, cup of tea, how I take my coffee, etc. For those who DO like the French DDs, have fun and enjoy playing them. Really. WG, I would like to recommend that it NOT be that very hard to get tokens/fuel/what ever in the future OR clue us all in as to HOW to get all the bundles. Battle/buy boxes/buy boats/etc. I have gotten the 3 of 5 bundles/boxes/??? and have run out of tokens, boats with tokens and French DDs to get more. I can see buying boxes/crates like in the past. Ring up all shafts stop - engine room replies all stop is just not so much fun. Well that is that for the French tokens. Now onto the next project. Have fun captains on the high virtual seas!
  9. jebbook

    Auto kicked back into a new game - problem here

    Thanks for the replies. 1st, mouse over battle again - I thought I did that the 1st time. Not the 2nd time. I will be paying close attention for the next few gaming days. As for the game or mods, I find it much faster to just delete all files and reload the whole game again. Much faster. I pay for very, very fast internet. Takes a part of an hour. Good idea. I love manual secondary's. They stopped for a few games. Dump and reload. Problem solved. Again, thanks for the ideas. Enjoy your days and sink red boats.
  10. A heads up, this has happened twice to me. Last night and just a few moments ago. Simply, I have completed a co-op game with a BB (I forgot what boat used last night), mouse over return to port (green button center bottom) and next thing, I am in the que for a NEW GAME. Wow. Also, I am auto loaded in to the game with NO time to click the button to get out. No 30 seconds, no 20 seconds, no 10 seconds or even 5 seconds to wait. 1 second and bam, in to the game. Wha??? I don't think the game is supposed to operate like that. Both times in co-op. Just now it was Jean Bart BB (good boat - I think it was worth the money - prints coin). Heads up to the game software folks. NO I DON'T WANT to go through support - Only once were they actually helpful. Enjoy your day and have fun sinking boats/bots/whatever.
  11. jebbook

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    Thanks for the information location - learned something new today. Thanks again.
  12. jebbook

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    Time for a new thread? How about the search for words like "ping" and "lag" and "game lag" and game ping. If I get nothing back, what then? Of course - start a new thread. When I tried to find what others have said from my heads up folks, I could not find it. Wow. Could not find it. Then tried the words I did use like ping, lag, etc. STILL DID NOT FIND ANY. So I guess searching for anything other than ALASKA would be wasted effort. It was a good idea to search the forum, but if you can't find anything.... Oops maybe? Also great to see (not alone in this boat) that there is a major fix needed/underway? Note that 0.8.2 commented on server problems. New item-WG-WOWS why can't search find words? Just a thought.
  13. jebbook

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    For the WG WOWS folks, I have played 4 games today and 2 of the 4 were vvveeerryyy slow (very). I normally have PINGs in the 20s and 30s. Today, it was in the 4000s (???!!!!). I hit the fire on the mouse, and nothing happens for many seconds. Then the main guns fired and all the sells landed BEHIND the red ship (in other words, the boat had moved out of the way where I was originally aiming. It was funny, but really not. both games lost. Others were also in game typing of the slowness of the game. Game Lag. I did do a test of my internet - upload and down at about 130 MBPS. So I don't think it was me. After the first game I dumped out of WOWS and defraged my drives. Closed other programs. So, I don't think it is me (game lag), only bad playing (ok working on that still). So, head up. Hope it goes away. I did notice that there was excess data remaining on the NA server that patch 0.8.2 was to fix. good gaming all, and fair seas.
  14. I would like to make a suggestion to the WG/WOWS folks. A small idea. I can see my Karma score in the profile menu, then service record and it is shown with my level, premium days, logo. For those who don't know - it is the small, microscopic number to the upper right of your game name. When looking at the PDF instructions, it just says Karma number/score. OK, helpful - well not so much. 1- no idea if the number shown is good/bad/or very ugly. No scale. Can you get negative numbers. Does it go from 100 to -100 (burn in He__). Suggestion - change the PDF instructions with more information on the scale - you are a hero/goat/burnt alive/etc. Or provide something else next to the number (duck here comes mud at you -slinging). 2-when other players go and click plays poorly/un-supporting/or positive selections (affects Karma) - it only shows for a moment and gone on the screen. Yes you can click the (I) at the very right bottom the screen. Then spend a 1/2 hour going through all the flags, camo, consumables, etc. loaded/reloaded on the boat you just played. Looking for a needle in a small hay stack. My suggestion is that either there is a location for players to see what others have picked for playing style (minus the names) or that it shows for much longer so I and others can read it. These two are just suggestions for WG/WOWS to look at and consider. Enjoy your day folks and calm seas captains.
  15. jebbook

    Question about the Naval Battle

    Just me - I like co-op battles - I play Wows for entertainment. I like to win. This is just me. No - co op is not just for training in my opinion. Just saying. Now for WG/WOWS, these folks just love random battles. They like to force folks into random battles. I do play in a clan and everyone has headphones and mics. It is great to play with friends. Not so in random. In random, I find myself at the mercy of the match maker on the server. Two out of three times, the team I get lumped into loses - and normally fast. So much fun - not. Now in Naval Battle, the 300 pt base XP can be snapped up in co op. Ok. The rest require random. Period. To gain that much base XP, random is the only way to go (I am not playing this season ranked battles). Sad that WG/WOWS has chosen this pathway to stars and oil. Note, not all of my clan are random only folks. Some prefer co op also. I do hope WG/WOWS folks (the employees) read this post and hopefully they will be more favorable to co op and not ram random battles down throats in the future. Note that campaigns/collectables/others now allow co-op (vs. 3 years ago). An improvement. Enjoy your day, win battles and have fun captains.