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  1. jebbook

    Ohio and other research and steel ships

    Now that I have the research points to get a ship, I am looking at what you all say and suggest. Thats to everyone above - you gave great ideas, suggestions and feedback. Ok, OHIO is on the list. Will look at the 2 cruisers Siegfried and Sevastopol. Thanks again for the great info. Downer - I will have to agree that sometimes the player is not up to the ship's playing ability (that sometimes means me). Practice, practice, practice. Sink red ships.
  2. jebbook

    Superships in the Tech Tree

    I have played the Annapolis IN CO-OP only and enjoyed the ship a lot. Thanks WG for the buzz kill. 360K cost per dance? Can't get that in co-op even with T10 boats. Missouri with the credit boost and flags can get there some times but mostly not in co-op. So it is a cost loser. Then the initial cost for buying the boat. I did notice that WG is selling 62,500,000 credits for a Mear $100.00 to help pay for the boats. Sale to day at 40% off. Wow. Open up the wallets folks. OUCH! I see the Pan Asin T10 cruiser Jinan is only 17,000,000 silver coin to get (not interested in this line due to the deep water torps). Must have a dedicated captain - I agree with above that a 3 point captain is worthless for this tier boat (but not too bad in co-op and fly some free XP flags to horse the captain up fast). Maybe only one ship. Great idea these ships, but too costly for co-op and the captain. Now for all you co-op haters - sorry, but I play the game to enjoy. I enjoy co-op. I really like co-op. I really don't like random. So, please let me have my way and you enjoy yours. Have fun sinking red boats captains! Which ever way you want.
  3. jebbook

    Turn off auto penalties

    well I turned a lovely shade of pink also. So 3 games as pink. Oh joy.
  4. jebbook

    Update: Game Loading Problems

    thanks for the information. Tried earlier today and now I am a lovely shade of pink? Inactivity in the game.
  5. jebbook

    Smolensk is bad

    Ok, some of the above is great. Major LOL. 2nd I like my boat and happy I got it. Of course, my clan calls me Capt Co-op and I like co-op play. With so many boats in the barn, I get to go through my favorites which includes the somlly when I play the day. This boat rocks in co-op and the red bots hate it. HeeHee. Have fun captains and sink red boats.
  6. Pages Will Not load - In port screen, armory, inventory, daily records, capt logbook, naval battles will not load. Just get the loading circle. Sometimes the esc will show, sometimes not. Sometimes can not exit the page trying to load. NO MODS LOADED. Tried safe mode. Nothing. Deleted/reloaded game. No good. Have already submitted a ticket - hope some knows what is going on and I can get a reply faster. Enter game via the WG game client - no problems there. Game loads normally. Drivers up to date. Equipment is working correctly. i9, ASUS rog mobo, SSD, 32gb mem, 2060 vid card. Hopefully some one knows what is going on. Also, this is NOT THE FIRST TIME this has happened. I has gone away in the past with game reload or wait a day or two.
  7. Pages Will Not load - In port screen, armory, inventory, daily records, capt logbook, naval battles will not load.  Just get the loading circle.  Sometimes the esc will show, sometimes not.  Sometimes I can get out of the page trying to load, sometimes not.  NO MODS LOADED.  Tried safe mode.  No help there..  Deleted/reloaded game.  No good.  Load game through the regular WG game client.  No problems there.  Did the wows report and sent it to the support folks.  Hoping that someone might know the fix for this and get to gaming faster.

    Note hardware is working good.  Intel i9, ASUS ROG mobo, 32gb mem, SSDs all over.  2060 vid card

    Thanks for all your help.

  8. jebbook

    DevBlog 261 - Submarine Progress: December

    As I have said before, we have too many torpedoes in this game. A lot of good comments written above. My vote (I don't have one of course) is get rid of the subs totally or as stated above it's own battle game. Cold waters this isn't. Enjoy your day captains.
  9. jebbook

    Certificate Counter is Here!

    Too all the above. LOL! Loved many of the response comments. Great.
  10. works for me. 2 weeks then. thanks for the information.
  11. oops, had the same problem in 0.10.9. Somehow the problem went away and it was not every game, but say every 10? Another bug to chase down war gaming. Note, every game in 0.10.10 has not had this problem for me. Sorry, no help here.
  12. jebbook

    Fixed - number of rows in carousel

    WOW. I have the same screen at 3440 x 1440 and I do have 4 rows. Would not mind 5 rows. Look into game settings under graphics. Look at all the settings for monitor, resolution and the levels of graphics to high or very high. All I can think of. remember they changed the level of graphics in this game. Just checked my settings and WOWS just dropped mine. Time to fix.
  13. I have said it before - I hate subs (noticed they are a little rare in co-op - happy day). I think we have too many torps in the game for slow turning BBs and battle cruisers (aka alaska, azuma, etc.) Ok, good news that homing torps will be nerfed in future. Better news (already happened) that all ships get ASW goodies. All that said, I hate subs in the game. Just saying. Have fun sinking red boats (esp subs).
  14. jebbook

    Naval Battles dumpster fire.

    The base XP forces co-op players to play random (yuk). By the time I log on to play the naval battles, my clan mates have already soaked up the 250/300/400 bxp. Too bad for me. I like it when we get ribbons or dmg counts. Can play co-op the hole time through. This just the way I like to play my WOWS. You can play randoms all you like and have fun doing it. Just not my cup of tea/coffee/soft drink/booze. Have fun sinking red boats folks.
  15. jebbook

    Ways of distribution of new ships

    Nice ships coming. I would prefer coal and cash boats. Someone told me that they took 6 cycles to get the USS Ohio. If true - nope! Way too costly.