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  1. jebbook

    Ways of distribution of new ships

    Nice ships coming. I would prefer coal and cash boats. Someone told me that they took 6 cycles to get the USS Ohio. If true - nope! Way too costly.
  2. jebbook

    Vote for Femennenly!

    OK. Since I am not playing EA games, someone needs to clue the rest of the WOWS/WG folks into what SHE has done at EA. She might really deserve the vote at her new digs. So please clue the rest of us in. That way I can vote for her. Thanks.
  3. I agree with your point Arlskandir - and I would suggest that subs are now part of the game forever. I just don't like it. That is why as many of my 250+ ships have hydro. Oh joy! Torps in my nightmares!
  4. jebbook

    Vote for Femennenly!

    I am sorry, but I meet her at the USS Alabama WOWS in 2018(?) and gave her a list of ideas and problems with the game. As nice as she was, nothing happened and no replies or changes occurred. So I am less than excited to vote for her. If you like what she has done, please vote for her. I will not since I am not impressed with her results. Again sorry. Enjoy sinking red boats captains.
  5. good point Ariskandir! BBs with torps increasing. I point out that in random battles - how often do you get that close to shoot torps? Not as often as one would think. In coop yes. May I point out that the BBs torps run in straight lines but subs will turn and nail you in the side (they turn). My point is that we DONT need subs. I can handle a BB with torps (when I remember they have them - pass the beer please).
  6. Sorry, but I feel we have TOO many torps in the game. Sorry, but I don't like subs. I don't play subs. Just my opinion. Have fun sinking red boats captains.
  7. jebbook

    Naval Battles

    In my opinion - which is flawed - someone in WG or WOWS just wants folks to kick the coop to the curb and swim in the random battles pond/ocean. I guess they fail to understand that some folks like the play style and game in coop. I play this game because I like it in coop, I get to ENJOY the game and will continue the game the way I like it. I have fun sinking red bots and not ruining someone else's day. I get more games in a period of time than in random battles which really can take 20 minutes. I do appreciate those who really have fun in random battles and wish them more fun. But are you really helping by forcing me into YOUR PLAY STYLE? I agree with the above - 400 base xp is a force to random battles. With subs in the game, and all the DDs playing, I am lucky to get to the mid 300s bxp with my BBs. Others in my clan have to be reminded that ribbons are best in co-op play. 400 + bxp is best in random battles. In my clan, we have all times (coop/random battle lovers). Last item - good luck in WG/WOWS clueing us in to how they decide this weeks game (bxp, ribbons, dmg) asked above. Good points written above. Have fun captains sinking the RED boats.
  8. jebbook

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    I believe you are correct. Of course the way things are going at WG, I doubt it will be gold. It might be tokens, 200% battles over the month, etc.
  9. jebbook

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Thanks for the information Mirall. Next time I guess I will read further. It also kills the idea of the black friday type of deal. Get a 2nd boat with a different paint (2 of the same boats in one's fleet). Again, thanks for the information.
  10. jebbook

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Well I do like the paint. I have goofed in the past buying stuff from WOWS/WG and have been burnt. DO WE KNOW how much return/refund in doubloons just for the ship Prinz Eugen? If WG/WOWS folks pass on that info, then the 12 other things offered just might be useful and worth the coins. Since I already have the boat... why buy it again and lose the coins (not played that much). I would buy the paint if offered by itself and is reasonably priced. Note, the black Friday sales in past, you get the same boat but in a black/silver paint. I like the Massachusetts and Jean Bart in regular and black tie. For boats I really like, have 2 (shaken, not stirred James Bond). Then the ARP Yamato - I loved the paint and I get 2 big Yamato's. I don't know if this is the same for this Prinz E (would be interesting to know). For Musashi - they sold the ARP paint separate - didn't get another boat for the fleet. Have fun sinking red boats folks.
  11. 1 - let me guess - the submarine testing is now permanent? I don't like subs in the game. Way too many torps in this game and to see them turn into your hull (BB driver) is not cool. Well, so much for the testing. Well I recommend faster cool downs on repair party /flooding stop. Also recommend all BBs get the depth charge plane drop. Now that subs are permanent part of the game. 2 - I have been playing this game for over 5 years (yea, no medal required or given). So I do remember a lot of anniversary and Christmas games. In the past there was steel available as gifts. Guess that is now gone. Get tokens. Watch this will be for the Christmas games too. Too bad. Of course if the super containers are real, then one gets 100 flags, 100 camos, 15,000 coal, 2,000 steel. Or they can be the nurfed super containers and get almost nothing (4 flags/4 camos/etc.). Time will tell. Either way, have fun captains and sink red boats/bots.
  12. jebbook

    I'm done

    Both are very, very funny. Points for both. As for subs - I do not like them at all. Being a BB driver - we have way too many torps in this game as it is. Then to see the torps turn almost 90 degree s into ones side - are you crazy? I have noticed that the co-op games are getting longer due to chasing down that last red sub bot. I find that I die fast due to subs or last the game chasing down that last sub. Come on update 0.10.8 and subs go away (knowing my luck to arrive another day???) Have fun and enjoy sinking red boats.
  13. jebbook

    Torpedo firing shift bug

    I have also seen torps go under some islands.
  14. jebbook

    PTS 0.10.8

    I actually disagree. First, we have way too many torps in this game. If the subs would not have to surface, my BBs and cruisers (several) can't get at the subs. But the subs can get my surface ships of all kinds. Why add much more torps. Why have a BB or heavy cruisers in this game with more torps? I don't like the submarines. I don't like seeing torps TURN into ones side. 90 deg turn? Yep. If you have bow on, you should be mostly OK if you have the health. You will eat a torp. Maybe the Massachusetts BB would be ok or Alabama with their high torp resistance. If you MUST force more TORPS into this game, then up the torp resistance or massively reduce the cool down dmg control for each ship on the surface. This is WOWS, not cold waters (?) (which I don't play). If you must live for subs, please find a different game. Have fun folks and enjoy sinking red boats (mostly subs)
  15. jebbook

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    I just think there are just too many torps in this game. I am not a fan of, or plan to play subs. I like playing BBs, but not as food for subs. Recommend hydro for ALL ships, and better torp protection or faster reload of stop flooding/repair. This is if WG is just going to force subs. I must admit that I am getting tons of coin in co-op and better base XP with these current subs in the game. When playing Napoli (200% boost for 30 days) and SAP secondary build, I can melt a sub on the surface. Enjoy your day and sink red subs