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  1. Zyn_X

    Does wows have a shelf life?

    This game is way past that point. Good players have either left and what is still here very few play random battles anymore. The game is full of baddies and when that happens to other games they start to die.
  2. True enough, but still they have had months to fix it.
  3. I have a friend who runs no mods at all and he is having this issue.. who knows what is up.
  4. They both have been in game for months and months. Since April. Go to the bug forum and you can see. It has not gone away since April. I can't believe it has been in game since April and they still have no idea how to fix it. I reported it at the beginning of May... still in game.
  5. A good portion of the player base in random and ranked are just plain lost when it comes to understanding how to play their ships in a pvp battle.
  6. Zyn_X

    Why is ranked so infuriating?

    The only true competitive parts of this game are Clan Battles and KoTs. Other than those two the game is full of the I don't care crowd and baddies. Nothing you can do about it but do the best you can and at least you can walk away knowing you are not part of the problem. Getting upset just makes you toxic and you fall into the tilted mode which makes you play badly and then you become part of the problem.
  7. BB alone have a true hard time dealing with a DD why should a CV be and different? DD have a tough time dealing with radar and constant CV spotting. So CV can't deal with something that threatens their camping in the back sending wave after wave of planes plan. I do not feel one bit sorry CV got a nerf.
  8. Zyn_X

    World of Nerfs is at it again

    I think WG feels the only way to make things easier for the baddies is to nerf what good players use against them. Funny thing is the nerfs hurt the baddies more than any good player. Good players just figure out how to use the nerfs to their advantage.
  9. Zyn_X

    A Long Term Players Frustrations

    Many times the marketing department are not gamers and only look at the bottom line on what can make money. As long as players keep paying for these things WG marketing department will keep having the Devs put them in game.
  10. Zyn_X

    Kitikami incoming???

    I would like to order 2 bowls of Torp soup with a side of Torp salad, Thank you.
  11. On the other hand, when will WG compensate all the DDs and CA for stealth firing nerfs, DD torp nerfs, AA nerfs.... must I go on..??
  12. Zyn_X

    You know what ruins this game?

    Wow that BB player is bad.
  13. Now if we can only get the I don't care players to care... never mind that may be asking a bit much.
  14. Zyn_X

    You know what ruins this game?

    I have to disagree with you on that last part. It is more like a few players each side trying are to win, while the rest are there to watch the guns go pew pew. They have no clue what is going on and have no willingness to learn anything beside how to hit the fire button, also, still sail broadside, have no map awareness, suicide....ect.