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  1. Really, being stuck in tier 10 games 90% of the time and having your planes just melt to them makes playing tier 8 CV frustrating to say the least. Add in time it takes and games played to get the amount of XP required for the tier 10 CV painful and boring. Did through the whole line for IJN CV and now just find doing the tier 8 to 10 grind US line making me want to stop playing CV. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. WG I am not sure why you skipped tiers with the CV rework, but I feel it was a bad decision. You said the CV rework was to make it so more players would play CV, well..... I am not sure the painful grind from tier 8 to 10 is going to make that happen along with a bunch of other things that need redoing. The new CV can be fun, but that fun goes away after the frustration sets in while grinding from tier 8 to 10. This is my first negative post on the CV rework about the CV itself. I have remarked about AA in some other posts. P.S. To all you DD players out there. I agree with you that CV have made things kind of horrid for you all. I do not have the answer for that, but I do hope WG comes up with something acceptable to both CV and DD players.
  2. In the higher tiers now there are so many baddies that have failed their way to tiers 8-10. They have trouble dealing with non CV let alone the new CV. Good players have changed their play style in ways that still help the team and themselves while all the baddies are clueless on how to deal with all the changes. Also, the skill gap in CV is now showing when one team has good CV players and the other does not. I see a big diff between IJN CV and US CV now since the IJN CV nerfs. The tier 8 and 10 IJN CVs are struggling and having a much harder time than the US tier 8 and 10 CVs.
  3. Scrapyard_

    OP test ships

    Most op ship ever
  4. Scrapyard_

    Player base getting more caustic / abusive?

    There are more than one reason chat is more toxic not. 1- Lots of WoT players coming here now. 2- The amount of bad players who have failed their way to the top tiers and either get toxic over getting killed or they play so bad the good players get toxic. 3- A type personalities who hate losing. There are more but I would think those are the top three.
  5. Scrapyard_

    Put on CV Opt Out in the randoms

    WG know what income they are making VS the server population. If most of the players leaving are free to play they will not care. They only will care if it is paying players and then they would have to see it is over the CV rework. Players have threatened to leave over many things such as DD, radar, torpedoes and the list goes on.
  6. Scrapyard_

    Put on CV Opt Out in the randoms

    This they are pretty hard set on. They would not even take any more questions on it.
  7. Scrapyard_

    Put on CV Opt Out in the randoms

    That is not going to happen either. WG said in a live chat not to long ago that they did not do all this work to have them removed from the game or give the players an opt out.
  8. Scrapyard_

    Put on CV Opt Out in the randoms

    This is not going to happen......PERIOD.
  9. Scrapyard_

    CV and skill gap

    All the folks above are correct and so are you OP. The skill gap goes for the rest of the players on a team also vs CV. I still see DD playing the same way and they let themselves get singled out by the DD then complain. The new CV do not do well vs grouped up teams that are not right next to each other but still overlap their AA. The new CV do the best when enemy players decide to go off on their own.
  10. Scrapyard_

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    I agree and sadly the trouble is they have different things going on in each server for rewards, missions, some patches...etc and that creates the issue. If they could make it otherwise it would be great i do agree 100%.
  11. I am having fun as are a lot of other people. There are still 1000's of players online playing every day and night. Those that come to the forum unhappy with the patch and complain are few compared to those who are fine with the patch. I just looked at the amount online at 3:15 pm EST and there are over 8k playing. Tonight i am sure there will be a lot more online. Complain all you want the rework is here to stay.
  12. Scrapyard_

    T10 AA, what ships surprised you as CV?

    For a DD the Kidd has nasty AA. I also feel that AA is way to strong in the higher tiers. You are lucky if you can get a second run without your planes being annihilated which is just a waste. So I have started just dropping stuff in empty ocean before I get to the enemy to send some back before I attack.
  13. Scrapyard_

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    I do agree that they should give better rewards. The reason they have to do it the way they do is the test server is a different server. Just like if you wanted to open an account on EU you would have to set up a different account and client for that.
  14. Scrapyard_

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    And there is a reason for it being on the live server.... not enough players go and test it so they have to put stuff live to test it. If more players went and tested it on public test server they could get better numbers, but when only a small amount of people test they have to go live to get those numbers.