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  1. Primeval_

    I will see you guys on discord

    I was on Discord last night, and there were a lot of players there. It seems the players are from many of the servers, not just this one.
  2. Primeval_

    End of the Forum

    I asked this before, but why is WoWs forum closing while WoTs forum is fine? It gives me the impression WoWs is somehow in trouble, and they want negative feedback stopped where people thinking about installing can read it. Is it all about censorship?
  3. Primeval_

    End of the Forum

    Very good question.
  4. Primeval_

    End of the Forum

    I remember when COH-COV had the forum closed for good and in less than six months the game was shut down....
  5. Their team get a div of 3 DM we get only one radar a dd radar and no div. This is why players complain about the MM.
  6. Primeval_

    DD players..sigh

    I can agree with this for sure. This is something that is also an issue. I always tell the team to shoot at spotted DD and CA that are close to help our DD, but it seems they would rather shoot at the BB in the back of the map.
  7. Primeval_

    DD players..sigh

    Why do so many DD players in high tiers with thousands of games played in DD still play like it is the first time they have ever played a DD? They committed suicide in the first few minutes of the game; they rushed into caps and smoked right up, blinding their own team support; they sat in smoke and died; they overextended with no support, etc. You would think with a ton of games played, they would figure out that staying alive for the long game helps their team, and dying in the first few minutes hurts their team. Even when you ask at the start in a nice way, Please don't commit suicide, they go and do it anyway. It kills me when I see a DD rush into a cap at the start of a game, knowing there is a CV and radar in the game, and then give themselves no way to get out of trouble. The game starts, and a few minutes later you look up and all your DD are dead. I am sure there will be a few who will come to this thread to defend the DD players, saying the game ruined it for them, but most of the time I see the DD players get killed by doing something they should not at the start. I wish DD players would understand how important it is to spot with care at the start and cap mid- to late-game when things are safer for them.
  8. Primeval_

    do cheat codes exist, and if so how common are they?

    I use the minimap all the time to aim. It is great for aiming at ships behind islands and last known position.
  9. Primeval_

    do cheat codes exist, and if so how common are they?

    There are no cheat codes, but cheat programs are possible but rare if they exist. Gaming will always bring in hackers if they can make money. WG has anti-cheat systems in place to deal with such times.
  10. Primeval_


    Sadly, below is an example of what a lot of the players in high tier play like....
  11. Primeval_

    A question about some players.

    This pretty much sums it up.
  12. Primeval_

    A question about some players.

    I have always believed that PVP is competitive. I also think a lot of players want to be carried to wins without having to put any effort in themselves. This is not just a World of Warships problem; it is a problem in many video games. It is also a clash of personalities. Alpha vs. Beta, and you will find more competitive players are APLHA, while many non-competitive players are Beta.
  13. Primeval_

    Poll - Average User Spend

    I once spent a good amount, but the game has changed, and I just feel it is not worth it anymore. Randoms in the high tier are a mess with steamroll after steamroll on one side or the other, gimmicks, players who just do not belong in the high tier, money grabs, pay walls everywhere, and the list could go on. The game is just not what it once was.
  14. Primeval_

    This is Getting Out of Hand....

    One of the big problems the game has right now is how mismatched the teams are. You can have one side with high-win rates and a high number of games played versus a team full of low-win rate players and 12–500 games played. The MM only looks at ships and nothing else, and it creates lopsided teams because of that. Even though some players will say it is not true, blowouts happen more often than not. I would say for every ten games I play, 6-7 of them are blowouts on one side or the other. You can be playing a great game and your team just melts, and it makes you feel like you wasted your time even logging in. Sadly, I think WG is aware of players who die early all the time and has given them a "everyone deserves a trophy" by giving them their ship back right away. Is there anything WG can do to correct what is going on in the high tier? I think the cat was let out of the bag too long ago for it to be returned.
  15. Primeval_

    what happend to player base?

    I am a member of 10 or so Discord channels, and I would say people under 35 make up about 40–50% of the players on them. There are a lot more young people playing this game than one would think. My biggest issue with the game is not the age of the folks, but the I DON'T CARE crowd who suicide, fail to learn a thing about how to play, and so on. I see so many players who refuse to learn how to play a DD and die over and over at the start of games, putting their team down on an important ship, and it is just wasted and hurts the team. It is not just DD, but I was using them as an example. Also, who do you think taught those kids that everyone deserves a trophy many of those older parents. Just sayin'.