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  1. Primal__Fear

    CV in Clan Battles.

    Dude did you even read the post. It is not about CV hate it is about how CV in clan battles kill all strats by spotting what teams are doing right at the start. Good CV bad CV players is not what it is about either. Spotting is what it is about period. And he is correct most CB players hate that CV are in CB.
  2. Primal__Fear

    CV in Clan Battles.

    I am glad non CB players care about it. You would be surprised how many of us who do play CB are glad non CB players care. I do not care that CV are in random, but I truly do think they do not belong in CB. The OP is correct that CV kill any strats you may come up with to be sneaky or how you plan your push. I love the game, but CV in CB is just a bad idea and I like playing CV... liked RTS more though.
  3. Primal__Fear

    What is with all the overpens of late.

    Yes, the overpens seems to be pretty numerous. Just as an example one game tonight a bunch hits on a conq. who was sailing broadside all over pens. Many on my clan have been noticing a lot of over pens also. I has become very frustrating.
  4. Primal__Fear

    First time passing 300k damage

    Outstanding, good job
  5. Primal__Fear

    Why so many suiciding into the enemy?

    Yep, seeing a lot of this.
  6. Primal__Fear

    WG Remove Karma.. it's just useless.

    Play CV a lot then you will never have to worry about Karma ever.... you won't have any
  7. Primal__Fear

    Why so many suiciding into the enemy?

    I see it all the time and I just have to think they may be the box the rocks came in. You look at some of them and they have 20-25% survival rates in Battleships. Nothing you put in these forums is going to change them, and I would put money on the fact that most of them do not even read anything here anyways. I do understand your frustration on the matter though.
  8. Primal__Fear

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    What many players do not understand is good players do not need MMM or XVM to spot bad players. It is easy to spot bad players by what they do during a match ( sailing broadside and staying that way under fire, going off on their own into a suicide postition, picking the wrong targets, self awareness of a rock...etc ) the list goes on and on.
  9. Primal__Fear

    A form of XVM now works in game.

    I used it in Tanks and I will use it here. In tanks I use it to see who I will help, sadly for ships I will have to keep using MMM to see team player stats.
  10. Primal__Fear

    After playing subs a bunch..

    I agree, the mechanics are kind of clunky right now. I also think that we need to play the subs on some bigger maps than the one we are on. Subs need to be sneaky and it is hard on the map we are using.
  11. Primal__Fear

    After playing subs a bunch..

    I gave my opinion after playing pretty much nothing but subs the last 3 days. I find them fun, but yes there are some things that need changing and or ajusting. I would have to say you are on the side of no subs in game and that is fine, of course I could be wrong on that, just a guess by your post. I was like that at first, but subs are kind of growing on me the more I play them. Subs are easy to kill for any DD or CL players who are not brain dead. Sure there will be some sub players who are hard to kill do to being good and that is the same for any ship in game, but on the other hand I am seeing sub players who are having huge problems playing them and just can not figure them out. As far as giving BB and CA depth charges, thier lack of them seems to be one of the sticking points many players have about subs being in game. I have no issue with them having them and if it make some of the I don't want sub crowd chill a bit, cool.
  12. 1- I see very few subs top list at the end of game even with bot BB in game. 2- Skill level is kind of high, it does take some learning but for some easy others well ... refure to number 3 3- I am seeing a divide like I saw in old RTS CV. There are real good players with subs and real bad players with not much in between. 4- If you are bad at setting up attacks and or have bad awareness you will die pretty easy to DD/CL. 5- The depth charge exploit needs to be fixed. This is where at above a certain depth they will not hurt your sub. 6- Sub vs Sub is pretty tough when two good Sub players VS each other... good sub player vs bad.... good-bye bad most of the time. But, yes you can sink a sub with another sub under water. Kind of fun really. 7- I think ships with no depth charges should be given depth charges. Even more so if subs are brought into randoms. 8- I think the removal of air replenish is fine, but batteries should run out if under water using battery powered engines forcing you to surface till charged. Being able to stay underwater the way it is now is stupid. 9- Learning how to stay away from or deal with DD and CL is a must if you want to be any good. Depth charges are killer .. 10- Radio location skill on captain is a must.
  13. I can agree with some stuff. The no teamwork thing is an issue for all random gameplay not just subs. You have to be careful you just do not make subs so hard to play none play them except elite players.
  14. Primal__Fear

    My impression about new submarines

    I find them fun and they should be included in random. They are not easy to be good at and there will be a learning curve that will seperate the good from bad for sure. I was not wanting Subs at first but after playing them I find them fun and a challange. There is still work to be done. Underwater needs some work and ships are a bit sluggish ( turning ) vs bigger surface ships. Also for when running deep and consumable for silent running would be nice.
  15. Primal__Fear

    Submarine feedback for WG

    Correct, it will be a long learning curve for some and other will just be good like the guy below. He has a bunch of vids up kicking butt in all.