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  1. Play WoWs they said, it's balanced they said, it's not too biased they said... not sure who they is, but they lied
  2. its called team work, get a cruiser or 2 close by for protection, but team work isnt possible, because the Cleveland has to fight a BB to get some xp, for guarding a CV there isnt any thing in for others...

  3. As someone who is more or less casually playing down the US CV line, I completely agree. I hope the do something that will help with carriers protecting themselves from other aircraft and maybe even other ships.
  4. I am the ghost sailor on your ship, I make sure the rudder and engine are maintained, so they are harder to destroy survive more often, I will make your guns hit the hardest of shots, and torpedoes always miss you, even if under the same circumstances it would hit someone else. . . I will however provide you one disadvantage, every now and then, when you need me most, when you need that little spot of luck to win the match, I won't be there, I will have been flung off the ship by an explosion due to an enemy shell. So careful you must be, to keep me on you ship, to guide you shots, to turn that quick, and maybe, just maybe, you'll make it out alive

    happy spooktober